Detailed Comparison of Dewalt DCK590L2 vs DCK592L2, Buying Guide

As I started handling a number of professional jobs, I realized I needed to get a number of cordless tools to help me in remote locations. As a result, I decided to look for combo kits that sold a number of power tools that I would eventually require.

After doing my research for a couple of months, I decided to go for two products from Dewalt; the DCK590L2 and the DCK592L2. I am sure you are wondering, what are the differences between the Dewalt DCK590L2 and DCK592L2.

Dewalt DCK590L2 has a different reciprocating saw with a shorter blade length and lesser blade positions compared to the DCK592L2. DCK592L2 also has a more powerful circular saw that also has better bevel capacity than the DCK590L2.

Reciprocating Saw DCS381, 1-inch stroke length delivers 0-3,000 SPM, variable-speed motorDCS380, 1-1/8-inch stroke length, 1-1/8-inch stroke length, 4-position blade clamp
Hammer DrillDCD985, 3.0 Ah, 3-speed, all-metal transmission, and 1/2″ all metal ratcheting chuck delivers 535 units wattsDCD985, 3-speed, all-metal transmission, and 1/2″ all metal ratcheting chuck delivers 535 units watts 
Impact DriverDCF885, 1/4-inch, 1400 in-lbs torque, 2800 RPM single speed motor, 3200 IPM strokeDCF885, 1/4-inch, 1400 in-lbs torque, 2800 RPM single speed motor, 3200 IPM stroke
Work LightDCL040, 20V MAX LED work light delivers 110 lumens DCL040, 20V MAX LED work light delivers 110 lumens 
Circular SawDCS393, ‎3700 RPM, ‎2 Inches blade length, 50-degree bevel capacity, and a 2-1/4in. cutting depthDCS391, lightweight magnesium shoe and 6-1/2-inch carbide blade can cut 2x4s at a 45-degree angle
Battery system/battery provided 20V MAX/2x 3.0Ah batteries 20V MAX/2x 3.0Ah batteries 
Other accessories Contractor bag, carbide blade, side handle, fast chargerContractor bag, side handle, fast charger
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In this article, I will be describing to you my experiences of owning both the kits from Dewalt. You will get an in-depth understanding of these products in this ownership comparison of the DCK590L2 vs DCK592L2.

DCK590L2 vs DCK592L2

This will include the differences and similarities between these two kits. Read on as I independently review these two combos in the next section to give you a better idea of what these two kits have to offer. This will include a short description of the tools used in both kits.

DCK590L2 vs DCK592L2

Stay till the end to know which kit out of the two I liked better and why. This is then followed by the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which will answer some of the most common doubts regarding these combo kits from Dewalt.

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Dewalt DCK590L2 vs DCK592L2

Dewalt has established its presence over the years in the power tools industry. The company is renowned for a wide variety of innovative products that are used by numerous customers across the globe.

The company has become one of the major innovators in the cordless tools space, introducing a number of products that run on common battery systems like the 20V MAX system. 

I have been a regular customer of Dewalt’s products, eagerly waiting for their latest updates and new innovations. 

However, I was quite pleased when I heard the company was selling these combo kits that allowed customers to pick up multiple tools together at a much more affordable price.

DCK592L2 vs DCK590L2

After doing my research, I zeroed in on the DCK590L2 and the DCK592L2 as the kits of my choice. In the next section, I will detail the differences between these two options from the perspective of someone who used the tools in both these kits.


There are two main differences between the DCK590L2 and the DCK592L2. They have different reciprocating saws and circular saws. I will be describing the difference in detail below.

  • Reciprocating Saw

The Dewalt DCK590L2 has the DCS381 model as the reciprocating saw in the combo while the DCK592L2 has the DCS380 as its reciprocating saw.

The DCS381 has a blade length of 1” and gives the user 2 blade position options to choose from. On the other hand, the DCS380 has a longer stroke length of 1-⅛” as well as 4-blade positions, giving the user increased versatility.

Dewalt DCS381 Reciprocating saw

The biggest real-world difference between the two saws was the speed at which they could get the job done. Thanks to the longer stroke length, I was able to cut through a sheet of metal much faster with the DCS380 than with the DCS381

I was also more comfortable with the DCS380 across a variety of tasks as the multiple blade positions gave me the flexibility to set up the saw in the way I wanted compared to the DCS381, which gave me just a couple of options.

  • Circular Saw

The Dewalt DCK590L2 comes with a DCS393 circular saw while the DCK592L2 kit comes with a DCS391 model of a circular saw.

DCS391 has a more powerful motor and a higher speed of 5150 RPM. This allowed me to get some heavy-duty cutting work done with ease. On the other hand, the DCS393 has a lower speed of 3700 RPM, which made it better suited for basic household requirements and DIY projects

The DCS391 has an alloy molded foot while the DCS393 has a steel foot. The alloy molded foot gave me better control and a more stable base but did not dampen out the vibrations as much as I’d have liked it too. 

Dewalt DCS393 Cicular saw

The steel foot of the DCS393 did a much better job at reducing the vibrations, but it did not offer the same level of precision and control as the DCS391

The DCS391 is heavier at 7.72 lbs and is also slightly wider than the DCS393, which weighs 7.62 lbs. This is mainly because of the increased motor capacity. 

As a result, it becomes a much more stable product compared to DCS393. However, I found the DCS393 a bit easier to carry and transport due to its reduced weight. 

  • Carbide tipped blade

The DCK590L2 comes with an additional carbide-tipped blade that can be used in the reciprocating and circular saw. 

However, the DCK592L2 comes with a single carbide blade for the reciprocating saw. This was a mild inconvenience as I had to buy a separate blade to use the other tools included in the kit.


The DCK590L2 and DCK592L2 come with five tools each and have the same types of tools in both kits.

They include a hammer drill, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, an impact driver, and a work light, all of which are Dewalt models that are sold individually as well.

The DCK590L2 and DCK592L2 both run on the Dewalt 20V MAX battery system that powers a wide variety of Dewalt tools. Both these packs also come with 2 3.0Ah batteries that can be interchanged between the tools when required.

They also come with fast chargers that allow you to rapidly charge the batteries. This feature was a lifesaver in both kits as I did not unnecessarily have to carry extra batteries to ensure the continuous operation of the tools.

They also come with the same version of LED light (DCL040) that gives the user an improved sight of the workpiece. The light also has a flexible head design that allows users to adjust the angle to prevent shadows from obstructing the view of the worksite.

Both the DCK590L2 and DCK592L2 come with similar accessories as well. The bright yellow contractor bag with the Dewalt branding allows you to carry these tools around without any hassles. 

It was a convenient addition to the kit as it ensured better portability and convenience while going to different job sites. Just like most Dewalt products, these combo kits come with a 3-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer. 

It also has a 90-day cash-back guarantee in case the product is not the right fit for your requirements. Customers can also avail of one year of free service for all the tools in this kit.

Dewalt DCK590L2 Review

Dewalt introduced the DCK590L2 to its customers who were looking for a combo kit that offered multiple tools. It also made for an attractive purchase for customers looking to try out multiple Dewalt products at once. 

Targeting professional contractors and handymen who were looking for greater value for their money, they provided them with some of the most essential tools in this kit. 

Over time, the high quality and ease of use along with the premium feel made it one of the top-selling combo kits in the country. 

The kit includes a hammer drill, an impact driver, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw and a work light as the main tools. It also comes with a bunch of accessories and batteries that can be used with all the tools.

In the next section, I will discuss some of the standout features that stood out for me in this kit that made it a worthwhile experience. 


  • Multiple accessories

The Dewalt DCK590L2 comes with a bunch of useful accessories that improve the practicality of this kit. This included a belt clip, a 360° side handle, and a carrying bag. 

I was quite happy that Dewalt chose to add a belt clip to this kit, which makes it extremely convenient to use an impact driver and hammer drill together. 

I did not have to leave the tools on the ground but could hook them onto my belt and walk around with them. This ensured better safety and security for my tools, which allowed me to work with a lot more peace of mind.

Dewalt DCK590L2 Review

The side handle was a useful addition that helped me stabilize my operation of the two saws included in this kit. The 360° motion of this handle also ensured I could find the most convenient and comfortable position, making it easier for me to use the tools as a result.

The carrying bag was also helpful as it allowed me to collect all my tools in one place. However, I was left a bit disappointed as the tools kept clashing with each other inside the bag while walking around with it. 

I would have been better off with a hard case in this situation, but I would not complain too much considering the price I paid for this kit.

  • Compatibility with the 20V MAX system

Unified battery systems have revolutionized how we look at cordless power tools in the modern-day. Dewalt was one of the pioneers in the field, releasing the famous 20V MAX battery system much to the delight of its large customer base.

I have long been a big fan of this system and already own a large number of tools that are compatible with the 20V MAX batteries. On purchasing this kit, I was pleased that it came with two 3.0Ah batteries. As a result, I had a couple more batteries that I could use with my other tools.

I was also happy that this kit was provided with two batteries of higher capacity, as it allowed me to use tools for a longer period of time. 


This was especially useful in the case of the power-hungry saws that usually consume a lot more power than some of the other cordless tools.

The fast charger provided in this kit was also a great addition, as it ensured quick charge times. This allowed me to work with one battery while the other one was charging at the same time. 

When the battery ran out, I could seamlessly change them and continue my job without having to wait for too long.  



  • Ideal for contractors looking to purchase multiple tools at once
  • Quick-release hex mechanism of the impact driver makes for convenient bit changes
  • Worklight helps illuminate a larger working area
  • 3-year warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee, and 1-year free service


  • Batteries lack quality, drain faster due to brushed motors
  • Poor manual design makes it difficult to troubleshoot
  • The Reciprocating saw cannot be adjusted for depth

Dewalt DCK592L2 Review

Dewalt is one of my favorite brands because they design products that cater to the specific needs of the larger customer base. They also take the feedback of regular customers and professionals quite seriously, allowing them to understand and fine-tune their products.

Many contractors, including myself, were not happy with the reciprocating saw and circular saw in the previous kits. I felt like it needed a more powerful model that could withstand heavy-duty work when required. Thankfully, Dewalt released the DCK592L2 to solve just that.

Dewalt DCK592L2 Review

The kit has the same features as the DCK590L2, with a similar set of tools but for the two mentioned above. I will be discussing the reciprocating saw and circular saw in detail in the next section.


  • Reciprocating saw

The reciprocating saw included in the DCK590L2 is the DCS380 model. I personally loved this saw because it was a much-needed power upgrade without adding too much of a cost to this kit. It is also one of the lightest models that I have come across, making it even better for the end-user.

I was quite impressed with how well this saw was able to cut through metal. It got the job done quite quickly. However, vibrations were an unwanted side effect that could have been minimized. 

The performance on wood was okay though, with the lack of orbital action causing a visible delay in the time taken to cut through a block. I also liked how compact the tool was designed to be, which allowed me to work on jobs that require me to adopt the overhead position. 

The large rubber grips offered a comfortable and large surface area to hold the tool, which ensured great comfort and a nice ergonomic hold while operating this saw.

  • Circular saw 

The DCS391 is the circular saw included in the DCK592L2 kit sold by Dewalt. It offers smooth and accurate performance thanks to some smart design thinking. 

However, this model may be a bit heavier for those looking to use it for a longer period of time. The magnesium shoe made a world of difference in terms of how accurately I was able to cut through my materials. 

While many others felt it had a lot more vibrations, I personally figured out a way to maximize the accuracy without the vibrations causing any real issues.

It must also be noted that the default blade provided by Dewalt worked quite well with this tool. It offered good quality cuts and a bevel feature that allowed the blade to tilt upto 50° in either direction. 

This was quite useful in helping me make angular and compound cuts without wasting too much time on readjusting the blade.



  • Great value for money makes it a budget-friendly purchase
  • Powerful tools can handle heavy-duty requirements
  • Considerable upgrades to the saws in this combo kit
  • Cordless tools make it convenient for moving around


  • Impact driver and drill wear out faster due to brushed motor
  • Canvas bag does not prevent tools from colliding with each other while carrying
  • Reports of early signs of wear and tear on drills, gearbox, and saw teeth


At the end of this Dewalt DCK590L2 vs DCK592L2 ownership review, it is time to tell you which of these two combo kits is my favorite. The answer to that would be the Dewalt DCK592L2.

There were no differences between the two kits in terms of the number of tools they offered. However, the DCK592L2 has a better reciprocating saw, as well as a circular, saw that gave me better options and performance compared to those offered in the DCK590L2.

Both these kits are priced similarly, making it a more feasible option for me to prefer the DCK592L2. It gave me better value for money in the long run, allowing me to justify the price tag as a result.

I also personally felt that the DCK592L2 addressed a couple of minor quality issues in terms of the make and build of the products. 

They felt a little more premium in my hand, with a better fit and finish. I also felt much more comfortable working with these tools, making it a better overall experience as a result.

These kits are great for those looking to revamp their entire toolkit or for those looking to make a switch to cordless tools. If you are on a very tight budget, then I would suggest going for the DCK590L2. However, if you have a few extra bucks to spend, then I would suggest going for the DCK592L2. 

Buying Guide

A reciprocating saw is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, from demolition to carpentry. If you’re in the market for a reciprocating saw, it’s important to understand the different features and options available before making your purchase.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of reciprocating saws and provide tips on what to look for when shopping for one. We’ll also recommend some models to consider based on your needs.

When shopping for a reciprocating saw, the most important factor to consider is the blade. The type of blade you’ll need depends on the material you’ll be cutting and the thickness of that material. For example, if you’re planning on cutting through wood, you’ll need a different blade than if you’re cutting through metal.

There are two main types of reciprocating saw blades: standard and tungsten carbide. Standard blades are made of high-carbon steel and are designed for general-purpose cutting. Tungsten carbide blades are more expensive but they’re also much more durable and can withstand more abuse. If you’re not sure which type of blade to get, ask a salesperson at your local hardware store for guidance.

Another important factor to consider when shopping for a reciprocating saw is the stroke length. The stroke length is the distance the blade travels in one direction.

Short stroke lengths are ideal for making precise cuts, while longer stroke lengths are better for quickly cutting through thicker materials. Most reciprocating saws have adjustable stroke lengths, so you can choose the right setting for your needs.

When deciding which reciprocating saw to buy, it’s also important to think about the power source. Corded models are typically more powerful than cordless models, but they’re also tethered to an outlet, which can be a bit of a hassle.

Cordless models are more convenient but they generally don’t offer as much power. If you’re not sure whether you need a corded or cordless model, ask yourself how often you’ll be using the saw and what type of projects you’ll be using it for.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you should have a good idea of what to look for in a reciprocating saw. Use this guide as a starting point and then do some additional research to find the perfect model for your needs.


  • What is the difference between Dewalt DCK590L2 and DCK592L2?

    The reciprocating saw of the Dewalt DCK590L2 has a 1” stroke length and 2 blade positions, while the DCK592L2 has a 1-⅛” stroke length and 4 blade positions. 

    The DCK592L2 also has a more powerful circular saw with a wider bevel range compared to the DCK590L2.

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