Makita DJV180Z Cordless Jigsaw: Detailed Ownership Review

Makita DJV180Z Cordless Jigsaw review

If woodwork is your hobby, you will realize the importance of owning a jigsaw power tool. For professional carpenters, this tool is of great use when it comes to cutting, designing, and shaping wood portions in the desired shapes and sizes.

You can also cut through materials such as steel, fiberglass, and drywall by using appropriate blades which are specifically designed to perform certain functions.

Makita DJV180Z is one of the best and most demanded jigsaws right now, and I thought of going with this same, and here are the things that I found about this jigsaw.

Makita DJV180Z is a cordless jigsaw of 300watts motor r and generates a high stroke speed of 2,600spm. It is compact and lightweight and can perform multiple tasks of cutting wood and blowing off the dust. It is the perfect jigsaw for both the beginner as well as for professionals.

Strokes per minute2600
Battery Charging Time30 minutes
Wattage300 WATTS
Weight‎5.28 lb. or 2.4 kg
No. of Reviews3000+
Warranty3 years

A jigsaw is a tool that makes use of the push-and-pull motion of the blade (also known as a reciprocating blade) to shape irregular curves and produce stenciled designs in wood, metal, and other similar materials.

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Makita DJV180Z Cordless Jigsaw Review

Makita’s new improved version of the jigsaw comes in cordless form making it easy to operate, it weighs just 2.4kg which adds to better grip.

Makita DJV180Z is definitely one of the best-rated jigsaw tools in the market with most customers embracing it for the design features and accuracy with which it gets the job done.

This much-acclaimed cordless jigsaw comes with standout features that are user-friendly such as tool-less blade change and three orbital settings for an aggressive cut.

I checked the customer reviews of this product on the Amazon website and found that it had bagged 4.8 stars out of 5 making it one of the most sought-after products by the customer. 

The higher ratings reflect the satisfaction of the customers who have rated the product based on usability, accuracy, ergonomic, and value for money.

Features and My Opinion

  • Specification

Makita’s DJV180Z model has a powerful motor that delivers incredible and long-lasting performance with less noise and minimum vibrations. 

The tool is best designed for straight cutting along with a 2600spm for fast and efficient cutting. The product weighs only 6.1LBS and comes with a built-in LED light.

  • Size and Weight: Makita has ensured that the user doesn’t get tired due to the heaviness of the product and emphasized ergonomic design features which are easy to carry around and simpler to use. 

I really liked the cordless feature of the product as I had unrestricted mobility with the device in my hand and my work was uninterrupted. 

The corded device restricts your mobility due to the length of the power cable and requires frequent adjustment to reach the desired ends of the wood.

Makita has done well to completely eliminate this drawback with the introduction of the cordless feature. Moreover, the device provides great control to the user when in use.

  • Motor: DJV180Z is powered by a 18V battery generating an output power of 300 watts that is sufficient to cut through softwood and other materials of similar density. 

The motor generates a stroke length of 26mm and produces 2,600 strokes per minute. What I really liked about the motor is the stability it provides when cutting through thick materials. 

Usually, the motor slows down when it passes through a dense wood and other similar kinds of objects resulting in the stalling of the jigsaw.

In my opinion, the manufacturer has not compromised on the performance of the device by fitting a powerful and efficient motor.

  • Power: The tool runs on a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The cordless feature ensures that the user does not rely on power sources at the construction site. 

As mentioned earlier, the power output is 18V and is best suited for home applications such as interior works, etc.

  • Battery: Makita has chosen Li-ion batteries ahead of other types such as Ni-Cad and Ni-MH because Li batteries can last longer and recharge faster, saving precious time for the user.

I found that the 3.0A Li-ion batteries have special features when it comes to providing protection to the tool. The Star Protection computer controls are aimed at shielding the battery against overload and over-discharge.

It is a well-known fact that under ordinary circumstances, excessive use of batteries can result in a reduction in battery life and lead to frequent battery replacement.

The Star protection ensures extended battery life and protects the battery against voltage fluctuations. Since the tool is battery powered, battery care is an essential aspect for optimum performance of the device. 

Another interesting feature in the battery section is the technology used by it. The DJV180Z uses LXT which stands for Lithium-ion Extreme Technology and is widely adopted by Makita to ensure quick charging of the battery.

I personally observed the charging time of the battery and found that these LXT batteries attain full charge in 30 mins. These batteries are also known as fast-charging batteries.

 If I have a pair of LXT batteries, I can use one on the device while I charge the other battery. By actively swapping and recharging the batteries, my work is uninterrupted as my DJV180Z jigsaw cuts through the wood.

  • Cutting Ability: I tried using DJV180Z to cut different materials such as wood, steel, and plastic and observed that the machine can run through dense materials with ease.

I experimented with a variety of cuts such as straight cut, plunge cut, and beveled cut, all of which were done with less strain. The cutting depth is 135mm in wood, 20 mm in aluminum, and 10 mm in steel.

Makita provides different types of blades used for specific purposes. But what impressed me the most is the comfort and control with which the blade passes through the materials.

  • Top handle grip: Another area where the manufacturer has focused is the grip of the tool. Makita DJV180Z comes with a top handle grip that suits cutting and designing works. 

There are other models that come with a barrel grip type of handle, but I feel comfortable with the top handle grip.

Makita DJV180Z review

The advantage of the top handle grip is that it provides more convenience to the user especially when performing plunge cutting and beveled cutting, as it offers more control and stability to the user.

The top-handle feature also enables the user to get a top view of the wooden board which helps him to cut, shape, and design with much more accuracy.

  • Variable Speed Trigger: The trigger button is placed near the handle grip. As the name suggests, this button triggers the jigsaw and starts the running of the motor. The important aspect of this switch is its convenience.

The manufacturer has wisely put in place a large sized switch so that the user need not struggle to locate the switch when working in a fast-paced construction environment.

When I used the tool, I wasted no time searching for the trigger button to get going with the work in hand. I also realized that by placing the handle on top, the manufacturer has effectively negated the effects caused by vibration even though the vibration K-factor is just 1.5m/s. 

Other interesting facts related to vibration factors observed in certain materials are as follows. The vibration factor for cutting chipboard is 8m/s and that of a metal sheet is 3.5m/s.

  • Tool-less blade change: This cordless tool contains another feature that impressed me a lot. The tool-less blade change facilitates easy removal and insertion of blades from the selection.

If you are a person who spends a lot of time with the jigsaw then DJV180Z is for you, as it comes with a switchblade changing system that allows you to change the worn-out blade in no time.

  • Removable Plate cover: Makita has integrated its quick clamp blade mechanism along with a removable plate cover to protect the workpieces from incurring scratches.

The manufacturer has shown a keen eye for detail with protective features involving plate cover.

  • Adjustable soleplate: The worker who frequently engages in beveled cutting can make use of the adjustable soleplate. This plate can be adjusted from 0 degrees to 45 degrees at per the user’s convenience.

I tried adjusting the angle of the plate while cutting through the wood piece and found that edges can be softened comfortably without putting in much effort.

  • LED work light: DJV180Z comes with a bright LED work light to help users with a clear view of the work area. This feature enables the user to spot minute particles that may act as a hindrance to the functioning of the jigsaw.
  • Anti-splintering Device: The purpose of this device is to reduce splintering and chip-out on the cuts. It also prevents thin slices of wood from jamming in between the blade and the plate during a cut. 
  • Dust Nozzle: The dust nozzle collects the dust particles from the wood during cutting applications.

What I like about it:

  • Responsive variable speed trigger with a safety lock button to prevent accidental startups
  • Easy to replace carbon brushes
  • Orbital settings help in producing curved and elliptical cut design
  • The product is housed in a durable box
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fast rechargeable and interchangeable batteries
  • The kit comes with a selection of blades
  • Lesser noise while in use with a Noise sound pressure of  78 dB(A) and a Noise K factor of 3 dB(A)
  • Sawdust blowing feature keeps the cutting line easily visible

What I don’t like about it:

  • Increase in speed results in rougher cuts 
  • Batteries are sold separately
  • The lever for the blade input is acrylic and will break in time

Important things to know before buying a Jigsaw

The customer must carefully look into the features of the jigsaw before opting to purchase it for personal or professional use. Several factors are to be considered while buying an appropriate tool. 

Some of the crucial factors include the power of the motor, the working principle of the product, the number of strokes generated per minute, and the type of cutting action required. Let’s look in detail at certain important features.

  • Working Principle: The modern jigsaw products entering the market come with a different working mechanism such as an extra pendulum motion which helps the jigsaw to simultaneously move forward and upward. 

The other version of the jigsaw uses a reciprocatory movement of the blade which is the convention working principle in most products.

  • Power: Most jigsaws generate an output power of 300 to 700 watts. The corded jigsaws usually support higher power output and therefore can be used to cut and design thicker materials with greater precision and ease. 

For home applications, I highly recommend purchasing cordless jigsaws because it consumes less power in comparison to its corded counterpart.

  • Stroke Rate: It is important to buy a product with a variable stroke rate or variable speed, this is because cutting through each material requires a different stroke rate. 

For instance, the stroke rate needed for cutting wood is higher in comparison to cutting steel, ceramics, plastics, and aluminum.


The cordless jigsaw DJV180Z produced by Makita is worth a buy considering the user-friendly features and compact design. The fast rechargeable battery is the highlight of the product as it includes power surge protection and prevents overheating of the product when used for a longer duration.

I would recommend this product model for home carpentry such as creating furniture parts and other interior decorations consisting of woodwork.

This product is also best suited for users who undertake carpentry as a favorite pastime as this tool comes with easy-to-operate features which include a large trigger switch and variable speed settings.

The orbital settings make it easy for the users to cut elliptical shapes effortlessly. Moreover, the LED work light ensures clear vision to the user while operating under dim lights and enables him to accurately cut through the line.

The cordless feature along with its very less weight makes it easier for the individual to carry around the product without having to worry about the power source as in the case of corded jigsaws.

Considering all the above features of the Makita DJ180Z jigsaw, it is definitely worth the money to own this product.


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