Ownership Review of Wen 4276 Bench Grinder (2 Years)

I have been using a bench grinder for about 10-12 years, and right now I am looking to buy a new one for my expanding team, so I started looking for many new bench grinders and went with the Wen 4276. It has many reviews so I think I should give it a shot.

Wen 4276 is an affordable and portable bench grinder. All of its parts are very easy to assemble, it runs smoothly and it is not too loud. The size of the grinding wheel is a little small for sharpening big tools. 

Motor1/3 HP.
Speed3450 RPM
Wheel6 in. by 3/4 in.
Arbor Size0.5 inches
Weight16 lb.
Warranty2 years

There are many great things about this bench grinder that you should know if you are planning to buy it. There are some minor issues that I found while using it. So, read along to the end to understand what is good and what is bad about this bench grinder.

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Wen 4276 Bench Grinder Review

Blunt blades, bits, and spades can severely delay the project and assert extra man-effort to complete the task at hand. In order to avoid delays, these objects need to be sharpened and burred from time to time ensuring quick completion of the projects, especially in the construction field. 

Wen 4276 is a handy instrument that helps workers periodically polish and cleans the surface of their tools to perform heavy-duty work at maximum efficiency. 

WEN 4276 review

If you are a carpenter or a metal fabricator by profession then this bench grinder is the go-to product for your day-to-day activities. 

Wen 4276 bench grinder is user-friendly and designed to suit our needs especially when it comes to removing and installing various components such as wheel guards, eyes guards, etc. 

One can also buy a pedestal stand separately to mount the grinder and effectively utilize it on the construction site. I have personally used the product to sharpen knives, bolt threads and have made some interesting observations about the product which will be discussed in detail in the following thread along with the technical details.

Technical Details

The body of the WEN 4276 is made of cast iron and weighs 4 pounds along with two preinstalled wheel grits of dimension 6 by ¾ inch. 

One of them is a 60 grit wheel designed for general purpose grinding while the other is a 36 grit wheel built with the purpose of removing material at a faster rate. 

The other important parts of the 4276 bench grinder include the work light which is adjustable depending upon the lighting conditions of the job site. 

The grinder is supported by a strong base designed for heavy-duty works along with mounting holes for the user to clamp the bench grinder in the desired location. 

This feature prevents wobbling and gives stability to the grinder during full-fledged operations. Moreover, the 4276 bench grinder is lightweight and easy to shift to other locations. 

It is powered by a 2.1A electric motor with smooth startup and consistent speed upto 3450 RPM at no-load condition. I was amazed at the functioning of the grinder in such a smooth fashion with no noise and vibrations observed during the sharpening and deburring of handy tools.

The branded model has set high safety standards for its users with protective eye guards that shield the eyes of the worker from sparks and debris. 

It also comes with an adjustable tool rest where the customer can place his carpentry tools such as bolt heads, knives, etc for grinding or removal of thicker accumulation material.


  • High-Quality Design: The product is easy to carry and the motor used to power the bench grinder is housed in high-quality metal. Moreover, the base of the 4276 bench grinder is made up of cast iron which is known for its hardness, toughness, ductility, and elasticity. 

The cast iron base ensures the neutralization of the vibrations produced by the grinder during heavy-duty functions. 

Another aspect of the metal is its resistance to abrasion and corrosion making it the best choice for the base material as the sparks from the grinder have the tendency to wear away non-metallic substances. 

The cast iron is also less prone to corrosion thereby protecting the base from rusting as it wears out. The tool rest is another design marvel as the requirements of the users are prioritized. This crucial part of the bench grinder is adjustable. 

I have personally tried to adjust the tool rest to sharpen a pair of scissors and realized the ease at which the component can be adjusted. 

One can adjust the height of the tool rest by changing the knob settings, similarly, the distance of the tool rest from the grit wheel can be changed easily by adjusting the knob and pulling the tool rest back and forth until a comfortable space is set between the grit wheel and the tool to be sharpened.

Another impressive component of the grinder’s design is the spark deflector which protects the eye of the user from sparks and debris during grinding and deburring operation. This feature is especially useful for inexperienced and first-time users of the grinding machine.

  • Easy to Assemble: The grinding machine is quick to assemble and requires very few parts to be conjoined. The parts that need to be put together with the main grinder are the tool rest assembly, spark deflector, eyeshield assembly and work light. 

The 4276 bench grinder comes with two wheels, an electric motor, a wheel cover, motor housing, an ON/OFF switch, and a power cord. Assembling the grinder is an easy task that can be accomplished in under ten minutes without any stress or physical hardship. 

The package contains a pair of tool rests that need to be installed on both sides of the grinder. It can be done by placing the component on the bracket and tightening the knob. 

Similarly, the 4276 bench grinder comes with a pair each of spark deflector and eyeshield assembly. 

You have to first assemble the spark deflector by securing it on the wheel guard using a screw after he needs to install the shield arm on the wheel guard by tightening it with a bolt and a washer. 

Now the eye shield can be placed on the shield arm and tightened by using a locking knob. The procedure is similar for both sides of the grinder.

However, the customer also needs to take certain precautions while assembling the components. Firstly, he must ensure that the power cord is disconnected from the power source while assembling to prevent unexpected starting or electrical shock. 

Secondly, the user must follow certain operation procedures mentioned in the manual to avoid damage and malfunction of the grinder.

  • Noiseless working of the motor: The most lauded feature of the bench grinder is the silent running of the motor. I could concentrate on the task hand without any mental fatigue as in the case of other grinders that produce too much noise and vibrations while using them. 
WEN 4276 bench grinder review

The motor runs on 2.1A which is quite economical in comparison to other heavy-duty grinders. This silent feature encourages one to use the 4276 bench grinder at home, in small shops, and in a crowded neighborhood as it does not produce noise pollution. 

The speed of the motor is 3450 RPM which is sufficient to sharpen commonly used tools such as knives, scissors, screwdrivers, etc. The motor has been designed to avoid overheating and burning of the tools while sharpening. It attains full speed under 6 seconds on when turned on. 

The rubberized base of the grinder ensures that the vibrations are absorbed and continues to run in a smooth manner. The most impressive aspect of this motor is that it doesn’t stall even when the object is pressed hard against the wheel. 

However, I recommend not to use heavy-duty applications on the wheels to get the best out of the grinder by avoiding too much load on the motor.

The quiet running of the motor also protects the user from hearing problems and one need not use earplugs to use the motor as in the case of its peers. 

Moreover, the AC motor is built to last long as it does not consume much power and hence its durability is an added advantage to the customer.

  • Work Light: 4276 model has ramped up their design by attaching a lamp along with the grinder. The lamp has helped me to work in low-lit areas and gave me a clearer picture of the tool. 

However, the best feature of the work light is its adjustability and one can easily alter the height of the lamp at his convenience. The lamp has certain specifications that must be adhered to by the user. 

The flexible lamp uses 120V, 40W bulb to reduce the risk of fire at the construction site. The light is turned on only when the grinder’s switch is on. The light is turned off automatically when the grinder is switched off. 

However, the manufacturer has provided a switch behind the bulb holder where the user can choose to keep the bulb on or turn it off if he is working under sufficient light.

The user must cautious while removing the bulb after prolonged use as it might injure the worker due to the heating of the bulb. The flexible work light ensures effective sharpening of the objects in use. 

The user must note that the bulb is not included in the pack due to the risk of damage and must be brought separately. The manual of the grinder provides a cautionary note for using the light bulb. 

The bulb must not be used beyond the end of the light housing as it can risk short-circuiting and fire breakouts, especially in an urban area. 

Things I Like:

  • Lightweight and compact design 
  • Quiet Motor and its housing 
  • 2-year warranty for the product 
  • Less vibration while operating 
  • User-based protective guards

Things I Don’t Like:

  • The lamp does not include a bulb
  • It is unsuitable for heavy-duty work
  • A pedestal stand is a separate accessory that must be bought separately

Bench Grinder Buying Guide

The buyer must analyze and understand the features needed to buy the right type of bench grinder. The grinder’s features along with its affordability and durability must play the deciding factor when it comes to buying the device. 

Let’s look at some of the features that one must consider while deciding on the bench grinder.

  • Power of the motor: The first and foremost feature that one must consider before purchasing any bench grinder is the power generated by the motor. 

The motor plays a crucial role in generating the speed at which the wheel runs. The buyer can opt for a low-powered motor to perform intermittent applications. 

The 4276 bench grinder comes with a 3450 RPM at 2.1A which is sufficient to meet most of the light-duty applications such as sharpening knives, removing rusts, etc.

  • Size of the bench grinder: Another crucial aspect to consider while buying the product is the size of the grinder. The most preferred and standard type available to users of all kinds is the 6-inch grinder. 

For professionals and experienced people, an eight-inch grinder is also available in the market. The latter one is built for more frequent usage and comes with a powerful motor. They are also expensive compared to the 6-inch grinders.

  • Grits: The tool is put to use in accordance with the kind of wheel it possesses. There are two types of grits available in the market. 

One is a 36-grit wheel for aggressive grinding and shaping of materials and the other is a 60-grit wheel for finer grinding designed for general purposes. 

The customer must be aware of the functions of the grits and their types before deciding to purchase the grinder. The grits are available in different materials to the customers. 

Some of the materials used are Silicon Carbide, Aluminum oxide, wire wheels, ceramic aluminum oxide, and buffing wheels.

  • Budget: The user must choose the grinder according to his expertise in the profession of grinding. It is recommended to buy an affordable grinder for those who are using the grinder as a hobby or on an experimental basis. 

Buying heavy-ended grinders for beginners may not be a wise decision as it can cost a lot of money.

  • Brand: Finally, the buyer must choose a product from a renowned brand that has decades of experience in manufacturing and researching such products. 

It is also important to note that branded products offer warranties and provide after-sales and repair services to their customers in case of any damage or malfunction of the grinder.


The user is spoilt for choice when it comes to buying the bench grinder as they come in various shapes and sizes along with distinguished features. 

Whether you are a woodworker, craftsman, or a mechanic running your business in your garage, you need to thoroughly understand the requirements before buying any type of device. 

I highly recommend the Wen 4276 model of a bench grinder for householders and small businesses that perform medium-duty work such as deburring, removing rust, polishing steel, etc. 

The primary reason for its high ratings is due to its affordability both online and in brick-and-mortar stores. Secondly, this bench grinder is tailor-made for first-timers and inexperienced users who are learning to use the grinder of any sort.

And finally, the easy-to-use features along with customer-centric design play a key role in trumping over other models of Bench grinders in the market. 

One can easily install this product at one’s home as it consumes less space, less electricity, and creates almost no noise during its operation making it an apt choice for home users to complete tedious tasks of maintaining tools and keeping them in good conditions.

And for budget-oriented persons, this product won’t disappoint you and it’s definitely worth your money to invest in one of the best grinders. Moreover, the product comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and offers the best customer assistance for product-related queries and services.


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