Dewalt DCD998 vs DCD996, Detailed Comparison & Review

If you’re in the market for a new Dewalt drill, you’re probably wondering which drill is better: the DCD998 or the DCD996. In this blog post, we’ll do a detailed DCD998 vs DCD996 comparison and review of these two drills to help you decide which one is best for you. 

I have been using both of these drills for a very long time, and now I can help you in deciding which one you should go for. After reading this Dewalt DCD998 vs DCD996 comparison, you should have a good idea of which drill is right for you. So without further ado, let’s get started!

DCD998 vs DCD996

DeWalt DCD996 and DCD998 both have a brushless motor, assuring better accuracy. But, DCD996 is less bulky in comparison to DCD998, thereby being painless to hold. DCD998 being heavy weighted is equipped with more and better features than DCD996. 

Dewalt DCD998 vs DCD996

Are you tired and troubled of the unclean and messy holes that you usually dig in the wall by hand and by bringing conventional tools into use? Are you bothering with the pain of preserving your wired drill that gets entangled most of the time? 

If so, technology has brought up a revolution for you! Over time, the creation of wireless drilling machines has made man’s work even easier than before! 

The cordless tools are designed so that they are effortless to store and carry at any place instantly. In terms of cordless drilling machines, DeWalt has put its base as a strong and reliable manufacturing company. 

In the years, DeWalt has flooded the market with its range of different and worthy of using products. The most prominent of them are the cordless drills of the company. 

Realizing my need for a drilling machine and the efficiency of the products manufactured by DeWalt, I decided to buy a cordless drilling machine for specific masonry works. 

When I ran through a quick study about the machines and their features, I got compelled to purchase not one but two of DeWalt’s products. One is DeWalt DCD996, and the other is DeWalt DCD998. 

Having used them for around six months, I thought of providing you all with a review and description of the two products so that you do not fall into the same dilemma as I did! 

Herewith, you will find a complete guide to buying a preferable toolkit according to your needs and usage. 

In my opinion, both the drills have given a tremendously unmatchable performance and a very effective user experience over time. 

No serious issues or major problems have been faced by me during these times. I hope the following review will be effective and beneficial for you as well!

For a clear and complete knowledge regarding the two tools, you must have a look through the comparison that is provided below. 

On the base level, both the drills are efficient and offer a prolonged battery life. These drills are meant for heavy tasks such as drilling into metals or masonry works. 

Dewalt DCD998Dewalt DCD996
Weight3.5 pounds4.4 pounds 
Speed0-450, 1300, 2000 RPM0-400, 1300 & 2000 RPM
Torque121Nm.95 Nm
Chuck size13 mm13 mm
Motor Power1219 UWO820 UWO
Clutch Settings1311
Battery Amp Hours8.0 Ah5.0 Ah
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price
  • Price: The prime and topmost concern for me was the product’s price that I was willing to purchase. Though there lies a significant difference in the price range between DCD996 vs. DCD998, I decided to have both of them! 

Furthermore, DeWalt DCD996 is available to the users for $229 approximately, whereas the price of DeWalt DCD998 is $279, which is a handsome amount of payment to be made! 

  • Power: DeWalt DCD996 and DeWalt DCD998 are the tools that operate on a 20V voltage supply. Both the drills promise an efficient performance. 

There lies no difference in this regard. Also, the brushless motors offer long-term functioning by both tools. Hence, you can choose your device accordingly. 

  • Chuck Size: The steady performance of both the drills is ensured by the chuck size that you get to experience by operating the drills. The chuck size is the same in both tools. 

Both DeWalt DCD996 and DeWalt DCD998 are 13mm in their chuck size. You get a smooth and clean drill with the benefit of this!

  • Dimensions: Dimensions are generally overlooked while comparing any two tools. But, dimension is an essential criterion regarding the two drills. So, I decided to compare the dimensions of DCD996 and DCD998 as well! 

Therefore, DCD996 has length, width, and height of 4 inches, 10 inches, and 8 inches, respectively. Contrary to this, DCD998 has a length, breadth, and size of 8.85 inches, 2.55 inches, and 8.2 inches. 

  • Weight: The difference in the weight of the two products is quite huge! One drill is comparatively lighter than the other! DeWalt DCD996 weighs 4.4 pounds which in itself is a heavyweight to carry. 

And other than this, DeWalt DCD998 weights a little less than the DCD996, i.e., 3.5 pounds. But while our testing we found both similar, yes, for some people the weight might be noticeable but not for me.  

  • Speed: The primary criteria on which any two of the drills should be brought into comparison is their speeds. Higher speeds ensure higher performance by the tools. The smooth working is also experienced if the speed of the devices is commendable. 

Considering that, DCD996 has three different speed modes, 0-400, 1300 & 2000 RPM RPM. Contrary to this, DCD998 too supports three ranging speed modes, which are also 0-400, 1300 & 2000 RPM.


DeWalt DCD996 and DCD998 are two of the most potent and super-efficient drills manufactured. With professional functioning and clean output, these drills have become a top priority of the users over time. 

The construction of both the tools is more or less done on the same grounds. Here, I’ll be discussing the similarities that you can acknowledge in both of the drills. 

These similarities are some of the most impressive features of DCD996 and DCD998. Let’s have a look at them!

  • Spotlight LED Mode: Both DeWalt DCD996 and DeWalt DCD998 have a powerful LED lighting system that is equipped with a specialized spotlight mode. 

The spotlight mode of the drill gives a 20 minute shutoff time to the battery while you use it in dark spaces. This is done to get the battery remaining even after having completed your work.

  • 20V Battery Support: The drills have a 20V battery support that makes the tools extremely powerful and well-functioning. The battery does not drain out quickly and continues to work for a considerable period. 

Once charged, the batteries operate continuously and smoothly, fast, and efficiently. 

  • Three Speed Modes: DeWalt DCD996 and DeWalt DCD998 have three mode-ranging speed options. These speeds can be altered according to the preferences of the user. 

Any drilling from the lightest to the heaviest can be made instantly by both machines. One thing to be brought into consideration is that DCD998 works super fastly, so you should not use it for plastic or wooden drillings. 

  • Brushless Motors: Both DeWalt DCD996 and DeWalt DCD998 are equipped with brushless motors. The brushless motor works seamlessly and smoothly for a more extended period. 

Moreover, the brushless motors ensure that the efficiency of the products increases in comparison to the conventional tools. 


Apart from the similarities, DeWalt DCD996 and DeWalt DCD998 are different in certain aspects. These differences account for the performance that a user experiences with these two drills. 

Also, these distinctions help to get a clear and better understanding of each of the products quickly and in handy. Following are some of the main features based on which the two drills can be differentiated.

  • Speed Modes: Although both the drills are equipped with prominent three-speed modes but still there lies a variation in the speed range of the two drills. 

For instance, DCD996 can be operated at 450 RPM, 1300 RPM, and 2250 RPM, depending solely upon the purpose that needs to be extracted from the drill. On the other hand, 

DCD998 works on the lowest range of 400 RPM, then 1300 RPM, and the highest it can run on 2000 RPM. Both the drills are efficient on their own.

  • Power Detect Technology: An enhancing feature that you can get to experience with DeWalt DCD998 but not with DeWalt DCD996 is the power detect technology. This is an upgrade in the features of the drills manufactured by DeWalt.
  • Weight of the drills: As a user, you would be looking for a compact and portable drill that can be taken along to various places instantly. 

For that, a lightweight drill would suit the purpose. Between DCD996 vs. DCD998, the former weighs only 4 pounds whereas the latter is almost double, i.e., 9.92 pounds.

  • Cost Price of the drills: Before making any purchase, the first and foremost thing that any user considers is the cost they have to incur if the product is bought. 

Here, the price range of both the drills has a considerable gap. For instance, DCD996 is made available to the users at $229 approximately. 

On the other hand, DCD998 can be purchased by you at $279. This is a significant difference between the two drills. 

Dewalt DCD996B Review

DeWalt DCD996 is a strong, robust, and budget-friendly drilling tool that will save up a lot of cash in your bag! DCD996 is a powerful drill equipped with a handsome number of features that can not go unnoticed at all! 

First of all, the machine supports a Lithium-ion brushless battery that promises to provide you with an unmatchable efficiency. 

Dewalt DCD996B drill Review

The run-time offered by the drill is higher than its alternatives. The battery works for hours and hours without having to be refilled. 

Other than that, the drill has a three-mode LED light that you can use at every place, be it dim or illumination. The intensity of the light in the highest mode is tremendously glowing.

Along with this, the drill supports a significantly modified spotlight mode in which the battery is subjected to a 20 minute shutoff time. This is done to ensure that the battery does not run out of power quickly. 

Moreover, with the assistance of an LED, you can work effortlessly and perfectly in dark and dull spaces. Not only this, the drill in itself is sturdy and long-lasting.

Dewalt DCD996 Review

Adding onto this, DeWalt DCD996 works on three different speed modes depending upon the object you are willing to create a hole in! 

The lowest range of speed provided by the drill is 550 rotations per minute, and the highest speed is 2250 RPM. The rate of 2250 RPM makes the drill one of its kind.


  • Three Speed Mode: The three modes of speed that a user can experience with the drill is an extraordinary feature that makes the tool worth the use. I was assisted by the drill to perform most of my drilling work with a single device.
  • Lithium-ion Battery: DCD996 has a 20V lithium-ion battery that ensures better and long-lasting durability for the drill. My drill is in operation even after such a long time. It is a promising device for longer use.
Dewalt DCD996B Review
  • Illuminating LED Light: The drill is recommended to be used in dark and confined spaces where there is the absence of a source of light for the reason that it itself is equipped with an LED Light. This allowed me to use the drill in my godown where it was earlier difficult to work.



  • You can use it for multiple tasks effortlessly
  • The LED light helps you to work efficiently
  • Durable and powerful motor


  • It is not recommendable to be used with lighter objects such as a wooden box

Dewalt DCD998B Review

DCD998 by DeWalt is one of the grandest creations done by the company. This tool is a complete package of efficient features in every way that a user can imagine! 

Beginning that the drill is equipped with an 8.0 Ah Lithium-ion battery turns out to be the most advanced feature of the drill. 

DCD998 is a machine for carrying out super bulky and loaded tasks such as masonry works or digging up metals. The tool has a strong battery composition which results in increasing the overall performance of the machine by 29%. 

Imagine having a tremendously powerful device in the functioning that it does! There is nothing better than that! 

Dewalt DCD998B Review

You can count on DCD998 during times of need, and you can be sure of getting the best assistance ever ready! Not only this, like others, DCD998 is also equipped with a three-mode LED light that proves out to be your ultimate savior. 

With the 20-minute shutoff feature of the spotlight mode, you preserve a handsome amount of your battery. Drained batteries are no longer your trouble to experience with Dewalt DCD998. 

Other than that, you can operate the tool at three different speeds. Firstly, it runs at 450 RPM which can be changed to 1300 RPM, and lastly and maximum to 2000 RPM. 

Dewalt DCD998 Review

According to your consumption, you can use the tool for regular drilling, metal drilling, masonry works, and electrical purposes. The drill gives a satisfactory output.


  • Multipurpose: DCD998 is multifunctional. Having the support of three different modes of speed, the drill can be put into other and multiple uses as per the user’s convenience. For me, the device was a one-time cost spending and then multiple usage machine.
  • Brushless Motors: The brushless motors increase the efficiency and durability of the drill even more. The manufacturing of the tool ensures that it will continue to work for a prominent amount of time, even longer than you could have expected. In my case, the brushless motors proved to be better working than their alternatives.
  • Powerful Battery: Dewalt DCD998 has an 8.0 Ah powerful battery that does not demand to be refilled. Nor does the battery cause any hindrance in your work.

Not only did DeWalt DCD998 ease my pain but it also saved the environment by not demanding continuous energy in terms of electricity. 



  • The battery provided by the machine is durable and efficient
  • DeWalt DCD998 is multipurpose
  • The drill is packed with a light that assists you as you accomplish your day-to-day tasks


  • The device is extremely heavy and bulky and so it can not be transported by everyone

Which one is BETTER & WHY?

It has been a long time since I brought both the drills made by DeWalt into use, and at this moment, I can assist you all with a clear and clean review regarding which of the two tools is better for you to have! 

Firstly, you need to distinguish between the kind of purpose you expect from the drill to fulfill. If you want to do simple drilling work on heavy objects like metals, you should go for DCD996. 

On the other hand, if you are bound to do masonry work and have to accomplish tasks related to heavy drilling such as on metals or sometimes on wood, you should opt for DCD998. 

If I talk of the efficiency and durability of the two products, then undoubtedly, DCD998 with an 8.0 Ah battery will provide favorable results. 

DCD998 boosts the efficiency of the drill by 29%. As a result, you are sure of getting your work done smoothly and seamlessly. You will face no troubles during your work. 

If the price is something that you put as your priority, then I must tell you that Dewalt DCD996 is cheaper and more affordable than Dewalt DCD998. You will save up a lot of amounts if you buy DCD996 and not DCD998. 

Overall, the features and durability of both tools are highly recommendable. There are no hard and fast rules to operate the drills. 

The devices are super easy to assemble and the simplest to be used right after unpacking them. The drills are not at all messy or cumbersome to use. 

Therefore, you can opt for a drill tool that meets up to your needs and expectations, and you can be sure of getting the best user experience ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between DCD998W1 and DCD996B?

    DeWalt DCD998W1 and DeWalt DCD999B are well functioning and efficient working drills manufactured by DeWalt. The prime difference that can be laid out between the two products is regarding battery efficiency. 

    DeWalt DCD998W1 gives 29% better performance than DCD996B. Also, the maximum speed offered by DCD996 is 2250 RPM, whereas that shown by DCD998 is 998s RPM.

    Not only this, DCD996 is cheaper and more affordable than DCD998. If price is your concern, then you should go for DCD996. If features are what you choose, then you must buy DCD998.

  • How much torque does a DeWalt DCD998 have?

    DeWalt DCD998 offers a high-quality performance in a drilling tool. It is primarily meant for carrying out heavy and bulky drilling tasks. The torque provided by a DeWalt DCD998 to the users is 1072 in-lbs (nearly 121 Nm).


DeWalt DCD996B and DeWalt DCD998B are two of the most captivating cordless drills that operate on brushless motors. The drills are highly modified and equipped with countless features that make the products worth the use by everyone. 

If you have to dig clean and smooth holes into wood, metals, or electrical appliances, then you can consider buying any of the two drills. The features of the drills are very prominent, and you also do not have to face the pain of messy wires. 

Other than that, DCD996 and DCD998 are durable and long-term products that can be carried to places without making the process troublesome. 

Hence, according to your needs and preferences, you can conveniently choose the best-suited drill that would fulfill all of your drilling purposes.

Difference between Hammer Drill and Normal Drill

Drills are machines that are used to create holes in different materials. There are many different types of drills, including hammer drills and normal drills. 

Hammers drills are a specific type of drill that is designed to drill through concrete and other hard surfaces. Normal drills can also be used to drill through harder surfaces, but they are not as effective as hammer drills. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the difference between hammer drills and normal drills. We will also talk about when each type of drill should be used.

Both have their own unique benefits and uses. Here’s a look at the key differences between these two types of drills:

  • A hammer drill is specifically designed to drill through tougher materials, such as concrete and bricks. A normal drill, on the other hand, is better suited for softer materials, like wood and plastic.
  • A hammer drill produces a pounding action that helps it penetrate harder materials. A normal drill simply rotates the bit to create a hole.
  • Because of its design, a hammer drill can be quite noisy compared to a normal drill.
  • Hammer drills are typically more expensive than normal drills.

So, which type of drill should you choose? It really depends on the job you need to do. If you’re working with tougher materials, a hammer drill is the way to go. But if you’re dealing with softer materials, a normal drill will do just fine.

Hammer Drill Buying Guide

There are a few things you need to keep in mind before buying a hammer drill. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The size and weight of the drill: If you plan on using the drill for extended periods of time, or for projects that require a lot of power, then a heavier and larger drill might be a better option. 

However, if you only need the drill for occasional use, or for smaller projects, then a smaller and lighter drill might be more suitable.

  • The type of chuck: There are two main types of chucks – keyless and keyed. Keyless chucks are easier to operate, but they have a tendency to slip more than keyed chucks. Keyed chucks are more secure, but they can be more difficult to operate.
  • The number of speeds: Most drills have two speeds – low and high. However, some drills also have a variable speed feature, which can be handy for certain projects.
  • The power source: Hammer drills can be powered by either electricity or batteries. If you plan on using the drill frequently, or for larger projects, then an electric drill might be the best option. 

However, if you only need the drill occasionally, or for smaller projects, then a battery-powered drill might be more suitable.

  • The price: Hammer drills can vary widely in price, depending on the features and quality of the drill. It’s important to compare prices from different retailers before making a purchase.
  • The Brand of the Drill: There are various good and bad brands out there, and you need to buy from a good brand, because after buying a drill, there are many things that you need, like good customer care, spare parts, etc. Do your research on the internet, or ask around for opinions, before making a purchase.

Don’t go for any kind of brand that you never heard of, they attract customers from their very cheap prices, and these low price products come with a cost.

  • The warranty: Most drills come with a one-year warranty. However, some brands offer longer warranties, which can be helpful if you plan on using the drill frequently.

Take these factors into account when choosing a hammer drill, and you’re sure to find the perfect model for your needs.

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