Rockwell RK3440K vs RK3441K: Differences & Similarities

I was looking for a new circular saw recently which was portable and easy to transport across my job sites. While looking at the various models in the market, the Rockwell RK3440K and Rockwell RK3441K were the products I shortlisted. So what were the major differences between these two saws?

The Rockwell RK3440K has more powerful motor, with a unique versa cut design that includes a laser guide. The RK3441K has a traditional circular saw design and can cut bevels, unlike the RK3440K. RK3440K is also lighter than the RK3441K.

Motor4 amps5 amps
Maximum power output480W600W
Power sourceCordedCorded
Blade1x 4-½” 24T TCT blade, 1x 4-½” 44T High-Speed Steel, 1x 4-½” Diamond coated tile blade1x 4-½” 24T TCT blade
Bevel cutting rangeNone0-45°
Speed (No load)3500 RPM3500 RPM
Weight3.4 lbs5 lbs
Product dimensions17.4” x 8.7” x 4.5”15.31” x 5.12” x 4.21”
Warranty2 years3 years

There were many other small differences between these two circular saws that I came across as I completed my research. Thus, I have decided to categorically list the differences and similarities between these two models. 

Do read on as this article will help you understand which model is better suited to your needs. Both these models are great options, but at the end of this article, I hope to guide you towards the model which is the perfect fit for you, and will help you make the purchase.

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  • Motor capacity

The RK3440K has a 4 amp corded motor whereas the RK3441K has a 5 amp corded motor. 

As a result, the Rockwell RK3441K has a more powerful motor that is useful in tackling tougher materials. The extra amperage of the motor is useful in situations where heavy-duty cutting might be required for a brief amount of time.

Rockwell RK3440K vs RK3441K

On the other hand, the Rockwell RK3440K has the less powerful motor of the two. This makes it more suited to less intensive cutting tasks. This includes DIY applications and woodworking hobbyists cutting through softwoods that do not require much effort.

However, it does not do well in heavy-duty applications due to its relatively low output power.

  • Weight

The RK3440K weighs 3.4 lbs while the RK3441K weighs 5lbs. The RK3440K is the lighter of the two circular saws from Rockwell. Therefore, it is suited for users across all age groups. 

Operating the saw is easy because of its reduced weight, making it ideal for cutting applications that are not on a flat surface. This includes overhead cutting and vertical framework cutting operations as well.

The RK3441K is the heavier saw from Rockwell. However, the motor is shifted to the rear of the blade to give users a more balanced feel while cutting.

It also reduces the number of effort users have to put into the saw to make it cut through the wood, making it a better choice for tougher woods and occasional heavy-duty usage.

  • Design and operating mechanism

The Rockwell RK3440K has a Versacut design that makes the model much more handy and easy to carry around. It also has a dust vac port to connect vacuums to suck out chips produced during the cutting process. 

This makes the product a great one for those who require a circular saw at multiple job sites or travel frequently with their tools. The saw also has a laser guidance system to give users a better idea of the direction in which the saw is moving. 

This helps improve the precision and accuracy of the cut, making it a great tool for amateurs looking to learn the trade of woodworking. The Rockwell RK3441K is a more conventional circular saw that has the same design as traditional models. 

However, it does not have a handle near the blade, making it a little difficult to attain the stability and accuracy offered by models from other brands. It also lacks a guidance system or dust vac, making it more suited to those who have previous experience with wood cutting and other similar operations.

  • Blade and bevel options

The Rockwell 3440K comes with a three-blade toolkit while the Rockwell 3441K comes with a single blade, both of which are provided by the manufacturers.

The RK3440K comes with three blades that help improve the versatility of this circular saw. This includes a Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) blade with 24 teeth that are meant for general-purpose cutting through materials like wood.

The 44 teeth High Speed Steel (HSS) blade is designed to cut through aluminum and PVC, while the diamond-coated blade is suitable to cut through ceramic and tiles. These blades give users increased versatility when it comes to the saw. However, the saw does not have a bevel feature.

On the other hand, the RK3441K comes with just a single blade from the manufacturer. This is the 24 teeth TCT blade that is used for most general cutting purposes. However, the saw has a bevel feature that allows for the blade to be tilted up to a maximum of 45°. 

This gives users a requirement to make angled and bevel cuts the facility to do so using a single saw.  

  • Warranty

The Rockwell RK3440K comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, whereas users of the RK3441K get a 3-year manufacturer warranty. This is beneficial for users looking to make a long-term investment for their circular saw.


  • Purpose

Despite their visually different designs, both the RK3440K and the RK3441K are circular saws. They both consist of a spinning blade that is powered by a motor that helps the user make crosscuts on wood and other materials with ease.

Both saws have the basic components of a circular saw such as the foot to rest the saw on the material as well as a 24T TCT blade to cut through wood primarily.

The oversized grips that are seen on many Rockwell products are seen on these two products as well, making it easy and comfortable to grip the saw when cutting through tough materials as well.

  • Power source

Both the saws have corded motors on board, with a 10 ft cord connecting the motor to the 120V mains supply. As a result, they can be connected to any power outlet available in the house or workshop, giving the user an infinite run time while operating these circular saws from Rockwell.

However, there is a drawback with the corded power supply. The range of operation is restricted as the user cannot operate the saw beyond the socket beyond a particular distance. 

As a result, it makes these models less feasible to use in situations that do not have a regulated power supply such as mobile job sites.

  • Motor speed

Despite the difference in the amperage of the motors of the RK3440K and the RK3441K, both motors produce a maximum no load speed of 3500 RPM. As a result, these circular saws are capable enough of cutting through most softwoods and some types of plywood. 

As a result, these saws are ideal for users looking to use the saws for DIY applications and other household articles. However, the speed of the motor limits the ability of these Rockwell products from performing too well against tougher materials like hardwood. 

As a result, these saws are not ideal for heavy-duty applications and are best suited for people with light-cutting requirements and DIY woodworkers. 

  • ZeroQuit technology

The ZeroQuit technology is a proprietary Rockwell innovation that ensures that their power tools are of the highest quality and built to last. Their durable and rugged designs ensure that the tools are designed to tackle difficult environments while performing just as advertised. 

This is of great use to users looking for a product that will last long and perform well over the long run.

Which one is Better & Why

The Rockwell RK3440K and Rockwell RK3441K are both good circular saws offering value for money to customers. However, after careful consideration, I felt that the Rockwell RK3441K is the better saw. Here are my reasons why

  • Higher power output

The 5 amp corded motor of the RK3441K provides a greater output even though the speed of the blade maxes out at 3500 RPM. As a result, this saw is better equipped to deal with tougher materials, while having an improved ability to cut through materials efficiently.

It also reduces the vibrations felt by the user while gripping the saw, making the user experience much more comfortable. As a result, it also has twice the cutting capacity of the RK3440K. (Click here to check the latest price of Rockwell RK3441K from Amazon)

  • Bevel cutting facility

Despite having a single blade included by the manufacturer, the Rockwell RK3441K comes out on top thanks to the bevel cutting option it has. It gives users the option to make angled and beveled cuts using the saw, with a maximum allowance of up to 45°. 

Users have reported satisfactory accuracy and stability along with a decent cutting depth while engaging the bevel facility. This can be extremely handy for users looking to expand their cutting options with the help of a new product, making it an ideal buy in such situations.

  • Easier cutting process

The conventional design of the circular saw that is incorporated in the RK3441K allows it to perform well in situations that require stability and precision. While the RK3440K works better in small spaces and overhead applications, it does not excel in the balance aspect. 

However, the shifting of the motor to the rear in the RK3441K gives users improved balance to the machine, despite the single-handed application.

Differences Between RK3440K and RK3441K

Another advantage of this saw is it does not need to be pressed down onto the workpiece. This process, which is known as plunging, increases the user effort required to cut.

The design of the device allows the shoe to rest on the piece. Setting the required cutting depth allows the user to make precise cuts easily. (Click here to check the latest price of Rockwell RK3440K from Amazon)

Buying Guide of Circular Saw

Buying a new circular saw can seem to be a daunting task, especially for those with little to no experience while handling power tools. Therefore, I have added this short buying guide to help you understand the various aspects of the tool that you should know about while making the purchase.

  • Power source

Circular saws have two main ways to draw power to the motor. They are corded and cordless.

Corded motors are connected to the 120V mains power outlet with the help of an electrical cord. Since they are connected to the main power supply of your house or workshop, they have an infinite run time and are equipped with more powerful motors that consume more power.

However, the downside of such saws is their reduced portability and range around the worksite.

The cordless motors depend on a portable battery that can be attached to the saw. These saws are compact and lighter compared to the cordless models, making them ideal for those with a need to transport the saw and use it across different job sites.

However, these saws have reduced runtimes and are less powerful due to the battery source.

  • Drive mechanism

There are two main drive mechanisms for a circular saw, worm-drive and sidewinder mechanisms.

The worm-drive mechanism has the motor placed at a right angle to the spinning blades. As a result, it requires a gear mechanism to transfer torque from the motor to the blade.

While this increases the weight of the saw, it also produces more torque and lesser noise than the sidewinder mechanisms. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty cutting work.

The sidewinder mechanism is the most commonly used drive mechanism in circular saws. It has a direct drive system, with the shaft from the motor being connected directly to the spinning blade.

As a result, it allows for more compact designs of the saw while reducing the overall weight as well. However, the saw is a lot noisier and less powerful than the worm-drive mechanism.

  • Features

The most common features to be included with a circular saw are saw foot, bevel cuts and stops, and some safety features.

The saw foot is a crucial aspect of the circular saw, which rests on the workpiece that is to be cut. The material of the foot not only increases stability while cutting but also ensures improved accuracy and user comfort while operating this saw.

The bevel cutting option is provided by some saws to make angled cuts using a circular saw. This gives an additional degree of flexibility in the cutting process.

Bevel stops help make quick adjustments to the blade, increasing the convenience of making angled cuts.

Safety features are essential to keep the user safe in the case of accidents or equipment malfunction. This includes electric brakes and spindle/shaft locks. The electric brakes decelerate the blade quickly, helping stop it in a couple of seconds to prevent serious injury. 

The spindle/shaft locks ensure that the blade change process is easy and with onboard tools, without creating too many hassles for the user while completing the process.

  • Blade

The blade is the most important aspect of picking up the right circular saw for you. You must be aware of the three main factors while choosing a model to suit your requirements; blade speed, material, and dimension.

The speed of the blade determines how fast the blade can be rotated by the motor. One must ensure that the blade can accommodate the maximum speed of a given circular saw. One can also check the number of teeth on the blade to get a better idea about the smoothness of the cut.

The material of the blade determines the types of materials you can cut using a circular saw, as well as the quality of the finish. The most common materials used in blades include stainless steel and carbide tipped for greater strength.  

The last factor that is important is the dimension of the blade. A larger blade can allow you to cut through materials faster while reducing time and effort.

Another important aspect to check is the arbor of the blade, which is the hole through which the blade is mounted onto the motor. This is crucial to ensure the compatibility of the blade with the saw.

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