Detailed Ownership of WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw review

I was impressed with the band saws manufactured by Wen, so I decided to try out the Wen 3962 Band Saw. After going through the features and having some time with the machine, I knew I just had to purchase it! So what made me buy the Wen 3962 despite the availability of similar products?

The Wen 3962 band saw has a powerful motor that performs consistently, it comes with a 3.5amp motor and can cut upto 6 inches of depth. It offers great value for those looking for an affordable chainsaw for household and DIY activities.

Blade72-inch (1/8 to 1/2 inches in size)
Table Dimension14-1/8 x 12-1/2 inch
Tilt45 degrees
Speed1520 or 2620 FPM
Weight73 Pounds
Depth of cut6 inches

I was also impressed by the stability of the stand during cutting. There were many more features and aspects of the saw that impressed me a lot.

As a result, I decided to write this Wen 3962 review to give you more information about this great product in the market. Listed below are the specifications of this product

Read on if you are looking for detailed information about this product. At the end of this article, I am sure that your doubts about this product will be resolved and it will help you finalize your purchase of the Wen 3962 Band Saw.

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw review

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WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw Review

Band saws are amongst the most commonly found power tools in workshops.

Used primarily in woodworking, the saw can be used to cut through a number of materials.

It is also used to make cuts that are irregular in shape, without compromising on the quality of the finish. 

Band saws are user-friendly and safe to operate, even if you do not have much experience. The Wen 3962 Band Saw offers a similar experience at a very affordable price for first-time users.

The process of buying a power tool can be a daunting task. You may not know the parameters and features that suit your requirement. In this review, I have explained various aspects of the product in detail.

This includes information about the motor, frame, and safety features. Pros and cons list details the things I liked and disliked about the product before I finally give my verdict.

Read on as I first outline the best features of the Wen 2962 Band Saw that really caught my attention.

  • Two Speed operation

The saw allows users to cut through at two different speeds; 1520 RPM and 2620 RPM. This gives users the ability to cut through different materials without stressing out the motor. 

The lower speed works well for softer woods, while the higher speed tackles hardwoods with ease. The 72” blade combines well with the motor for a hassle-free cutting process.

  • 3-in-1 Dust Port

This band saw comes with a 3-in-1 dust port of diameters of 1-¾”, 2-¾”, and 4” that allows you to connect to any shop vac or hose. This increases the efficiency of the port while eliminating the need for an adapter, allowing for a cleaner workspace and better dust collection.

  • Bevel Cutting option

Another great feature of the Wen 3962 saw is the provision for bevel cutting or angled cutting. The table tilts upto 45° to the right, giving the users the opportunity to make angled cuts of up to 6” deep. 

The miter gauge and fence can also be used in the angled mode, making it convenient for inexperienced users to try new methods.


The frame of the saw comes with a visually appealing all-black steel frame. It is lightweight, allowing users to shift it around with ease.

However, it does not compromise the stability of the machine when it is operational, ensuring that there is no adverse effect to the accuracy of cuts made.

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw Review

The work table has dimensions of 14-⅛” x 12-½”. It has an aluminum fence as well as a miter gauge that helps users make precise cuts with correct measurements.

I was impressed by the quality of the frame. Its all-black finish made it look sleek and stylish while being lightweight. It was also quite easy to assemble, with all the tools needed for installation coming in the packaging itself. Completing the assembly by myself took me around 15 minutes, which was great.

Another interesting aspect was the addition of a flat-headed knob under the table. This allowed me to finetune and ensure the table was at a perfect 90° angle with the blade for improved accuracy.

The fence and miter gauge were of decent quality. The fence could hold the workpiece in place to an extent without moving around. On the other hand, the gauge was not the most accurate but was okay if you were not too concerned about the accuracy.

I would have been happier if there was a carrying handle. I would have liked a little more flexibility in moving it around for various jobs, but it was not too much of a concern for me.

The work table itself was spacious. It could accommodate my workpieces with ease, without cramping me for a room. It was smooth and allowed me to complete my cuts without much difficulty.


The Wen 3962 saw comes with a 3.5 amp motor that can be plugged into a regular 110V electrical supply. The motor is equipped with a two-speed mode that can cut at 1520 RPM and 2620 RPM. This gives users the option to turn up the power when they need it.

WEN 3962 Band saw Review
WEN 3962 Band saw Review

I was quite impressed by just how quiet the motor worked. It allowed me to work with the machine without needing any kind of ear protection. This was of great comfort to me and ensured that I did not have another loud power tool competing in my workshop.

The output power of the motor was quite good. It was even more impressive considering the amount I spent on it. It was more than enough to cut through softer woods like pine and MDF. 

WEN 3962 Saw review

However, it struggled a bit to complete the resawing applications, especially when I used hardwoods like walnut and maple. This slowed me down and affected the overall quality of the cuts I had made. 

This was where I really enjoyed having a multi-speed option. The motor cooperated with the demand for power and did not strain too much in most applications.

This makes it perfect for beginner woodworkers and DIY hobbyists looking for good performance at an attractive price point.

Professional woodworkers might be in for a disappointment though. The reduced power while making deeper cuts or resawing can really hinder the work process. If you belong to this category of customers, you might have to look at other options in the market.


First-time users with little to no experience on powered saws may find the Wen 3962 Band Saw to be a dangerous machine. However, the saw incorporates a few basic safety features to protect the user while operating the machine.

The stand not only acts as a stable base for the saw but also ensures a reduced chance of kickback occurring. As a result, I was more confident to move workpieces across a bit faster, without having to worry about it being flung back towards me. 

The saw also comes with guide rollers that help keep the blade centered. While it ensures improved accuracy, it also prevents the blade from deflecting too much and coming in contact with the user’s hands.

I was quite surprised to see the lack of a blade guard. It is an especially critical factor considering the product appeals more to inexperienced users who are prone to making mistakes.

A larger emergency stop button would have been a nice touch as well, but did not find its way onto this particular band saw either.

Overall, the product offered basic safety for the user and nothing more. It would have been nicer to incorporate a few other features to make the machine a better choice for those starting out.

Other Features

It features an LED guide light behind the blade. It helps illuminate the area behind the blade, giving the user improved visibility while making cuts. Using the light, I found that my accuracy and speed of cutting improved by a great margin.

This saw comes with a 72” blade, which is ⅜” in size. The blade assembly can accommodate blades anywhere between ⅛” and ½” thick, allowing users to make cuts of different widths. 

This gives them additional versatility to complete a variety of tasks. Users can also purchase blades of different specifications to cut through other materials depending on their requirements.

The product is covered by a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. The customer service they provided regarding a few queries of mine was prompt and helpful.

They ensured my issues were resolved quickly, making sure my overall experience was one of satisfaction. (Click here to Go to Amazon for the latest price)

Pros and Cons


  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • Stable stand and good looking product design
  • Dual speed mode offers upto 2620 RPM per minute
  • Large work table equipped with bevel facility
  • Fence and miter gauge provided for improved accuracy
  • 3-in-1 dust port for compatibility to various shop vacs
  • Compatibility with 72” blades from ⅛” to ½”
  • Two-year warranty and good customer service
  • Great value for money


  • Very basic safety features
  • Thinner blades tend to misalign a lot, making it very difficult to adjust. Users reported misalignment of wheels, hinting at faulty quality control
  • Struggles to cut thicker woods, especially while resawing materials
  • The miter gauge is made of plastic, moves around within slot
  • Multiple reports of breakage of the tension knob


After this thorough Wen 3962 review, I found it to be a great product offering a lot of value without costing users too much. It is a great saw for users starting out as woodworkers or with an interest in DIY projects. It also offers good features that will help you learn advanced techniques over time.

The product is well designed and manufactured, without compromising on quality. This came as a surprise considering its price point. A visually appealing body was supported by a stable and sturdy frame.

A large work table and bevel facilities made sure it gave me versatility when it came to using the product.

WEN 3962 bandsaw review

Performance-wise, the motor provided a generous amount of output power, which combined well with the dual speed settings to cut most softwoods with ease. The inclusion of LED lights to illuminate the workpiece, a fence and a miter gauge ensured I could experiment with my cuts without using this saw.

The major drawback of this product is its inability to sustain operation while using thinner blades. Many users reported the blade slipped out of the wheel and got misaligned.

While it ruined a few cuts, in some cases the machine completely stalled. It also struggled a bit when it came to harder woods, slowing down quite a bit.

The product’s tension knob was susceptible to failure. Its plastic build did not feel premium unlike the other materials used in the product. It also lacked certain safety features that we have gotten used to over the years like blade guards and emergency stop buttons.

This product was designed for people with a budget looking for a good bandsaw. It provides enough power for most cutting applications involving softer woods like MDF and pine. As a result, it is best for small DIY projects and basic household applications. It is also a great saw for those looking to learn how to operate such power tools.

Professionals will be disappointed by the lack of power required for cutting tougher materials. It also lacks the accuracy and precision that is required in such jobs. The lack of a carrying handle may restrict its usage within a workshop, which may not always be ideal. You may have to look for other alternatives if you belong to this category.

If you are looking for an affordable band saw which comes under the price of $170, then Wen made another band saw, which is more affordable than this model, and we have made a detailed review of that, Wen 3959 Bandsaw is the model, you can read the detailed Wen 3959 Bandsaw review to know more about it. (Click here to Go to Amazon for the latest price)

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