Ownership Review of Makita XWT08Z LXT Impact Wrench

Makita XWT08Z Review

Recently I was looking to buy a new impact wrench for my shop, and there are hundreds of options out there, but I picked the Makita XWT08Z cordless impact wrench. After using it for around three months, now I understood why this is so popular.

Makita  XWT08Z LXT comes with many features, and has lot of power that can be used for almost all kinds of works, it is a little heavy though but this weight makes it durable and long lasting.

Speed2200 RPM (3 speed)
Torque740 ft. lbs.
Weight7.9 lbs.
Fastening Torque1180 ft. lbs.
Impact per minute220
Warranty3 years

I am going to show you what I have found after using this impact wrench for three months, what are the great things about this, and what are the problems that I found while using it. So sit back and read along to the end to know everything about it.

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Makita XWT08Z LXT Impact Wrench Review

If you are someone who likes to get the job done fast then Makita XWT08Z is for you. Be it removing the tires or large bolts, and frozen or rusted fasteners, the cordless model comes with great features.

The product is given a rating of 4.8 stars which is high compared to its peers. I used the product to remove rusted nuts from my garage wall and to my astonishment, the tool accomplished the task in no time, moreover, the power and durability of the product are notably impressive.

The XWT08Z model also stands tall when it comes to penetrating hard surfaces at ease. I tried to screw a nail in the door hinges and was surprised to see the work done with less effort. 

The high output torque in combination with great speed is sufficient to perform the hardest task effortlessly.

Features and My Opinion

  • Specification: The Makita XWT08Z comes with a strong build yet is compact and lightweight in nature weighing only 7.9 lb. with a battery. 

Another striking feature of the design is the rubberized mold used on the body of the tools as a measure to protect the main body of the product from scratches.

The product is highly rated for its power and efficient functioning. The max output torque is 740ft. lbs. which is sufficient to perform heavy duty applications. 

The tool also produces a high breakaway torque of 1180 ft. lbs. Moreover, the tool is 9 inches long making it compact and portable for the user.

I used this at home to perform functions related to removing lugs from my car tires and it was easy for me to carry this product around my house without stumbling upon tangled power cords which usually restrict my movement.

  • Power: The cordless model produces power that is comparable to the corded wrenches. However, the power output of the Makita XWT08Z is unmatched when it comes to performance. 
Makita XWT08Z impact wrench Review

As a user of the tool, I was curious to know what made the product powerful. After some research on the product and on studying its schematics I figured out that the internal components of Makita XWT08Z are better designed, especially the spindle and spur gear assembly which are quite larger and therefore powerful in comparison to its rivals. 

The use of larger camshaft and spur gears provides much-needed power, strength, durability, and smoother operation. Additionally, the stronger components are put in place to withstand higher torque output of 740 ft. lbs.

  • Speed: The powerful XWT08Z comes with a 3-speed selection switch that can be adjusted according to the nature of the work. 

The maximum speed of the XWT08Z  goes upto 1800 rpm. The speed switch is located at the base of the handle with three variations such as slow, medium, and high. 

The slow speed variation produces an output ranging from 0-900rpm while its impact is between  0-1800 IPM. The slow speed is usually chosen to perform light duties such as tightening screws on the wall or on any other lighter material such as drywall, etc.

The medium-speed variation ranges from 0-1000 rpm while its impact is between 0-2000ipm. The medium speed is usually preferred where the user needs to exert a bit of effort in getting the job done such as drilling through metal, etc.

The maximum speed or high-speed switch is selected when performing arduous tasks such as removing rusted bolts, turning stubborn lug nuts, etc. 

The maximum speed if selected produces an output from 0-1800rpm creating an impact ranging from 0-2200rpm.

  • Motor: The manufacturer has introduced a brushless motor with a special intention to reduce heating and obtain optimal performance from the tool. 

I compared the performance of the brushless motor with the conventional motor with carbon and realized that the brushless is more effective and efficient when it comes to power consumption.

The brushless feature also ensures that motors do not overheat during continuous working due to the absence of carbon which is responsible for heating. 

Another interesting feature is that the motor is electronically controlled to optimize battery energy use to upto 50% longer run-time per charge.

After using it for several hours I found the motor remained cool and refused to stall when applied on heavy-duty applications.

  • Battery: Makita has focused more on the battery division as it is a crucial aspect of the product. The battery used is a Lithium-ion battery. The manufacturer has produced a fast-charging 4.0Ah battery that is required to work in a fast-paced environment.

The Lithium-ion retains the charge for a longer duration in comparison to other batteries such as Ni-Cad, etc. 

The battery is designed with LXT ( Lithium-ion extreme technology) ensuring batteries are charged with less time. I checked the charging time of the battery and was surprised to see that the battery was fully charged in under 30 minutes.

Makita XWT08Z Review

Fast-charging features ensure that the user spends more time working on the application and less time waiting for the battery to get charged.

Another notable feature that caught my attention is the battery is well-protected using Star Protection Technology, it is a computer-controlled communication technology sending back and forth data from the tool to the battery.

The Star protection technology along with LXT ensures that the battery is protected from over-discharge, overcharging, and overheating sustaining the battery life for a longer duration.

The battery also comes with a built-in fan that cools the battery by circulating air throughout it, providing a longer life span for the battery.

One disappointing aspect when it comes to batteries is that they need to be purchased separately, however owning 2 batteries will ensure uninterrupted work. I could use one battery while I charge the other ensuring that continuous workflow.

  • Rubber Moulded design: The product comes with a strong build with parts of it covered by rubber mold. 

For instance, I could observe that at the boot of the product, the area around the drive head is covered in rubber to ensure that the product doesn’t suffer from scratches while placing it on different surfaces at the job site.

 Makita XWT08Z LXT impact wrench review

The handle grip is very comfortable to use and one of the primary reasons for that is the use of a rubberized grip which ensures that the vibrations produced by the product are absorbed by it, reducing hand fatigue and strain of the user.

Another interesting feature is the base of the handle that connects to the battery is also covered with rubber. 

This ensures adequate protection to the battery and power circuits from vibrations caused due to long working hours and heavy-duty applications.

  • LED work Light: The Makita XWT08Z wrench also comes with LED work lights at the bottom of the drive head right in front of the trigger switch. The LED lights are placed on both sides of the drive head.

The LED light provides the adequate vision to the user when working under lights, reduces eye strain, and enables the user to work in a more precise manner.

The user can however turn off the lights if it is not needed. The user can press and hold the variable speed switch for a few seconds to turn on and off the lights according to his convenience.

The light will be turned on by default when the product is switched on. Other features that come with the product are the reverse and forward switch placed in front of the trigger switch. 

The user can alter the reverse and forward settings according to his use, reverse setting is usually used during the removal process and rotates the drive in an anti-clockwise direction.



  • The product comes with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Fast-charging and long-lasting Li-ion batteries
  • 3-speed power selection switch
  • Electric brake for maximum productivity
  • Easy to operate forward and reverse switch


  • The battery and charger do not come along with the kit
  • The LED light needs more brightness


Makita XWT08Z is one of the best products in the impact wrench category. For users like me who are looking at a combination of power, strength and speed then this is the go-to product.

The product is efficient when it comes to power usage and is considered to be one of the most economical impact wrenches both in terms of power consumption and price. 

I really enjoyed using the product as it caused less noise and almost no vibrations even at higher speed settings causing less hand fatigue and finishing more work at a quick pace.

The Makita XWT08Z impact wrench suits both professional workers and beginners as it is easy to operate and comes with safety features.

No matter where you apply this tool, it ensures that the job is done in no time and thus Makita XWT08Z cordless impact wrench comes with a high rating as it satisfies the customer needs to a large extent.

Important things to take before buying Impact Wrench

You need to make sure about some points before buying impact wrenches, so we are going to tell you some of the points that you need to keep in mind. The user must consider the following things before choosing an impact wrench. 

  • Type: The impact wrenches as mentioned earlier comes in three categories as air impact wrenches, corded electric wrencher, and cordless wrencher. Each wrench is unique in nature and adheres to certain purposes.

The air impact wrenches make use of an air compressor to generate output torque. The electric corded impact wrenches use an electric motor that is powered by electricity.

The cordless impact wrenches are battery-powered and contain rechargeable Lithium-ion or Nickel Cadmium batteries.

  • Usage: The impact wrenches are commonly used to remove or tighten the lug nuts and bolts. They are preferably used in the automobile industry for changing tires, heavy industrial work such as plant maintenance, construction projects, etc.

The air impact wrenches are used in garages to perform repair works on automobiles and heavy trucks. This type of wrencher does not depend on electricity to function.

The electric corded wrencher is widely used in construction works such as shaping metals and woods and works for longer hours with the supply of electricity.

The cordless impact wrenches provide lower torque output compared to the other impact wrenches. It is suitable for household applications such as removing and tightening bolts.

  • Power output: The user needs to consider the amount of torque needed to get his job done. For example, the torque required to loosen a rusted nut is higher in comparison to the torque needed to remove a lug nut from a car wheel.
  • Chuck Size: Chuck size or drive size is usually half an inch irrespective of the wrench type. The half-inch drive size is sufficient to complete most tedious tasks. 

The other sizes are ⅜,¾ which produces lower torque than the half-inch drive size. The other drive size available is 1 inch. 

  • Brand: The user must buy impact wrenches from well-established manufacturers as the quality of the tools differs from each brand. The user must ensure that the chosen brand provides a warranty for the products.

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