Ownership Review of Eneacro 20V Cordless Impact Wrench

Impact wrenches are one of my favorite tools to work with. As a result, I love to purchase new models and try them out. This led me to purchase the Eneacro Cordless Impact Wrench, which has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent times.

It stands out from its competitor thanks to its affordable pricing and cordless design. Aspects like a great carry-on case and belt clips are provided, ensuring a great experience even for handymen and contractors.

Torque300 ft.lb. (400Nm)
Speed3 Variable (1600/2100/2800r/min)
Battery Backup 2.5 hours
Impact Frequency0 – 3500 BPM
Charging 2 Hours (Fast Charging)
Weight5 pounds
Warranty2 years

In this article, I will give you my opinions of this product from Eneacro after using it for almost a year. The features section will help you understand some of the unique selling points of this product and how it enhanced my user experience. 

ENEACRO 20V Cordless Impact Wrench - Cordless Impact Wrench for Scaffolding

Read on as  I have also included a few pros and cons that will help you understand this product at a glance. 

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Eneacro 20v Cordless Impact Wrench Review

For first-time customers who are confused about the best impact wrench for them, the buying guide will help you understand your priorities and make a wise decision.


  • Ergonomic and rugged design

The Eneacro 20V Cordless Impact Wrench has a pistol grip with a soft rubber grip for maximum user convenience. The brushless motor of this tool helps minimize vibrations while allowing for better power delivery when required.

It also has a belt clip that makes it convenient for contractors to stow their tools safely on the job. 

Personally, I was very impressed by the reduced vibrations that were largely absorbed by the grip. 

This allowed me to operate it for long hours without worrying about my wrists getting tired. I was also impressed by the size of the grip, which ensured a snug fit even for the largest of hands.

Eneacro 20V Cordless Impact Wrench review

The brushless motor offered a buttery smooth performance that made it very convenient to use throughout. It also helped reduce friction, which made it perfect for single-handed operation. 

Having the belt clip was a feature I did not know I needed until I received this impact wrench. It allowed me to use multiple tools one after the other while it was safely hung around my belt. 

It was especially useful in applications where I needed to work on an elevated platform with minimal space.

  • Designed for professionals and amateurs

The Eneacro 20V Cordless Impact Wrench has a powerful brushless motor that offers upto 300 ft-lbs of torque. 

It also has a 3-speed option that allows the user to choose between speeds of 1800 and 2600 RPM. Users also get the feature of reversing the direction with the click of a switch. 

Eneacro 20v Cordless Impact Wrench Review

A lot of products are designed keeping a specific type of customer in mind. As a result, some of these models offer multiple features or performances. 

However, I was very happy that this product offered the perfect combination of both these aspects.

The addition of features like LED lights and electronic braking made for a great user experience. Safety was also not compromised with the addition of overload and overheating protection.

However, these additional features did not hamper the performance of the tool when it came to getting the job done. 

It was able to remove lug nuts with ease and in no time. This made my life a whole easier when it came to automobile maintenance. 

As a result, I found this to be the perfect product for me. The features made it convenient to use the product at home while the performance was more than sufficient to meet my needs in a professional setting.

  • Great portability

The Eneacro 20V Cordless Impact Wrench is powered by a 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery. It also comes with a hard case that accommodates all the accessories and the tool as well.

Eneacro 20v Cordless Impact Wrench Review

The case was a great addition that made it a value-for-money buy. It allowed me to carry this impact wrench around wherever I needed it.

I was also impressed with the 4.0Ah battery that lasted for quite a while before draining. The fast charger helps restore full charge in a couple of hours, which was great. 

However, the lack of aftermarket batteries from the manufacturer was quite a disappointment.

Pros and Cons


  • Solid performance, consistently removes lugs and nuts with ease
  • Premium feel gives confidence in applications that demand power
  • Affordable pricing offers great value for money
  • LED lighting improves visibility in low light conditions
  • Prompt customer service response


  • No replacement batteries are available
  • Build quality could be better, formation of cracks due to vibration
  • Noticeable delay in start-up after pressing the trigger
  • Forward/reverse button is awkwardly located


After owning the Eneacro 20V Cordless Impact Wrench for over a year, I can confidently tell you that it was one of my best investments in recent times. 

Despite its relatively affordable pricing, the manufacturers ensured that customers get the perfect blend of utility and luxury. Great design combined with powerful performance thanks to a brushless motor ensures its versatility in a variety of applications.

This makes it the ideal product for most customers, irrespective of whether they are amateurs or professional contractors looking for a great budget option.


  • Where can I buy extra batteries for this?

    You can buy extra batteries for Eneacro 20v Cordless Impact Wrench from amazon itself, here is the link for the battery.

  • Will a Makita battery attach to the bottom of this impact wrench?

    No, you cannot attach Makita’s battery to it, you have to buy the battery provided by the manufacturer.

  • Can this product be charged with 220 volt?

    Yes, you can charge it with 220V. The rated voltage of the charger is 100-240V.

Impact Wrench Buying Guide

If you don’t like this impact wrench, you may purchase another. You can use our detailed buying guide to help you choose a good impact wrench. Before purchasing an impact wrench, there are several factors to consider, such as:

1) Weight

Weight is one of the most important things to consider as an impact wrench determines how long you work. 

You should check the weight before buying an impact wrench, or else it will be a problem for you if the wrench is too heavy that you have to work for a long time with a single hand and also it gives pressure on your wrist and hands making them painful. 

Check whether the weight is good after buying it to know how much longer periods of continuous use can be done without hurting the muscles.

2) Battery life

Impact wrenches using batteries are more useful because they do not give any limit for usage, but make sure if the battery life is correct as sometimes batteries tend to show less working hours than they actually have. 

Check the working hours of the battery and then buy it by considering how much time you will spend continuously on a single charge?

3) Design

If you want an impact wrench that has a good design, you should check its shape and size; make sure that the shape is suitable for your hand grip because when using an impact wrench continuously for various hours there may be some problems like pain in the hands and wrists which occurs due to wrong or bad design of wrenches. 

You can also consider buying a rubber grip handle if available as it is easy to hold and carry around without any compulsion of support with another hand after long usage. 

4) Brand

Before buying anything always look at the brand because sometimes people buy fake products and they may not give proper service and the product may be of poor quality. 

It is better to go for a well-known brand because you can consider that it will definitely work well and the impact wrench will last long when compared with unknown brands.

5) Price

Price also matters because when buying an impact wrench, it is always available in different prices and if you buy an expensive one, make sure to check whether all features are present like what types of bits attach with the wrench to know how much time your wrench will stay useful after its purchase or else it can become obsolete very soon due to lack of usage in bits attachments. 

So before making a decision check this bit attachment feature so that no inconvenience occurs later after the purchase process. 

6) Usability

Yes, it is important that the wrench should be usable in every type of work not only when there are thick nuts to tighten but when it comes time to loosen a nut from any surface. 

Some wrenches have been designed with both sides having different features so check before buying whether users can do this work or not with their impact wrenches.

7) Warranty

Last but not least is warranty because some types of impact wrench have a longer warranty period and it gives more confidence in buying.

If you buy a wrench whose warranty period is good then you need not worry about the problems later on because in case something goes wrong with your wrench after purchase then you can replace or repair your wrench free of cost which is not possible if the warranty period is low.

8) Features

There are many types of impact wrenches available in the market some have adjustable torque some have LED lights some provide soundless operation and so on. 

So check your requirements before buying as it will help you to select a wrench that fulfills all those criteria where you desire those things from your newly bought impact wrench without any problems. 

So these are the 7 most important things to look at when buying an impact wrench, ensure that all these criteria are satisfied accordingly before making a decision otherwise nothing can be done after the purchase process because these features cannot be changed easily. 

We hope our article helps you with this information regarding what are the important things to make sure before buying an Impact wrench must share this article with others who are looking to buy an impact wrench.

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