Dewalt DCD796 vs DCD996, Detailed Comparison

Dewalt has a wide variety of tools to choose from, but this wide variety of tools creates confusion among the customers, as many of the tools have similar features and specifications but their model names are different, and this time it is the same here. 

It becomes a tough choice to pick between the Dewalt DCD796 vs DCD996, this time they had a different name, but somewhat similar features and specifications. So, which one is better and why it is better? We have owned both of them and I can help you in deciding which one you should go for.

This is why I am making this detailed Dewalt DCD796 vs DCD996 comparison so that if someone is facing this problem can get some help.

DeWalt DCD796 is a budget-friendly and affordable drill that is made available to you at a minimal price. DCD796 is light and so, it is easy to operate. DCD996 on the other hand is costlier and bulky when brought into comparison with DCD796.

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Dewalt DCD796 vs DCD996

Paving your way out of the cumbersome process of drilling a hole using the conventional hammer and screw, cordless drills have been in use recently. 

Primarily, a cordless drill is a device that operates on a battery and is brought into use for making holes into objects like wood or a wall. The main objective of such drills is to make your work easier and faster done. 

Because these drills have no wire attached to them, hence carrying them over places becomes an effortless task. To the places where wires cannot reach, these drills provide access. 

Be it a hole for hanging a photo frame on the wall or in an electric board; you can count onto the cordless drills always and anytime. The batteries of such drills are rechargeable. 

Sometimes specific machines come with an extra battery, whereas some devices do not. These drills are sorted enough to be used immediately after unpacking them. Over time, DeWalt has been a promising and efficient manufacturer of such drilling tools.

Although DeWalt produces a series of wide-ranging products, today I’ll be describing two of its top-rated drilling machines. For basic household needs, I decided to purchase a drill. 

After gaining the knowledge and undergoing research about the drills, I shortlisted two of the drills manufactured by Dewalt that I thought would serve my purpose well. 

So, I placed an order for Dewalt DCD796 and Dewalt DCD996 because I could not stick to purchasing any one of them. 

Bringing them into use for over a while, I considered reviewing and describing them to help others who might get confused about which product they should have and rely upon. 

However, both the drills are prominent and efficient on their own, yet there lie some points of distinction that make one drill better than the other. 

Following, you will be provided with a detailed and handy description and the difference between DCD796 vs. DCD996. Make a wise decision accordingly!

Weight3.16 pounds4 pounds 
Speed0-550 RPM & 2000 RPM0-400, 1300 & 2000 RPM
Torque70Nm95 Nm
Chuck size13mm13 mm
Clutch Settings1511
Motor Power460 UWO820 UWO
Charge Tim1 hour1 hour
Battery5.0 Ah5.0 Ah
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price


This section will deal with an instant comparison between Dewalt DCD796 vs. Dewalt DCD996. Comparing the drills will provide you with a clear picture of both products. 

Although Dewalt DCD796 and DCD996 are quite alike of a drill still, we can not overlook the factors based on which the two drills can be differentiated. 

Some significant aspects regarding the distinction between the two tools will assist you in your decision-making. 

  • Price: Price or range of the product is the most considerate factor that any consumer would consider before finally deciding on buying a product. 

In my opinion, the first comparison should be made between the price of the two drills. Having said that, DCD796 is available to you for approximately $135, and DCD996 can be bought at a range between $200 to $229. 

Hence, as per your budget, you can purchase the drill of your choice. The price may vary according to the different website deals and offers, so you can check according to where you are buying.

  • Voltage: Other than price, you must go for the product’s battery and its durability. For the long run time, its voltage supply need not be erratic. 

With both the machines, you can leave that trouble behind as DCD796 and DCD996 have a 20V battery voltage. Being equipped with such a good supply, you can easily accomplish most of your drilling projects. 

  • Chuck Size: If you are looking for a firm and sturdy drilling tool, you must compare the chuck size of the drills. According to my research, I found the chuck size of DCD796 to be 13 mm, and that of DCD996 is 13mm. 

Both the drilling machines have a metallic chuck that accounts for the long-lasting durability of the products. 

  • Dimensions: As an aware customer, the product dimensions are necessary criteria for judging the drills! Usually, the dimensions do not matter for most people, but for me, they did, and so I did draw a comparison between the measurements of the drills as well. 

DCD796 has 8.39 x 8.31 x 3.62 inches as its dimensions. On the other hand, DCD996 comes with a size of 4×10×8 inches. 

  • Weight: Many of you might want to have a handy product and easy to carry across places. 

Consider that you might be looking for a lightweight drill; if you have to dig up bulky spaces, you would be willing to buy a sturdy and robust tool. 

So, here is your confusion resolved. DCD796 weighs 3.16 pounds, and DCD996 weighs 4 pounds.

  • Power: Speed or rotations per minute accounts for being the most important factor regarding a drilling machine. 

The higher the rotations per minute of your tool will be, the better will be its accuracy and efficiency. If I talk of DCD796 vs. DCD996, DCD796 rotates 2000 times a minute, and DCD996 has a speed of 2250 minutes per minute. 


DeWalt has always led ahead of its competitors in manufacturing tools, especially drills. DeWalt provides you with a world of drills wherein you can find a suitable one for every purpose. 

The drills have a lot in common, and so several things become similar while comparing the two drills. Therefore, DCD796 vs. DCD996 have the underlying factors in common. These factors are equal, and you can find them in both drills. 

  • Three Stage LED Light: To assist you while working in dark places and confined places, both DCD796 and DCD996 are equipped with three-stage LED lights that dim or glow according to the mode in which it is set.

 In darker areas, the LED light intensifies and provides you a way to have clear and clean drilling.

  • Battery: Being equipped with a 20 V battery, both the tools turn out to be efficient and effective for a longer period than expected. 

The batteries do not drain out quickly or immediately after short-term use. Instead, the batteries are made of Lithium ions, so they prove to be highly reliable for the user. 

Batteries in both the tools are the same, so your botheration gets reduced in this aspect. 

  • Same Speed Mode(550 RPM): Although both the drills DCD796 and DCD996 work on different speeds and serve different purposes, the 550 rotations per minute mode of both the tools is something that they have in common. 

You can effortlessly operate both products at a speed range of 550 RPM. This speed is maintained for drilling holes in lighter places or objects such as wood or plastic. 

  • Long Run-Time: In comparing DCD796 and DCD996, I figured out that both the machines have a good run time and battery life. The battery does not drain or diminish quickly. 

You can be sure of completing major tasks painlessly and still have the battery remaining. Therefore, in my opinion, both DCD796 and DCD996 have an efficient run time. 


Now that you have gone through the similarities between DCD796 and DCD996, it’s time to make you aware of the differences between the two! 

The distinction will help you to easily create your firm opinion regarding the best drills between the two of them. Certain factors make one drill better than the other and vice versa. 

Having gone through the use, I’ve concluded the following elements based on which these two drills can be differentiated. 

  • Speed Modes: The efficiency of any tool depends solely upon the speed with which it operates. Higher speed ensures smooth output, and lower speeds might pose an issue for the user. 

Therefore, speed is an important criterion to be brought into notice. DCD796 has two different speed modes, one is 550 RPM, and the other is 2000 RPM. 

On the other hand, DCD996 is equipped with three ranging speed modes, the lowest being 550 rotations per minute, then there is a speed of 1300 rotating per minute, and the highest one is 2250 rotations per minute. 

  • Weight: The prime choice of the people is a compact and easy tool to carry. In terms of weight, the two drills are different from one another. 

As in, DCD796 is a lightweight tool that is approximately 3.16 pounds. Primarily, you can use the tool for creating a hole in a plastic or wall of your house. 

Contrary to this, DCD996 is meant for drilling holes into heavy and bulky areas and objects such as metals and alike things. 

  • Price: Purchasing while keeping in mind your budget and price range is the wisest thing to do. Like other factors, DCD796 and DCD996 vary over their price range.

If you want a drill for emergency purposes and you do not need to bring it into use daily, you should consider buying DCD796. 

It is available to the users at $135, whereas DCD996 comes for $229. 

Dewalt DCD796D2 Review

DeWalt DCD796 is a tool that will fulfill all your needs at a minimal cost. The device is budget-friendly and affordable in price. You do not have to spend much while buying the product.

Dewalt DCD796D2 Review

DeWalt DCD796 is a lightweight tool that you can primarily use for digging holes in light objects such as wood or plastic. The device is not at all suitable for bulky or heavy tasks. It might not function if you try to do so. 

Moreover, the lithium-ion battery support makes the product even more enhancing and efficient to use. The user experience with this product is satisfactory even in the long run. 

The device continues to operate seamlessly for a remarkable period. You do not have to experience the trouble of entangled wires accounting for the fact that the drill is wholly brushless and cordless. 

Brushless motors increase the durability of the tool. DCD796 proves to be functional even during nights or confined spaces. 

This is possible due to the availability of a triple mode super-intense LED light that glows up to the maximum level possible while you work in remote areas. Being easily portable, you can take it along anywhere and anytime. 

Dewalt DCD796 Review

Not only this, the tool operates two different speed modes. One being the slowest for lighter tasks, i.e., at 550 rotations per minute and the other being the fastest, i.e., at 2000 rotations per minute. 

This makes the tool a multipurpose one. Overall, the device is durable and reliable to be brought into use by its users.


  • Affordable

Dewalt DCD796 is a budget-friendly and affordable tool that makes sure to save a part of your expenses and still operate the best. Having spent the bare minimum, you will be getting some of the most enhanced features of a cordless drill.

I got a well-efficient drill at a minimal price and that automatically turned my experience into a fantastic one!

  • Battery

The Lithium-ion culmination of the product’s battery makes it worth the use for you. Being packed with such strength makes the tool robust and completely durable for the users. 

I was sure of getting a long-lasting battery in DCD796 and it proved to be satisfactory for me.

  • Special spotlight mode

DCD796 has a special spotlight mode built primarily to cope with those needing to work in the dark or during nights or at places where no source of light is available. Hence, easy and comfortable working becomes possible by using the tool.

Dewalt DCD796 Drill Review

When I worked in dark and dim spaces, the spotlight was my assistance during the whole task. I would recommend the device for this feature.



  • Durable and reliable battery
  • Long-lasting performance and perfection
  • A super-efficient spotlight that makes the work even easier


  • The drill is only suitable to be used for homely tasks

Dewalt DCD996B Review

DeWalt DCD996 is a promising and durable tool that is considered one of the best manufacturings by DeWalt. First and foremost, DCD996 is robust and reliable. 

It fulfills all the requirements of someone willing to drill into heavy metals or harsh surfaces. The chuck provided by DCD996 is one of its best features. It keeps the drilling clean and smooth. It does not alter the clarity of the hole made. 

Along with this, you get to operate the drill at three different speed modes. The highest one is at 2000 RPM, and the lowest is 400 RPM. The hammer drilling mode of the tool is the most prominent one. 

Dewalt DCD996B Review

Other than this, the 20V lithium-ion battery ensures the best battery durability to the users. Moreover, the drill is equipped with a three-mode LED lighting option that assists you while working in areas that do not have a prominent light source. 

The spotlight mode of the drill keeps the battery at rest to ensure that the battery runs for an even more extended period. 

Having brushless motor results in the drill being a well-working tool. Overall, DeWalt DCD996 is packed with multiple features to assist you in your work.


  • Varying Speed Modes

DeWalt DCD996 can be operated on three different modes. As a result, the drill becomes a multipurpose tool for the users. The highest speed provided by the drill is 2000 RPM which is undoubtedly very high compared to the substitutes of the drill. 

Dewalt DCD996 Review

As a result, I was able to operate DCD996 for most of the tasks without facing any troubles. 

  • Spotlight Mode

The drill has a special spotlight mode wherein you can keep the battery at rest, ensuring longer life of the battery. 

With DCD996, you do not have to worry about a drained or discharged battery at all. The light intensity is appreciable and I could easily work with the drill.

  • Ergonomic Design

Thirdly, DeWalt DCD996 is an ergonomic tool that supports a super-efficient chuck to give the best output to all your drills being done. 

Dewalt DCD996B drill Review

The design made a firm grip of the drill when it was being held by me. In such terms, the drill is commendable. 



  • DCD996 is multipurpose and a one-time investment for you
  • The drill has three different speed modes that enhance the efficiency of the machine
  • The battery of the device is durable


  • The drill is bulky and sometimes it can become difficult to carry or hold

Which Is Better and Why?

Here we are at the end of our DCD796 vs DCD996 comparison. According to my personal experience of working with both the tools, what I have concluded is that DCD996 is equipped with more and better features than DCD796. 

Although at some point or the other, both the products are similar, there are some differences which can be brought into account regarding the two tools. 

For instance, DCD796 has only two-speed modes, 550 RPM and 2000 RPM, but DCD996 has three different ranges of speeds to work with! 

You can operate the tool at 400RPM, 1300 RPM, and 2000 RPM at the highest, depending on the kind of drill you have to make. This makes the machine an efficient one, so the tool gives a tremendously powerful experience to the user. 

Keeping that aside, if you consider price as the prime option, then DCD796 will suit you better. There lies a handsome amount of difference between the cost of the products. 

So, if you are budget conscious, then DCD796 is a tool for you. More extended durability and complete reliability are both the tools offer and promise to provide to their users. 

All in all, if you choose features over price, then you must buy DCD996, and if you consider price over features, then you should opt for DCD796.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is the difference between DCD796 and DCD996?

    The significant difference between DCD796 and DCD996 is regarding the weight of the two tools. DCD796 weights are lighter than DCD996. 

    The reduction in the product’s weight makes it better, more efficient, and easily portable, whereas DCD996 is meant for accomplishing solid and heavy tasks. 

    Other than that, DCD796 is budget-friendly and affordable in its price. DCD996 comes at a nominal price, costlier than DCD791. Therefore, if you are budget conscious, buy DCD796 rather than DCD996.

  • How much torque does a DeWalt DCD996 have?

    DeWalt DCD996 is a robust and robust tool for drilling purposes. It is efficient and provides you with a longer run time than its competitors. 

    Further, the torque offered by DeWalt DCD996 is nearly 95 Nm, which is undoubtedly a lot more than what is provided by some other drilling tools. 


Having gone through everything mentioned above, you would have been aware of the purpose, uses, and credibility of Dewalt DCD796 and Dewalt DCD996. Dewalt DCD796 is cheap and handy. 

You can consider bringing it into use if you do light tasks that do not require much effort. DCD996 is sturdy and robust. 

It is primarily used for drilling holes into heavier objects in comparison. Overall, both tools are durable and efficient in the purpose they serve. 

They are promising and reliable for more prolonged use as well. These tools are a one-time investment for the user, and hence with these tools, you can be sure of putting your money to good use.

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