Ownership Review of Rikon 80-805 Bench Grinder

Rikon 80-805 review

If you are a do-it-yourself task enthusiast like me, you will know how important a bench grinder is for your toolkit. You will be surprised to realize how often a bench grinder comes to use! From removing rust to shaping objects, a bench grinder can do it all!

Rikon 80-805 bench grinder is ideal for sharpening tools, it has a 1/2 HP motor that can run at 1750 RPMs, and the base is made up of cast iron. This is a perfect grinder for someone looking for affordable, low maintenance, and durable machine with low speed to perform specific tasks with effortless ease.

Motor0.5 HP
Speed1750 RPM
Wheel1” x 8” 60 grit and 120 grit 
Arbor Size5/8 inches
Weight3.75 lb.
Warranty5 years

A bench grinder is nothing but a kind of grinding machine that will smoothen and sharpen your tools to keep them in the most suitable condition. 

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Rikon 80-805 Bench Grinder Review

Rikon is amongst the leading brands in the field of tools and equipment, and this 80-805 Bench Grinder is a highly sought-after product from Rikon’s diverse range of supplies. 

The Rikon 80-805 grinder has all the features with bells and whistles that make it desirable in the woodworking world. 

Rikon’s tagline of “Pro Tools for Tool Pros” stands accurate as all its products are made of premium quality materials and last for a long time. 

If you’re a craftsman who uses hand tools often, you’ll look at the specifications of the 80-805 bench grinder and know that it is an efficient tool.

Features and My Opinion

  • Specification: This Rikon model is a slow-speed grinder from Rikon that is ideal for sharpening tools in terms of specifications. The Rikon 80-805 bench grinder has a powerful motor with a 1750 RPM rate and ½ horsepower. 

The aluminum oxide wheels of this bench grinder have 60 and 120 grit that allows you to sharpen the toughest of the materials. These wheels are durable, can be run individually and offer an immense amount of grinding power. 

Cast iron makes up the 80-805 bench grinder’s base, and vibration-resistant rubber feet allow you to work with utmost precision. 

There are mounting holes on the base that will enable you to attach the grinder to a stand or workbench with no trouble at all.

  • Size and Quality: Just like all other Rikon tools, this too is backed with a five years warranty that’ll help you should you face any issue.

I liked the size of the model as it makes it easy to store and manage. It weighs about 37.5lbs and gives reasonable stability.

  • Content of the Package: Additionally, this bench grinder comes with eye shields, spark arrestors, wheel dressing tool, tool rests, etc. The polycarbonate adjustable eye shields will keep you safe from any pieces that may cause eye injury. 

You can adjust it to keep it stable or even move it by hand. It also includes a stand to keep it steady on the floor. 

However, what I like most about the eye shield is that it lets you see the piece you’re working on clearly. This clear vision will let you work with a grinder without making any mistakes. 

If you use the wheel dressing tool that this model includes, you will be able to avoid the wheels from running out. The wheel dresser will also reduce wobbles if any.

Rikon 80-805 Bench Grinder review

It also has a groove along with one of the tool rests (left) designed to enable you to sharpen drill bits. However, the tool rests are a little flimsy, and a slight improvement by Rikon would take this model to the next level. 

You can not use the left tool rest to sharpen a chisel or plane irons. The rear end of the wheel guard houses dual dust collectors, which play a significant role in keeping shards and debris at bay from the working area.

  • Installation and Performance: The strong motor operates noiselessly and brings the wheels to speed in no more than six seconds. Installation and setup of this bench grinder are comparatively easy and will not take much time. 

The wheels of the grinder come mounted; all you have to do is attach the tool rests and safety shields.  

Rikon also has a video on YouTube describing the steps in the assembly of this unit. You can find it in the RIKON Power Tools Inc profile. 

I noticed that the left wheel was vibrating when I first installed it; however, the user manual suggested different ways to adjust the wheel, similar to a trial-and-error method. After adjusting the wheel a little, the vibrations reduced, and it works efficiently now. 

What I like about it:

  1. It is affordable: Compared to most other bench grinders, this is a high-quality product and is affordable. 
  1. Low noise: The bench grinder does not make a lot of noise; it is practically noiseless. This feature allows you to work with no interruptions.
  1. Adjustable eyeshields: The eye shields are very handy and provide protection against the tiny shards from getting in your eyes.
  1. Powerful motor: This has a powerful motor that lets you perform with ease and precision for a slow-sized bench grinder.

What I don’t like about it:

  1. Flimsy tool rest: Rikon could have done a better job in terms of the quality and strength of the tool rests.
  1. Wheels not balanced: The wheels have to be balanced before you can use them. This should have been done by Rikon itself.
  1. It does not include LED light. The presence of light allows excellent visibility that facilitates intricate and precise work.

Here’s how to ensure that Rikon 80-805 bench grinder gives an optimum performance

Dip the tool in water: Experts recommend that you keep a container filled with water close by to dip the tool in it. This will keep the device from getting overheated. 

Take precautions: While grinding smaller objects, it is better to use locking pliers in order to protect your fingers from the wheel. Wear masks to avoid the dust from getting in your lungs as it is very harmful to the human body.

Use the wheel dresser often: Rikon includes a diamond wheel dresser along with the 80-805 bench grinder. Hold this dresser and press it against the wheel to round it and expose new grit. 

Upgrade the tool rest: As most reviews suggest, the tool rests included in this model is flimsy and extremely difficult to adjust. It is better to upgrade and buy a new set of tool rests that make your job easier. 

Important things to know before buying a Bench Grinder

If you don’t like the Rikon 80-805 bench grinder then you can buy another one according to your needs and likes. 

But before going further looking for another bench grinder, we want to share some of the must-have things that you need to consider before buying a bench grinder. 

There are a few points of consideration that you must know before you buy a bench grinder-

  1. Power of the Motor: The motor’s power determines the performance efficiency of a bench grinder. So, a higher horsepower gives the motor better vigor to cut through tough and rigid materials.

For heavy-duty work, we recommend you use a 1 HP (horsepower) motor. For small to medium-duty work, go for ½ HP motor. 

Therefore, it is essential to establish what kind of work you need the grinder for. It makes no sense if you try to cut through a comparatively soft material with a high powered motor as it may end up damaging the material.

  1. Size of the bench grinder: You do not want to buy a bench grinder so big that it doesn’t fit in your workplace. Before purchasing a grinder, you must see that the size of the grinder is compatible with the space in your room.

It is also not advised to buy a small grinder as that will not allow you to work on large projects. A giant grinder will have a larger wheel to make it easier to work on massive projects. 

  1. Grit: The grit is composed of different materials, and you must choose the type of grit according to the function you want the grinder to perform.
  • Aluminum Oxide Grit- This is a common grit and mostly recommended for grinding. It comes in brown, grey, pink and white colors. 

The first two colors are inexpensive and used to grind low carbon steel, whereas the other two colors are expensive and provide better cooling grind action. 

  • Silicon Carbide Grit- These grits are available in green and black colors, generally used for finishing. The black grit smoothens soft objects, and the green grit is sharp to smoothen more rigid things.
  • Ceramic grit- Compared to the other grits, this is the latest kind of grit available in bench grinders. They’re more expensive and durable as they do not wear out or dull with use. 
  1. Price: Well, needless to say, the price of the bench grinder should be within your budget. You need not burn a hole in your pocket while buying a new product.

Most bench grinders are available in the price range of $100 to $500 with attractive features and multiple benefits.

  1. Brand: The brand of the bench grinder also plays a decisive role in the buying process. It is wise to go for brands that are renowned and reliable, as they have more credibility. 

Of course, if you want to take a chance and go with a new and coming brand, that is entirely your choice. But known brands have won the trust and loyalty of most users, and they work hard to retain them. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is a bench grinder used for?

    A bench grinder is used for a variety of purposes. As the name suggests, it is used for grinding different types of materials.

     If you’ve had a knife that got blunt after repeated use, you will know that a grinder is also used to sharpen it. Similarly, other items like a chisel, lawnmowers, blades, etc., are sharpened using a bench grinder. 

    You can also use it for cutting wooden items and shaping metals. For this, you will have to hold the material and move it back and forth against the wheel. 

    Another purpose of using this tool is to remove rust from metal. You can do this by grinding the metal against the wheel and then sharpening it.

  • Are Rikon bench grinders good?

    Most of the Rikon products have high ratings on Amazon and other shopping sites. They’re filled with a bunch of positive comments where users describe their experience with Rikon tools. 

    The Rikon 80-805 bench grinder has an average of 4.7 stars rating on Amazon, which suggests that it is quite a reliable product. Rikon also gives five-year warranties on all its products, and its customer service team responds pretty quickly to offer solutions to your grievances.

    Other than that, they’re made of premium quality materials that give Rikon tools a long life, proving that these are a great addition to your toolkits. 

  • How to maintain a bench grinder?

    It is essential that you keep the grinder clean after every use. Disconnect power after you are done using it and keep the workspace clean and free from dust and sludge. Ensure that none of the parts is malfunctioning. 

    You should know when to replace a wheel as it is prone to wearing out. If you use an old wheel that is damaged for a long time, there are chances that it will crack and come off. 

    It could injure you severely. Upgrade all parts as and when required to give the bench grinder a long life. 


Well, the pros of this Rikon bench grinder model clearly outnumber the cons. The majority of the verified buyers and users, including me, are satisfied with this purchase. 

The slow-speed grinder works majestically when it comes to sharpening objects. It does not heat the metal a lot which lets you work without any hassle. As we’ve already seen, the V-groove that this model provides makes provision for the sharpening of drill bits.

The lubricated bearings of the ½ HP motor demand low maintenance and offer durability. The iron cast base adds strength, and the non-vibrating feet provide stability to this Rikon bench grinder. 

So, if you are here looking for an affordable bench grinder with low speed to perform specific tasks with effortless ease, the Rikon 80-850 bench grinder is an ideal choice. Backed with a five-year warranty, this grinder will stay at your service for a long time! 

For beginners and pros, for DIY-ers and carpenters, this grinder can give a fantastic performance to help you complete your work. 

My experience with this Rikon bench grinder has been highly satisfactory. I hope you consider all the pros and cons of this model to make an informed choice.


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