Average Air Impact Wrenches Cost (With every type)

how much do air impact wrenches cost

Air impact wrenches can be very useful, it can make many hard tasks easy. And once you have one, you cannot live without it. But there are hundreds of impact wrenches out there, ranging from different sizes and prices. And for a person who is buying his/her first impact wrench, it would be difficult to pick.

Air impact wrenches start from $30 and can go upto $3500 based on the size, power, and type of the impact wrench. The corded electric wrenches are affordable after that air impact wrench and at last, the cordless impact wrench is the most expensive. 

There are three different kinds of impact wrenches and the cost varies from the type and the power output of the wrench. We are going to pick the best two products for each type, one will be the affordable one and the other one will be the expensive one. 

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Air Impact Wrench

An air impact wrench is a traditional power tool and one of the first to be designed for industrial, construction, and manufacturing purposes. 

The tool works on the principle of the Hammer mechanism which uses the stored energy in the rotating mass transferred to the output shaft to create maximum impact. As far as the air impact wrench is concerned, the rotational force is generated by compressed air and an air motor. 

The most preferred type of wrench is the air impact wrench which is compact in nature and suits our professional requirements. Air impact wrenches are known for their high output torque and come in various drive sizes such as 0.25 inches,0.375 inches, 0.50 inches, 0.75 inches, and 1 inch. 

One can understand the intensity of the output torque by correlating it with the drive size. A person who wants to produce higher torque output must use a larger drive size. 

The best feature of the air impact wrench is that it is independent of the power and its ability to be deployed in space-constrained areas. However, the air wrench has its disadvantages when it comes to power adjustment. 

I do not recommend its usage in circumstances where low power or torque is required as the output power cannot be adjusted which in turn may result in damage and breakage of the components exposed to the wrench’s impact. Some of the air impact wrench-based models are described below.

Product 1: ACDelco ANI308 ⅜” Impact Wrench (Affordable)

ACDelco is a well-recognized brand among professionals and has been in existence for almost a century. The product is built for heavy-duty applications with a lighter body. 

Durofix Inc has engineered the product with an eye on Free Speed. ACDelco produces a free speed of upto 12,000 RPM along with its versatility. 

The manufacturer has also worked on the environmental aspects of the wrench by reducing the noise levels and preventing air from blowing in the work area. 

The product is designed in a user-friendly manner integrating a lightweight compact body with a soft and secure grip handle to endure long working hours.

Additional features include the effective use of ANI308’s slender body to balance the handle resulting in a reduction in vibration. Durofix Inc has devised the above-said plan to counteract fatigue and prevent the wearing of hands. 

ACDelco ANI308 comes with a ⅜ inch square drive with a jaw-dropping output torque of 150 ft-lbs. ANI308 ⅜” Impact Wrench is metal-coated, weighs 2.6 pounds with an airflow capacity of 3 cubic feet per minute. 

The compact and sleek product measures around 135mm in length. Overall the tool offers great strength, quality, and reliability, and most importantly it comes at a reasonable price making it an attractive buying option for commoners. Some of the observations made concerning ACDelco ANI308 ⅜” Impact Wrench are given below.

Things I like:

  • The product comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty which helps the user to cover the cost of repair and replacement
  • ACDelco ANI308 ⅜” Impact Wrench’s design features make it an easy-to-use product
  • Environment-friendly features such as low noise are a boon
  • Affordability

Things I don’t like:

  • The fragile body of the product doesn’t suit heavy applications

Product 2: AIRCAT 1150 ½” Impact Wrench (Expensive)

This wrench comes with advanced features such as a quiet tuned exhaust, powerful twin hammer mechanism, long-lasting composite housing, and a well-designed handle. It’s an American product that has a patented quiet tuned exhaust with noise limits upto 86 decibels. 

This technology allows the discharged air to pass through thereby eliminating the back pressure which provides more power along with diminished noise levels. 

The tool is designed for easy operation with a flip switch located at the back of the wrencher. The half-inch impact wrench comes with a lightweight body along with an ergonomically designed grip that makes the user work long hours comfortably.

We tried using the impact wrench to remove the lug nuts of the car wheel and discovered the ease at Which the nuts are loosened. The product in comparison With its peers has longer dimensions and more durability along With higher torque. 

This is undoubtedly one of the best half-inch wrench built for professional use. Another feature that stands out in comparison with its rivals is the torque adjustment controls. 

The torque controls are held facing the user making it easy to alter the speed while other wrenches have their controls at the front making it difficult for the user to frequently check the control settings while working in a fast-paced project. 

The control has a reverse setting and three flips for tightening with variable speeds including slow, medium and fast. Some of the observations made by us after using the product are highlighted below.

Things I like:

  • High Torque
  • Less noisy feature
  • The Torque adjustment controls are on the backside of the wrench
  • The pack comes with a branded sticker that can be pasted on the wrench
  • Detailed manual instructions and catalog
  • Hammer action is faster facilitating the removal of lug nuts at great speed and thus saving enormous time for the user
  • Comfortable grip
  • Lightweight

Things I don’t like:

  • Bits tend to slide off from the wrench head due to wear and tear
  • The product is a bit expensive in comparison to the peers

Corded Electric Impact Wrench

A corded electric impact wrench is battery powered and works when plugged to electricity. This type of wrench is more suited for home use and other non-industrial applications. The corded electric wrenches are cheaper compared to the air impact wrench. 

The air compressor used to power the air impact wrench comes at a huge cost and some of these products is not affordable for commoners.

The corded electric impact wrenches can be used indefinitely with the use of electricity. The tool is mostly preferred for industrial work with a continuous power supply. The torque is produced by an electric motor found at the back of the tool which in turn shifts the energy to the output shaft.

However, the much-acclaimed corded electric impact wrench is not without its cons. The product cannot be effectively used during rain, thunderstorms, and under wet conditions as the chances of getting electrocuted are high.

Another disadvantage of the electric impact wrench is that it can overheat if used excessively, potentially damaging the internal circuits and components of the tool. The user must take necessary precautions to ensure optimal performance of the wrench.

The user must also ensure the electric wrench is plugged to the prescribed voltage and power rate given in the manual depending on the geographical location. 

The electric wrenches are sensitive to a voltage supply and if the user plugs the tool to an excessive voltage level it might result in a malfunction of the device.

Product 1: Toolman DB2601 1/2″ Corded Impact Wrench

Toolman DB2601 half-inch corded impact wrench is ideally designed for household applications such as assembling metal pieces and perforations of wooden parts, removing nuts on the overly rusted surface, and loosening over-tightened nuts at ease. 

The product is designed with a comfortable grip for both left-handed and right-handed users. The branded Toolman DB2601 operates with less noise and minimum vibrations making it an ideal tool for outdoor work.

The specifications of the DB2601 model include an impressive speed of 3200 RPM with two modes one for reverse operation and the other consisting of an auto-stop mode for rotation. 

Other features include a half-inch drive head, rubber handle. The impact wrench comes in different colors such as red, gray, and black. The output torque generated is 320ft-lb.

The switch such as the trigger switch comes at the front side of the handle right beneath the drive head whereas the forward and reverse knob comes at the backside of the handle.

Other standout features include a rugged case that is facilitated for friendly outdoor working conditions with a portable tool kit case that fits the wrench and its sockets. The sockets come in four different sizes 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, and 23mm.

Things I like:

  • Rubberized grip
  • Rugged outer cover
  • Heavy-duty functions
  • Noise reduction at max speed

Things I don’t like:

  • The tool is longer compared to other wrenches
  • It does not feature LED light which would have been a useful addition to check the power supply

Product 2: PORTER-CABLE PCE211 ½” Impact Wrench 

A product that is exclusively manufactured for heavy-duty applications such as tightening and removing fasteners. 

The tool boasts of a powerful motor that uses 7.5 A and 120 volts with a speed of 2,200 RPM and 2700 BPM sufficient to loosen nuts at ease. 

The half-inch drive head consists of a hog ring anvil that makes it easier for the user to change the sockets without any difficulty. The powerful motor is placed at the front right behind the driving head. 

The rubber grip has been shortened to make way for the motor and like other corded electric impact wrenches, PCE 211 half-inch impact wrench also comes with a trigger switch at the front beneath the motor and a two-mode switch at the back one for the forward rotation and the other for reverse rotation.

Other technical details include an output torque of 450-inch pounds. The product weighs 7.5 pounds with a hex head style.

Some of the drawbacks of the product are the noisy operations and shortened grip. The product has no additional sockets and lacks a portable tool kit which would have made it easier to carry around the tool. 

The lack of ergonomics has resulted in vibrations that may be uncomfortable in longer working conditions.

Things I like:

  • High-powered motor
  • Hog ring anvil is a bonus as it makes socket removal easier
  • 3-year warranty

Things I don’t like:

  • The tool is heavy in comparison to other impact wrenches
  • Lacks a good design that supports noise reduction and vibrations
  • Lack of tool kit and additional sockets

Cordless Impact Wrench

Cordless Impact wrenches are battery-powered tools that are portable and convenient to use. These are portable and lightweight in comparison to other types of wrenches. 

It is powered by a lithium battery which is one of the most efficient battery types in the present day. The lithium battery usually holds power for a longer duration and hence it is preferred.

Cordless wrenches are suitable in workplaces crowded with wires and cables such as construction sites, etc. The battery-powered tool is best suited for light applications that involve less torque output.

The battery-powered wrenches are not cheaper and less complicated to use. Another trump card for the cordless wrenches is the LED that is attached with the tool enabling efficient functioning in low light areas.

Some of the drawbacks of the cordless impact wrench include frequent charging that may interrupt lengthy work. The battery life of the tool gets reduced with continuous usage. The battery can however be replaced on malfunction. 

The tool does not support heavy-duty applications that require higher torque and speed to get the job done. The tool is environment friendly with limited power consumption and less noise.

Product 1: Tradespro 837886 3/8″ Cordless Impact Wrench

The tool is best suited for automobile, construction, and household projects. The Product is compact and battery-powered. The battery used in the product is a 14.4V NiCad which is known for its durability and endurance.

The tool generates a decent output torque of 100ft-lbs with a speed of 3,000 impacts per minute on a single tap that is sufficient to remove lug nuts in a car wheel. The drive head is  ⅜ inches with a hex-styled head. 

The voltage specification of the product is 14V which is sufficient to charge the NiCad battery. The tool weighs 5 pounds which is lighter compared to corded impact and air impact wrenches. The product is taller compared to other varieties due to its battery storage at the bottom of the handle.

The cordless wrench has a trigger switch at the front and an in-built LED light that helps the user to work in the dark. The LEd light is turned on simultaneously when the trigger button is pressed. 

The product comes with a charger and a replaceable battery along with a tool kit. Some of the setbacks of this product include low torque output making it unsuitable for heavy industrial uses.

Things I like:

  • Compact design
  • Portability
  • 1year warranty
  • In-built LED light

Things I don’t like:

  • Low output torque
  • Lack of additional sockets

Product 2: Dewalt DCF899M1 Cordless Impact Wrench

The product is one of the most powerful in the category of the cordless impact wrench. This is built for medium and heavy applications such as removing over rusted bolts, lugs from automobiles and transmission engines, etc. The tool is a time saver when used effectively.

The tool comes with a brushless motor technology that improves the efficiency and speed at which the job is done. The specifications of the product include a high max output torque of 700ft-lbs along with a max-breakaway torque of 1200ft-lbs. 

The user can utilize the selector switch at the bottom of the grip to control the speed of the motor. The product offers three-speed control ranging from 0-400 RPM as the minimum speed, 1200 RPM, and maximum speed of 1900 RPM. 

It produces 2400 impacts per minute making it one of the most powerful cordless impact wrenches on par with the air impact wrenches.

The drive head is a half-inch anvil with a detent pin. The product also comes with a high ring to interchange sockets. The power specifications include a 20V,4A battery with a LED indicator for displaying the battery life. The charging time of the battery is 90 minutes.

The tool weighs 5.6 pounds and comes with an ergonomics design with a user-friendly grip.

Things I like:

  • Product design
  • Portability
  • 3-year warranty
  • Tool kit with extra batteries and battery charger

Things I don’t like:

  • Noisy at high speeds
  • The charging time of the battery is high

Important things to take before buying Impact Wrench

You need to make sure about some points before buying impact wrenches, so we are going to tell you some of the points that you need to keep in mind. The user must consider the following things before choosing an impact wrench. 

  • Type: The impact wrenches as mentioned earlier comes in three categories as air impact wrenches, corded electric wrencher, and cordless wrencher. Each wrench is unique in nature and adheres to certain purposes.

The air impact wrenches make use of an air compressor to generate output torque. The electric corded impact wrenches use an electric motor that is powered by electricity.

The cordless impact wrenches are battery-powered and contain rechargeable Lithium-ion or Nickel Cadmium batteries.

  • Usage: The impact wrenches are commonly used to remove or tighten the lug nuts and bolts. They are preferably used in the automobile industry for changing tires, heavy industrial work such as plant maintenance, construction projects, etc.

The air impact wrenches are used in garages to perform repair works on automobiles and heavy trucks. This type of wrencher does not depend on electricity to function.

The electric corded wrencher widely used in construction works such as shaping metals and woods and works for longer hours with the supply of electricity.

The cordless impact wrenches provide lower torque output compared to the other impact wrenches. It is suitable for household applications such as removing and tightening bolts.

  • Power output: The user needs to consider the amount of torque needed to get his job done. For example, the torque required to loosen a rusted nut is higher in comparison to the torque needed to remove a lug nut from a car wheel.
  • Chuck Size: Chuck size or drive size is usually half an inch irrespective of the wrench type. The half-inch drive size is sufficient to complete most tedious tasks. 

The other sizes are ⅜,¾ which produces lower torque than the half-inch drive size. The other drive size available is 1 inch. 

  • Brand: The user must buy impact wrenches from well-established manufacturers as the quality of the tools differs from each brand. The user must ensure that the chosen brand provides a warranty for the products.

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