EGO Chainsaw 14 vs 16, Which is Better?

When it comes to the EGO Chainsaw 14 vs 16, which one is better for you? It can be tough to decide, but this EGO Chainsaw 14 vs 16 comparison article will help make the decision easier. 

We will compare the two saws and see how they differ. Hopefully, by the end of this comparison, you will have a good idea of which saw is better for you. 

EGO CS1600 16” is more powerful and has more running time and can cut deeper compared to the CS1400 14 inch model, but the CS1400 is lightweight and has a smaller battery than the CS1600.

EGO Chainsaw 14 vs 16
EGO CS1400 14-inchEGO CS1600 16-inch
Speed6800 RPM6800 RPM
Battery2.5Ah 56V 5.0 Ah 56V
Charge time40 minutes40 minutes
Running Time75-100 cuts140-170 cuts
Weight8.29 lb. (3.76Kg)8.69 lb. (3.94Kg)
Gauge Chain0.043 in.0.043 in.
Maximum Cut Diameter14 in.16 in.
Warranty5 Year5 Year
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Neglected backyards could be trouble with an old tree felling or numerous branches outgrowing. To resolve the issue, there occurs an immediate need for a Chainsaw.

Chainsaws are tools that would assist you in cutting and chopping trees and their associated parts. For instance, if you have your firewood cutting undone or your wood chopping delayed, you are to bring a chainsaw into use.

Like many of you, I was sensing a need for a chainsaw to ease my already hectic tasks load a bit. After researching and studying several chainsaws, I found EGO chainsaws to be more durable and reliable than others.

With a range of chainsaws being produced by EGO, I was confused regarding which one to purchase. After having in-depth knowledge, I shortlisted my choice of two devices, EGO Chainsaw 14 and EGO Chainsaw 16.

Bringing them into use was super easy and fun, and therefore, I decided to review them as per my personal experience. 

In this article, I tried to be fair about the products and give you a brief comparison of the similarities and differences between EGO Chainsaw 14 and 16.

Further, you will find a descriptive review of both the tools, along with a special mention of their features and pros and cons. Lastly, you will know which of the two devices is better and why!

EGO Chainsaw 14 vs 16

EGO Chainsaw 14 and EGO Chainsaw 16 do not have much variation within them. Somehow the tools are the same in their appearance and their design. The significant distinction that I found between the two devices was the size of the tools.

From a technical perspective, the dimensions of the two products vary as well! For instance, EGO Chainsaw 14 has its length, width, and height as 30.1 inches, 9.4 inches, and 9.8 inches. 

On the other hand, EGO Chainsaw 16 has dimensions of 9.84 inches. EGO CS1400 is a more compact tool.

EGO Chainsaw 14 Vs. EGO Chainsaw 16 have no difference in terms of their power source. Both the tools are equipped with a highly functional and powerfully performing 56V Lithium-ion battery that gives a smooth and precise chopping experience to the user.

I was greatly influenced by the water-resistant feature that I got to acknowledge in EGO Chainsaw 14 and EGO Chainsaw 16. The part ensured that the device would not end up working efficiently, and also, the quality makes the tools highly durable and user-friendly. 

With both EGO Chainsaw 14 and EGO Chainsaw 16, you get to have a speed of 6800 RPM, which increases the efficiency and performance of the tools. Enough speed is sufficient to carry out all of your tasks easily.

Overall, I figured out that having EGO Chainsaw 16 is a better choice in comparison to EGO Chainsaw 14 if the price is something that is not your prime concern.


Mostly CS1400 and CS1600 are more or less the same tools in their design and functionality. A lot of factors are similar in the devices. I did not experience any significant differences between the two agencies. 

Hence, I have mentioned the similarities that I figured out between CS1400 and CS1600.

  • Power Source- First and foremost, both the tools operate on a 56V Lithium-ion battery that promises higher efficiency and performance of the device. The chainsaws become highly durable and well-functioning for the users because of being equipped with a lithium-ion battery.
  • Brushless Motor- Like most modified tools nowadays, both CS1400 and CS1600 are equipped with a brushless motor. Being cordless and having a brushless motor make both devices the prime choice of users. This feature also makes the tools user-friendly. 
  • Resistance to Water- With CS1600 and CS1400, you do not have to be bothered about your device getting perishing soon. Neither corrosion nor rusting is expected on the tools because both of them are resistant to water. Water has no impact on the working of the two devices.
  • Flexibility-The most enhancing feature that I experienced with EGO Chainsaw 14 and EGO Chainsaw 16 was the flexibility both the tools offer to their users. Comparatively, both the devices are easy to hold and operate even at higher trees or branches.
  • Chain Kickback Brake- The presence of a chain kickback brake makes the tools completely safe and secure to be operated by the users. Luckily, both CS1400 and CS1600 are equipped with a chainsaw kickback brake.
  • Torque- Another similarity that I found between CS1400 and CS1600 was the speeds of the two tools. With CS1600 and CS1400, you experience a highly available torque of 6800 rotations per minute. A smooth and seamless work is done with such a high speeding torque. 


Although there are hardly any differences between EGO Chainsaw 14 and 16, there are particular considerable distinctions that can be brought out between the two tools. I have mentioned the significant differences that I figured out between the two tools.

  • Bar Length- The clear and fundamental difference between CS1400 and CS1600 is that of the length of the two. While CS1400 measures 14 inches in all, the overall length of CS1600 accounts for 16 inches. The two extra inches make it a more suitable choice for the users.
  • Weight- Although EGO makes sure to bring into the market lightweight chainsaws that can easily be carried onto the tree and do the fine cutting, not every tool it manufactures has the same weight. Accordingly, CS1400 weighs 8.3 pounds, while CS1600 weighs 8.7 pounds.
  • Max Cut Diameter- As the bar length of EGO CS1600 and EGO CS1400 vary, a similar difference is found in the diameter of the two tools. The Max-Cut Diameter of an instrument is directly related to the length of the device. Hence, 16” has a more cut diameter than 14”.
  • Battery- The better and stronger the battery, the more reliable and smooth the task is accomplished. A highly functional battery ensures that a user does not face trouble while operating the tool. 

The battery depends on the durability of the device as well. Considering that CS1400 has a 1.5 Ah battery in comparison to CS1600, which is equipped with a powerful 5Ah battery. 

  • Price- The price of the two products is necessary before making the final purchase. Price and features will be the two essential aspects that have to be figured out regarding EGO CS1400 and EGO CS1600. 

There is not a more significant difference that lies between the price of the two tools. CS1400 is available to the users at $219. On the other hand, CS1600 can be purchased for $229. 

These prices may vary accordingly, I have mentioned the prices in which I bought them, so keep that in check.

Ego 14-inch Chainsaw Review

With an overall bar length of 14 inches, EGO CS1400 is a seamlessly operable chainsaw available to users at a nominal price compared to its other alternatives. 

Ego 14-inch chainsaw review

The chainsaw is water-resistant, which accounts for the most user-friendly feature of the tool. It does not rust or get destroyed easily. It is appreciable to be used in the longer run. 

A powerful 56V Lithium-ion battery makes the tool a robust one. To ensure complete safety and security of the users, the device comes with a chainsaw kickback brake. It prevents all kinds of mishaps. 

Moreover, the greyish outlook provides a modest appearance to the tool. It modifies the surroundings instantly. The tool is also accompanied by an easy-to-grip handle that lets you hold and work with the device even at high trees or branches. 

Along with this, CS1400 is equipped with a brushless motor. The brushless motor makes the device a durable and smoothly working one. The tool’s overall performance becomes more than satisfied with the presence of a brushless motor.

Ego CS1400 Review

Other than that, EGO CS1400 has a transparent oil inspection window that lets you acknowledge the amount of oil remaining in the tool and refill it accordingly. 

Overall, EGO CS1400 is a budget-friendly and affordable chainsaw that you can make a part of your family anytime. If you have any questions regarding this EGO CS1400 Review, you can comment down below, I will answer all of them.


  • Waterproof Outer Shell

Impressively, EGO CS1400 is a water-resistant tool. Use it in the water or in your backyard with flowing water, and be sure not to impact your chainsaw. The device does not perish easily because it is water-resistant. This one feature is what I liked most about the chainsaw. 

  • Modest Outlook

The greyish black color and 14 inches length make the tool look like a giant device of the utmost assistance to the user. You can keep it anywhere easily and increase the show of the place even more. 

  • Easy to Grip Handle

To help the user work efficiently on higher elevations and get a clear woodcutting experience, EGO CS1400 comes with an easy-to-grip handle.

Ego 14-inch Chainsaw and battery

The tool did not cause any problem while I used it for firewood chopping. Also, the agency did not slip or bounce while operating it, even for longer hours.

  • Chain Kickback Brake

The chain kickback break of EGO CS1400 ensures that complete safety and security are offered to the users while working with the tool. The kickback brake does not let the tool flip and harm the user. 

  • Brushless Motor

Most modernly built tools are equipped with a brushless motor that promises a more excellent and higher durability of the device to the users.

Ego 14-inch Chainsaw Review

The overall performance is also increased due to the presence of brushless motors. 



  • Even in harsh or weathered temperatures, the chainsaw works excellently and excellently.
  • The brushless motor in the chainsaw reduces the amount of noise created by the tool up to a satisfactory level. 
  • It has a unique “Oil Inspection Window” that allows the user to be aware of having the tool equipped with a sufficient amount of oil.
  • It is a highly lightweight and ergonomically designed tool.
  • It automatically shuts off during unit set down.
  • It has time to time overload protection that helps you during rough work.


  • The chain of the tool can sometimes come off the bar quickly.
  • The spin time of the blade is relatively short in the tool.

EGO 16 inch Chainsaw Review

Longer pine logs can be better and efficiently cut with the help of EGO CS1600. The 16-inch chainsaw promises a robust and effective performance to the users. 

The device has an impressive transparent window built to tell the users about the amount of fuel remaining in the tool. 

This ensures that you do not have to face the trouble of a nonfunctional or dysfunctional chainsaw. With energy-filled, the chainsaw can be used anytime, effortlessly. 

EGO 16 inch Chainsaw review

With IPX4 protection, the chainsaw becomes highly resistant to water. Water resistance helps the tool be efficient, so the chainsaw does not lag in any aspects with this feature. 

Moreover, the highly powered 5Ah battery is double what is found in other tool substitutes. Hence, all the tasks of the users become better done. 

The 6800 RPM speed provided to the users by the chainsaw adds to the list of features of the tool. With high performance, the chainsaw becomes a user-friendly choice.

EGO 16 inch Chainsaw Review

It is available to the users at a middle-range price. Therefore, not too much is spent to have the product at your home. Concluding, EGO CS1600 has been an effective and efficient tool for a considerable amount of time.

If you have any questions regarding this EGO CS1600 review, you can comment down below, I am happy to help you.


  • Water Resistant 

EGO Chainsaw 16 comes with a waterproof outer shell that does not let water harm or impact the chainsaw in any way possible. Being IPX4 protected, the tool becomes robust and reluctant to every drop of water falling on it.

  • Battery 

The 5Ah battery on which the tool runs offers an unmatchable performance and output of the chainsaw. A highly powered battery makes all of your tasks smooth and seamless. Also, the result obtained after having done the work is commendable. 

EGO 16 inch Chainsaw Box contents
  • Design and weight

Even after the presence of batteries and chain bars, the EGO CS1600 is truly modest in its design and appearance. The tool’s weight is not extremely high in terms of the purpose that the agency has to serve. 

It gives a satisfactory experience to the users. I was overwhelmed with the performance of the device.

  • Brushless Motor

EGO CS1600 comes with the support of an efficient brushless motor. The brushless motor makes the tool reliable and better working than its alternatives. 

With the help of a brushless motor, you get a clean and clear chopping experience that is unmatched. This feature of the tool is genuinely appreciable. 

  • Firm Grip

EGO CS1600 is strong and sturdy. For this reason, it is easier to hold the tool properly. The chainsaw offers a soft and firm grip to the users. I was greatly assisted by this feature while using the chainsaw to cut down the overgrown branches on the tree.

EGO CS1600 review
  • Durable

The 56V Lithium-ion battery with which the tool is equipped offers a longer life to the chainsaw. The batteries run for an unexpected period before a need to recharge them again. This, in turn, makes the tool a durable one for the users.



  • A transparent oil window helps you know the amount of fuel remaining in the tank and refill it accordingly. 
  • The battery life that a user gets to experience with the tool is reliable and longer than expected.
  • The Brushless motors of the tool cause little to no noise in the surroundings.
  • An extra-long rear handle and firm grip make the chainsaw a robust one.


  • The plastic inlet of the fuel tank is tiny, and it takes a lot of time to fill up the oil tank completely.
  • The cap threads of the tool are not correctly aligned.
  • Sometimes, the chainsaw might become unsafe to be used.

Which is better EGO Chainsaw 14” or 16”, & Why?

Quite Evidently, I would say that it is not such an increased price that you would find the EGO CS1600 more and better equipped with features and efficiency than the EGO CS1400. 

Up next, both EGO CS1600 and EGO CS1400 work on the torque of 6300 rotations per minute. Personally, I experienced a high-speed performance of the tools because of the ability to operate the chainsaws at such a high-performing torque.

Then comes the cost of the two tools. Again, the difference between the price of the two chainsaws is not too much. While EGO CS1400 is available to you for $219, EGO CS1600 can be brought by you at the cost of $229. Experience more features at a nominal price difference is a worthy choice.

In terms of power source, EGO CS1400 and EGO CS1600 are equipped with a highly efficient and well-working 56V Lithium-ion battery that functions seamlessly. Also, the brushless motors in both the tools promise a durable and long-lasting performance of the two chainsaws. 

Other than that, EGO CS1400 has a length of 14 inches, and EGO CS1600 comes in 16 sizes. This is the significant difference that I experienced between the two tools. 

Likewise, the Max-Cut Diameter of the two tools varies accordingly. EGO CS1600 has a diameter of 16 inches, and EGO CS1400 comes with a diameter of 14 inches, respectively. 

The most impressive factor regarding EGO CS1400 and EGO CS1600 that I experienced were that both the tools are water-resistant, meaning they will not get destroyed easily.

The tools will work efficiently in the long term. Both the devices are your one-time investment at a minimal price.

Lastly, the tools are effective and highly functional. Being cordless and brushless, the performance provided by both devices is exceptionally outstanding. In terms of features and speed, EGO CS1600 outshines EGO CS1400. 

It would help if you considered having EGO CS1600 rather than EGO CS1400, even though it is slightly pricey. You will find the worth of the price you pay.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Are the 14” and 16” bars interchangeable on either chainsaw?

    Yes, the 14 inches and the 16 inches bars are interchangeable on either chainsaw. But usually, it is recommended not to do so because the bars are fitted purposely according to the chainsaw. Hindering the chainsaw with a different bar might cause an issue with the seamless functioning of the tool.


After going through the article, you might have got a clear idea regarding EGO CS1400 14-Inch and EGO CS1600 16-inch. Having understood that, I hope it will become easy for you to make a wise choice and you will be able to put your money to good use.

The prime difference that could be laid out between EGO CS1400 and EGO CS1600 is the two extra inches that the latter is equipped with. With enough length, you will get fantastic woodcutting done at your place.

Usually, a user is worried about the speed and performance of the tool they purchase, but in that aspect, both EGO CS1400 and EGO CS1600 are the same. 

With EGO CS1600 and EGO CS1400, you experience a highly functional speed of 6800 rotations per minute, which is undoubtedly more than what can be expected from a chainsaw. 

The efficiency of the tools gets tremendously increased due to a high speeding torque that is provided by the chainsaws.

Both the tools operate on the 56V Lithium-ion equipped power source that ensures clean and smooth work being done. Also, with brushless motors, the durability of EGO CS1400 and EGO CS1600 become even better and appreciable. 

All in all, not many differences can be brought out between the two products. Either they vary in price or length. According to the purpose of serving with the chainsaw, you can decide which of the two you have to buy.

If you don’t like any of the chainsaw, then you can use our Chainsaw buying guide to pick one for you.

Detailed Chainsaw Buying Guide

Chainsaws are powerful tools used for a variety of different applications such as tree felling and pruning. The chainsaw you purchase should be matched to the job at hand, so it is important to know your needs before you buy.

There are three main types of chainsaw: electric, gas, and battery-powered.

  • Electric chainsaws are the most popular type for home use because they are easy to operate and don’t produce exhaust fumes.
  • Gas chainsaws are more powerful than electric chainsaws and can be used for heavier-duty jobs, but they require more maintenance.
  • Battery-powered chainsaws are lightweight and portable, making them a good choice for smaller jobs.

When shopping for a chainsaw, there are several factors you need to consider. The most important consideration is the size of the saw.

Chainsaws are available in different lengths and weights, so you need to choose one that is comfortable for you to use. You also need to decide if you want a standard chainsaw or a pruning saw.

A standard chainsaw has a longer blade that is ideal for cutting through large trees, while a pruning saw has a shorter blade that is designed for trimming branches.

Other factors to consider include the chain type, engine power and safety features. The chain type refers to the thickness and shape of the chain link.

There are three main types of chains: standard, semi-chisel and full-chisel.

  • Standard chains are the most common type and are suitable for most applications.
  • Semi-chisel chains are designed for use on hardwoods.
  • Full-chisel chains are ideal for cutting through metal or concrete.

The engine power refers to the amount of torque the engine produces. The higher the torque, the more powerful the chainsaw will be.

When choosing a chainsaw, you need to make sure the engine power is adequate for the job you plan to use it for.

Safety features are important when using a chainsaw, so make sure to choose one that has a number of safety features included.

Some of the most important safety features include a chain brake, which stops the chain from moving when you release the throttle; a handguard, which protects your hands from the chain; and an automatic oiler, which ensures the chain is properly lubricated.

When shopping for a chainsaw, it is important to consider your needs and choose the right model for the job.

By following this guide, you can be sure to find the perfect chainsaw for your needs.

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