Dewalt DWS715 Review: An In-Depth Owner’s Review

I have always been impressed by the quality of Dewalt’s power tools range. But what exactly makes the Dewalt DWS715 stand out as a miter saw?

Finding a good miter saw can be a time taking process, but DWS715 can be a perfect pick. Read our detailed Dewalt DWS715 miter saw review to find out what is special about this saw which makes it so amazing?

Dewalt DWS715 Review

Dewalt DWS715’s motor is powerful, spinning the blade at high speeds. The 14 stops on the miter gauge allow you to make angled cuts quickly. Multiple accessories increase its versatility and portability.

These features and more are available for a very competitive price without compromising on the quality, making it a great bargain.

Motor15 amps, 120 V
Blade12” carbide tipped
Miter range 0-50° to the left and right
Tilt0°-48° to the left, 0°-3° to the right
Speed4000 RPM (no load)
Weight36 lbs
Depth of cut6-½”
Warranty3 years, 90-day money-back guarantee
Free service 1 year

It took me a while to understand the different features of this product and see it if aligned with my interests. The detailed research I did eventually allowed me to make this purchase with full confidence.

If you are looking to understand the various aspects of the Dewalt DWS715 miter saw, then do read my detailed Dewalt DWS715. 

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Dewalt DWS715 Miter Saw Review

A miter saw has seen an increase in popularity thanks to its versatility. Its pivoting blade, which can also be tilted in many applications, gives users the option to perform a variety of cuts.

While many users prefer a miter saw for crosscuts, it was designed specifically to give users the ability to make bevel, angle, and compound cuts using a single power tool.

The Dewalt brand has a global reputation for being an industry leader in power tools. Their innovative products are hard to miss, thanks to the bright yellow and black color of their tools.

The DWS715 is an entry-level miter saw from this brand, giving users an affordable option with good features.

“So what are these features?”, you may ask. That’s the next section of my review. I will list them out one by one, including details about the motor, blade, and safety options. I will then give you my opinion about the features I liked and disliked when I used this product.

The next section will be my opinion of who exactly this product is perfect for, before concluding with my verdict on this product.

Dewalt DWS715 Miter Saw Review
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I hope you will have full knowledge about this product at the end of the review. So join me as I explain the various features of this miter saw from Dewalt. 

  • Power Source: The Dewalt DWS715 is powered by a 15 amp motor. The motor is corded, with a 6 ft cord allowing you to connect the motor to a power socket with a 120V voltage supply. The motor can spin the blade to a maximum speed of 4000 RPM under no-load conditions.

The speed of this motor was simply great, allowing me to slice through most workpieces like a hot knife would cut through butter. I experienced a bit of resistance as the pieces got thicker, but nothing that the motor could not overcome. 

It also performed well when the blade was angled, making angled cuts easy. The motor was quite loud though, requiring me to wear ear protection every time I operated the machine.

  • Blade & Crosscut Capacity: This miter saw has a 12” carbide tipped blade that comes with the new tool. The blade has a maximum cross-cutting depth of 6-½”. The blade can cut a 2×8” at the upright 90° angle without any difficulties.
Dewalt DWS715 Miter Saw Review

I was genuinely surprised by the quality of the finish I got from the default blade provided by the manufacturer. The finish wasn’t the smoothest, but the cut was fairly accurate and easy to make thanks to the powerful motor. The 12” blade also ensured that I could make bigger cross-cuts easily. 

Switching the blade was a slightly tricky process, but gave me full confidence that the blade was completely secure. The hex wrench provided by the manufacturer was all I needed to get this job done. It did not take too long to get used to and once I did, I was quite comfortable switching between various blades depending on my requirement. 

  • Angle Ranges and Detents: The DWS715 has a miter range of 50° in both directions. It has 14 positive stops, with stops at 0°, 10°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.25°, and 45°, which are common cutting angles. The blade also has a bevel feature which allows it to tilt up to 45° to the left, and 3° to the right.

The miter and bevel capacity of this miter saw served the purpose well. I loved the stability that I got while cutting at angles. The cuts were precise and easy to make, without demanding too much effort from my end. 

The positive stops made my life so much easier as well. I didn’t have to spend too much energy adjusting the blade to the common cutting angles.

I was slightly disappointed with the true angle measurement of the miter gauge though. On many occasions, the angle I cut was not the angle reading on the scale, which made it slightly annoying as I had to do some more work on them later.

  • Fences and Material Supports: This miter saw has a tall sliding fence that is capable of supporting upto 5-½” from the base of the piece. The saw is also provided with vertical clamps that help keep the workpiece stable on the work table.

A pet peeve I had while researching this product was that the manufacturer did not mention the dimensions of the work table. However, on receiving my product, I found it to be sufficient enough to accommodate most of my workpieces in a stable manner.

The sliding fence was nice to use. It could be adjusted and performed well when I was cutting, ensuring that there was no lateral movement of the workpieces. 

The inclusion of the vertical clamps was a great touch to improve the stability while cutting. It did well to keep the piece on the table from moving due to sudden jerks or vibrations, allowing me to maintain the required precision while operating the saw.

  • Dust Extraction: The Dewalt DWS715 comes with a dust extraction port to collect the chips produced while cutting. It comes with a dust bag to collect these chips and is compatible with most shop vacuums.

I was initially relieved to have the dust bag included with the tool. However, I soon realized I had too many expectations from it. While it collected most of the chips, it did not work as efficiently as my shop vac.

DEWALT DWS715 12-Inch Miter Saw, 15-Amp, Single Bevel, Compound review

However, I was glad that the port to connect the bag was compatible with the shop vac I had. Connecting it instantly improved the chip collection, helping me keep my surroundings neat and clean even over long periods of usage.

  • Notable Accessories: This miter saw is compatible with a number of accessories from the Dewalt brand designed specifically for their miter saw range. This includes a heavy-duty stand, a compact stand that is foldable and a rolling miter saw stand. These accessories are not included with the tool and must be purchased separately.

I did not purchase any of these accessories but had the chance to use my miter saw on the rolling stand at one of my job sites. A friend lent it to me, and the ease with which I could transport my saw made my work easier. 

The accessories are stable and well designed, making it perfect for improving the performance of this miter saw in environments that do not naturally support power tools.

  • Safety: The miter scale has a side handle that allows the user to move the blade while providing them with a stable grip while cutting.

The side handle has a trigger lock mechanism to engage the blade, keeping the user’s hand away from the spinning blade. This miter saw also has a blade guard that keeps the user’s hands from coming in contact with the blade when it is in operation.

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I liked the quality of the blade guard provided by Dewalt. It gave me the confidence to use the saw, knowing that the blade guard would save me from injuring my hand.

The side handle feature gave me an improved cutting position while giving me an ideal place to keep my secondary hand while cutting.

The side handle was comfortable but disappointed me when it came to safety. Not having a thumb-activated switch to operate the saw left my thumb vulnerable to injury in a worst-case scenario, which didn’t please me too much.

  • Warranty: This product comes with a 3-year warranty as well as 90-day money back guarantee if the product does not meet the expectations of the customer. In addition to this, you get one year of free service from the manufacturer on the purchase of this product.

Dewalt is renowned for the service they offer even after they complete the sale of a product. The 90-day money-back guarantee gave me the comfort to utilize this saw to its maximum to see if it fulfilled my requirements.

Things I Liked

  • Miter and bevel facility: I loved the design and stability of the angled cutting features on this miter saw. The bevel was adjusted with the help of a knob, which made it a lot more stable. 

The miter on the other hand had 14 positive stops on both sides, making it very convenient to change my cutting angles. This made the time I spent on the saw more efficient while allowing me to make the compound angle, and bevel cuts without any hassles.

  • Powerful output: The 15 amp motor helped me cut through pretty much any material I needed to use the saw on. Its 4000 RPM no-load speed was sufficient and helped me complete my cutting work in no time. 

The blade provided with this tool combined well with the motor, giving me the finish and precision that I needed.

  • Compatibility with accessories: The availability of multiple accessories from Dewalt gave the option to expand the use of my miter saw depending on how my requirements change. 

These accessories are well designed and are compatible across a range of Dewalt miter saws, making it a long-term investment if I ever decide to upgrade to a better miter saw from this brand.

  • Cutting stability: The sturdy table design allowed me to place heavy wooden pieces on it and cut through them without any movement. The fence was quite well equipped to prevent the piece from moving across the table.
dewalt dws715 review

While the vertical clamps ensured there was enough pressure on the piece to prevent it from moving due to the vibrations of the tool or blade. This ultimately helped me maintain the precision without having to grip the piece by hand.

  • Price: Owning a Dewalt product is often not a cheap affair, thanks to the premium they charge for being a reputed brand.

This miter saw offered me the same premium features and reliability as other products but did not burn a hole in my pocket. This made it a great buy for me that I simply couldn’t miss.

And its competitive pricing makes it the best-selling miter saw of Amazon, and it gets 10k+ reviews and ratings, and it fluctuates a lot between $220-$390, so check twice before purchasing it. (Click here to check the latest price from Amazon)

Things I didn’t like

  • No thumb actuated safety trigger

This is the biggest drawback of the Dewalt DWS715. The thumb actuation trigger is a safety mechanism designed to stop the blade if the thumb gets in the way of the spinning blade.

The lack of this trigger leaves you susceptible to coming in contact with the blade without it stopping. This can result in a serious injury to the operator that will need immediate medical attention. 

  • Weight

Many users felt that this machine was portable and easy to carry around. I did not feel the same degree of comfort though while having to carry it around. 36 lbs are not light, and you will definitely feel the strain of having to carry it across different floors on a job site.

You can use a moving miter stand to save yourself the trouble, but you will have to pay extra for it, which is not always feasible.

  • Imprecise angle marking
an owners Dewalt DWS715 review

The angle indicators were off by a small margin, but enough for me to have to do some additional sanding work to get the right measurements. This lack of accuracy nullified the primary reason why I bought this miter saw, which was to save time while making angle and bevel cuts.

  • Inefficient dust collection

The dust bag provided was a basic system to collect the chips produced while cutting. I was lucky to have a shop vac that could be connected to the dust port.

If you do not have one, be ready to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning up your working environment after you are done using this miter saw.

  • Lack of laser guidance

Considering a lot of amateurs and untrained woodworkers would love to have their hands on an entry-level miter saw like this, it is safe to assume that they are not the most skilled to make precise and accurate cuts from the get-go. 

Having a laser would have solved this issue. This feature would have also been handy for trained users, giving them an extra level of confidence while using the Dewalt DWS715.

For what kind of people is it for? 

The Dewalt DWS715 is a great entry-level miter saw. The keyword here is entry-level. It offers multiple features that make it a great product for amateur woodworkers who pursue it as a hobby on weekends and for household tasks. 

While being slightly more expensive than miter saws from other brands, the premium that you pay is well compensated by the quality of work you get from this Dewalt miter saw. 

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As a result, it is also a great choice for skilled woodworkers looking for a budget-friendly miter saw from a reliable brand. The additional accessories that you can purchase separately will help you explore various options using this miter saw.

If you are a professional contractor, this model might not be the right miter saw for you. It is on the slightly heavier side, which affects portability, which is crucial if you need the same miter saw across multiple job sites. 

Its single bevel blade can affect the efficiency of your work, which can be detrimental in high-pressure environments. It also lacks the precision and accuracy that more expensive models have, having a considerable impact on the quality of your work that might not be favorable over the long run.


The Dewalt DWS715 is a well-rounded entry-level miter saw from a reputed brand. It offers plenty of features at an affordable price, without compromising on the quality of the cuts it produces.

The main advantages of this product include its powerful motor, which spins the blade quite quickly. The easy angle and tilt adjustments add to this, making the process of angled cutting quick and simple even for an amateur. The availability of a host of accessories allows you to expand its utility depending on your requirements. 

The drawbacks that hold this product back a little are its heavy construction that affects the portability and its imprecise miter scale settings. The lack of a thumb safety switch may be intimidating to users operating a miter saw for the first time, making them less confident while operating this product. 

However, the pros of this product greatly outweigh the cons, as these cons do not affect the actual cutting operation to a great extent.

If you are someone looking to start your woodworking journey for DIY and household applications, this saw is everything you are looking for and more. This applies to users with a good level of experience as well, with budget constraints that prevent them from making an upgrade.

However, if you are a professional looking for improved efficiency, accuracy and more features from a miter saw, this might not be the product you are looking for.

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