Ownership Review of KeShi DCTR01A Cordless Rotary Tool

Do you have a hobby of creating things on your own? Do you lack the room for all those tools that are used to make these crafts? If so, then this review is for you! Today, I am going to be reviewing the KeShi DCTR01A Cordless Rotary Tool. 

Speed5,000 to 15,000 RPM
Battery Backup90 minutes
Weight‎‎7.4 ounces or 0.47 lbs.
Speed Control3
Charging Time2 Hours
Dimensions6.34 x 5.55 x 1.57 inches
Warranty12 months

I bought it after seeing many reviews about how good this product was and how much people loved it. It got me incredibly excited, so let’s get into my experience with it!

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KeShi Cordless Rotary Tool Review

After waiting impatiently for the package containing my new tool to arrive at my doorstep, I opened up the box eagerly. Everything came secured in plastic packaging which was great because nothing was damaged. 

I pulled out my tool and immediately went to work putting it together. The instructions included were very helpful, but the package stated that everything could be put together without them.

This cordless rotary tool is just what I needed for crafting! It’s lightweight, easy to hold in your hand, and fits most standard drill bits. 

I have already made several crafts with this product which will be featured on my blog soon! Overall, I am incredibly happy with my purchase of this product- I only wish I had bought it sooner!

KeShi Rotary Tool review

What Others Are Saying About The KeShi DCTR01A Cordless Rotary Tool While doing research on the KeShi DCTR01A Cordless Rotary Tool before buying it, I noticed how many people loved this product. 

It got me pumped up to try it out for myself! Here are what some other people have said about their experience with the tool:

  • “This thing is nice and lightweight, which makes it easy to hold in your hand while you’re working on crafts. I’ve been using this for over a year now and haven’t had any issues with it.” -Whitney U. 
  • “I bought this one because I needed something that wouldn’t be bulky or hard to carry around when I was traveling. This rotary tool fit the bill perfectly!”-Gina B.

I have really enjoyed using my new KeShi DCTR01A Cordless Rotary Tool to create things. I am the creator of a blog where I craft things on my own so being able to use this rotary tool has been amazing. 

The cordless aspect is great because it makes it easy to carry around with me wherever I go. Plus, I love that using it requires no electrical outlet-it’s perfect!

It has some unique features that make it one of the most convenient tools to have.

It comes with a 3.7V Li-ion battery that offers a decent run time. However, its biggest advantage is that it can be connected to any mobile charger thanks to its USB charging port with the quick charging option. 

This allows users to charge this model with ease anywhere. This tool comes with three-speed options, allowing the user to choose the setting according to their requirement. 

It also has a recessed power button that helps prevent accidental stoppage due to contact with the switch. 

Overall, this product is perfect for those looking to create gift items and small pieces of art. It is not suitable for precision work or heavy-duty requirements.


  • Cordless and portable design

At just 7.4 oz, the KeShi Rotary Tool is one of the lightest products available in the market.

It also has a sleek ergonomic design, making it the perfect option for those looking to use the pen grip while operating the tool.

KeShi Rotary Tool review

Another advantage of this model is its 3.7 V Li-Ion battery with a USB charging socket. This gives users the convenience to plug the tool into their laptop or mobile charger and power their device.

This ensures your rotary tool can be plugged and powered anywhere, anytime.

  • 38-bit accessories

Rotary tool kits provide users with a number of options when it comes to ways in which the tool can be used. 

The various bits and accessories ensure users can use this product for processes like engraving, carving, sanding, and even drilling. 

This makes it an ideal option for those looking to try their hand at woodworking.

  • Variable speed

Despite its compact size, the KeShi Rotary Tool offers 3 different speed options while operating this product. 

This allows users to choose between a slower speed option for jobs that need precision as well as higher RPMS that help remove material quickly.

PROs and CONs


  • Can be charged easily using a mobile charger USB port
  • Very affordable, great value for money
  • Simple to understand, easy to use
  • Quick tool change without chuck
  • Ultra-portable design


  • The lowest speed setting is not very useful
  • Not so good battery life
  • The bit does not sit properly within the collet nut
  • Minor issues with changing tools


The Keshi Rotary Tool offers ultimate value for money and portability for those looking for something that will fit in their pocket. 

No other product in the market offers the options that this model does at its price point. 

The convenience of a USB charging port and sleek design ensures that first-time users have a smooth user experience. 

KeShi DCTR01A Rotary Tool review

It is the perfect product for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts looking to have a versatile rotary tool for crafting and engraving. There are many uses of this tool, many ladies are using it for their nails as it is so compact and powerful.

However, it is not suited to the professional needs of artisans looking for more power and precision from their rotary tool kits.

Buying Guide

Cordless rotaries are the most popular power tools available to consumers today. They are very versatile because of their adjustable speeds, which makes them useful for a wide variety of tasks. 

The cordless nature of these devices makes them convenient and the ability to shape wood or cut metal without an air compressor makes them quite popular with serious DIY enthusiasts.

Although they seem like convenient appliances to have around the house, there are several points that one should keep in mind before buying any cordless rotary tool.

1) How often will you be using this device?

For everyday use it is good to go for a high capacity battery pack/model that comes with two batteries so that you can charge one while using the other so that you are finished with a single charge. 

Going for a machine that comes with 5+ batteries would be rather excessive and is not really necessary.

2) Can the speed of rotation be changed?

This helps in fine-tuning any project that they may use this tool for, which includes polishing,  grinding, cutting, or sanding. 

A variable speed option allows one to adjust the revolutions per minute (rpm), so that they can get their desired results out of their device each time it is used.

3) Do I need a model with two attached handles?

A cordless rotary tool can come with either one handle/grip on its body or two separate instead. 

The latter type provides better stability and control because the bulk of the weight is now distributed between two points.

4) Is it easy to change accessories?

Most models feature quick-release tool heads, helping in swapping out blades or discs easily. This may be time-consuming but makes for better handling than if parts had to be unscrewed by hand.

5) How long will you use this device each day?

If you plan on using your rotary tool for extended periods at a time, then it would be good to purchase one that has an ergonomically friendly body grip. 

Besides increasing comfort, this also helps minimize user fatigue and gives greater control over what they are doing physically. And get one that has a cord, so that you can use it without worrying about the battery dying. 

6) Is battery life important?

When used continuously, battery life can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the model and brand. 

If you do not want to get interrupted in the middle of a project because you ran out of power, it is good to go for one with an extended-capacity lithium-ion battery instead.

7) Where will I be using my cordless rotary tool?

If they plan on taking their device outside regularly then it would be good to consider getting one that has been manufactured from weather-resistant materials. 

This ensures that when used correctly they will have enough protection from elements such as rain or dirt.

8) Is ergonomics important?

A cordless rotary tool is a powerful tool after all, so it is essential to keep safety in mind while using this product. Some models come with two separate handles (mentioned above), which makes for easier control of the device. 

Other features like adjustable speed settings and rotational direction make them easy to use by people of all skill levels.

9) Do I need anything else that comes standard?

Some cordless rotary tools may come with attachments like drill bits or polishing pads, but if these are not the case then it would be good to get accessories like these anyway because they can definitely improve your experience when working on a project. 

There are also replacement parts available online if you lose any pieces out of your set.

10) How much am I willing to pay?

You can find cordless rotary tools for prices as low as $20 or as high as $200. When you look at models with the same features, try to relate them to each other by asking yourself what the main differences are before buying anything. 

These appliances definitely make one’s life easier and it is always useful to invest in a tool that comes highly recommended by professionals.

The above points should be kept in mind when choosing any cordless rotary tool, whether it is for personal use or for industrial purposes. 

As long as they are used correctly then this appliance can be very beneficial to have around the house, allowing people of all skill levels to work on projects properly.

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