Why are Brushless Drills Better than Brushed Drills?

Why are Brushless Drills Better than Brushed Drills

Working professionals who use tools on a daily basis know the importance the quality of the tool can have on the quality of their work. One of the most critical tools is drills. With the advent of new technology, the functioning of a drill has evolved, with brushless motors being used nowadays. 

This leads many people to wonder, why are brushless drills better than brushed? Brushless drills are more energy-efficient and are more responsive than brushed drills. Brushless drills are lightweight and compact in size as compared to the brushed drills. Brushless drills require less maintenance and they have a longer life period than the brushed drills.

As someone with years of experience dealing with a variety of power tools, I too have come across brushless drills and found them to be better than the brushed drills.

Do read on as I explain each point in detail to help you understand more about what makes brushless drills better. I will also discuss other common queries about the same, making sure you are well informed about brushless drills by the end of this article!

Brushless motors are more efficient when it comes to the amount of energy spent. This is because the energy from the motor is directly used to drive the drill bit, with no source of friction in the motor. As a result, there is no loss of energy in the form of heat or sound, which allows the motor to be efficient.

Brushless motors are equipped to adjust their speed, torque, and power supply depending on the surface being drilled through. This allows the drill to be more responsive. You do not have to keep changing the settings of the drill depending on your surface, which requires a certain amount of experience and skill to gauge. 

Brushless drills have motors that are smaller due to the lack of carbon brushes within their construction, allowing them to be lighter and more compact. Another advantage is that you can completely avoid the need for noise muffling or cooling equipment as the heat and sound produced are very minimal. This further allows for the efficient design of the drill, making it smaller and lighter.

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The lack of carbon brushes in a brushless motor means there is very minimal wear and tear within the motor. As a result, you do not have to frequently open your drill up to replace the brushes. The frictionless motion of the motor also means you do not have to regularly lubricate the internal components of the motor, thus relieving you of the headache of maintaining the drill. This also means that your drill has increased durability and a longer lifespan.

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Are brushless drills worth it?

Many of us think that brushless drills are costly and you cannot repair them easily and brushless drills are not worth buying, but it is not true, even though brushless drills are expensive as compared to brushed drills, they are worth the money spent.

Brushless drills improve the quality of the job to a great extent. They allow for amateurs with no experience in handling power tools to operate a drill without the fear of improper use, which could lead to injury. 

The many benefits of brushless motors like a compact and lightweight build quality also mean it becomes convenient for those looking to use and store power tools at home. They also help you save a lot of money in the long run, as you have improved energy ratings as well as a very rare chance of expensive parts like the motor.

Difference Between Brushed and Brushless Drills?

Difference Between Brushed and Brushless
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Brushed motors use brushes made out of carbon, that is in contact with the commutator. The brushes are loaded with a spring to ensure that there is continuous physical contact with the commutator. The commutator then connects to the armature, which is the moving component of the motor. It is this part that has the copper windings.

The basic difference between a brushed and a brushless drill is the principle behind the operation of the motor. A brushed motor works on the principle of friction, while brushless motors are frictionless and are based on the principles of electromagnetism.

When charge flows through the circuit, the copper windings get magnetized and turn the armature away from the pole of the ring magnet in which they are encased, resulting in the motion of the drill bit.

In brushless motors, the commutators and brushes are removed. The permanent magnets are located on the shaft while the copper windings are fixed on the armature around it. It also has a small circuit board integrated within to help deliver the required power to the motor.

We have found a video in which a person is testing both brushless and brushed drills, and you can also watch this to find out which one is better, why it is better:

How does a Brushless Drill Work?

Brushless drills use a frictionless magnetic motor to perform the drilling operation. It is based on the principles of electromagnetism. When a charge is supplied to the copper windings on the armature, a magnetic field is induced as well due to the electromagnetic principle. As a result, when the coils in the stator are supplied with an alternating current, it also alternates the magnetic field.

The rotor element is designed such that the like poles of the magnet will repel each other, forcing it to turn. This results in a torque that continues throughout as the alternating current is supplied to the motor.

How long do brushless motors last?

Brushless motors last for extremely long periods of time, with designed usage for ten thousand hours and more. This is because there is no friction between any of the moving parts, which drastically reduces the wear and tear of the components. Brushless motors are also designed such that they only draw the required power depending on the surface.

As a result, the motor does not suffer from additional consequences like heat, which allows the device to operate at optimum conditions for longer. This allows the motors to be more efficient and operate correctly for longer periods of time.

Best Brushless Drills

As part of this article, I would like to recommend the Best Brushless Drills that are currently available in the market. I am using these brushless drills for my business as well, that is why recommending them.

#1. DeWalt DCD777C2 20V MAX Cordless Drill

DeWalt is a renowned brand in the power tools industry. Here are a few features of this power drill that makes it a great product. You can checkout the latest price of this product from here. This is the best selling brushless drill of Amazon.

  • The ergonomic handle grip to improve stability and user comfort while drilling into the toughest of surfaces, while its lightweight build makes it comfortable to use for long periods of time.
  • LED light incorporated under the drill bit, allowing for proper viewing of the surface to be drilled, especially during the dark. There is a 20-second delay after releasing the trigger to ensure you can inspect the drilled surface without having to run the drill unnecessarily. 
  • Cordless operation makes it convenient to use in remote areas and for applications where regular power supply isn’t available.
  • Comes with Li-ion batteries, charger, and kit bag.

#2. Craftsman CMCK200C2

This drill combo from Craftsman is a great purchase for those looking for good value for money. Listed below are a few features about the products that made me feature it on this list. This drill has 2000+ reviews on Amazon, you can read the reviews from here.

  • One drill provides high output power for applications that require a lot of drilling power, while the other drill has a two speed gearbox and ratcheting chuck for a greater speed range and compatibility with a variety of drill bits.
  • Both devices have LED lights under the drill bit for improved visibility of the drilling surface while in operation.
  • Both drills are battery operated, which means they can be used in outdoor applications or in areas where the power supply may be irregular.
  • Compact design and over-molded plastic grip offer maximum user grip while drilling, improving the stability and quality of the drilling procedure. The drills are also lightweight, ensuring minimum stress to the operator.
  • A storage bag, li-ion batteries and chargers are included in this combo.

#3. DeWalt DCK277C2

Another combo pack that offers great value for money, I shall now give you a few details about this combo from DeWalt, which will help you understand more about this product. It has two drills, one small and one big, checkout the details from Amazon.

  • The Impact model is a brushless drill designed for general use, while the Compact model is designed specifically to fit in extremely small spaces, thanks to its shortened hex chuck.
  • Both models are lightweight and ergonomically designed to ensure great balance and stability while drilling into the toughest of surfaces. 
  • Cordless battery operation allows for these drills to be used in remote locations where power supply may not be available. 
  • Both models are equipped with an LED light to allow for improved visibility while drilling in the dark
  • The combo comes with a storage bag, drilling kit and the batteries and chargers for each drill.

#4. Makita XFD11ZB

Makita was the first company to pioneer brushless motor applications in the power tools industry. This product has multiple features that make it a great buy for those looking to purchase their first brushless drill. I love this one because of its size, it is very compact, and we use this when we have to work in client’s site. You can check out it from here.

  • The compact and ergonomic design of this drill allows for usage in tight spaces, while its lightweight frame ensures that you do not feel any discomfort during drilling, irrespective of the surface.
  • The 2-speed variable transmission provides a great RPM range, allowing for drilling across a variety of applications.
  • Dual LED lights are mounted under the ratchet, allowing the user to view their drilling spot clearly in low light conditions.
  • Battery operated to allow for drilling in locations with no power supply
  • 3 year warranty on the tool and battery from the manufacturer for any defects or faults in the products.

Related Questions:

Do brushless motors wear out? No, brushless motors do not wear out because of the lack of friction within the motor. There is no contact between the internal components, which prevents the rubbing away of the parts as the motor is in operation.

Does a brushless motor last longer? Yes, the frictionless operation of the brushless motor minimizes the wear on the internal components to negligible amounts. They also produce minimum amounts of heat, which allows the motor to operate in the optimum temperature range for longer. These factors allow the motor to last longer.

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