Dewalt DCF787C1 vs DCF885C1, Detailed Comparison

When it comes to choosing the right power tool for your needs, there are a lot of factors to consider. Two of the most popular options on the market today are the Dewalt DCF787C1 and the DCF885C1. 

So, which one is right for you? In this detailed difference and review, we’ll explore all the key aspects you need to know in order to make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

DeWalt DCF787C1 is a super-efficient brushless impact driver, while, DCF885C1 has a brushed motor. Motor being brush or brushless puts a significant impact on the performance. DCF885C1 has more torque compared to DCF787C1.

We have used these two impact drivers for a long time now, I can help you decide which one is better and why it is better.

Dewalt DCF787C1Dewalt DCF885C1
Speed3200 IPM3200 IPM
No Load Speed2800 RPM2800 RPM
Torque1500 in.lbs1400 in.lbs
Run-time 30 minutes 45 minutes 
Weight4.4 pounds2.0 pounds (without battery)
Chuck Size1/4″1/4″
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Dewalt DCF787C1 vs DCF885C1

The problem of blocked and frozen nuts can create a sudden uninvited drama as you try doing your mechanical work. 

I experienced a significant lag in my tasks due to the same. Considering that, I decided to have a well-working impact driver because the old one lost its firm and finished with time.

With enough research and a complete understanding of the tools, I finalized my thoughts to have two of the satisfactory impact drivers manufactured by DeWalt, which are DeWalt DCF787C1 and DCF885C1. 

To ease your understanding, I came up with a brief difference between the two tools.

Further in this article, you will be acknowledging the prime differences between the two tools along with the factors in which DeWalt DCF787C1 and DeWalt DCF885C1 are similar. 

I will be providing you with a detailed review of DeWalt DCF787C1 and DeWalt DCF885C1. 

Gradually, you will learn more about the two tools that will ultimately assist you in having a clear distinction between the two impact drivers. 

Not only this, you will read a handy and instant review on both the impact drivers and further, you will get to know which of the two is better and why. So, keep scrolling to get better assistance.

With impact drivers, you can never judge the prominence by simply looking at them. It is necessary to go through an instant comparison between two of your thoughtful choices.

Keeping that in mind, I decided to bring a quick and precise comparison between DeWalt DCF787C1 and DeWalt DCF885C1. It would benefit you in coming to a reasonable conclusion.

First and foremost, what I liked most about DCF885C1 is the seamless performance that the tool offers to you. It works effectively well every time I use it. Powerful output outshines the disadvantage of a brushed motor in the device.

With DeWalt DCF787C1, you undoubtedly experience super-fast working and efficiency, the reason being that the tool is equipped with a brushless motor.

Up next, I was willing to compare the dimensions of the two impact drivers. Consequently, it was figured that the length, width, and height of DeWalt DCF787C1 was 12.5 x 3.75 x 9.81 inches, and similarly, the length, width, and height of DeWalt DCF885C1 were 5.5× 9.37× 3.9 inches, respectively.

Moreover, DCF787C1 weighs more than twice what DCF885 does. As in, the weight of DeWalt DCF787C1 is 4.4 pounds, and comparatively, the importance of DCF885C1 is 2 pounds(without battery). It was easier for me to carry and work with DCF885C1 than with DCF787C1.

After these distinctions were known, I was more curious to study other significant differences between DeWalt DCF787C1 and DeWalt DCF885C1 from technical aspects, so I found some.


Dewalt DCF787C1 vs DCF885C1

Although both the wrenches are promising in their performance yet, I experienced specific differential points while operating the two impact drivers. 

Other differences are technically laid out. Therefore, the following are the prime distinctions between DeWalt DCF787C1 and DCF885C1.

  • Motor: Primarily, DCF885C1 is composed of a brushed motor that compromises the modernized approach regarding impact wrenches. 

On the other hand, DeWalt DCF787C1 is equipped with a brushed motor, keeping it at par with its other competitors. 

I do not feel any recognizable difference between the two drivers while operating them, the only one being the smoothness provided by DCF787C1 and DCF885C1. Both the tools are satisfactory and promise excellent efficiency to you.

  • Torque: The factor that makes impact wrenches worth the use is the higher torque provided by them to the user in comparison to the drills. 

Torque decides the seamless and smooth working of the tools, and expectedly, DeWalt DCF787C1 and DeWalt DCF885C1 have varying torque. 

The latter provides you a torque of 1500 inch-pounds, whereas the former offers a torque of 1400 inch-pounds. You experience not much difference as a user in this aspect.

  • Price: Well, I am a budget-conscious person, and the price of a product plays a vital role in ending up with my final decision. Subsequently, on comparing the two tools, I found that the cost of each of them was different and could have a significant impact on the user. 

A complete kit of DeWalt DCF787C1 is available to you at $175, which is a higher price than DeWalt DCF885C1, which comes at an affordable price of $100 and $150 if you consider taking it with accessories. 

Price may vary according to the seller, I bought these two at this price, you may get a slightly higher or lower price according to the sales. So, keep checking different websites before buying.

  • Run-time: Another critical factor that distinguishes the two tools is their run-time. Being a user, run-time is a primary factor for everyone, for everyone wishes to be saved from the hassle and mess of having to charge the impact drivers repeatedly. 

A tool with a longer run-time proves to be a user-friendly choice. DeWalt DCF787C1 runs for 30 mins at a single charge, making itself useful for industrial purposes. On the other hand, DeWalt DCF885C1 can operate for a whole 45 minutes before getting discharged. 


Apart from the differences, there are specific grounds wherein DeWalt DCF787C1 and DeWalt DCF885C1 are similar. These similarities made it difficult for me to make a wise decision before purchasing the most suitable wrench. 

As a result, I thought of bringing up the aspects that were the same in both the impact drivers. 

  • LED light: The most valuable feature that captivated me was the LED light that assisted me in working in dark spaces, especially at my car’s engine during the night, which otherwise was equipped with no light source. 

Both DeWalt DCF787C1 and DeWalt DCF885C1 have a super intense LED light that helps you to work in confined spaces. 

Moreover, there is a 20-second delay after pressing the trigger of the light that ensures saves the battery for further and more prolonged use.

  • Chuck Size: If you are involved in technical tasks a little more than others, and chuck size is your prime concern, it is mandatory to have complete knowledge about the same. 

I being one, researched the chuck size of both the impact drivers. Having done that, I was satisfied to know that both DeWalt DCF787C1 and DeWalt DCF885C1 offer you a chuck size of ¼ inches. It is also the most common chuck size found in impact drivers.

  • Battery: The most supportive factor of the wrenches for me was the battery. A better-performing battery ensures a perfect output after that work is done. 

Luckily, my decision to have these two impact drivers proved to be highly beneficial with an efficient 20V Lithium ion-equipped battery that lasted longer than I expected.

  • RPM and IPM: Rotations per minute and Impacts per minute define the speed of the impact drivers. Undoubtedly, the more the speed, the better will be the efficiency and performance of the wrenches. 

For me, RPM and IPM were essential factors to consider. Both DeWalt DCF787C1 and DCF885C1 have RPM of 2800 and IPM of 3200, which is more than enough for a good performance. 

DeWalt DCF787C1 Review

DCF787C1 is to be operated more by housemaids or for carpentry purposes. If not, it can be brought for industrial works too. That solely depends upon your preferences and needs. 

I used it as a multipurpose tool, and I must say that it works perfectly fine in every sphere wherein I used it. 

The main reason behind that could be the brushless motor with which the tool is equipped and carries all its worth. It also leads to the issue that the device is heavy and bulky.

It weighs enough not to be taken along by a user without experiencing pain. I was most convinced by the battery life that I was provided with the impact wrench. 

DeWalt DCF787C1 Review

The 20V Lithium-ion equipped battery works seamlessly, and believe me; you can not experience anything better than that in a tool like this. 

Another critical factor is the run-time of the wrench, which is reasonably satisfactory. Though it is not as much as I expected, it is finely acceptable. At a price such as that of the tool, you can not expect more than this. 

The quality of the product is not compromised, thereby resulting in an extreme efficiency of the impact driver. The built-in quality of the DeWalt DCF787C1 is commendable. It does not perish quickly. 

DeWalt DCF787C1 Impact Driver Review


  • Ergonomic Design

DCF787 is ergonomically designed to ease the physical labor of men by promising an efficient performance. For that, it is equipped with brushless motors.

  • Intense LED light 

The most enhancing feature of the wrench is the LED light that will give you good company even in haunted places that lack light! It helped me the most while operating the tool in my car!

  • Perfect Chuck Size

The DeWalt DCF787 has a ¼ inches chuck size that smoothly performs all the tasks that are being assisted. I was truly saved from a lot of mess with the device!



  • It is equipped with three LED lights that prove to help the user, primarily in small spaces that lag a source of light.
  • The impact driver is brushless, thereby providing a satisfactory user experience.
  • With high torque, central nut fixing tasks are done instantly.
  • It is a superior choice in terms of price. It does not require any post-purchasing costs for the user.


  • It can sometimes lose its balance, thereby causing risk for the operator.
  • The battery provided to the user with DCF787C1 has a slightly lower run-time which can be an issue if you have to do mechanical work constantly for hours.

DeWalt DCF885C1 Review

DeWalt DCF885C1 is a reliable and efficient tool for fixing nuts and bolts. I acknowledged various features of the device, some of which are worth sharing. 

For instance, the wrench has three LED lights that assist me the most while working in dark spaces, especially in my storeroom. 

DeWalt DCF885C1 Review

Also, I was saved from the trouble of recharging the battery every time, thanks to the 20V Lithium-ion battery support provided by the tool. 

It is convenient and effortless to take the impact driver with me anywhere because it is compact with a head length of only 5.5 inches. 

Neither is the tool heavy, the reason being that it is not equipped with a brushed motor. But that posed no major issue for me. The chuck of the tool is impressive. Like, I could fix any nut and bolt in little time with the assistance of the wrench.

Along with this, DCF885C1 is a good choice at a budget-friendly cost. It does not require any high-cost maintenance or additional money that hinders your pocket. 

DeWalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver

Sometimes, you can experience an instant high-performance torque that might not be necessary, but it helps do the task quicker and faster—a higher torque results in off-balancing of the wrench at times. 

But, apart from that, fine and smooth performance is noticed after operating the tool. 


  • Suitable Head Length

With a head length of 5.5 inches, DCF885C1 becomes an ideal tool for going in-depth into the nuts and bolts and drilling them properly. 

  • Highly Efficient Torque

Quick and effective service is something that I experienced with the impact driver. The prime reason behind that is the excellent torque that the tool offers!

  • Powerful Battery

The 20V Lithium-ion battery made my life a lot easier! I experienced a durable and lasting battery life without charging it frequently if not in use.

DeWalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver



  • It has a torque as large as 1400, which leads to an unmatched performance of the tool.
  • With 3200 impacts per minute, it does a quick and instant fixing in all kinds of hard materials.
  • The culmination of three LED lights is a savior in confined spaces and dark areas where there could be the absence of a source of light.
  • The tool offers a rotation of 2800 times per minute that automatically increases the efficiency of the wrench.
  • It is a compact tool with a length of only 5.5 inches that lets you carry it conveniently to places.
  • The 20V Li-ion battery proves to be the most attractive feature of the impact driver.


  • It does not support a brushless motor.
  • During times of operating the tool at high voltage, you can experience an off-balance situation.

Which is Better between DCF787C1 & DCF885C1 and Why?

In my opinion and after personal use, I found the brushless DCF787C1 better efficient and worthy of being brought into use than the brushed DCF885C1. 

However, DCF885C1 being brushed does not mean any hard and core compromise to be made in terms of the tool’s performance. 

DCF787C1 lags in the aspect that it is pricey and high-maintenance. You will have to incur other costs and purchase one with DeWalt DCF787C1. 

Also, I was delighted with the 20-V lithium-ion battery that offered prolonged durability to both tools. For industrial purposes, you can rely on any of the two and get a finished drill in the nuts and bolts. 

Other than that, if I talk about the convenience to hold and carry, then I must tell you that I was less troubled by DeWalt DCF885C1 in this aspect. It weighs slightly less than what DCF787C1 does. 

You can easily carry it from one place to another in no time. Run-time was another prominent factor that caught my attention. 

With DeWalt DCF787C1, you get to have a run-time of 30 minutes, and with DCF885C1, the run-time extends to 45 minutes. This is a considerable amount of time to carry out your pending tasks super-easily. 

Not only this, the efficiency of both the impact drivers is commendable. The metal part of the tools does not get easily corroded or damaged, ensuring higher durability of the means to the users.

All in all, both the wrenches are superior and highly performing. They can be brought into use for signs of your mechanical purposes. For a brushed motor, go for DCF787C1; otherwise, choose DCF885C1.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is DeWalt DCF885 brushless?

    No, DeWalt DCF885 is not brushless. It is equipped with brushed motors, but that does not mean any compromise with the performance and efficiency of the impact driver. Moreover, it is available to you at a nominal price, counterbalancing the brushless motor part.

  • What is the difference between DCF885C1 and DCF887C1?

    The prime considerable difference that can be brought between the two tools is that the former is not equipped with a brushless motor, whereas the latter has a highly functional brushless motor. Also, DeWalt DCF887C1 is compact and lightweight compared to its competitor DeWalt DCF885C1. 


After having operated two impact wrenches, it wasn’t easy to prioritize one over the other. Like, DeWalt DCF787C1 has a highly efficient brushless motor that majorly sets it apart from DCF885. 

Although both the impact drivers are equipped with numerable features, there was a subtle distinction that could be brought between them.

The wrenches have varying torques and speeds, which could be a big difference if you consider the technical aspects DeWalt DCF787C1 and DeWalt DCF885C1 offer a firm grip to you, thereby making themselves the prime choice, and also considered buying both of DeWalt’s products.

Also, DeWalt DCF885C1 is slightly more affordable and budget-friendly than DCF787C1. Hence, if the price is something you are looking for, you should choose DCD885C1. 

DeWalt DCF787C1 is double in weight and a heavy tool, making it difficult to hold and work with. Contrary to this, DCF885C1 is much lighter and easy to carry by the user.

Concluding, depending on your requirements and the primary purpose that is to be served, you can choose the impact wrench wisely. 

In my opinion, both the tools are promising and smooth in their functioning. They will end up being a one-time investment for you.

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