Nail Gun Not Firing: Quick Steps to Fix It

A nail gun is one of the most used power tools, and if it stopped working then it can annoy anyone easily, there can be various reasons for the nail gun not firing, and you can fix it easily. It is a most common problem among users who is new to this tool.

If the nail gun is not firing, then it may be happening because the nail is stuck or there is a problem inside the nail gun like broken O-rings. Or you have used the wrong nails, or there might be some problem with the trigger or air compressor.

There can be many reasons for nail guns not firing, but you can easily find them by following the methods that we are going to show you. There are different kinds of nail guns, some are powered by air compressors, and some are powered by batteries.

Nail Gun Not Firing Quick Steps to Fix It

And you can fix all of them easily, but battery-powered nail guns are a little harder to fix, you can get professional help if you cannot be able to fix them.

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Why Nail Gun is not Firing

The first thing that you need to do is to identify where is the problem, and you can do that by checking all these things one by one to find out where is the problem.

  • First check that you have used the right side of the nail that is recommended by the manufacturer, if not, then use the right one. 
  • The second thing, make sure you are getting power, check the battery or the air compressor, whether these two things are even working or not? Sometimes, there might be a leak from the air compressor and that becomes the reason of nail gun is not working.
  • After that check, the nail gun isn’t if any nail is stuck inside the chamber, if yes, then pull it out with some pliers or hook. And make sure the nail magazine is also working smoothly, sometimes magazine becomes the reason for the nail gun not firing.
  • If you still cannot be able to find the reason of the problem, then there is a chance that there is a problem inside the nail gun. And you have to now open it to find the problem, sometimes the nails get sucked inside by the hammer and it gets stuck inside. 
  • If you own a new nail gun that is under warranty, then we recommend you not to open it by yourself, you can send it to the manufacturer they can do the hard work.
  • If there is nothing inside the nail gun chamber then you have to check all the O-rings, if the rings are damaged then you have to change them, these rings are important for the working of the nail gun. 
  • In an air compressor, these rings help in creating the pressure inside the gun so that the hammer can work, and it also holds the lubrication oil inside the body of the gun.
  • Check for any other damage from the inside as well as from the outside, minor damages can also create this problem.

How to Fix a Nail Gun which is not Firing

Now you have found the problem which is causing the nails not to fire, then you can easily fix them, all you need is some tools to open up the nail gun and the manual of the nail gun.

Found out what is causing your nail gun not to work, and if something is broken, then you can replace it with the same part. 

And if something is stuck, then you can pull it out based on your tool’s model. If you own a cordless nail gun then you have to check the nail gun as well as the battery, because sometimes these two things create problems.

If you just bought your nail gun, or it is in the warranty period then we recommend you to contact customer care first before opening the tool. 

If you opened a nail gun that is in warranty, it can void the warranty. Or you can also go to the nearest tool repair shop, they can also help you to fix it for you if you cannot be able to do it.

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