Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF887, Ownership Comparison (2 years)

Dewalt tools are some of the most popular on the market. They can be a little expensive, but they’re worth the investment. The company has come out with several new models in recent years, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you.

In this post, we’ll compare two of their most popular models: Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF887. We’ll look at how they both perform after two years of ownership and help you decide which one is best for you.

DeWalt DCF887 is a power-packed and most efficient impact wrench, it is equipped with a brushless motor providing you with the much-needed energy. Whereas DCF885 has less torque compared to DCF887.

Dewalt DCF887Dewalt DCF885
Speed3200 IPM3200 IPM
No Load Speed1000-2800-3200 RPM2800 RPM
Torque1850 in-lbs1400 in-lbs
Run-time 4 hours nearly45 minutes 
Weight3.8 pounds2.0 pounds(without battery)
Chuck Size1/4″1/4″
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

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Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF887

If you search for an impact driver that could minimize your manual labor, you can consider using an impact wrench. Impact drivers do most of the physical work with ease offering high torque that can be used for drilling and fixing frozen nuts or bolts. 

I have been using two of DeWalt’s products for approximately two years, so I thought of drawing up a quick and descriptive analysis of both tools. I have been operating DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF887. 

As you will go through the article, you will get to learn more about the two devices. The information provided will assist you in clearing your doubt regarding which tool you should purchase.

Apart from a brief comparison of similarities and differences between DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF887, I will also be reviewing the two impact drivers mentioning their features and pros and cons.

With enough truthful information in hand, drawing up a conclusion would take no time of yours, and hopefully, you will end up having the correct device in your hand that would stand up to your expectations and serve your purposes well.

Primarily, dimensions are essential regarding a tool. Therefore, firstly I decided to compare the length, width, and height of the impact drivers. 

DCF885 vs DCF887

Considering that, DeWalt DCF885 has a length, width, and size of 5.5× 9.37× 3.9 inches. Similarly, DeWalt DCF887 has its dimensions as 16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches.

Another important distinction that I brought out between DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF887 is that the former has a brushed motor, whereas the latter is equipped with a brushless motor. +

A Brushless motor increases the run-time of the tool by 60%. Nowadays, devices with brushless motors are more in use than the ones that are brushed.

DeWalt DCF887 includes one battery and supports two additional ones. This makes the overall weight of the drill lump sum 7.4 pounds, thereby making the tool a heavy one. 

Comparatively, DeWalt DCF885 weighs only 2 pounds without a battery and nearly 4.4 pounds with the battery.

Moreover, the torque that you get to experience with DeWalt DCF887 is more in comparison to what is offered by DeWalt DCF885. DeWalt DCF887 provides you with a torque of 1850 in-lbs. Contrary to this, DeWalt DCF885 has a torque of 1400 in-lbs.

In addition to this, DeWalt DCF887 is more equipped with features. Being so, the price of the driver becomes nearly $261. On the other hand, DCF885 is much cheaper and costs only $139 approximately.

Many more differences were found as I used the two impact drivers. I have described them further in the article. 


With the differences known, you will be able to set apart the two impact drivers from one another. As a result, I decided to point out the distinctions between DeWalt DCF885 and DCF887. 

Following are some factors that differentiate one impact tool from the other. Please go through them for a deep understanding of the wrenches.

  • Number of Batteries: The prime difference that I experienced between DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF887 was the number of batteries that the tools are equipped with. 

For instance, DeWalt DCF885 has only one battery which has to be purchased at an extra cost other than the tool. DeWalt DCF887, on the other hand, is itself equipped with a battery, and the kit comes with two more.

  • Number of Speed Modes: Speed or rotations per minute account for the effectiveness of an impact wrench. Better speed results in more efficiency. 

DeWalt DCF885 has only a one-speed mode, that is, 2800 rotations per minute, whereas DeWalt DCF887 can be operated on three different speed modes, those are 1000 RPM-2800 RPM-3200 RPM.

  • IPM: Impacts put on the nut or bolt in a minute affect the smoothness with which the nut gets drilled.The IPM of both DeWalt DCF885 is 0-3,200 IPM and DeWalt DCF887 is 0-3600 IPM. The output thus created is exemplary and seamless.
  • Torque: With each different speed mode, DeWalt DCF887 provides varying torque to the user. Like three separate speed modes, DCF887 has three torques ranging from 240 to 1500 to 1850. DeWalt DCF885 works on a single torque of 1400 in-lbs. 
  • Length of the Impact Drivers: Apart from the difference in the dimensions of the impact drivers, there also lies a difference in the front to back length of the tools. 

Consequently, DeWalt DCF885 has a head length of 5.5 inches which is more than what is provided by DeWalt DCF887. DCF885 has a head length of 5.3 inches. 

  • Price: It is better advised to purchase items within your budget. But sometimes features matter more than the price. Whatever be your choice, I found a significant difference between the price of DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF887. DCF885 comes for $139, and DCF887 is costly and is available at $261.
  • Type of Motor- Motor directly impacts the performance of the tool. Better motor means a better device. Here, DeWalt DCF885 has a brushed motor that works fine but is not extraordinary. 

DeWalt DCF887 has a brushless motor that offers a highly commendable performance to the user.


Both the impact drivers are manufactured by the same company, that is, DeWalt. This contributes to the fact that both the impact drivers have certain factors in common. 

Like other tools of DeWalt’s, DCF885 and DCF887 come in the original yellow and black colors. There is no difference made in that. 

Moreover, the following similarities can be figured out between the two impact drivers.

  • LED light- Both DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF887 are equipped with a LED light that helps you while doing your mechanical work at a place that itself has no excellent and efficient source of light. But, DeWalt DCF885 has only one LED light, whereas DeWalt DCF887 has three.
  • Chuck Size- DeWalt usually manufactures most impact drivers with the same chuck size, that is, ¼ inches. The same is the case with DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF887. Both the impact drivers have a chuck of ¼ inches in length. With such a size, the hole created becomes robust.
  • Weight of the tool without battery- Now, if I talk only of the device’s weight apart from its batteries, then both DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF887 weigh 3.7 pounds. The difference lies in their consequences once they get equipped with artillery. 
  • Design- DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF887 are ergonomically and up to the mark designed tools. Firm to hold and convenience to work with are the two most enhancing features of the impact drivers. 
  • 20V Lithium-ion Battery- Both the impact drivers support a 20V Lithium-ion battery that enhances the durability of the tools. The 20V battery gives a desirable performance to the users.

Dewalt DCF885C1 Review

DeWalt DCF885 is a lightweight and well-built product available to users at a nominal price. It works on a 20V Lithium-ion battery that gives superior performance to the tool. 

Moreover, DeWalt DCF885 has an illuminating LED light that can assist you as you work in confined spaces and dark areas. The grip that you get to experience with DeWalt DCF885 is commendable. 

DeWalt DCF885C1 Review

Sometimes the powered torque of the tool, i.e., 1500 in-lbs, results in the impact driver getting off-balanced. Also, DeWalt DCF885 has a front-to-back length of 5.5 inches. 

The impact driver supports an IPM of 3200. This makes the product a well-functioning one. Overall, DeWalt DCF885 is a budget-friendly choice for users and durable for a considerable amount of time. 


  • Light in weight- First and foremost, DeWalt DCF885 is a lightweight tool. It helped me majorly in completing my home-based work. Drilling woods or nuts at home became convenient for me with the help of the impact driver.
  • Length of the tool- From front to back, the wrench measures 5.5 inches. The longer the length, the better the device can perform. Hence, the size of the impact driver is entirely satisfactory for the user. 
DeWalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver Kit
  • Illuminating LED light- In case you have to work in dimly lit spaces that are deprived of a prominent source of light, then DeWalt DCF885 could be your perfect help! It has an LED light, using which you can complete all of your tasks quickly and efficiently. 
  • Satisfactory torque- DeWalt DCF885 has a 1500 in-lbs of torque, thereby providing a clean and clear drill in the nuts and bolts. For me, DCF885 is a good product at a minimal price.



  • DeWalt DCF885 is lightweight. It is most suitable to be brought into use for homely tasks.
  • The impact driver offers a promising performance to the users.
  • DCF885 has a 2800 RPM, making the impact driver seamless in its functioning.
  • The DeWalt DCF885 gives a firm and fine grip to the user.
  • The tool has an LED light that helps you work in poorly lit spaces such as garages or godowns.


  • The major drawback of DeWalt DCF885 is that it does not include the battery in the kit. The battery has to be inserted separately. Being a user, you are supposed to incur the cost of purchasing the battery apart from the impact wrench.
  • DCF885 works on a brushed motor. This somehow reduces the efficiency and performance of the wrench.

Dewalt DCF887B Review

DeWalt DCF887 is an impact driver loaded with all the features a user can think of! Firstly, it supports a 20V Lithium-ion battery that provides the much-needed performance to the impact driver. Being equipped with three batteries of such high power makes the tool a robust one. 

DeWalt DCF887 comes with torque as high as 1850 in-lbs, which luckily can be switched to low speed depending upon the user’s needs. As a result, DeWalt DCF887 becomes a user-friendly impact wrench. 

Dewalt DCF887B Review

DeWalt DCF887 has an IPM of 3200, which is satisfactory as you work on most nuts and bolts. Also, you can run the impact driver at varying speeds, the Precision Drive being the lowest at 1000 RPM and the High impact providing the highest rotations per minute of 3200. 

DeWalt DCF887 is a powerful and ergonomically designed device that does not lag in most features other than its weight. When the impact driver has all three batteries equipped, it weighs nearly 7.4 pounds which is too much for an impact wrench. 


  • Varying Speed Modes- Being a user, you can work with DeWalt DCF887 at three different speed modes depending upon the kind of task you have to perform. For everyday household work, you can operate it at 1000 RPM. 

If you have to do industrial or heavy work, you can run the impact driver at 2800 RPM or 3200 RPM maximum.

Dewalt DCF887 Review
  • Different Torque Speeds- Like different speed modes, DCF887 operates on three varying torque speeds. While working at the Precision speed, the torque provided by the tool is 240 in-lbs. 

With 2800 rotations per minute, the torque experienced by the user is 1500 in-lbs. Lastly, with 3200 rotations per minute, the torque becomes 1825 in-lbs. I was greatly impressed by the multifunctionality of the impact driver.

  • Additional batteries- Unlike other tools of DeWalt, DeWalt DCF887 is already composed of a single battery. The toolkit provides the user with two more batteries which means that overall, DCF887 comes with three batteries which are a lot more than a user desires.
  • Powerful Performance- Because DeWalt DCF887 is wholly equipped with features, it ensures that the performance it creates becomes commendable. 

The efficiency and perfection with which the device operates are indeed unmatchable. In my experience of two years, I faced no problem working on the impact driver.

Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver Review
  • Three LED lights- While I was running the impact driver in my garage once, I was supported by the three illuminating LED lights already included with the DeWalt DCF887. This is one of the most significant features added by DeWalt to its impact drivers.



  • It has already included batteries. As a user, you do not have to incur the cost of buying a battery separately.
  • The tool has to be operated on three varying speed modes, those are, Precision Drive, Normal impact, and High effects, respectively.
  • With three powerful LED lights, the tool gives a highly functional output.


  • The DeWalt DCF887 is a heavyweight impact driver. This is because it supports three batteries. The heavyweight of the tool makes it troublesome for the user to carry and hold it firmly. As a result, there occurs a risk of the device falling as you work.

Which is better between DCF885 & DCF887 and Why?

Having read it till now, you might have got a clear picture that DeWalt DCF887 is a much better product than DeWalt DCF885. Firstly it is equipped with a brushless motor which promises to provide you with a higher and better efficiency even in long term use. 

Moreover, the three-speed modes- Precision Drive, Normal impact, and High impact end up making the tool a multipurpose one. 

No such feature is found in DeWalt DCF885. It works only at a single speed of 2800 rotations per minute.

DeWalt DCF885 stays ahead because it is available to the users at a lesser and more affordable price. For purchasing DeWalt DCF887, the cost is a pretty handsome amount. But then, you do not have to compromise with features if you go for the latter.

Not only this, DeWalt DCF887 has three super glowing LED lights that were of much assistance to me while working in my garage and other dark areas. But, DeWalt DCF885 has a single LED light that undoubtedly illuminates well, but it can not compete with DCF887.

DCF887 lags in the aspect that it is super bulky. With all its batteries, the impact driver weighs 3.8 pounds. DeWalt DCF885 has only one power source and it weighs 3.7 pounds without its battery.

If separate usage of both the tools is brought into consideration, then both work well. But if compared on specific grounds, then as per my experience of two years, DeWalt DCF887 is better and more efficient. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is the difference between DCF885 and DCF887?

    Majorly, the difference between the two impact drivers lies in the cost. DCF885 is budget-friendly and affordable, whereas DCF887 is costly. It is so because DCF887 has more features than DCF885. Also, DCF885 has a brushed motor, but DCF887 comes with an efficient brushless motor.

  • Is the DCF885C1 brushless?

    No, DeWalt DCF885C1 is not brushless. It is equipped with a brushed motor that operates finely if you have to do light tasks such as drilling wood. It is advised not to use the impact driver for heavy work.


In my conclusion, I tried to do justice while reviewing and comparing these two of DeWalt’s impact drivers. Further, each person has different needs and preferences. Depending on those, you can try buying the tool that you feel is the most suitable one. 

For homely and industrial usage, I would suggest you have DeWalt DCF887. If not, for lighter tasks, DeWalt DCF885 works fine. Also, DeWalt DCF885 costs less than DeWalt DCF887.

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