Detailed Ownership Review of Wen 3959 Bandsaw

I was looking to purchase a new bandsaw for my workshop recently. While looking at my options, one particular product caught my eye. It was the Wen 3959 Bandsaw that I eventually ended up buying.

So what exactly were my reasons for choosing Wen 3959 bandsaw out of the many options available in the market today?

Wen 3959 bandsaw offers the best value for money when it comes to an entry-level bandsaw for amateurs as well as professionals. It is extremely easy to assemble, with blade fixing and swapping is just as simple. It is very quiet when in operation.

Motor2.5 amps
Blade59.5 inches
Table Dimension12-5/16 inches x 11-7/8 inches
TiltUpto 45°
Speed2500 ft per second 
Weight40 lbs.
Depth of cut3.5 inches
Warranty2 years

We all know just how much effort it takes to research the numerous products available to us in today’s world. If you are looking for a new bandsaw and are confused about which product to buy, do read on as I explain myself in this Wen 3959 Bandsaw review. 

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Wen 3959 Bandsaw Review

Bandsaws are amongst the most trusted tools for amateur as well as professional woodworkers.

Its ability to make long rip cuts with great accuracy and precision helps save a lot of time and effort.

Bandsaws are quite safe and easy to operate as well, making it a powerful tool that even amateurs with minimum experience can use. 

Knowing the advantages of using a bandsaw, I just had to get one for myself. After thoroughly researching the products available in the market, I decided to go for the Wen 3959 Bandsaw.

Personally knowing how much frustration the process can result in, I have listed down all the parameters that I checked while researching the product.

Apart from the basic specifications, I will also get into the details of each aspect of the product, to help you have all the knowledge you need before being convinced this is the bandsaw you’ve been looking for.

WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw review
CC: WenProducts

The Wen 3959 Bandsaw has a number of features that make it a really good product to buy. I have listed out the ones that really stood out for me.

  • 2.5” dust collection port
Wen 3959 review

The 2.5” dust collection port does a good job at collecting most of the dust that is produced from the sawing operation.

This can be crucial to workers and users who may suffer from asthma and other allergies, as the fine dust can harm them while operating the bandsaw. 

 It also helps in keeping your working environment clean, saving you the time and effort of having to do it later.

  • Blade variety and tool-free switching

This bandsaw is compatible with 59.5” blades available in the market, which makes it a versatile product to have in your workshop.

The product can accommodate a blade with a cutting depth of upto ⅜” wide, which ensures that you can complete various rip cuts of different widths using the Wen 3959 Bandsaw. 

It also has an easy switching mechanism that does not require any special tools for blade changing. As a result, you will be able to do it easily without any prior power tools experience while saving a lot of time in the process.

  • Bevel cutting option
WEN 3959 band saw review

Bevel cutting or angled cutting is possible with this bandsaw, which is a great feature to have for amateur woodworkers trying to learn new methods. The table tilts upto 45° to the right, giving the users the opportunity to make angled cuts of upto 3.5” deep and 9” wide.


The Wen 3959 Bandsaw has an all-black frame that is made of steel. The metallic finish looks aesthetically pleasing, making it a nice addition to have in your workshop.

This offers solid and stable performance but manages to stay lightweight at the same time. The compact design of this bandsaw allows you to carry it with ease. 

The work table is made of aluminum, with dimensions of 12-5/16” x 11-⅞”. The table is also equipped with a fence that allows the user to make straight cuts with ease. 

Wen 3959 review

I found the frame to be sufficient for an entry-level bandsaw. On the bright side, I liked the lightweight and compact design of this bandsaw.

While the stainless steel external frame was nice to look at, it was also easy to carry around. 

What I did really miss on this product was a carrying handle. It would have made life so much easier for me, allowing me to carry it between different floors at a worksite without any hassles.

Nonetheless, I could sufficiently wrap my arms around this bandsaw and take it around without too much trouble.

If there was one major letdown, it was the work table. I was hugely disappointed by the unevenness of the working surface even though my product was new. 

I had quite a lot of space to set up my workpieces, but the bumps and undulations on the table made it difficult for me to move the workpiece smoothly across the blade. 

Wen 3959 Bandsaw Review
CC: Amazon

As a result, I saw a serious degradation in the quality of my cut, with the end finish of my products being a lot rougher than I would have liked.


The Wen 3959 Bandsaw comes with a 2.5 amp motor that powers the 59.5” blade. This motor can rotate the blade to a maximum of 2500 ft per minute in a no-load condition. The motor can be plugged into an electrical socket that supports a 120V outlet power supply. 

My first impression of the motor in this bandsaw was that it was really quiet. Most of us know just how loud a workshop can get when power tools are operated. Operating this product alone allowed me to complete my work without having to wear any ear protection, which was much more comfortable for me.

When it comes to the output power that the motor produced, I was really happy with the blade speed and the smooth cutting speed. However, as the depth and size of my cuts increased, I noticed a drop in performance, as the blade was not fast enough to cut through thicker wooden pieces.

 Another feature that I would have liked to see on this product was a multi-speed option, but I wouldn’t complain too much considering the price I paid to buy this product.

Overall, I felt the motor performed great for applications that needed low power and slower blade speeds. If you are someone looking to cut through thicker blocks of wood quickly and regularly, then this bandsaw may not be the right fit for you.

This would include professional woodworkers who use their bandsaws for heavy-duty applications. However, if you are someone who likes to make your own wooden products and household items, then you will find the power on this sufficient, making this an ideal buy for you.


Bandsaws are dangerous equipment to operate, just like most other power tools. As a result, it comes with a few safety features to protect the user while operating the device.

The blade is equipped with a blade guard that is designed to protect the hands and fingers from making accidental contact with the blade while it is running. It also has a large switch to turn on the power to the saw to get it running.

The features on this product were pretty basic in my opinion. It is almost a requirement to have a blade guard on any type of saw.

However, I feel like the manufacturer could have added a large stop button that was more prominent and easy to use in the event of an accident. While the switch was prominent, I doubt if it would be the most convenient in case of an emergency.

Another safety feature that the Wen 3959 Bandsaw could have had was the automatic blade shutdown in the event of a power failure. 

Considering the amateur DIY crowd that would prefer such a product, it is safe to assume that they do not have the safest work routines out of a lack of experience or awareness.

Having the blade resume operation when the power is restored can catch the user out quite nastily, leading to grievous injury.

Other Features

This bandsaw comes with a T-slot miter gauge that allows you to make angled cuts. While it seemed like a great feature initially, I found that the miter gauge didn’t sit properly on the slots.

As a result, it moved around when guiding a workpiece, which ruined a few cuts. Nonetheless, it is a great addition to have on your bandsaw if you are learning the ropes.

WEN 3959 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Benchtop Band Saw (1)
CC: Amazon

Any doubts I had about purchasing this product were put to ease thanks to the 180-day return policy and the 2-year warranty that the manufacturer offers on the Wen 3959 Bandsaw. 

I had a few minor issues with regards to the product I had purchased, but the customer service was prompt and helpful. As a result, I was able to fix the issue while on the phone, with the instructions being clear and precise.

The price of this bend saw fluctuates every week or every month between $237-$147, so, if you are thinking of buying this then you have to first check the latest price. (Click here to Go to Amazon for the latest price)


  • Lightweight and compact design allows for portable usage
  • Quiet operation of motor delivers upto 2500 ft per minute rotation of the blade
  • 2.5” dust port to connect vacuum, performs quite efficiently 
  • Easy to set up and operate, simple controls that are easy to understand
  • Large work table can handle workpieces of various sizes, rip fence for improved accuracy
  • Compatible with many 59.5” blades, can be easily switched without extra tools
  • Convenient to use for DIY and household woodwork applications 
  • Two-year warranty and 180 days return back policy


  • Blade drifts considerably especially when pressed against the fence, resulting in cuts that are not straight and accurate
  • The worktable is not flat and smooth, which affects the motion of the workpiece across the blade
  • Miter gauge assembly is shaky, does not sit properly in the designed slot, angled cuts not accurate as a result
  • Users reported a lack of power while cutting thicker materials, resulting in the stalled blade and rough cuts
  • The single-speed option restricts blade functionality depending on materials
  • Does not come with a handle for carrying
  • Fine blade adjustments are slightly difficult for inexperienced users


The Wen 3959 Bandsaw is one of the most budget-friendly bandsaws that is great for people with DIY requirements and household applications. It offers great value for money and is loaded with features that make it a great overall product.

Performance-wise, the blade and the motor are of good quality, providing users with a neat and smooth cut through thinner wooden pieces. While it struggles for power while cutting thicker blocks of wood, it is more than enough for DIY applications that may use wood of 3.5” thickness at best.

The work table is large and sufficient for large wooden pieces as well. It also has a 45° tilt option, allowing you to make angled and bevel cuts. The miter gauge is a bit problematic while and the table is not the smoothest. Nonetheless, if accuracy and precision aren’t the primary reasons for buying this product, then you will be satisfied with the cut that this bandsaw makes.

The product has a steel frame that is visually attractive. It also incorporates basic safety features to safeguard users. The addition of an efficient dust port socket that keeps the surroundings neat and clean is a blessing if you do not have the patience or time to clean up after finishing the job.

Overall, this product is an entry-level bandsaw that was designed specifically for amateur woodworkers who do it as a hobby or for basic household needs. Its inexpensive pricing and easy-to-use nature make it a no-brainer for someone inexperienced looking to purchase a new bandsaw for DIY applications.

However, if you are looking for a bandsaw to cater to professional requirements across different worksites, this product might not be suitable for you.

It does not have sufficient power for thicker wood blocks, while also disappointing when it comes to precision and accuracy of cutting over long intervals. 

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WEN 3959 review
CC: Amazon

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