Dewalt DCF899HB vs DCF899B: Comparison by Owner

As someone who makes my living with power tools, I know just how important an impact wrench is. Recently, I wanted to change my impact wrench which had aged considerably. 

While doing my research, I zeroed down to the Dewalt DCF889B and DCF889HB. I was then confused as to what the differences between these two models were. Here is the quick answer for DCF899HB vs DCF899B comparison.

The Dewalt DCF889B has a detent anvil and is slightly heavier than the Dewalt DCF889HB. This is an updated model of the DCF889B, which has a hog ring anvil and is the lighter model of the two.

Dewalt DCF899HBDewalt DCF899B
Speed2400 IPM2400 IPM
No Load Speed400/ 1200/ 1900 RPM400/ 1200/ 1900 RPM
Torque700 ft. lbs.700 ft. lbs.
Breakaway Torque1200 ft. lbs.1200 ft. lbs.
Weight6 lbs.6 lbs.
Drive Size1/2″1/2″

In this article, I am going to discuss the differences between these two models in detail. Being manufactured by Dewalt, I will also discuss the similarities between the two, including the technology and dimensions.

Read on as I then review these two impact wrenches individually. While giving you my personal opinion about these two products, I will also list out the various features as well as the pros and cons in brief.

At the end of this article, I am sure that you will have all the information you need to make a wise purchase when it comes to picking your first or next impact wrench.

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Dewalt DCF899HB vs DCF899B

Dewalt is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to power tools. Over the years, they have been at the forefront of development and innovation in the field, helping make these tools more efficient and user-friendly.

This was one of the main reasons that motivated me to look for Dewalt products in the impact wrench segment. That is when I came across the DCF899B and DCF899HB. 

At first glance, they looked alike but had a small difference in price. This made me wonder what the difference between the two was.

As suggested by the name, the DCF899HB stands for a hog ring anvil model, while the DC899B was the conventional detent anvil. 

I was interested to know more about the differences between the two from a technical standpoint, which I have highlighted in the next section. 

Differences between Dewalt DCF899HB and DCF899B

The main difference between the DCF899HB and the DCF899B, both manufactured by Dewalt, is the anvil mechanism. 

It is responsible for the transfer of torque from the impact of the rotating hammer to the socket. 

comparison of Dewalt DCF899HB and DCF899B

As a result, it produces high amounts of turning torque in a short burst of time, allowing for forces greater than humanly possible to be applied onto nuts and bolts.

The Dewalt DCF889B has a detent anvil, which uses a detent pin to hold the socket to the anvil after removal. As a result, this is preferred in situations where a falling socket may cause potential damage to persons working below. 

This type of mechanism is therefore preferred by those working at heights, such as in construction and elevated assemblies.

The Dewalt DCF889HB on the other hand has a hog ring anvil. These types of anvils are preferred by mechanics who require speed over the retaining socket. 

As a result, they are operated lower to the ground to minimize the damage caused by the falling socket. 

This model of impact wrenches is preferred by automobile mechanics and can be seen commonly on race tracks while quickly changing tires.

This difference in mechanism also leads to a slight difference in weight between these two models. The DCF889B is slightly lighter at 5.8 lbs. This makes it convenient to use this in overhead applications for longer periods of time without straining the arms much.

The hog ring anvil results in a slight weight increase for the DCF889HB. Weighing around 6.4 lbs, it allows for a more stable operation for longer periods of time, while helping minimize the vibrations of operating this tool.

Dewalt DCF899HB vs DCF899B

The last difference between these two products is the maintenance and repair procedures. The detent anvil mechanism is easy to maintain, requiring a rather simple procedure to inspect and repair when needed.

On the other hand, the hog ring anvil requires a couple of basic tools like hammers and screwdrivers, which makes the process of repair and maintenance a slightly more cumbersome one.

Similarities between Dewalt DCF899HB and DCF899B

The Dewalt DCF899B and DCF899HB both have the same dimensions of 9.94” x 4.25” x 10.73”. This combines well with the oversized grips that give the users a comfortable and large gripping surface. This helps use the product for longer periods of time as a result.

Coming to the performance aspect of both these models, they both have brushless motors that offer the same amount of torque and output figures. 

They also come with the three speed control setting that allows you to choose the exact speed that you require to get the job done.

Coming to the features that these products share, they both have a battery indicator that allows you to check how much battery is left from time to time. This can be crucial in situations where you do not have regular access to power.

Both these models also have an LED light that allows you to work in low light conditions. This allows you to sight your workpiece quite effectively, allowing you to get the job done much more effectively.

The DCF899B and DCF899HB are both compatible with the 20V MAX battery range from Dewalt. 

This gives customers with existing Dewalt products a wide variety of batteries to choose from. With stellar performance and long life being trademarks of this battery range, it gives users the confidence to utilize this tool for long hours at a stretch.

Dewalt DCF899HB Review

The Dewalt DCF899HB is the upgraded hog ring anvil impact wrench manufactured by Dewalt. 

This ensured that my transition from loud pneumatic wrenches to electric models was a decision that I did not regret. It also helped me reduce the number of tools I needed to get the job done.

Dewalt DCF899HB Impact Wrench review

This impact wrench was introduced to give mechanics improved speed when changing sockets, allowing them to be more efficient while changing numerous lugs and nuts.

The superior build quality of this product was evident from the moment I picked up this tool. 

It felt comfortable in my hand, giving me the confidence that I could use this tool for hours without hurting my arms in the process. It also packed robust performance that complemented its great design. 


  • Powerful performance

The DCF899HB has a powerful brushless motor that delivers smooth yet powerful performance when required. I was quite impressed by the theoretical figures of 700 ft/lbs of torque and 1200 ft/lbs of breakaway torque. 

However, I truly felt the impact of these numbers when I first used this impact wrench to remove a tire from my car. Despite rusty nuts that had worn out over time, the tool made light work of the job, helping me finish the job in no time.

Over time, I also tested the DCF899HB for various heavy-duty tasks across my workshop. Safe to say, this tool offered consistent performance throughout, which made my life easier.

  • Three speed option

The DCF899HB comes with a three-speed option; 400 RPM, 1200 RPM, and 1900 RPM. As a result, I was able to dial in the exact setting I required, allowing me to exert the required force on the nut.

Dewalt DCF899HB Review

This helped me avoid over tightening of lugs on the wheel, which could cause damage to the lug and the tire in the long run. 

It also ensured that the socket did not slip, which could cause damage to the anvil and impact mechanism of the tool.

  • 20V MAX battery compatibility

Dewalt’s introduction of the 20V MAX battery range changed the way I looked at purchasing my power tools. Being a regular customer of other products in the same range, it was only natural that I chose an impact wrench that was compatible with this system of batteries.

The battery consumption of the DCF899HB was quite balanced, allowing me to use the tool for longer periods of time. This was quite useful as I did not have to take more than a couple of batteries to remote sites to complete the required work.

The other advantage with this was that I could interchange batteries of various capacities according to my need, allowing me to run the impact wrench continuously. 

This helped me complete my tasks with better efficiency, helping me save a lot of time in the process. 



  • Good ergonomics and balanced feel for comfortable operation
  • LED work light facilitates better sighting of the workpiece
  • Powerful performance helps it get rid of the tightest lugs
  • Hog ring anvil allows for quick change between sockets
  • Tough build quality can withstand falls from a considerable height


  • The direction button gets triggered easily, causing a sudden change in direction
  • Impacts are quite loud
  • Reports of underpowered operation occasionally require professional handling for better performance
  • Risky to use for overhead operations

Dewalt DCF899B Review

The Dewalt DCF899B is the detent anvil model of the DCF899 impact wrenches manufactured by the company. Built primarily for heavy-duty purposes, this impact wrench is a great choice for those looking to work on overhead applications or at a height.

I found the performance of the DCF899B to be quite impressive irrespective of the material it had to tackle. It had a great grip on the sockets, which ensured that my work was made easier when it came to removing or tightening them.

It also comes with a number of handy features like an LED light and compatibility with the 20V MAX battery system. 

This makes it a great addition to existing Dewalt customers who run tools of the same system, as well as those looking for great performance at an affordable price.


  • Solid build quality and performance

At first glance, many customers may find that the DCF899B is quite a heavy impact wrench. While that is true to an extent, I would attribute that mainly to the solid build quality thanks to its premium materials. 

Dewalt DCF899B Review

This makes it a great choice of an impact wrench to use at heights. There were a couple of occasions when I dropped the tool from a height of about 5 feet.

However, there was no damage whatsoever to the tool, allowing me to continue with my work seamlessly.

This impact wrench also packs a punch when it comes to performance. Thanks to a maximum of 700 lbs of torque, one has more than sufficient power to remove the toughest of lugs and nuts. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications as well.

  • Comfortable ergonomics

An impact wrench produces unbelievable amounts of braking torque that can be quite strenuous on the hand. However, I had no such complaints with the DCF899B, which was quite comfortable to use.

The oversized rubberized grips gave me more than enough space to hold the tool with ease. It also played an important role in dampening the vibrations produced by the impact mechanism. 

This ensured better precision and more effective transmission of torque onto the lugs.

This tool also felt quite balanced, which ensured that I did not have to put in too many corrective actions to ensure the stability needed while removing or fastening lugs and nuts.

  • LED light

There were a couple of occasions where I had to use my Dewalt DCF899B in the middle of the night to help change my neighbor’s flat tire. 

However, I was quite worried that I may not have enough light to get the job done.

Dewalt DCF899B Impact Wrench Review

However, the thoughtfully added LED light on this model ensured that I had more than enough visibility of the lugs on the tire. It also had a 20-second delay feature that kept the light on even after I released the trigger.

This feature was also quite useful while working in my workshop, as I could clearly see what it was I was working on. This helped me increase my efficiency while reducing the risk of me making a mistake in the process.



  • Three speed setting and trigger are easy to operate, even for amateurs
  • 20V MAX battery compatibility, convenient for Dewalt 20V tool owners
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design, easy on the arms for longer periods
  • Powerful brushless motor performance with high breakaway torque


  • Does not come with a battery and charger
  • Takes time to align anvil with socket, anvil cannot spin freely
  • Multiple reports of failure within warranty period


  • What is the difference between DCF899B and DCF899HB?

    The Dewalt DCF899B is lighter than the Dewalt DCF899HB by around 0.6 lbs despite having the same dimensions. This is mainly due to the different anvils used within these tools.

    The DCF899B has a detent anvil, which offers a better grip on the workpiece compared to the DCF899HB, which has a hog ring anvil. The latter allows you to switch between workpieces quickly.

    The detent anvil mechanism is much easier to maintain and repair, as it does not need any specialized tools. However, the hog ring anvil requires the use of hammers and screwdrivers, making for a slightly more complicated maintenance procedure.

  • For what type of users Dewalt DCF899HB is for?

    The Dewalt DCF899HB is a great buy for users who work long hours on different workpieces using their wrenches. The hog ring anvil mechanism helps switch between pieces easily as it does not hold onto the sockets as tightly. 

    It is also slightly heavier, which allows it to offer better stability when operated. This may assist workers in looking for that extra bit of precision from their wrench.

  • For what type of users Dewalt DCF899B is for?

    The Dewalt DCF899B is the perfect wrench for customers who are looking for individual performance over socket switching speed. Thanks to its detent anvil mechanism, it grips onto the socket tightly, allowing for more efficient transmission of torque as a result.

    It is also a lighter model, making it suitable for elderly customers as well as those looking to reduce the strain on their arms.

Final Thoughts

Here we are at the end of our DCF899HB vs DCF899B comparison, after reviewing both these products, I found it quite difficult to come to a decision about the best impact wrench between the two. However, the Dewalt DCF899B was the better model in my opinion compared to the Dewalt DCF899HB.

The differences were quite subtle but could have had a bigger impact in the long run. The detent anvil felt easier to use, especially if you were not too familiar with using the impact wrench. 

The learning curve was much simpler, which allowed many more people to operate the tool in a short span of time.

I also found the detent pin being a lifesaver for me as it allowed me to work on numerous overhead assemblies. 

I did not have to worry about the sockets falling off from the tool and causing injury to me or my colleagues.

It also helped get a better grip on the sockets compared to the DCF899HB. The requirement to quickly remove sockets was not a frequent one at my end. 

As a result, I preferred the better delivery of power and resistance to damage and cracking of the socket that the DCF899B offered.

Despite being on the heavier side, the DCF899B is 0.6 lbs lighter. It makes it a lot easier to operate and handle this tool, with the comfortable ergonomics assisting the user adequately. 

At the end of this DCF899HB vs DCF899B comparison, I hope you have all the information you were looking for about the DCF899B and the DCF899HB.

I am confident that this will help you understand and choose one of these high-quality impact wrenches from Dewalt, which will make your life easier in the future.

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