Dewalt’s DCF887B vs DCF888B: Detailed Comparison

Dewalt has always been a well-respected brand in the tool industry, and their latest 18-volt cordless tools continue that tradition. The DCF887B and the DCF888B are both parts of Dewalt’s XR line, but there are some key differences between the two models.

In this DCF887B vs DCF888B comparison article, we will compare the two tools in detail to help you decide which one is right for you. We have used these two impact drivers for around a year now. And now I can share my thoughts which is better.

Dewalt DCF888B is an updated version of the DCF887B. The difference between DCF887B and DCF888B is the weight, size and wireless connectivity that allows you to track the tool with Dewalt Tool Connect app.

Dewalt DCF887BDewalt DCF888B
Chuck Size¼” hex¼” hex
Dimensions8”x 2.9”x 5”8”x 3” x 5.88”
Weight3.8 lbs2 lbs
RPM0 to 1000, 2800 and 32500 to 1000, 2800 and 3250
Torque1825 in. lbs.1825 in. lbs.
Wireless ConnectivityNoYes
Maximum Power300W300W
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

In this article, I will be doing a detailed comparison of the Dewalt DCF887B vs DCF888B from a user’s perspective. Not only will I list the differences and similarities, but I will also help you understand how they translate in the real world when using the tools.

To help you get a better understanding of both these products individually, I have also reviewed them separately. In this section, I have discussed the standout features as well as the pros and cons. This will give you a better insight into these products independently.

Read on to find out which product I preferred and my reasons for the same. I have also answered a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which will give you the answers to some of the most popular queries about these products.

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Dewalt DCF887B vs DCF888B

Dewalt has established itself as one of the leaders in the power tools industry. The company has constantly pushed the boundaries with its unique and innovative products from time to time.

The 20V MAX XR battery range system opened up a number of possibilities for the integration of brushless motors in cordless tools. It also allowed for better efficiency and power delivery, ensuring performance similar to that of their corded counterparts.

One of their most products in the cordless range are their impact drivers. These compact and lightweight tools provide high amounts of torque and a number of useful features that ensure a great customer experience.

The Dewalt DCF887B was one of the earlier brushless models released by the brand, offering users the chance to have a great option for household work and DIY projects.

The company then introduced the DCF888B impact driver with a few tweaks that enhanced the user experience and added a couple of features that made it a great value for money buy for users.

Read on as I now discuss the differences between the two models in our Dewalt DCF887B vs DCF888B comparison article.


  • Speed settings

The Dewalt 887B comes with 3 speed settings that allows you to choose the number of impacts per minute. This gave me the finesse I needed while operating this tool and ensured that I did not cause any damage to the material that I was using the driver on.

The addition of the Precision Control gave me the added modulation that I needed while operating the trigger. As a result, I felt my inputs being translated to the driver in a much more precise manner than other models I had previously tried.

However, the DCF888B improved on this aspect by providing an additional speed setting that could increase the level of control I had. 

It also had the option to program the exact speed setting of my choice using the Dewalt Tool Connect App, which allowed me to utilize this tool just the way I wanted to.

  • Wireless connectivity

I did not even realize how wireless connectivity could be used in tools until I came across the Dewalt DCF888B. Thanks to the company’s never ending innovation, one can now manage their tool using a simple app that can be operated on a smartphone.

This model is compatible with Dewalt’s Tool Connect, which requires a tag-like device to be attached at the bottom (sold separately). This connects the device to a smartphone linked Dewalt Tool Connect App, which is available on iOS and the Google Play Store.

Being a contractor who likes sharing my tools, I sometimes tend to lose track of where my tool is or to whom I handed it over to. 

However, I was able to use the Inventory Management feature to make a note of whom I was handing the tool to. I could also locate the tool using the Find My Tool feature, which ensured a great deal of security to me.

I was also able to create a virtual fence to ensure that the tool did not go beyond the jobsite. A feature I thankfully did not have to use was the Disable Tool option, which prevents the tool from being used if it exceeds the fence. This almost guaranteed that my impact driver would never be stolen.

Other useful features that the app offers include diagnostics about various performance parameters that include battery life and LED settings. The Dewalt DCF887B on the other hand does not offer any such wireless connectivity


  • Battery system

The Dewalt DCF887B and 888B both use the 20V MAX XR battery system. The XR version of the popular MAX range of batteries is designed specially for the brushless cordless tools, improving their power delivery and performance as a result.

I was quite impressed by the improved runtime of these XR batteries as they ran for considerably longer. It allowed me to reduce the dependency on multiple batteries to get a single job done. 

At the same time, these batteries did not sacrifice performance to extend battery life. Checking out the diagnostics of the 888B model helped get an in depth understanding of my battery usage, which was near maximum for most of the time I used.

  • ¼” Hex Chuck

The ¼” Hex Chuck is provided in both the Dewalt DCF887B and Dewalt DCF888B allows for single handed bit changes without requiring any special tools. It has an easy grip sleeve that ensures the bit is stable and held firmly in place. 

This feature was quite helpful in job sites where I had to shuffle between multiple bits during the job. I did not have to waste time searching for a separate toolkit just to replace the bit. 

Instead, all I had to do was unscrew the sleeve to loosen the chuck, replace the bit and tighten it and the job was done.

  • Motor

The Dewalt DCF887B and DCF888B both have brushless motors that offer smooth performance. They have the same output figures of 205 Nm maximum torque, allowing them to deal with most lightweight work with ease.

I was quite happy with the power that the motor provided me, especially for the size and price of these models. They were responsive and offered me a hassle free experience that allowed me to get the job done quickly. 

However, both these models struggle to cope with higher torque requirements, making them less suited for heavy-duty work.

  • Warranty

Since both the DCF887B and the DCF888B are manufactured by Dewalt, they come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty on the tool. They also come with a 90 day money back guarantee and a 1 year free service from the date of purchase of the tool.

Dewalt DCF887B Review

The Dewalt DCF887B is one of the most commonly used cordless impact drivers in the market. The model has won over its customers thanks to its compact design and excellent performance.

I was slightly disappointed that I was just getting the tool when I purchased this model, especially considering I had paid a considerable amount of money for this product.

Dewalt DCF887B Review

However, the cost was soon justified as I began using this tool for moderately intense jobs such as removing the lugs from my tires, which was completed in no time.

Over time, there were a few aspects of this product that definitely stood out for me compared to other models in the market. Read on as I explain them in detail in the next section.


  • LED lighting 

Most tools provide a single LED light that illuminates the work area. However, most of these tools face an issue as the shadow of the bit or chuck ends up obscuring the view of the material being worked on.

Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver LED light

Dewalt found an innovative solution to this problem by adding 3 LED lights to the DCF887B. This provides a halo like pattern around the material that ensures the surface is sufficiently illuminated. At the same time, they did not suck too much juice out of the batteries.

I was quite impressed at the amount of light I had when the LEDs were activated. The delay feature that allowed the lights to stay on after the trigger was released was a nice touch as well. 

It allowed me to inspect the job without requiring additional lights or the tool having to be triggered just to have the lights back.

  • Compact and lightweight design 

The DCF887B has become a popular model over time thanks to its superior ergonomics. I was truly amazed at just how light and small the tool was in my hand, while offering the amount of power it did. 

Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver Review

The short nature of the chuck did not affect the balance of the tool, ensuring better amounts of precision and control while using it. It also allowed me to use this impact driver in tight spaces that did not have too much of a clearance.

The tool also felt solid in my hands, despite being one of the lightest models in this category. The vibrations were minimized and the oversized grips ensured I could hold on to this model with ease. 

This also ensured customers with medical issues could operate this tool for longer without hurting themselves.

Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver



  • Made in USA for guaranteed quality
  • 3 speed mode allows for precision power and torque delivery
  • Compatibility with all batteries of the 20V MAX XR system
  • Well priced for household and DIY customers


  • Buying a battery separately is quite expensive
  • Reports of tool cutting off frequently and noise at maximum speed
  • Tolerance between bit and chuck is too high, causes bit stall at angles
  • Debris can get trapped under the speed selector switch

Dewalt DCF888B Review

The Dewalt DCF888B is a powerful and versatile 18-volt drill/driver. It also comes with an LED light to help you work in low-light conditions. If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile drill/driver, the Dewalt DCF888B might be just what you need.

Dewalt DCF888B Review


  • 20V MAX XR battery system

As always, I have always been a big fan of unified battery systems such as the Dewalt MAX and Makita 20V systems. However, Dewalt decided to up the game by designing batteries, especially for cordless tools by introducing the MAX XR range.

These batteries offered solid performance, offering longer run times than their MAX counterparts by quite a bit. They also had an improved charging aspect, which allowed me to get my batteries charged in no time.

The only drawback is that these batteries are not provided with the tool while making the purchase. As a result, you may have to shell out a few extra bucks to get one. However, if you are someone who is planning to use multiple Dewalt cordless tools, then it is worth the money.

  • 3-speed setting

The DCF888B also has a 3-speed setting that allows you to dial in the exact speed you need from the tool. As a result, I could apply the right amount of force and torque I needed to prevent damaging the material without slowing me down too much.

Dewalt DCF888B Impact Driver

I was quite impressed with the precision mode that was included with the first speed option. This gave me the finesse that many similarly priced tools lack. As a result, I was able to get a much more professional experience while operating this tool, much to my delight.

Another aspect of this product that stands out is the ability to dial in your own speed settings according to your preference using the Dewalt Tool Connect app. 

This allowed me to add a couple more settings for specific applications, making sure I used this tool exactly the way I wanted to. 

  • Wireless Connectivity

This model comes with wireless connectivity , means you can track all the settings and features of the tool from your smartphone. like I can check the battery level when I’m at the truck so my employees don’t have to get down from the roof if it goes out.

It can also alret you to find it, and it can automatically selects the different modes, and can also tracks temperature, trigger pulls, operating time, and shuts itself off automatically within the time you entered.

Just make sure you don’t let your phone die with the “Disable If Out of Range” feature enabled when your hanging drywall on a bathroom ceiling unless you have another driver close.

Here are some of the images from the application itself.



  • LED lighting system eliminates shadows, halo lighting for better viewing
  • Better battery performance than 18V NiCd batteries
  • Bluetooth connectivity adds modern connectivity and diagnostic tools
  • Affordable pricing and compact design to fit in tight spaces and pockets


  • Virtual fence causes tool to shut down if not in the hand at times
  • Multiple reports of bent shafts and broken chucks
  • Battery tends to drain faster due to Bluetooth features


I am sure you are waiting to find out which model I liked the most by the end of this article about Dewalt DCF887B vs DCF888B. For me, the winner was the Dewalt DCF888B, and here are my reasons why.

The DCF888B is an updated model that provides state-of-the-art features that the DCF887B does not have. This includes the wireless tracking technology, which makes it super convenient at a worksite and when I want to lend my tools to a fellow contractor.

The additional speed setting also gave me a better response from the tool, giving me an additional level of precision that made a difference in some applications with very little margin for error.

 I also believe that features like Bluetooth connectivity are way ahead of their time. While there were a few issues, updates from Dewalt in the future will ensure that the app works smoothly and offers unique features that make it a great model in the future as well.

The final difference was the fact that these products are very similarly priced. As a result, having the additional features on the DCF888B made more sense as it offered better value for money in the long run. 

Both these products are designed primarily for use in household applications or if you are a DIY enthusiast. 

I would have liked for it to be able to do a bit more heavy-duty work when occasionally required, but they get most of the lighter work done without breaking a sweat.

Read on as I answer a couple of FAQs about the Dewalt Impact Driver range as well as the battery systems used. This will help you clarify a couple of doubts that are commonly asked on online forums.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is the difference between a Dewalt 885 and 887?

    The Dewalt 885 impact drill has a brushed motor, while also being the larger and heavier of the two models. The Dewalt 887 impact drill is a later model with a more compact and lighter design. It features a brushless motor which provides more torque and impacts per minute.

  • What’s the difference between Dewalt 20-Volt Max and 20 Volt Max XR?

    The Dewalt 20V MAX battery range is designed for cordless tools that have brushed motors. On the other hand, the 20V MAX XR battery range is designed for tools with brushless motors. As a result they offer better performance in terms of battery life and enhanced capacity.

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