Dewalt DCN680D1 vs DCN680B Cordless Brad Nailer Compairson

After years of using my trusted finish nailer, I decided it was time to make the change to cordless technology. I decided to go for a Dewalt Brad Nailer thanks to its 20V MAX battery system and the elimination of the compressor.

However, I realized that there were two models, the Dewalt DCN680D1 and the Dewalt DCN680B, which had me confused as a result. The main question I had was this. What is the difference between the DCN680D1 and DCN680B?

The DCN680D1 and DCN680B come with the same DCN680 Brad Nailer Tool. However, the DCN680D1 comes with a carry bag, a battery, and a charger. The DCN680B is sold to the customer as just the tool alone.

Fastener Length5/8 TO 2-1/8 inches5/8 TO 2-1/8 inches
Nail Gauge18 gauge18 gauge
Battery2AhDoesn’t come with a battery
Firing ModeFull SequentialFull Sequential
Loading typeCoilCoil

In this article, I will be discussing the differences between these two brad nailers manufactured by Dewalt. I will also talk about some of the features that these models share, to help you understand the products better.

Read on as I review these products individually. I had the opportunity of trying them out personally before getting to make my choice. These reviews will discuss the important features as well as the pros and cons from a user’s standpoint.

I am sure that once you are done reading this article, you will have all the information you need to make the perfect choice about the brad nailer that suits your needs!

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Dewalt DCN680D1 VS DCN680B

Nailing has always been one of the most physically taxing works for ages. Using a hammer to repeatedly drive in a nail requires a lot of physical strength, which can also result in a lot of time being wasted in the process.

Companies like Dewalt sought to solve the problem by giving users a one-stop solution to nailing materials together. This led to the invention of nail guns, which were pneumatically driven to produce the large amounts of force required.

With the advent of new technology, cordless brad nail guns became the most convenient choice for many people. With the compressor being eliminated, nail guns became a handy tool that one could carry whenever and wherever they liked.

Two of the most popular brad nailer models from Dewalt are the DCN680D1 and the DCN680B. In the next sections, I will be discussing the differences and similarities between the two models.

I will also be reviewing them independently for those who want an unbiased opinion about these products.


There is only one small difference between the DCN680D1 and the DCCN680B, both of which are manufactured by Dewalt. The former comes with a brad nailing kit while the latter is just the tool.

The DCN680D1 comes with a yellow Dewalt carry case that allows you to accommodate the tool and your other accessories. This makes it convenient for professionals who require this tool for extensive outdoor purposes, with the bag making it easy to transport.

It also comes with a 20V MAX 2Ah Li-ion battery and a charger that is compatible with this model. This makes it a convenient purchase for those buying their first product in the Dewalt lineup as they get all the items required to use this brad nailer.

The charger on the other hand offers rapid charging, allowing you to fully charge the battery in around an hour. This charger can be plugged into any household electrical socket, offering maximum convenience for professionals and amateurs alike.

On the other hand, the DCN680B is targeted at budget-conscious customers who own a variety of Dewalt products that run on the 20V MAX system. This allows them to interchange and uses their batteries, adding more value for money to their purchase in the process.


As explained above, there is no difference between both these tools. As a result, they share the same specifications in every working aspect.

Both of these models have a brushless motor that ensures smooth performance and better runtime, while also improving the efficiency of the tool. 

These tools are powered by the 20V MAX battery system, a proprietary technology of Dewalt. This allows the tool to be more portable as users do not have to depend on the extra setup of pneumatic nail guns that require a compressor and hose to get the job.

Both these models have a micro-nose design that allows users to view the location to be nailed better. It also ensures better accuracy as the nail can be placed in the exact location as intended by the user.

Another aspect that both the Dewalt DCN680D1 and DCN680B share is the toolless changes one can make to the tool. This includes tool-free jam clearance that allows you to remove jammed nails quickly.

It also has a tool-free depth adjustment that helps you to hammer the nail to the exact depth of your choice.

They also have a tool-free stall release lever to help recover the machine in the case of a stall. This ensures that one can save a lot of time in such situations, without having to depend on specialized tools to help resolve these problems.

In the next section, I will be doing a detailed review of both these products based on my user experience. This will give you a unique perspective about how these models perform in the real world.

Dewalt DCN680D1 Review

Dewalt released the DCN680D1 as a brad nailer kit, aiming to provide a quality cordless option to its customers.

The product offered the famous Dewalt combination of performance and features, making sure the user’s convenience was the priority. 

It soon became one of the most popular models, offering an all-in-one combo that appealed to a lot of first-time Dewalt customers.

Dewalt DCN680D1 Brad Nailer Review

This product comes with a kit bag, a battery, and a charger, ensuring that customers can use this product right out of the box. The product also offered a number of useful features that made the user experience a hassle-free one. 


  • 20V MAX Battery

The DCN680D1 comes with a 20V MAX lithium-ion battery. This offers improved runtime and powerful performance, making for a comfortable experience. 

While testing the battery, I was able to get an extended runtime while performing various tasks. It also comes with a battery indicator that helped me understand how much battery was left.

Dewalt DCN680D1 Review

I was also glad to have the automatic battery shut-off facility with this brad nailer. It turns the battery off when the battery is not at its optimum working temperature, or if there is any other malfunction with the tool. 

It gave me the confidence that the battery would not be damaged in such a situation, which could lead to injuries as a result.

As usual, this battery is interchangeable with other batteries of different Ah from the same series. This allowed me to take the tool to remote locations with multiple batteries, with the rapid charger ensuring that the batteries were charged up in no time.

  • Micro-nose tip

Working with a few nail guns in the past, I always had the issue of not being able to view the exact spot where I wanted my nail to be fired. 

This often led to a reduced accuracy that had an adverse impact on the quality of my work.

Dewalt DCN680D1 Brad Nailer

With the DCN680D1, I had no such issues whatsoever. Thanks to its innovative micro-nose tip, I could sight the mark quite easily without having to move away from the tool. 

The provision of LED lights also helped improve my visibility in low-light conditions.

Another impressive aspect of this tool was the fact that it had nonmarking tips. This allowed me to use it without having to worry about the workpiece being marked by the tip. This allowed me to countersink nails with ease while adding a touch of professionalism to my work.

  • Tool-free adjustments 

The DCN680D1 offers a number of toolless operations that allow you to resolve issues like tool stalls and jams with ease. 

DEWALT Brad Nailer Kit, DCN680D1

Nail guns are quite prone to malfunctions due to their high power and their complex mechanisms.

Resolving the issue can be frustrating, as it requires special tools provided by the manufacturer.

However tool-free jam removal can be done by just opening the latch above the nail box and removing the bent nail.

Similarly, the depth adjustment dial ensures you do not need any tools to adjust the depth to which the nail must be fired.

The most useful feature that I had to use was the stall recovery, where all I had to do was slide the stall lever located on the side of the tool. 

This shifted the driver blade back to the correct position, allowing me to operate my tool in no time.

Pros and Cons


  • Quiet and smooth motor operation for easy nailing
  • Quick firing mechanism allows for faster job completion
  • Multiple firing modes gives flexibility between precision and speed
  • Multifunction LED lights indicate error and illuminate workspace


  • Heavy and bulky to handle
  • Not designed for heavy duty use
  • Kit bag is very thin, does not offer protection to the tool

Dewalt DCN680B Review

Thanks to its advanced battery system technology in the 20V MAX system, Dewalt decided to market the DCN680B as a tool-only model. 

This was done to provide existing customers of the brand with the opportunity to make the purchase of this brad nailer a much more affordable one.

Dewalt DCN680B Review

It offers the same features and performance aspects of the DCN680D1, without providing the additional accessories. 

It captured the attention of Dewalt customers looking for a performance-oriented tool without having to overspend on the product. 

Here are some of the few features that it shares with DCN680D1 that stand out for me.


  • Powerful performance

The Dewalt DCN680B comes with a brushless motor that makes the operation of this tool butter smooth. It also ensures a constant voltage supply and minimized friction when the trigger is fired, improving the efficiency of the tool considerably. 

It also has a unique flywheel design that ensures better delivery of power from the motor to the nail, making it easier for the nail to go through.

While testing the tool out, I was able to fire about 1100 nails in a single charge in multiple modes. The performance was smooth, with minimal kickback and vibrations in the process. This reduces the strain in my hands, despite being on the heavier side. 

It also ensured the work was done quickly and quietly, much to the pleasant surprise of a few neighbors who expected quite the ruckus!

  • Multiple firing modes
Dewalt DCN680B Brad Nailer Review

Nail guns are used in multiple scenarios and serve a different purpose in each situation. Thanks to Dewalt’s innovative thinking, they added two firing mechanisms that allow you to choose between speed and precision.

In the sequential mode, designed for precision, the nailer fires a single nail into the material. Here, the user must press the trigger and push the nose against the material. 

This prevents accidental firing of a second nail, and allows the user to mark the spot for better precision. 

In the bump firing mode, the nailer fires a maximum of 3 nails in a single go after the trigger is pressed and held. All I had to do was depress the nose against where I wanted to hammer the nails, and the job was over in no time. 

This allowed me to get work done faster as a result.

  • Low nail lockout

This feature can be quite useful for amateur customers who may not be aware of the damage a dry fire can cause to the workpiece. 

It prevents the tool from firing when it is down to its last 6 nails. This gives enough warning to the user that they have to fill nails in the box again before using the device.

Dewalt DCN680B Brad Nailer Kit Review

It would have been nicer to have a dry fire lockout itself as that would ensure that I did not have to reload the tool until I had completely exhausted my nails. However, I did not mind this feature as it offered some protection of the tool and the workpiece.

Pros and Cons


  • Brushless motor allows for longer battery life
  • Compatibility with 20V MAX battery system, allows for interchange of batteries
  • Small tip improves accuracy while nailing, LED light for improved sighting


  • Depth dial indicator is hard to read
  • Lacks a dry fire lockout mechanism
  • Reports of spring blade bending, causing frequent jams


After putting these brad nailers through their paces, I realized that I preferred the Dewalt DCN680B over the Dewalt DCN680D1 despite there being absolutely no difference in the tool.

My reasoning behind this was quite simple. I did not want to pay extra money for the kit, which was basically the bag, charger, and a single battery. 

As someone who uses a number of tools that are compatible with the Dewalt 20V MAX battery system, all I had to do was use a couple of batteries from them and I was good to go.

If you are a DIY projects enthusiast or looking to buy your first ever Dewalt power tool, then I would recommend the Dewalt DCN680D1.

The accompanying kit gives you an entire package that will help you use the tool to its maximum potential. Customers with a higher budget can also choose this option if they want to add a few batteries and chargers to their arsenal.

However, if you are someone who has a number of cordless Dewalt tools and a tighter budget, then I would suggest picking up the DCN680B instead. 

This will get you a better deal, offering improved value for money. You can purchase a simple tool bag later depending on whether you have such a requirement in the first place.

I hope this article has given you the clarity you need to make a decision on whether you should purchase the DCN680D1 or the DCN680B. 

I am sure that reading all the information provided above will help you make a decision that is in your best interests.

Brad Nailer Buyers Guide

Brad nailers are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of projects, from furniture assembly to home repairs.

But with so many different models and brands on the market, it can be tough to know which one is right for you. This Brad Nailer

  • The first thing to consider is what type of brad nailer best suits your budget. There are two main categories: cordless and corded electric models.

Cordless models usually cost less than $100 but lack power and convenience; meanwhile, corded electric models range from about $200-$400 depending on the manufacturer and features offered (though prices are always changing, so it’s best to check around).

  • The next thing to think about is what type of project you’ll be using the brad nailer for. If you only plan on occasional use, a lower-end model will likely suffice.

However, if you anticipate using the tool heavily or for professional purposes, it’s worth investing in a higher-quality, more durable model.

  • Finally, pay attention to the size and weight of the brad nailer. If you have small hands, look for a smaller model that will be easier to grip and maneuver.

If you’re working on a large project that requires a lot of moving around, a lighter model will be easier to carry.

By keeping these things in mind, you can be sure to find the perfect brad nailer for your needs – and your budget.

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