What can a Miter Saw do that a Table Saw Can’t?

What can a Miter Saw do that a Table Saw Can't

While working at a workshop, you are looking for the right equipment to ensure the highest quality of work. When it comes to powered saws, one can get very confused with the availability of so many products today. 

As an amateur handyman in my early days, the miter saw and table saw caught my attention. Both of them were saws, but I still had a question unanswered. 

What can a miter saw do that a table saw can’t? A miter saw is used primarily to allow angled cuts and beveled cuts quickly while doing woodwork. It provides better accuracy and smoothness that cannot be paralleled by a table saw. It is easy to move, which makes it convenient for those required to work across different locations.

Years of experience have helped me understand more about various saws and their uses. Do read on as I explain my answer in detail for a better understanding. I will also share my views on the Miter saw and Table Saw independently, helping you decide which product suits your needs the best!

A lot of modern-day woodwork involves intricate and smooth cuts that require attention to detail. While handcrafted products have the best finesse, modern-day tools have improved significantly to speed up the process and achieve similar quality, if not better.

A miter saw can be pivoted left or right and has the provision to rotate as well. This allows the user to cut at an angle, producing bevel cuts, angled cuts, and compound cuts. 

These cuts can be much harder to accomplish using a table saw, as the user will have to move the piece in a uniform direction and speed to ensure a good cut. It will still take too much time and be inconvenient. A miter saw will ensure a quick and hassle-free angled cutting process.

Even if you can manage this, the table saw will be unable to match the quality of the miter saw. The accuracy and precision of the miter saw make it great for applications that require smooth and precise cuts. 

The angle measuring tool on the miter saw is much more precise than that of a table saw. The blade is also designed keeping in mind the angled cutting applications, making sure that the blade is steady through the incline.

A miter saw is relatively lightweight compared to a table saw, allowing it to be portable. This allows for use and transport across various locations.

Most products in the market can be carried easily by a single person, allowing you to shift it to the point where the work must be done. Its compact nature also allows for users to store it away when not in use without occupying too much space.

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Advantages of Miter Saw

  • Easy to use and time-saving

A miter saw is built to conveniently cut wood and other materials effectively. The design is lightweight and does not require too much effort or expertise to operate for basic sawing requirements. Most miter saws are designed with a base meant to hold the workpiece steady, ensuring you do not have to struggle to keep the piece in place.

A miter saw can be extremely efficient when it comes to saving time as well. This is especially true for specialized applications like angled and compound cuts, as the workpiece is stable and the blade can be adjusted to the angle that you require the saw to cut through.

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  • Allows different types of angled cuts

Miter saws were designed keeping in mind the requirement for tools to facilitate sawing at an angle. Thanks to its blade which can pivot and swivel along its axis, you can make angled cuts with ease.

Another application of the miter saw is to make bevels, thanks to its angled blade facility, which is especially useful to woodworkers and furniture makers when designing doors and cabinets.

  • Precise and Accurate Cuts

A miter saw provides extremely high precision when cutting through a given material. This is especially true when it comes to angled cuts. The blade is designed to be stable even at an angle, ensuring precision and accuracy while making the required angled cuts. 

This ensures that one can perform these cutting operations properly even if they do not have a lot of experience.

  • Smooth cuts of High Quality

Miter saws provide smooth cuts at an angle, thanks to the sharp blades with densely packed teeth, It also rotates at high speeds, yet the user has increased stability and control thanks to the arms drop mechanism of the miter saw.

Advantages of Table Saw

  • Collect sawdust for a Cleaner Workspace

Table saws are designed such that the dust from the cutting process is collected on the table. As a result, you can wipe down the dust and debris easily without causing too much of a mess. Another advantage with the table saw is that you can easily attach dust removers which will ensure the working surface remains clean even while working.

  • Straight cuts with High Precision

The blade of a table saw is designed primarily for straight cuts. It is the most effective tool to make long rip cuts and other cuts that require a larger work area. 

Once the piece has been stabilized and you have figured out a proper way to ensure the piece moves uniformly towards the blade, you can get a precise cut on your material with ease.

  • Saves time and Convenient to Use

A table saw allows you to do multiple cuts while ensuring you do not spend as much time as it would take while doing it manually. Thanks to the working surface in the form of a table, it also allows you to keep all your tools and workpieces close by, helping you be more effective and efficient.  

Should I get a Table Saw or Miter Saw First?

Should I get a Table Saw or Miter Saw First

This was a question that I asked myself when I wanted to get myself a powered saw as well. After using these products over the years, I have come to the following conclusion.

It is better for you to get a table saw first. This is because it is easier to learn and operate, and consists of simple systems and mechanisms that do not need much skill to operate. Table saws are also versatile and can serve as an ideal multi-purpose saw.

Do you still have reservations about my opinion? Do read on as I provide you with an explanation of how I came to this conclusion about owning a table saw first.

When I first used a miter saw, the first thing that occurred to me was that I had to be more responsible because the blade was literally in my hand. If I moved the saw wrong or lost control, I could completely destroy my workpiece. This was because of the sheer amount of raw power that a miter saw offered me.

A table saw on the other hand felt more reassuring to start off with. I had all my materials and tools around me, and the blade wasn’t as sharp and powerful. Also, I had to move the workpiece towards the blade, meaning I could stop the cutting process and make minor corrections if required.

Table saws offer you a more stable base to work with when you are cutting. It does not have a complex setup and can be used by someone with less experience in using power tools. The mechanisms are easy to understand, and the operating procedures are easy to understand, allowing you to learn faster.

Table saws can also do various types of cuts, depending on your requirements. While certain angled and compound cuts are harder to achieve with this saw, it is still possible. This makes them ideal for amateurs looking to use their saws for a variety of applications.

With the modern developments in the power tool industry, I came across a product that catered to my requirement for both these types of saws. I was quite excited to find out that there was a table saw and miter saw in one available in the market. 

DeWalt, the brand that manufactures this product, is reputed in the power tools industry for its innovations. I thus had to try it out!

After a couple of years of using this product, I thought it would be a great idea to review this product, giving you all the information that you need if this product interests you as well!

Table Saw and miter Saw in ONE: Dewalt DWE7485 Table Saw for Jobsite (8-1/4-Inch) 

Table Saw and Milter Saw in ONE
CC: Dewalt

This table saw and miter saw in one is ideal for those looking to get the best of both worlds. Here are a few features that caught my attention when I bought the product. Further on, I will also mention the pros and cons of using the product through the years. You can check out the latest price of this one from this Amazon link


Table Saw and Milter Saw in ONE
CC: Dewalt
  • This product is extremely compact and easy to transport. A single person can move the product from one location to another, making it ideal for those looking to use this product at different job sites.
  • This product is provided with an onboard storage facility that allows you to keep your tools, fences, and miter gauges within the assembly itself. While it makes it convenient for the user to keep all their tools together, it also safely protects the tools from thieves and degradation due to external factors.
  • The telescopic fence allows for fast and easy adjustments of the workpieces. Thanks to the rack and pinion mechanism, the user will not have to compromise on the accuracy or precision of the job while making adjustments.
  • The 15 amp, 5800 RPM motor is capable of making high quality and precise cuts. This product can make 4×8 cuts of upto 24.5 inches. It is capable of making a variety of cuts through materials like plywood and OSB sheets.


  • Compact and easy to transport 
  • Onboard storage facility for safe and secure tool storage
  • Telescopic rack and pinion fence for quick and precise adjustment of workpiece
  • Variety of cuts on different materials thanks to a high powered motor


  • Lacks sawdust bag to collect dust and chips from cutting process
  • Sawdust accumulation in the rail system makes fence movement rough
  • The outer rail can wear out quickly due to the rack and pinion mechanism
  • The default miter gauge is of poor quality

After using this product over the years, I was quite happy with the versatility and quality of the product. The cons were significant, but taking care of my saw properly helped me nullify them to a large extent.

I would definitely recommend this table saw and miter saw in one for those looking for a similar product. We have made a detailed article about the Best Entry-Level Table Saws, and there we also about What should I look for when buying a table saw?

Can a miter saw be used as a table saw? 

No, a miter saw cannot be used as a table saw. This is because of the fundamental difference in the designs of a table and miter saw. A miter saw consists of a blade that is attached to a movable arm, on which the blade is attached. 

In a miter saw, the workpiece remains stationary while the blade cuts through the material. As a result, the size of the workpiece is restricted, with one being unable to make long cuts, also known as rips on large workpieces.

On the other hand, table saws have a blade placed in the center of the table. The workpiece to be cut is moved towards the blade, which then cuts through the piece. While this allows you to be versatile in cutting the piece whichever way you choose to, having to move the piece towards the blade can result in a loss of accuracy and precision. 

Since a miter saw is a specialized tool used primarily by woodworkers and furniture makers, its blade is quite sharp and precise. However, table saws are equipped with a more rugged blade, with the cuts not being as smooth and precise as that of the miter saw.  

Related Question:

Do I really need a table saw? If you are someone who makes cabinets or various types of furniture, then you will require a table saw. It will not only help you save time but will also ensure that the cuts are precise. 

It will also take care of chip collection, ensuring you do not have wood chips and dust flying around everywhere. This is especially useful for those with dust allergies and other breathing problems.

Are miter saws dangerous? Yes, miter saws are very dangerous. They consist of very sharp blades that rotate at very high speeds. They are capable of cutting through wood.

If one jams their hand or any other body part between the blade while it is running, it can result in the severance of the limb or very serious cuts, which can be fatal if immediate medical attention is not sought.

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