Metabo HPT C10FCGS Review: An In-Depth Owner’s Review

I was looking to purchase a new miter saw to upgrade the machinery of my workshop. I was particularly attracted to the Metabo HPT C10FCGS, which had just what I was looking for in a miter saw. So what were the main selling points that convinced me to buy this saw from Metabo?

Metabo HPT C10FCGS has a large work table with clamps ensuring stability, it is extremely lightweight to move around. The value for money on this product is great, while the saw produces good quality cuts that are quick and smooth and it also gives users the capability to make compound cuts with ease and precision.

Metabo HPT C10FCG Review
Motor15 amps, 120 V
Maximum power output1,950 W
Power sourceCord, 6 ft long
Miter cutting range Left and right: 0° – 52°
Bevel cutting rangeLeft: 0° – 45°
Speed (No load)5000 RPM
Weight24.2 lbs
Product dimensions18-1/8″ x 22-31/32″ x 21-15/32″
Warranty5 years

I had to spend a considerable amount of time doing my research before I finally made up my mind to buy this miter saw.

To save yourself the trouble, I decided to write a detailed Metabo HPT C10FCGS review that will help you understand the features of this product in detail. I am confident that any doubts you may have had about this product will be resolved as you read on!

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Metabo HPT C10FCGS Review

Miter saws are specialized saws designed to give users the ability to cut bevels and make angled cuts on workpieces with ease. It consists of a circular blade that sits on a pivot arm, which moves around to cut the angles required.

The ability of the blade to tilt gives it the advantage of making bevel cuts on it. Using both these facilities gives you the ability to make compound cuts, which is a very useful feature to have.

The Metabo HPT C10FCGS is one such miter saw manufactured by Metabo HPT. The brand was previously named Hitachi Power Tools but was renamed in the North American region as Metabo HPT. 

This product was one of the few miter saws I had shortlisted as my workshop desperately needed a power tool that was capable of making good quality compound cuts. After trying out all the models on my shortlist, I decided that the Metabo HPT C10FCGS was definitely the one for me.

 In this review, I will detail the features of the product. This includes power, blade details, and bevel cutting capabilities amongst others. Following this, I have listed out the things that I personally liked and disliked in the product. 

Before sharing my final thoughts on the product, I also felt it was important for you to know the type of customers for whom this product would be a great fit. So let’s get started with the features:


  • Power source: The Metabo HPT C10FCGS is powered by a 15 amps motor that can be connected to any wall socket that produces 120V of output power.

The motor is corded, with a 6ft cable that connects the motor and the electrical supply. In no-load conditions, the motor is capable of spinning the blade to speeds of upto 5000 RPM.

For the price I was paying for this miter saw, I was astounded by how powerful the motor was. The fast-spinning blades gave me all the power I needed to tackle some heavy-duty workpieces, ensuring that I had a smooth and quick angled cut without too much difficulty. The motor was also quiet enough to ensure I did not have to wear ear protection while operating the product.

  • Blade & Crosscut Capacity: This product is provided with a 10” 24 teeth tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade. The blade has a maximum cutting depth of 2-5/16”. This blade is included while purchasing the product.
Metabo HPT C10FCGS 10 Compound Miter Saw review

I was satisfied to a certain extent by the quality of the blade that was provided. Being a 10” blade restricted my crosscut capacity, but it suited my requirements so I didn’t have too much of an issue. All I had to do in situations where the cutting depth wasn’t enough, was to flip the workpiece and cut it from the opposite side.

The quality of the blade was good for a 24 teeth blade. The finish was smooth, although it struggled against certain hardwoods to achieve the same smooth finish.

However, the great advantage I had was that I could switch it with other 10” blades that I already had for my table saw, giving me a variety of blades at my disposal right from the start itself!

  • Angle Ranges and Stops: This miter saw has a bevel and miter feature that can be engaged simultaneously. The miter can be moved between 0° and 52° in both directions. It also has positive stops that are placed at 0°, 15° 22.5°, 31.6°, and 45°. 

The bevel feature of the blade allows it to tilt to the left to a maximum of 45°. If you are looking to use the blade for compound cuts, it can give you a bevel action to the left upto 45° and left and right miter motion of upto  45°.

I was happy with the versatility that I had when it came to cutting angles, bevels, and making compound cuts. The range of motion of the saw and the blade tilt was really handy, while the positive stops were thumb actuated, allowing me to make fine adjustments with ease. 

However, I felt that the angle indicators needed to be more precise, as some of the angles that I had cut were not exactly what the meters were indicating. This was especially true of the 45° miter cut, which forced me to do some additional sanding.

  • Fences and Material Supports: This miter saw comes with a fence that helps keep the piece stable and locked in place while cutting through it with the saw. The table also comes with vice clamps that help keep the workpiece planted on the table for the best stability while cutting.

I was impressed by the locking ability of the vice clamps, which was made better by the cost I was paying for this product.

However, it came in the way of locking my saw up for storage, which meant I had to remove it and reinstall it every time I had to use it. This was a minor inconvenience, but not something I would complain about too much.

The fence was a real big disappointment though. I found it to be really flimsy and it did not give me the confidence that it would be able to withstand some heavy-duty cutting plans I had for the saw.

  • Dust Extraction: This miter saw comes with a dust bag that could collect dust as it was being thrown out by the blade. I was initially happy to have this feature, as it made me feel like I could keep my surroundings clean while working for long hours.
Metabo HPT C10FCGS Review

However, it was not the most efficient while the saw was in operation, which let me down quite a bit. Connecting a shop vacuum has better results, making it a better alternative for those who have the option.

  • Safety: This product comes with a blade guard that helps avoid the user’s hands from coming in contact with the blade when it is spinning.

The blade also has a horizontal side handle that keeps your hands away from the spinning blade during the cutting process.

This feature was great on paper, but the quality of the blade guard was very disappointing. It felt cheap and did not inspire confidence in me that it would protect me in the case of an accident.

  • Warranty: This miter saw comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

Things that I Like

  • Weight

I was quite impressed by just how light the Metabo HPT C10FCGS was. At just 24.2 lbs, I could easily carry it across the floor of the workshop. This made it easy for me to load it into my van and take it to whichever Jobsite needed a miter saw. 

I found it quite comfortable to handle it individually, which also gave me the chance to experience firsthand just how light this product was for a 10” blade miter saw.

  • Powerful motor

If there was one reason that convinced me to buy this product, it was the 15 amp motor that powered the 10” blade. The first time I used the machine, I was extremely pleased to have such a fast-spinning blade. 

The maximum rotating speed of 5000 RPM of the blade helped me slice through wooden blocks quickly and easily. I did not have to put in too much effort as the motor and the blade combined well to give me the cut I wanted.

  • Large working table

The work table that was provided with this miter saw was large and spacious. This allowed me to rest large workpieces comfortably on the table. The vice clamps provided alongside the table held on firmly while I was doing my cutting. 

This improved the stability and precision of the cuts I was making while allowing me to focus my hands on the motion of the blade instead of holding the workpiece down.

  • Pricing

Miter saws are specialized power tools that are used primarily for angled cutting. Because of their specific nature, such saws are not the most affordable. This was not the case with the  Metabo HPT C10FCGS though. 

It is not priced too expensively, allowing you to stick to a lower budget. However, I found the features offered and the quality of work done by this saw to completely justify the price tag on this product.

The overall value for money that I got from this miter saw was simply incredible. The price of this saw fluctuates between $222-$137, so before buying check in which price you are getting it. (Click here to check the latest price from Amazon)

Things I don’t like

  • Complicated manual

I personally did not like the complicated language and bunched-up diagrams that were in the manual. The instructions were clear, but I had to keep flipping from page to page just to get a simple task done.

As a result, my setup time was increased by quite a bit, which was not what I was hoping for when I bought this product. 

I can only imagine how much more difficult it would be for an amateur woodworker to set up this miter saw with the help of the manual. If you are this person, then be prepared to spend some time understanding the manual while not losing your patience.

  • The inefficient dust collection system

This miter saw was great at cutting wooden workpieces. However, the disappointment hit me right after when I took in a deep breath that was filled with a lot of fine dust which was floating around.

The dust collection bag provided by Metabo was not the most efficient, collecting roughly around half the dust produced while cutting. 

I was lucky to have a shop vacuum that was able to make the system work a bit more efficiently. If you do not have such a provision, then be prepared to wear a mask every time you operate this machine, especially if you have asthma or dust allergies.  

  • Angle Indicator lacks precision

A miter saw is designed specifically for cutting angles and bevels with precision and accuracy. However, this was lacking to a certain extent on this product. While using the 45° lock, I was not sure if that was the exact angle I was cutting. 

My instincts were right, as the lock was off by just enough to make me notice it. This was super disappointing as I had to sand down a number of my pieces to get it to the right angle of 45°, which not only cost me time but human effort as well.

  • Poorly built fence

This is one issue that has not been resolved across a number of products in the Hitachi/Metabo lineup. The fence was really flimsy and did not keep the workpiece in a place like it’s meant to. Many users that their fence had completely warped over time, basically rendering it useless while cutting. 

  • Poor blade guard

The minute I felt the blade guard, I knew that Metabo had let me down on a very big safety aspect of the saw. It felt extremely brittle, which made me wonder how protective it would be when there was an actual contact. 

Unsurprisingly, a couple of disappointed users highlighted incidents when the blade guard completely shattered, which ended up with them suffering injuries.

  • Short power cord

The short power cord was a slight hindrance for me when I had to carry my miter saw around. Some job sites were not well equipped with power outlets, as a result of which I had to keep this product close to the socket and bring workpieces to it. It reduced my efficiency, while also forcing me to carry the workpieces each and every time to the saw.

For what kind of people is it for?

The Metabo HPT C10FCGS is a great miter saw for amateur woodworkers looking for an entry-level miter saw with good features and range. It is also a great product for professionals with a tight budget and an immediate requirement for a miter saw. 

It is competitively priced and offers a decent level of precision and stability. The quality and speed of the cuts are what make it a great product for such users, thanks to its powerful motor.

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However, if you are a professional with accuracy and precision is the key focus of why you want a new miter saw, then this is not the product for you. You will definitely get more precision from mid-level saws that may cost you more.


After having my hands-on experience with the Metabo HPT C10FCGS, I would definitely recommend purchasing this product if you are someone looking for a budget-friendly entry-level miter saw.

The saw offers great performance, with a powerful motor offering a quick and hassle-free cutting experience. Its lightweight design made it very portable and handy to carry around. It also came with a nice big working table, allowing me to work on some large pieces without having too much difficulty in handling them.

There were a few drawbacks too, with the poor quality of the fence as well as the inefficient dust collection being my main concerns. I would also have liked a longer power cord to make it a more Jobsite-friendly product rather than a permanent installation in a workshop.

Overall, it is a great product offering stellar features and great value for money. I would highly recommend this product to you if you want to try your hand at angled and compound cuts, without having too much of a need for precision and accuracy. 

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