Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF809, Ownership Comparison (2 years)

When it comes to Dewalt power tools, there are a lot of options to choose from. In this blog post, we will compare the Dewalt DCF885 and the DCF809 impact drivers. Both of these drills are popular choices for homeowners and DIYers alike, but which one is right for you? 

We will take a look at some of the key features of each drill to help you decide. At the end of the day, only you can decide which drill is right for your needs, but we hope this comparison helps make your decision a little easier. 

DeWalt DCF885 has a brushed motor which makes it easier to operate. It provides you a firm grip as it is lighter when compared to DCF809. Whereas DCF809 is a powerful impact, it has 1700 in-lbs of torque and 3250 RPM no load speed.

Dewalt DCF809Dewalt DCF885 
Power460 watts300 watts
No Load Speed3250 RPM2800 RPM
Torque1700 in-lbs1400 in-lbs
Impacts Per Minute3200
Weight3 pounds2.0 pounds
Chuck Size1/4″1/4″
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Being a technician, wrenches are an essential part of my daily schedule. Likewise, if you are involved in mechanical workings, impact drivers must also be your necessity. Whenever wrench and drills are considered, you can not neglect DeWalt. 

DeWalt produces one of the finest quality durable tools used by housemaids and professional engineers alike. The products manufactured by DeWalt are efficient and have long-term functionality. 

Having known that, I decided to equip my household with two of DeWalt’s well-working impact drivers. I placed an order for DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF809. It has been like two years that I have been using the devices and easing your research; I came up with a description of both.

Within two years, I figured out some similarities and differences between the two impact drivers, which I will mention further in the article.

Having used the two wrenches for a considerable amount of time, I will also be reviewing both DeWalt’s products. Also, you will get to know the pros and cons of both the tools and their features.

If you are looking for a clear understanding of the tools and you are confused about the two impact drivers, then this is the place for you!

Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF809

Wise decision-making requires a brief comparison between any of the two products a user is willing to purchase. Therefore, it became mandatory for me to conduct a thorough study and then compare the two products, DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF809. 

Majorly, the distinction was laid out based on the dimensions of the impact drivers. The DeWalt DCF885 has dimensions of 5.5× 9.37× 3.9 inches. Contrary to this, DCF809 comes with dimensions of 10.39× 10.31× 6.85. 

Similarly, the head lengths(the length from front to back) of the two wrenches vary. DeWalt DCF885 has an overall length of 5.5 inches, whereas DCF809 has a head length of 5.1 inches. Greater head length means greater firmness in busting into a nut. 

In terms of chuck size, both the tools are similar. Like many others, both DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF889 have a chuck size of ¼ inches, i.e., nearly 6.35 millimeters.

The most comparable factor that holds importance for me is the torque offered by these DeWalt products. Consequently, it was figured out that DeWalt DCF885 has a torque of 1400 in-lbs, which is lower than that of DCF809, that is, 1700 in-lbs. 

Furthermore, there are specific other differences that I experienced while operating the devices. Therefore, I decided to bring them to your notice to help you in a better way.


DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF809 are two of the recommendable impact drills created by the company. Look wise, they might appear the same, yet there are some in-depth distinctions between the two impact drivers. 

Dewalt DCF885 vs DCF809

These differences separate the two tools from each other in terms of the user’s preferences. Like I did, depending upon the need, you can buy any of the products. 

Following are the differences that I experienced:-

  • Torque: On torque depends the prime functioning of any tool. The greater the torque, the more efficient and effective will be the functioning of a device. 

Torque signifies the firm of the rotations being made by the impact driver. DeWalt DCF885 has a torque of 1400 in-lbs, whereas DeWalt DCF809 has a much higher torque of 1700 in-lbs.

  • LED lights: Majorly, the impact drivers or the drills come with an LED light feature to assist the user when operating the tool in dark and confined spaces. 

The LED lights provided by the exercises are illuminating. Unfortunately, DeWalt DCF885 supports a single light. On the other hand, DeWalt DCF809 has three glowing LED lights. 

  • Motor: The motor of a device is a significant factor before making the final purchase. The quality of the motor decides the durability and efficiency of your tool. 

In this aspect, DeWalt DCF885 lags behind DeWalt DCF809 because it is equipped with a brushed motor, whereas DCF809 is fitted with a brushless motor. 

  • Weight: For me, the tool’s weight is a prime criterion to judge the tools upon. Lighter impact drivers can fall and get off-balanced quickly if they are operated at high torque. 

Subsequently, DeWalt DCF885 weighs only 2 pounds without a battery. Contrary to this, DCF809 weighs 3 pounds without a battery. 

  • Head length: The measurement of a tool from front to its back is head length. DeWalt DCF885 has a head length of 5.5 inches. On the other hand, DeWalt DCF809 comes with a head length of 5.1 inches.


Keeping the differences aside, some points are alike in both the impact drivers. These are general factors that are more or less the same in almost all the impact drivers manufactured by DeWalt. The important ones necessary to know for a user are mentioned below.

  • Chuck Size: Chuck Size decides the firm and smoothness of the impact driver. DeWalt manufactures most devices with a chuck size of ¼ inches. Hence, with DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF809, you get a chuck size of ¼ inches.
  • 20V Lithium-ion Battery: A high-quality 20V battery with Lithium-ion support makes both the drills outstanding in their performances. 

The battery of the impact drivers makes the tools effective and reliable for long-term use. In 2 years of my experience, I hardly faced any major issues because of the battery.

  • Ergonomic Design: The built quality and design of the drivers are commendable. With DeWalt DCF809, you get a belt clip that assists you in hanging the device anywhere as you proceed with some other work of yours.

Both DeWalt DCF885 and DeWalt DCF809 provide you with a solid grip to reduce the risk of the tool falling onto the ground and harming you. 

  • No Battery Included: Though this factor accounts more as a disadvantage than a feature, I have to mention that neither of the two impact drivers supports a battery within the tool kit. 

Being a user, you have to have extra expenses to purchase a battery and a charger to make your device functional.

DeWalt DCF885C1 Review

DeWalt DCF885 is a compact and well-working impact driver that is not only lightweight but it is also commendable for being used for homely tasks. 

DeWalt DCF885C1 Review

Though the tool does not have a brushless motor yet, that means no significant compromise in the performance of the impact driver. Within and up to its limit, the device works fine. 

It also supports an LED light that lets you carry out your work even in dimly lit rooms or godowns. Moreover, DeWalt DCF885 has a torque of 1400 in-lbs that promises a sound and productive output to the user. 

DeWalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver Kit

No big issue is faced by the impact driver other than the fact that you have to purchase an additional battery and a charger apart from the tool for letting the device work. 

Along with this, the impact driver works on 2800 rotations per minute and 3200 impacts per minute. The chuck size of the driver is ¼ inches. 

Overall, the average run-time of DeWalt DCF885 is 45 minutes which is reasonably satisfactory for the user.

DeWalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver


  • Lightweight: First and foremost, DeWalt DCF885 is a lightweight tool. It weighs only two pounds without a battery, making itself a prime choice for the user. I was quickly able to hold the device and work with it efficiently.
  • Head length: A giant head length provides an excellent grip to the user while operating the tool. DeWalt DCF885 measures 5.5 inches from front to back. It does not get off-balanced until and unless it is used on highly high torque.
DeWalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver Review
  • LED light: Like many products nowadays, DeWalt DCF885 is also equipped with an LED light that helps you the most during times of need. For instance, while working in my godown, I used the LED light for effective working.
  • RPM and IPM: DeWalt DCF885 supports an RPM of 2800 and IPM of 3200. Enough of the two is sufficient for good efficiency and working of the impact driver.



  • In comparison to other tools like DeWalt DCF885, this one is lightweight. This makes it easy to carry and hold by the user. Also, it is easily portable.
  • The design, build, and grip of the impact driver are genuinely fascinating. For me, this was the feature that I liked the most. I was painlessly able to hold the impact driver and do all of my work in no time.
  • DCF885 has an LED light that helps you by getting itself illuminated in dark and dull spaces.


  • DCF885 does not have a brushless motor. This factor decreases the efficiency and performance of the tool up to an extent.
  • With DeWalt DCF885, you do not get an additional battery or charger with the toolkit. You are supposed to purchase that separately, thereby having to spend money.

DeWalt DCF809B Review

Ergonomically designed and firmly built, DeWalt DCF809 is a high-performance device primarily used for homely tasks and industrial purposes. 

The impact driver has a 20V Lithium-ion battery that ensures a longer battery life and durability of the tool. Also, the wrench has a torque of 1700 in-lbs, which makes the product a user-friendly choice. 

DeWalt DCF809B Review

With three LED lights, the glow increases evidently. The lights prove to be of more excellent assistance, specifically in dark areas and confined spaces. You get a 20 second time-lapse before pressing the trigger. 

To help you, even more, DCF809 comes with a belt clip that lets you free your hands and hang the tool at a suitable place. 

The tool lags because you do not get a battery and the charger with the toolkit itself. For that, an additional purchase has to be made.

dewalt dcf809b review


  • Three Superlit LED Lights: LED lights are a must in a device that is to be mainly operated in dimly lit spaces and areas. Because the manufacturers were well aware of this, DeWalt DCF809 has not one or two but three incredibly lit LED lights already attached to the front of the impact driver. Personally, the LED lights let me complete my assignment in due time.
  • Varying Speed Trigger: The feature of different speed triggers makes the DeWalt DCF809 robust and a multipurpose device. Varying speed triggers allowed me to use the tool for heavyweight and lightweight objects. 

As in, I was ultimately able to use the wrench in my house and my industry without any pain or complexity.

DeWalt DCF809B Impact Driver Review
  • High Torque: DeWalt DCF809 provides you with a high-speed torque of 1700 in-lbs. This speed is 21 percent higher than other substitutes of the impact driver. Even with torque as large as 1700 in-lbs, none of my nuts burst up or get damaged while drilling holes into them. Instead, the output was clean and smooth.
  • Brushless Motor: This was a prominent feature that any user looks for in an impact wrench before concluding. Luckily, DeWalt DCF809 is equipped with brushless motors that promise to provide the user with utmost efficiency and more extended durability. Because of brushless motors, the performance of the tool became excellent.
  • Efficient run-time: If you choose to buy DeWalt DCF809, you can be assured of being stress-free because you do not have to have the bother charging the battery quite often. In my case, I experienced that with a 4Ah battery, the impact driver works fine for a day, and I do not have to recharge it again and again.



  • DeWalt DCF809 has varying speed triggers that make the tool a flexible one. I could use the impact driver both for heavy and light tasks.
  • The impact wrench has three LED lights that illuminate the dimly lit spaces instantly.
  • With a torque of 1700 in-lbs, DeWalt DCF809 becomes incomparable in its performance.
  • The ¼ chuck size ensures clean and smooth drilling into the nuts and bolts.
  • DeWalt DCF809 comes with a belt clip. The purpose of the belt clip is to hang the tool in a safe place while it is not in use.


  • The prime and only disadvantage of DeWalt DCF809 is the extra cost that I had to face because of the unavailability of a battery and a charger with the toolkit itself. When I purchased the impact driver, I only got the tool. The battery was to be brought separately.

Which is better between DCF885 & DCF809 and Why?

In terms of performance and features, I concluded that DeWalt DCF809 is way ahead of DeWalt DCF885. 

Primarily, DCF885 does not have a brushless motor that decreases the quality of the performance and output it could have offered otherwise. Nor does the tool is equipped with three LED lights as its competitor here, i.e., DeWalt DCF809. 

One disadvantage that I faced with both the tools was the extra cost that I had to incur in purchasing the battery and the charger aside from the agency. None of the two devices include a battery and charger when purchased. 

DeWalt DCF885 is ahead of DeWalt DCF809 in the aspect that it is lightweight in comparison to the latter. Being lightweight makes it convenient to bring it into use for homely tasks. 

DeWalt DCF809 offers a higher torque of 1700 in-lbs than the 1400 in-lbs torque provided by the DeWalt DCF885. Higher torque ensures a fine, smooth, and finished drilling. 

Apart from this, DCF885 has a higher front-to-back length than DCF809. It accounts for an efficient grip and provides the user with the much-needed firm while operating the device. It also reduces the risk of the device being off-balanced. 

Though both the tools support LED lights, there is a difference in the exact numbers. For instance, DeWalt DCF885 is equipped with a single LED light, whereas the DeWalt DCF809 has three illuminating LED lights.

Hence, both tools have their advantages and disadvantages. As a user, you must know the two devices and then conclude the decision accordingly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is DeWalt DCF787 brushless?

    Yes, the DeWalt DCF787 is a well-functioning and modified brushless impact driver that works seamlessly on high torque and gives satisfactory performance and sound results to the users. Being brushless, the tool becomes durable and highly reliable. 

  • How much torque does a DeWalt DCF787 have?

    The DeWalt DCF787 had a super-strong and high-performing torque of 1500 in-lbs. Smooth drilling into several nuts and bolts can be quickly done with enough torque.

  • Is DeWalt DCF887 brushless?

    Like many other drills and wrenches, DeWalt DCF887 is equipped with a brushless motor that ensures longer working and higher efficiency to the tool. It also enhances the user’s experience and makes the impact driver user-friendly. 

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, both of the impact drivers can be relied upon during times of need. They are tremendously effective in their performance, and you can use both the devices majorly for household work and otherwise for some industrial tasks as well!

If you are looking for value for money, I suggest you go for DeWalt DCF809. Not only is the impact driver affordable, but it also has more features in comparison to DeWalt DCF885. The former is equipped with brushless motors, whereas the latter has a brushed motor.

The torque you get to experience with DCF885 is 1400 in-lbs, and with DCF809, the torque is 1700 in-lbs. The latter works faster than the former.

In Conclusion, there are no vast disadvantages for both drivers other than that you have to spend an additional sum of money to purchase the battery and a charger. With the kit, you only get the tool.

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