Dewalt DCS331B Vs DCS334B, Detailed Comparison

Are you confused between the Dewalt DCS331B Vs DCS334B? I was in the same situation a few years back. I have used these two jigsaws and I can help you in deciding which one should get. 

You can read this detailed Dewalt DCS331B Vs DCS334B comparison article to understand the differences between these two. 

Dewalt DCS334B has a brushless motor and is slightly lighter than DCS331B. A slightly updated version of the DCS331B, DCS334B has superior strengths power, and durability because of its brushless motor.

Dewalt DCS331BDewalt DCS334B
Weight (in lbs)5.74.2
Blade speed3000 SPM3200 SPM
Battery typeLithium-ion batteryLithium-ion battery
Wattage 20W20W
Battery Amp Hours6.54.5
Dimensions11.25 x 11 x 3.9 inches8.25 x 1.75 x 6.38 inches
Battery voltage 2020
Warranty period3 years3 years

I was looking for a jigsaw and I had decided to upcycle some of my old pieces of furniture, the thought at first had seemed like a fever dream.

After all, I knew nothing about what tools to use where to start and some tools straight up intimidated me. 

Then on getting a hang of the basics of this whole DIY-ing process. I realized that one power tool that I absolutely could not do without where any kind of woodwork is involved is a jigsaw. 

I know the name itself sounds intimidating for some because it was the same for me but it’s one of the easiest and most convenient to use power tools and the best part, it can be used without any form of prior expertise. 

Dewalt DCS331B vs DCS334B

Now which one among the numerous available would be the best suited for you? After spending a lot of time on research I figured out the kind of work I intended to use it for, the cordless and durable Dewalt DCS331B and Dewalt DCS334B would be the best choices for me. 

But which one would be better? To solve the dilemma I bought both and used them for 6 months. If you are someone going through a similar ordeal of deciding which one among Dewalt DCS331B vs Dewalt DCS334B would be better for you then you are at the right place. 

Dewalt DCS331B and DCS334B both the jigsaws are designed keeping in mind the user’s utmost convenience.

Are portable, handy, and safe to be used by people of all ages, even kids, but under strict adult supervision. These jigsaws share similar useful features and are both great as individual choices. 

However, when comparing both to decide which one would be a better purchase it is needed that we are mindful of some of the more minute but significant differences in the two jigsaws.

Here is a deeper dive into all the similarities and differences between Dewalt DCS331B and Dewalt DCS334B that I noticed while I was using them and I hope that this article will be able to help you make your choice a bit easier.


Though both the models of the jigsaw from this reputed manufacturer may appear to be quite similar in their design and function, some significant differences set them apart.

  • DCS331B weighs around 5.57 pounds and DCS334B weighs around 4.2 pounds, and if you need a jigsaw for working around the house then the handier the tool the better it is for you to work with. DCS334B with its lighter weight makes the work faster, smoother and easier.
  • DCS331B has a battery-powered brush motor engine which although quite stable and durable falls short when compared to the brushless motor used in DCS334B mode in terms of durability and endurance. It also provides a much smoother transition in saw speed as compared to the DCS331B.

This brushless motor also allows the DCS334B to achieve a speed of 3200 RPM while DCS331B can achieve a maximum speed of 3000 RPM, which is significantly less compared to its counterpart.

  • The built-in LED light in DCS334B which is lacking in DCS331B also makes it a better option when working in the dark or someplace with low lighting.
  • DCS334B is more pricey when compared to DCS331B, and if you are someone who is running on a tight budget or won’t use the jigsaw frequently then, the more affordable option may be better for you.


Both the jigsaws also share an array of similar features and were both launched with feature sets quite different from other traditional jigsaws available in the market. Here we take a closer look at some of them:

  • The design of both the jigsaws is a very user-friendly one, designed keeping in mind the utmost convenience of their user. 
  • With their adjustable dust blowers, anti-slip grip, speed of the motor that can be very easily changed, and a very highly portable cordless design, the devices can be used by both novices and professionals across all age groups.
  • Both DCS331B and DCS334B are also equipped with lock-free blade latches which make the task of changing blades very easy and also accept T-shaped jigsaw blades, which provide optimal durability and holding power to your jigsaw. 
  • Both the devices also have a removable shoe cover to protect the work surface from scratches.

The cordless design of both devices also means that the batteries need to be recharged now and then.

  • They both use rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries with a maximum 20-volt capacity and use an integrated renewable energy technology that ensures a longer battery life.
  • To ensure speed and cut quality DCS331B and DCS334B are both capable of 4-way orbital action. That provides you with greater control when shaping the wood piece.

Now shaping those fine corners and creating those complex curves won’t be as complicated as they once used to be. 

If you are new to Jigsaws, then we have made a detailed article Best Jigsaws for Beginners, you can read that as well, and pick from the list of products that we have tested for beginners.

Dewalt DCS331B Review

Want a powerful and efficient jigsaw for your carpentering work but are running on a tight budget? Then Dewalt DCS331B may be the perfect option for you to consider when it comes to materializing your DIY-ing dreams. 

Dewalt DCS331B Jig Saw Review

This battery-run high-speed jigsaw from the reputed manufacturer Dewalt is a great option for anyone who is looking for a handy and portable alternative to their traditional saw or needs a reliable and durable power tool to kickstart their carpentering journeys and who don’t want to be limited by having to always stay near a power source and want a cordless rechargeable alternative.

Durable, functional, and easy to use when looking into Dewalt DCS331B’s impressive feature set there are many features that will catch anyone’s eye. 

So here is a deep dive into some of those features along with a list of some pros and cons to keep in mind when purchasing the device, which will surely help you assess Dewalt DCS331B as a potential jigsaw option.


  • Power: Dewalt DCS331B is a powerful machine that has a brush motor-based 6.5 Amp engine which has the power to boost its speed to up to 3000 SPM. 
Dewalt DCS331B Jigsaw Review

For anyone working with a jigsaw too low or too high speed is a common problem DCS331B with its efficient speed control system that allows you to run the jigsaw at any desired speed deals with that problem

  • Torque control and Cut Quality: Its  4-way orbital action is a good application of that feature. Where you can toggle the speed of the blade to manage the cut quality. 
Dewalt DCS331B Jigsaw

The adjustable keyless shoe bevel that can be angled at 45,30,15 and 0 degrees, also allows the user to obtain precise cuts and complicated curves. 

  • Speed: To boost its speed from 0 to 3000 it takes an average of 3.2 seconds 1.3 seconds less than traditional saws. It works on a 20 V Lithium-ion battery. 

The battery is rechargeable and uses renewable energy technology to ensure longer battery life.

  • User Convenience: An easy-to-handle power tool, it is equipped with an anti-slip handle to ensure greater control over cuts. It weighs about 5.7 pounds, a convenient weight for a device that needs to be carried around your workspace. 
Dewalt Jig Saw DCS331B Review

It comes with a built-in adjustable dust blower.DCS331B uses only T shank blades which can be very easily loaded and unloaded from the jigsaw, thanks to its lever-action keyless blade clamp. These can cut through aluminum, plastic, metal, and wood with ease.

However, when changing the blades the user may need an extra layer of protection because touching the blade with bare hands can be dangerous. 

The DCS331B package comes with a kit box and a T Shank jigsaw blade but doesn’t include a charger so you need to buy the charger yourself.

Dewalt DCS331B Jig Saw

The 3-year warranty also acts as a good incentive if you are thinking of buying the device.



  • Impressive smooth transition of speed from 0 to 3000 RPM in a very short amount of time
  • Comes with an anti-slip grip handle
  • Adjustable keyless shoe bevel that allows a finer cut quality
  • Built-in adjustable dust blower
  • Allows quick blade changes
  • A rechargeable battery that has a battery life of over 9 hours


  • Heavier when compared to jigsaws with a similar design and functionality
  • Accepts T-shaped blades only
  • Charger not provided with the device
  • Not convenient for working in the dark or low light areas

Dewalt DCS334B Review

Dewalt DCS334B is an efficient and durable woodworking tool that has a very impressive feature set. And ensures superior cut quality control through its efficient motor speed management system. 

Dewalt DCS334B Jig Saw Review

It is the perfect option to consider for anyone looking for a light and compact all-rounder power tool that will help you do all your woodwork with ease and will ensure that you do not need to stay close to a power source when using the jigsaw at the worksite or home, wherever you are using it.

So here is a short review highlighting some of the most impressive features of the device and also some pros and cons that should be kept in mind when using the device, to help you assess Dewalt DCS334B as a potential jigsaw option.


  • Power: Dewalt DCS334B uses a powerful 4.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery which increases the runtime of the device by almost 33%. The battery is not only rechargeable but also uses renewable energy technology to ensure longer battery life, even when working with higher voltage. 

It uses a brushless motor that is engineered to boost the speed of the jigsaw up to 3200 RPM with ease. 

  • Torque Control and Cut Quality: The device allows you to have complete control over the speed of your blade which in turn allows you greater control over the cut quality of your device. 
Dewalt DCS334B Jig saw

It also has an all-metal lever-action keyless blade clamp that allows the user to change the jigsaw blades without any hassle.

It’s 4- way orbital action also ensures superior cut quality for a variety of materials. The adjustable shoe bevel can be adjusted at 45, 30,15, and 0 degrees which allows you to make finer bevel cuts with ease. 

  • User Convenience: It has an ergonomic design that is extremely handy and portable, with a D-shaped anti-slip grip handle that provides greater control, especially when working with complex curves and finer cuts, and a top handle that has a speed control wheel and a lock-off switch.
Dewalt DCS334B Review

It comes with a built-in blower and a built-in LED which makes it a convenient tool when working in low-light environments.

Significantly lighter at 4.2 pounds than its counterparts available in the market, it is extremely handy if you want to work around the house with the device.



  • Equipped with an efficient brushless motor engine
  • Comes with a built-in LED
  • Provided with a no-mar shoe to shield the workpiece from unnecessary scratches
  • Equipped with a D-shaped handle with an anti-slip grip
  • Highly sturdy and durable
  • Has a superior cut accuracy


  • The saw doesn’t stick in place at times


Dewalt DCS331B vs Dewalt DCS334B was a dilemma I had when I was looking for the perfect jigsaw for my DIY-ing ventures. 

There are some significant similarities in both the devices, they both use rechargeable 20V Lithium-ion batteries and have an ergonomic design with anti-slip grip handles and easily changeable blades but the differences set them apart though minute can’t be called insignificant. 

Though the jigsaw which suits you depends on your personal preference and is entirely depending on- what purpose you need the jigsaw for and your budget. 

But after using both the Dewalt DCS331B and Dewalt DCS334B jigsaws I concluded that the Dewalt DCS334B is totally worth the upgrade. 

As I needed something to DIY some furniture and upcycle some old ones it was necessary that the jigsaw that I use would be handy and portable so that I could carry it around the house and DCS334B was much more lightweight compared to DCS331B for this purpose. 

During the time I was working on my furniture, power outages were a huge problem in the locality and we had no power for days on end but the built-in LED of the Dewalt DCS334B made it very easy for me to work even in the dark and my low lit garage. 

Because I had used both the devices for almost 6 months after some time the difference of power between the brushless motor and brush motor engine of DCS334B and DCS331B became visible as the former was faster in increasing the speed of the blade and even provided a higher cut quality.

Though more on the higher end when it comes to price DCS334B is worth it.

But that doesn’t mean DCS331B is not worth the price if you need to do some heavy-duty long-term work but if you are someone who needs something a bit more affordable or for some infrequent use then DCS331B is also a durable and reliable option to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DCS331B and DCS334B?

DCS334B is just an upgraded version of DCS331B and hence has a more diverse feature set as compared to the latter. With a more powerful brushless engine as compared to the brush motor engine of DCS331B which provides a greater speed of 3200 RPM also provides a smoother transition to that speed. 

It also ensures a greater user convenience as compared to DCS331B as it has a built-in LED allowing the user to work in low light environments and also is lighter which allows the user to carry the device around the Jobsite. 

Jigsaw Buying Guide

This vertical bladed electric saw, though a little tricky to learn, can be used even by beginners if some effort is put into it. 

But what would be the best jigsaw for the kind of work you intend on doing? What are some specifications that you must look out for? 

These can be tricky questions to answer, and the overflow of information on everything related to jigsaws can be overwhelming.

Below we have a brief guide with everything that you should know when purchasing a jigsaw.

What features to look for in your jigsaw?

Whether you need a heavy-duty saw for professional carpentering or a lightweight one for some at-home DIY-ing it all boils down to the amperage and cutting speed of the machine. 

Usually the greater the ampere rating of the machine the more heavy-duty it is. There are power tools where the speed of cutting can be adjusted and thus they can be used for a variety of purposes. 

If you are planning on working on multiple wood pieces, where it will not always be possible to stay around a power supply while working with the jigsaw, it’s always better to purchase one which has a cordless design and is lightweight. 

You also need to be careful about the type of jigsaw you are buying whether it is an orbital reciprocating jawed saw, which is mostly used for more accurate and precise cuts, or a straight reciprocating jawed saw which are mostly used to shape corners.

The type of blade that can be used in the jigsaw plays a major part. T shank blades are the most widely used blades because they can be easily loaded and unloaded from the jigsaw whereas U shank blades usually need external support for the same. 

It is also essential that you make sure that the jigsaw you are using has an ergonomic design and is easy to use, has an anti-slip handle and LED if you plan on working in a low-light environment. 

Because even if in itself jigsaw is a pretty simple tool it still needs some amount of additional support to make your experience working with it more convenient.

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