Dewalt DWS716XPS vs DWS779: In-Depth Comparison & Review

The Dewalt DWS716XPS and the Dewalt DWS779 are both great miter saws, but which one is right for you? In this in-depth comparison review, we’ll take a look at the specs of each saw and see how they compare.

We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each saw so that you can make an informed decision before buying.

DWS716XPS offers 14 positive stops that give a smooth and clean-cut while the DWS779 provides only 10 stops. The corded tool, DWS716XPS is lightweight but 11 pounds heavier than its battery-operated counterpart, the DWS779.

Dewalt DWS716XPSDewalt DWS779
Bevel Angle0° – 48°0° – 48°
Speed3800 RPM3800 RPM
Arbor Diameter5/8-in and 1-in5/8-in
Saw Blade Diameter12 in12 in
Width22.5 inches17 inches
Height16.5 inches 17 inches 
Depth of Cut at 90°8 in6.75 in
LED lightYesNo
Dust absorbing capacity 67%75% 
Weight41lbs.56 lbs.
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

If you are looking for versatility in your cutting experience or are looking for a more lightweight saw, the DWS716XPS would be the better option.

If you search for a tool that would do an efficient and accurate cutting of the wood lying at your place, you would be greatly assisted by a Miter saw. 

A Miter saw has teeth that do perfect cutting and reshaping of all the wooden items. While talking of any new tool, the first thing that pops up in mind is DeWalt. 

DeWalt manufactures the most number of daily life tools that are perfect to be used either at home or by technicians with utmost perfection. DeWalt does not lag in any aspect while putting new devices into the market. 

During my search for a Miter Saw, I studied many products but got confused between DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779, two of the most promising Miter saws produced by DeWalt. 

I am glad that I purchased both because they supported me in their way. I thought that serving specific purposes, DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 can be compared to ease your dilemma of making the right choice. 

Therefore, further in the article, you will find that I have reached the two tools mentioning their similarities and differences. 

As you proceed, you will acknowledge an in-depth review of both the tools with a complete mention of the features and pros and cons of DeWalt DWS716XPS vs DWS779. 

In the end, I have made it clear which of the two tools is preferable for the users, and the tool would promise a long-term and better use to you.

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Dewalt DWS716XPS vs DWS779

It has nearly been a year since I’ve been using the two miter saws manufactured by DeWalt. The DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779. 

Hardly were there any troubling problems that I experienced with both the tools, but I got a clear idea of the fact that both the devices are somehow different from one another. 

As a result, I decided to offer a comparison between the DeWalt DWS716XPS Vs. DeWalt DWS779. 

Primarily, the dimensions of both the miter saws vary. While one tool is compact, the other is not! Considering that, DeWalt DWS716XPS has dimensions of 12×22.5×16.5 inches. 

On the other hand, DeWalt DWS779 supports a length, width, and height of 21 inches, 17 inches, and 17 inches. 

DWS716XPS vs DWS779

With DeWalt DWS779, you are supposed to get a cleaner experience regarding the dust and mess created around you. It is because DeWalt DWS779 has a 75% dust absorbing ability in comparison to DeWalt DWS716XPS, which only absorbs 67% of the dust and dirt. 

Also, DeWalt DWS779 weighs higher than what you are to expect and experience from DeWalt DWS716XPS. Moreover, DeWalt DWS779 lags because it is operated through electrical wires that pose a problem in storing and keeping it in a safe place. 

Luckily, DeWalt DWS716XPS works on highly performing Lithium-ion batteries that do not cause any such issue to the user’s experience. 

After having used the two miter saws for enough time, I realized that particular other distinctions could be brought out between DeWalt DWS716XPS Vs. DeWalt DWS779. I have mentioned them clearly and in a descriptive manner below.


Because DeWalt manufactures most mechanical tools, it is no doubt that the devices could be more or less alike in their production, functioning, and versatility. Below are the similarities I discovered between DeWalt DWS716XPS and DWS779. 

  • Bar length: The first factor that a user looks upon while buying a Miter saw or any other tool of the same kind is the bar length that the device supports. The longer length makes the tool well-working and advanced in its functioning. 

Herein, DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 have the same bar length of 12 inches. The bar length adds effectiveness to the tool.

  • Speed: The speed or torque with which the Miter saw rotates signifies the tool’s precision. Better, clean, and seamless cutting is done if the device offers a good pace. 

Well, such is the case with both DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779. Both the miter saws operate at the rate of 3800 rotations per minute. 

  • Built: Both DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 have an ergonomic build. The tools are reliable and do not perish quickly. They are a one-time investment for you. You are not troubled by having to spend money repeatedly on the devices.
  • Efficiency: DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 are efficient in the performance that they provide to the users. Both the tools in themselves are robust and tremendously powerful. Both the devices are user-friendly alternatives.
  • Dual-Bevel: The most convincing feature that I experienced with DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 is that both the tools are equipped with dual bevels. 

Ranging from 0 degrees to 48 degrees, you can incline it at any angle on either side. It provides much convenience to the user.


While using the two miter saws produced by DeWalt, I found out that DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 are distinct in particular factors that can lay the excellent base for your final decision making. So I decided to bring them to your notice.

  • Weight: I prefer lightweight tools over heavyweight ones. Lightweight tools help you take them from one place to another conveniently and without any hassle.

Hence, I decided to make you aware of the weight of the two tools. While the DWS716XPS weighs 49 pounds, the DWS779 weighs 56 pounds. DWS716XPS is lighter than DWS779. 

  • Price: The price of the tools varies as per the number of features that the device acquires. But sometimes you might get good features at a nominal fee as well. Herewith, DeWalt DWS716XPS costs you $379, whereas DeWalt DWS779 comes for $399.
  • LED light (XPS technology): In a minimalistic price range, DWS716XPS offers you better-enhanced features than DWS779. The former is equipped with a special LED light that puts a shadow over the woodworking area to let you cut the wood with complete accuracy. 
  • Ease of Use: The presence of LED lights makes DWS716XPS an extremely convenient device to be operated by the user. The precision with which the task is done because an LED light provides efficient performance to the tool.
  • Dust Collection: Herein lies the major and the most crucial difference between DWS716XPS and DWS779. DWS716XPS collects only ⅔ (67%) of the surrounding dust; DWS779 can gather as much as 75% of the dust. It makes the tool worthy of use.
  • Power Source: Further, DWS716XPS and DWS779 lie away apart from each other in terms of their power source. As a user, I experienced a significant difference in this aspect. 

Where DWS716XPS operates on Lithium-ion batteries that offer long-term durability to the tool, DWS779 is a tool working on an electrical cord.

Dewalt DWS716XPS Review

DeWalt DWS716XPS is a tool that will significantly assist you in clean and efficient woodcutting. With wider legs and precise angles, an accurate cut is made on the wood without any mess. 

The 12 inches blade length with 80 teeth accounts for making the miter saw an extremely reliable choice for the users. 

Being meticulously designed, it operates smoothly and seamlessly. The miter saw is also a safe and secure tool to be used by anyone effortlessly. The device is a user-friendly one and is being manufactured by DeWalt; the customer remains delighted with the miter saw. 

Dewalt DWS716XPS review

A high speeding 15-ampere motor ensures that the battery does not drain quickly, and the tool becomes durable and better efficient. 

Moreover, the speed of 3800 rotations per minute gives a power-packed performance, saving a significant amount of your time and energy! 

It might become an issue to use the DeWalt DWS716XPS in confined spaces because it absorbs only ⅔ of the surrounding dust. 

It might lead to visibility issues, and you might not get a clean result. DeWalt DWS716XPS has a double bevel design that lets you work at any angle between 0 to 48 degrees on either side. 

An enhancing and impressive feature of the DeWalt DWS716XPS is the LED light that accompanies the miter saw. The LED light performs a prominent role in the well-working of the miter saw. 

Dewalt DWS716XPS Milter saw Review

The LED light provides illumination on both sides of the blades, forming a shadow of the edge in the area where the work has to be done. 

The darker the shadow gets, the more precise the cutting angle becomes. This feature accounts for making the miter saw an efficient one. 


  • Double Bevel Design

The most impressive feature I experienced with the DeWalt DWS716XPS is its double bevel design. Being built in such a way allows you to cut at an angle from 0 to 48 degrees on either side of the miter saw. 

  • High Speed

The tool works at a powerfully high speed of 3800 rotations per minute. The speed provides the much-needed performance and accuracy in the woodcutting task. Also, with enough speed, the tool becomes robust and well-functioning. 

  • Ergonomic Design

DWS716XPS is purposely built to reduce the mess and trouble faced by a user while having to cut a piece of wood finely. The tool’s blade is divided into 80 teeth that ensure a proper cutting from every point. 

Dewalt DWS716XPS Review
  • Lithium-ion Battery

The tool works on a Lithium-ion battery. The battery is durable, but it also gives a powerful performance to the miter saw. All your tasks are timely and done effortlessly with the assistance of these batteries. 

  • Blade Length

DeWalt DWS716XPS has a sufficient blade length of 12 inches. With 12 inches of blade, I was sure of getting a fine cutting in the wood without any pain or trouble of getting harmed myself.

  • Miter Detent Plate

DeWalt DWS716XPS has an excellent miter detent plate that provides utmost precision and accuracy while cutting and chopping any piece of wood. 

Dewalt DWS716XPS review

The miter detent plate has 14 positive stops that offer repeatable efficiency to the tool.



  • Double bevel design that increases the efficiency and accuracy of the tool to an unmatchable level.
  • The presence of 80 teeth cuts even the slightest bit of the wood piece with perfection.
  • Modern LED light adds modesty and effectiveness to the miter saw.
  • The impressive high speed of DWS716XPS makes the tool durable.


  • It comes only with the ability to absorb ⅔ or the dust produced while cutting the wood. It could lead to a mess nearby.

Dewalt DWS779 Review

With DeWalt DWS779, you do not have to have the trouble of assembling the tool as it arrives. It comes wholly set and ready to use. All you need to do is use it right away. 

DeWalt DWS779 is a heavy miter saw that would demand enough of your energy to be carried away to places. As a result, it is advised to make it move with a stand or something like that. DeWalt DWS779 is an entirely flexible tool. 

You can operate it as per your requirements and still be sure of getting the best output in no time. You also get to have accessibility to different angles while working with the tool. 

Dewalt DWS779 Review

No matter what kind of wood piece is to be cut, it can be effortlessly done with the help of DeWalt DWS779. 

Cut at different angles makes the miter saw a reliable and versatile tool. Another enhancing feature of the tool is its 75% dust absorbing power that does not create any mess around less spacious areas. This makes the device a user-friendly one. 

Also, the tool in itself is robust and sturdy. It does not get destroyed or perish soon. Once purchased, it will help you for more extended periods. 

Dewalt DWS779 Milter Saw

Overall, the tool has no underlying problems for the users. Its only drawback is that it is wired. It becomes challenging to work with the tool in such a case. Other than that, the device is entirely secured and highly functional. 


  • Dust Absorber

DeWalt DWS779 has a dust bag mounted right on its top. The dust absorber prevents the mess created around to hinder your seamless working. 

The tool absorbs nearly 75% of all the dirt and dust formed during your work. This eases your task at a commendable level.

  • Satisfactory Torque 

DeWalt DWS779 is a well-working and highly functional device that provides users with a satisfactory speed level of 3800 rotations per minute. 

At such a speed, the cutting and piercing done in the wood are completely clean and smooth. A good result is experienced by the user while working with the tool.

  • Durable

DeWalt DWS779 is a robust and sturdy tool. It is durable and works finely for more extended periods. 

Dewalt DWS779 Milter saw Review

You do not have to face any significant issues while operating the miter saw. The only drawback is that the tool is heavyweight. Other than that, the functionality of the device is smooth.

  • Dual-Bevel

Like many other Mitersaws of DeWalt, DWS779 supports a double bevel feature. 

It means that you can rotate the device at any angle between 0 to 48 degrees on both sides of the tool and ensure that it makes a clear cut on the wood. This is the most attractive feature of the miter saw. 



  • Stainless steel miter plate that provides you with ten positive stops that let you work efficiently and nicely for longer hours.
  • Dual bevel system, meaning that it can be inclined from 0 degrees to 48 degrees both left and right of the tool.
  • Ability to absorb 75% of the dust.


  • It is not a cordless tool and not portable
  • It is not brushless, and produces a lot of noise.
  • Quite heavy to be used conveniently by the user.

Which is better DWS716XPS & DWS779 and Why?

After using DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779, I clearly concluded that DeWalt DWS716XPS is a much more efficient, versatile, and better tool than DeWalt DWS779 for the reasons that I figured out in both the devices. 

A factor that can be bothersome for some users is that while DWS716XPS works on highly functional Lithium-ion batteries, DWS779 is a tool operating on electrical wires. 

Consequently, it becomes difficult for a user to carry DWS779, whereas DWS716XPS becomes an easily portable tool. 

In terms of price also, DeWalt DWS716XPS remains ahead of DWS779. Even being equipped with more enhanced and tremendously unique features, the cost that you have to pay for DWS716XPS is less than what you have to pay for DWS779. 

Moreover, the most important and most distinguished feature that I experienced between DWS716XPS and DWS779 is that the former comes with an illuminating LED light that would help you cut the wood with extreme accuracy. Unluckily, the latter does not support any such feature. 

Also, the miter detent plate in DWS716XPS offers 14 positive stops that give a smooth and clean output. Comparatively, DWS779 provides only ten such stops as a tool. 

For those going after technical aspects, this could be a significant factor in choosing one tool over the other.

In terms of speed, there was no difference that I experienced between the DeWalt DWS716XPS and DWS779. The Miter Saw provides the user with a speed of 3800 rotations per minute. The device works smoothly at enough speed. 

The prime concern to be brought into notice is the mess that the two tools create while working with them. 

DWS716XPS has a 67% efficiency in terms of absorption of the surrounding dust. On the other hand, DWS779 offers an absorbing capacity of as large as 75%. In this aspect, DeWalt DWS779 is better. 

All in all, I found DWS716XPS modified and better laid than DWS779. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is the difference between DWS716XPS and DWS779?

    Although there are a few differences between DWS716XPS and DWS779, the primary distinction between the two miter saws is that the DWS716XPS is a tool that works on a durable and efficient Lithium-ion battery. 

    Contrary to this, DWS779 operates with the help of an electric cable. Moreover, DWS779 is a slightly out-of-budget and costly tool. Also, DWS716XPS is equipped with an illuminating and beneficial LED light that helps to make your work easier.

  • What is XPS technology on DeWalt Miter saw?

    The XPS technology significantly means the addition of a glowing LED light with the tool. The LED light assists you by providing a shadow at all desirable angles on either side of the device. 

    When the visible shadow gets darker, it becomes effortless for a user to mark the angles and points and then cut the wood accordingly. 

  • Does the DeWalt DWS779 come with a blade?

    Yes, DeWalt provides the users with a blade if you purchase DWS779. Usually, the expected blade you are supposed to get with DWS779 is DW3126 60T. If not this, you would be supplied some other blade. But, you will get a blade for sure!


By now, it might have been crystal clear to you which of the two miter saws stands up to your expectations and hold the power to be an essential and effective tool for you. 

Be it technical front or versatility, DeWalt DWS716XPS and DeWalt DWS779 have satisfied me for such a long time, and hopefully, they will continue to do so shortly. 

I figured out that the DeWalt DWS716XPS has more features than the DeWalt DWS779. I would recommend you to go for DeWalt DWS716XPS. It is both efficient and budget-friendly. 

Rest, as per your requirements, you can anytime choose the right miter saw for you.

Milter Saw Buying Guide

Saws are one of the most important tools in your workshop, and you should take care when selecting one. If you don’t like any milter saw from the above DWS716XPS vs DWS779 comparison, you can use this buying guide.

We will talk about blade size and teeth, motor power, blade adjustments, safety features, and more!

When it comes to saws, there are three main types: Circular saws, miter saws, and table saws. Each type has its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Circular saws are the most common type of saw. They are lightweight and easy to use, making them a great choice for DIYers and carpenters.

They are also very affordable. However, circular saws are not as accurate as miter saws, and they can be difficult to use for precision cuts.

Miter saws are very accurate and are perfect for making precise cuts. They are also very versatile, allowing you to make both miter and crosscuts. However, miter saws are more expensive than circular saws and they are heavier and more difficult to transport.

Table saws are the most powerful type of saw. They are perfect for ripping lumber and making other large cuts. However, table saws are expensive and require a lot of space to operate.

When selecting a saw, there are several factors that you need to consider:

  • Blade size and teeth: The size of the blade and the number of teeth it has will affect the type of cuts that the saw can make. A blade with more teeth will produce a cleaner cut, while a blade with fewer teeth will be able to cut through thicker materials.
  • Motor power: The motor power will determine how powerful the saw is. If you plan on using your saw for heavy-duty projects, you will need a saw with a powerful motor.
  • Blade adjustments: The ability to adjust the blade angle and depth makes it easier to make precision cuts. Look for a saw that has adjustable settings that are easy to use.
  • Safety features: Safety features such as anti-kickback pawls and guards help prevent accidents from happening. Make sure the saw you select has these safety features in place.

Now that you know what to consider when selecting a saw, let’s take a look at some of the best saws on the market.

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