Ownership Review of Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i Welder

Review of Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i Welding Machine

Welding technology has improved vastly over the decades with modern welding machines becoming compact and easy to use. This gives users the convenience to use them in the comfort of their workshop and complete DIY projects. 

The Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i Welder is one such product that grabbed my attention in my search for a new welding machine. So what were the aspects of this product that stood out the most?

The Forney Easy Weld 140 is a lightweight welder that offers an output current of up to 140A. It can be easily set up and is an ideal model for amateurs as well as professionals. This welding machine also offers great value for money thanks to its affordable price.

TypeWire feeder inverter welder 
Type of weldsFlux Core
Input voltage120 V
Output amperage140 A
Circuit breaker20A time delay
Duty cycle30% @ 90 amps
Weldable Materials Mild Steel
Dimensions6.75″ x 8.125″ x 12″ 
Weight of product19 lbs
Warranty1 year

Not being a professional welder, I was looking for a product that would allow me to get some of my DIY projects and house repairs done. 

On doing some research and asking welders I had worked with previously, I felt this model offered me good performance and features. The price tag eventually convinced me to go ahead and make the purchase.

If you are looking for more information on this product, then this detailed Forney Easy Weld 140 review will give you the information you need. Read on as I discuss the various features of the product while giving my opinion about the pros and cons of this model. 

If this is the first time you are making a purchase of a welding machine, I have added a buying guide for MIG welding machines. This will help you identify the aspects of the machine you must focus on depending on your requirement and budget, helping you make a great purchase.

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Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i Welder Review

Welding is one of the most commonly used fabrication processes in which heat and pressure are applied to the surface of two materials. As the material cools down, it fuses together and forms a joint. This process is used to join metals, thermoplastics, and even woods in some cases.

Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i Welder review

Welding machines are the primary source of heat, which is directed towards the exact spot where the joint is to be made. Over time, these machines have become more compact and effective, finding their way into daily applications such as household repairs and DIY projects.

Forney started off in 1932 as a power tools manufacturer. 80 years since its establishment, the company has garnered a reputation for the quality of its products, especially when it comes to its welding machines and related accessories.  

The Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i Welder is a great model for beginners that allows for flux-core welding. This technique eliminates the need for shielding gas and works well in outdoor applications. It is also commonly used in restoration jobs, as it forms good welds even on rusted and dirty materials.

On purchasing a new product, here is a list of all the items that come in the package.

What Comes in the Box

  • 8’ MIG gun
  • 8’ ground clamp
  • Integrated Handle with torch wrap
  • 20A – 15A power adapter
Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i Welding machine review

In the next section, I have discussed some of the great features of this model and go into the details. This will give you a great idea of the capabilities of this product if you are looking to buy this Forney Easy Weld 140 Welder.


  • Lightweight and compact design

This product from Forney weighs only 19 lbs, which is very light for a welding machine. However, there is no compromise when it comes to the build of this model, as it comes with an all-metal body that ensures it can withstand rugged use. 

The design makes it a convenient option for those looking for a model that is portable and can be carried to different job sites. The plastic handle on the top facilitates this, making it all the more convenient for users.

  • Gasless flux core welding

This welding machine uses a flux core welding technique which eliminates the need for gas to shield the weld joint being formed. The wire electrode is fed constantly by a motor through the weld gun, simplifying the overall process.

Best Welder under $300

This type of welding is ideal if you intend to weld outdoors or in windy conditions. It has a high rate of metal deposition, making it a favorable welding technique for metals that need deeper penetration.

  • Performance

The Forney Easy Weld 140 Welder has a 140 A current output, allowing users to form welded joints on stainless steel of up to ¼” thickness. This allows you to make welded joints for most household and DIY projects.

review of Forney Easy Weld 261 welding machine

The dials for voltage output and wire feed speed have infinite position settings on them. As a result, users are given the option of tweaking the settings to get the perfect weld for the job at hand.

  • LED light indicators 

The LED light indicators on the panel help users understand if their machine is on or not, helping minimize accidents. 

The dual light on mode also indicates that the duty cycle of the machine has been exceeded, helping alert users that the machine must be given some rest before it can be operated.


  • Easy to set up and use 
  • Lightweight and compact design for increased portability
  • Infinite wire feed speed and voltage control for precise setting
  • Can be connected to regular electrical sockets
  • Gasless welding for hassle-free welding operation
  • Affordable pricing
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty, knowledgeable customer service, and support 


  • Compatible only with Forney accessories
  • Flux core welding requires additional cleaning and accessories
  • Wire feed speed is very slow for certain applications
  • Final weld quality is not the best, especially with 0.035” wire

Who Should Buy This Product?

The Forney Easy Weld 140 FC-i Welder is a great product for users who have a requirement for household repairs and DIY projects. 

This entry-level welding machine offers good features and solid performance. It is also a great option for those looking to learn flux core welding.

Users with a need for a portable machine can also benefit from the lightweight and compact design, which makes it easy to transport across different locations. Its cost makes it ideal for those looking for a new welding machine that is affordable and offers good value for money.

If you are a professional looking for a welding machine that can perform a number of welding techniques like MIG, TIG, and stick welding, then this model is not for you. 

The features on this model are basic and the weld quality offered by this model is not the best, which may not meet requirements or professional standards.

If you don’t like this product then you can use our detailed buying guide for MIG welding machines that you can use to pick another welding machine of your requirements and needs.

Buying Guide

If you are looking to purchase a MIG Welding Machine, it is only natural that you will be confused about how to complete the purchase. 

Thanks to some great discussions with welders I have worked with in the past, here are a number of parameters that you can keep in mind when deciding which model suits your requirements.

  • Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of a machine gives you an idea of how long your machine can run before it needs a break to cool down. It is one of the most important parameters as it decides how long you can run your machine continuously, affecting your efficiency during a job.

For example, a duty cycle of 20% for 10 mins at 100 A means you can run your machine for 2 mins, following which it needs a cool downtime of 8 minutes. 

A higher duty cycle can help you make welds for longer, which may be a requirement in large-scale welding applications. However, this will result in the machine costing more.

  • Input Voltage and Output Amperage

The input voltage of the welding machine can either be 110-120V or 220-230V. 110-120V models can be plugged into most electrical sockets, making it ideal for small workshops or household applications. 

However, they will have reduced output in terms of amperage, which reduces the welding depth.

On the other hand, 220-230V welding machines require users to connect the machine to a step-up transformer, which is an additional piece of equipment. This also reduces the portability of such machines. 

However, they are designed for professional applications that deliver higher output amperage and support for a number of welding techniques.

The output amperage is directly proportional to the thickness of the material that is to be welded. 

The higher the output amperage, the thicker the depth of a standard butt joint that can be welded. As a result, it can support thicker materials and form strong joints in heavy-duty applications. 

  • Materials to be welded

This is one of the most important criteria that will help you decide the machine you need. If you are looking to weld stainless steel, a basic MIG machine will do the job. 

If this is your sole requirement, you can choose a MIG machine or one that supports flux-core welding for a hassle welding process.

However, materials like aluminum and titanium cannot be welded using MIG techniques. In such cases, you will need to have a welding machine that allows you to switch between MIG and other techniques like TIG and stick welding. 

While these machines are more expensive, it is a worthwhile investment as they increase your versatility as a welder. Some models also allow for welding using gas shielding. This may seem cumbersome to some while learning.

However, they improve the quality of the weld drastically, improving the finish and increasing the strength of the joint. This makes it a more reliable option in professional applications that have higher standards.

  • Warranty

Welding machines are a long-term investment for many users. They also have very sensitive inner circuitry due to the high power draw. Most renowned manufacturers offer long periods of warranty on their welding products. 

This allows the customer to take the machine back and fix issues as late as 5 years after the purchase. This is a very important criterion if the machine is not used by a single person or purchased to train apprentices looking to become certified welders.

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