Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD996, Which is Better & Why?

Picking one tool among two similar features and specifications can be a tough task, and this is the same with the Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD996, they both are quite similar, but which one is better is a difficult choice to make. 

I have used both these drills for around 2 years now, and now I can share what are the differences and similarities between these two in our Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD996 comparison article. 

DeWalt DCD791 is a compact and well-built drill that can be primarily brought into use for lighter tasks such as drilling holes into a wooden block. On the other hand, DeWalt DCD996 is a bulky drill that you can use for heavy masonry work.

Weight3.3 pounds4 pounds 
Speed0-550, 2000 RPM0-400, 1300 & 2000 RPM
Torque70Nm95 Nm
Chuck size13mm13 mm
Motor Power20V20V
Charge Time (Minutes)35 minutes 1 hour
Battery Amp Hours2.0 Ah5.0 Ah
Warranty3 years3 years
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

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Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD996

Creating and drilling holes into solid objects can be troublesome and tiring. Doing that manually or through conventional tools requires a lot of time and physical effort. To reduce the burden caused, you can use a drill. 

A drill is a device used to dig perfect holes into the wall or any hard and solid surface. You can quickly get a drill available in your nearby market or conveniently on online shopping websites. 

With the advancement in technology and the occurring necessity, cordless drilling machines have been in use nowadays. 

The prime factor wherein these machines are better than the ones with cords is that they are not messy, and while handling and storing them, you do not have to be worried about the entangled wires at all. 

Cordless drills are super-easy to assemble and effortless to use! In an instant, you can have a hole in your wall, or a table, or whatsoever object you want. Considering the times of need, I decided to drill at my place! 

After enough research and study, I was in a dilemma to choose between two options: Dewalt DCD791 and Dewalt DCD996, and I could not stick to any one of them.

In the end, I decided to have both of them. After bringing them into use for a considerable amount of time, I have concluded the fact that both the products are equipped with their unique features along with some significant differences. 

Thinking of others, I considered giving a detailed description of both the products. Though both the products serve to reduce manual efforts and labor and shift that to be done by a machine, the products are distinct in specific characteristics. 

As a result, following you will find the most suitable of the two! Let’s see which between the two is better.


Not forgetting the fact that both the drills manufactured by Dewalt are seamless in their functioning, yet there are minute differences that compelled me to have a comparison between Dewalt DCD791 and Dewalt DCD996. 

The comparison will provide you with a clear picture of which drill machine you should consider buying according to your needs and preferences. 

Based on certain significant factors, the following is a comparison between the two drills.

  • Power

According to me, the first and foremost factor that should be brought into consideration regarding a cordless drill is its power. Both Dewalt DCD791 support a 20V voltage. 

These cordless tools are designed to make all digging and drilling work easier and with enough voltage supply, the drills give an efficient performance. 

  • Dimension & Structure

Though the dimensions and structure are usually not taken as an essential factor to be compared, even the slightest distinction in them accounts for a significant change in your tool. 

Therefore, comparing the dimensions of DCD791 vs. DCD996, the DCD791 is a drill with length, width, and height as 16.22 inches, 4.5 inches, and 10.1 inches, respectively, and it weighs 3.30 pounds approximately. 

On the other hand, DCD996 has a length, width, and height measuring 4 inches, 10 inches, and 8 inches.

  • Chuck

The primary purpose that a chuck fulfills in a drill is to hold the rotating tool firmly at its place. Considering that, the chuck needs to be solid and sturdy. 

Both DCD791 and DCD996 have a hard-coated metal chuck that ensures higher durability and credibility of the product. The metal chuck makes the task even easier to accomplish. 

  • Speed

Another prominent factor that I thought should be brought into account is the speeds of both the drills. To measure speed, you need to know the rotations that the drill undergoes per minute, i.e., RPM. 

While talking of DCD791 vs. DCD996, the RPM offered by DCD791 is 2000, and the RPM provided by DCD996 is 2250, accounting for DCD996 being better than DCD791 in this aspect. 

  • Purpose Served

As a user, you would be willing to have a drill that suits your requirements and needs well. Therefore, concluding DCD791 vs. DCD996 based on the purpose they serve is a must. 

Hence, DCD791 is lightweight and can be majorly used for drilling into wood. On the other hand, DCD996 is heavily weighted, and you can use it to have a hole in solid metals.

Dewalt provides you with a variety of drills that you can put into daily use quickly and effortlessly. On the base level, several similarities can be brought into account between these machines. 

Talking of DCD791 vs. DCD996, certain things can be found standard in both. Here, I will lead you by pointing out some similarities between DCD791 and DCD996. 

Following are some general aspects regarding the same.


  • Battery’s Life

The battery’s durability regards a cordless machine that it offers to its users. Both the drills have a 20V lithium-ion charged battery which proves to be working efficiently for a considerable time and even longer than that. 

As per my experience, the batteries in both the drills do not drain out quickly. You can work for most hours of the day and still be sure of having the battery remaining. 

There lies no difference in terms of battery in both machines. 

  • LED Support

Both DCD791 and DCD996 give you LED support that enables you to efficiently work in dark spaces or in areas where there is the unavailability of any prominent sources of light. 

Not only this, the spotlight mode assists you even more by providing a 20-minute auto-shutoff feature that saves up your battery life.

  • Long-term Durability

Being stiff and sturdy, both the drills promise long-term durability to you. These drills are more or less of a one-time investment for you. 

It works smoothly for a more extended period than you could have expected. With efficient working, both DCD791 and DCD996 are durable products. 

  • Speed Range

Although both the machines can vary speeds as per the user’s convenience, amongst all, the rate of 550 rotations per minute is what you will find common to both of the drills. 

This speed range is available to dig holes in lighter objects or places like a wooden chair or a table.


This section of the article will deal with the reasons and factors that make the two drills different from each other. 

Although the two machines have pretty much in common, some differences will account for one drill being ahead of the other and the one I consider as better between the two. 

So, let’s look at the factors responsible for the distinction between DCD791 and DCD996.

  • Speed

Speed is the most critical factor that sets one drill ahead of the other. As a user, I was conscious about the speed, i.e., the rotations per minute that the drills provided. 

Therefore, figuring that out, the conclusion was drawn that DCD791 offer two different speed modes, those at 550 RPM and 2000 RPM, whereas DCD996 provides you with three different ways of speed, the least of it being 550 RPM, same as DCD791, the average speed is 1300 RPM, and then the highest one is 2250 RPM. 

Also, the highest speed that you can experience by bringing DCD791 into use is only 2000 RPM.

  • Weight

DCD791 weighs 3.3 pounds approximately, which accounts for it being a lightweight drill and therefore easily portable. 

On the other hand, DCD996 weighs 4 pounds, creating a big difference in the size and portability of the machines. According to the purpose that must be fulfilled, you can choose the drill for you.

  • Product Price

Yet another prominent factor that everyone considers before finally buying a drill machine or anything is the product’s price. 

As a user, you would want to go for an alternative that is budget-friendly and cuts your cost easily. Therefore, the cost of DCD791 is higher than DCD996 by a considerable amount. 

If you wish to go for a low-cost drill, you must choose Dewalt DCD996.

Dewalt DCD791B Review

The most appealing factor about Dewalt DCD791 is its smoothness and sturdiness, even in the longer run. The chuck keeps the device in place, removing all kinds of complications while drilling into something. 

Dewalt DCD791 is highly lightweight, because of which it becomes handy and compact. You can conveniently carry it from one place to another without much trouble. 

Dewalt DCD791B Cordless Drill Review

The drill is balanced and robust. Being equipped with a brushless motor, the drill has an incomparable efficiency. It operates seamlessly. The machine can work double the time you could expect from it. In a single charge, the drill gets most of your work done! 

Moreover, you are provided with twin power-ranging options. Either you can operate the machine at a lower speed of 550 RPM, or the rate can get as high as 2000 RPM. As a result, the drill becomes multipurpose. 

Other than that, DCD791 is equipped with an illuminating LED light that can work on three different modes. 

For instance, by using the spotlight mode, you can work efficiently, even at night. In remote areas that do not have any light source, this drill becomes reasonable assistance. 

For more extended durability and better credibility, the drill is packed with 20V Lithium-ion batteries that promise a lasting life and tremendous efficiency. 

Also, to be aware of the amount of battery left, the drill has a battery indicator. You get to know when to charge the exercise super quickly. 

Dewalt DCD791 Review

Making sure that you do not have to face the issue of a drained battery, DCD791 supports dual batteries. You can make use of the latter when the former is being charged. 

All in all, be it some challenging masonry work of yours or a simple task like drilling a hole in your table, you can consider having a DCD791 brushless drill. 


  • Battery

DCD791 has a battery indicator that prevents all kinds of wastage of your time by telling you beforehand of the drained battery. Hence, you can charge it instantly knowing the same. 

Furthermore, with a dual battery advantage, you can continue doing your tasks without hindrance or complexity. 

Dewalt DCD791B Cordless Drill

With this feature, I was able to work efficiently for longer hours without having to worry about recharging the battery again and again.

The drill is packed with a strong battery with itself being lightweight. A considerate amount of battery works for a more extended period, and the reduced weight of the machine in comparison to others makes it effortless for you to carry it from one place to another. DCD791 is easily portable due to this feature.

A reliable battery and the lightweight of the drill made it possible for me to carry it anywhere super-easily.

  • Speed Modes

The most extraordinary feature of Dewalt DCD791 is the dual speed settings option that can be switched and changed according to you in no time!

You can operate the drill in as low as 550 RPM or for heavy drillings, you can change the speed to 2000 RPM as well.

Therefore, for a major number of tasks of mine, I could painlessly use the DCD791 and the output was very efficient. 

We have also made a detailed Dewalt DCD791B review, you can read that as well if you want to know about this tool in detail.

Pros & Cons


  • The drill is lightweight and easy to carry across places
  • Different speed modes make the device an efficient one
  • The drill being well-designed offers a durable and reliable grip to the users


  • You can not bring the drill into use for carrying out heavy tasks

Dewalt DCD996B Review

Dewalt DCD996 is a super-efficient and compact drill that operates smoothly over any surface. The drill is massive but compact from the front. The chuck is placed at a perfect angle not to cause any issues during your work.

Adding onto this, the DCD996 drill is more suitable for cumbersome tasks such as construction or drilling into metals because the drill itself is heavy. The run time offered by the drill is commendable. 

As compared to the usual routines, DCD996 provides you with 75% more duration, ensuring that your tasks get efficiently done. 

The machine is also suitable to operate during darkness because it supports a triple mode LED light. The intensity of the light is prominently displayed 20 times brighter, so drilling becomes clear and smooth. 

Also, the LED supports an auto-shutoff feature that lasts for twenty minutes. As a result, you get to have a longer run time in minimal battery consumption. 

Moreover, the Lithium-ion batteries with which the drill is equipped are vigorous and give the desired results. Having a brushless drill, Dewalt DCD996 offers you a high-speed torque that seamlessly assists you in digging a hole into anything. 

Dewalt DCD996B Review

Unlike DCD791, DCD996 has three-speed customizability. You can change speeds thrice while drilling into objects of different toughness. The highest RPM on which the machine operates is 2250. 

Lower than that, you can convert the speed of the drill to 1350 RPM for drilling into not-so-heavy objects or spaces. Least of all, you have the speeding option of 550 rotations per minute. 

This is designed for drilling into woods or lighter areas. It is offering three-speed modes set aside the drill from its competitors. 

Another extraordinary aspect is that the chuck extends itself automatically while running the machine in hammer drilling mode. Lastly, the price range of the drill is nominal when compared to others. 


  • Multipurpose Tool

First and foremost, DCD996 is a multipurpose tool that assists you in your drilling works efficiently. The machine supports three speed modes, consequently low, medium, and high. 

According to the type of object you are drilling into, you can switch the speed to that painlessly. The highest RPM that you experience is 2250, and the lowest one is 550. 

Dewalt DCD996B Drill reveiw

This feature benefitted me in using one device for many tasks without the trouble of switching it again and again.

  • Durable Battery

DCD996 has a solid and durable battery that provides you with longer battery life and works efficiently during your tasks. The battery does not discharge quickly, so you do not have to worry about the drained battery life. 

Dewalt DCD996B drill review

With a reliable battery, I was sure of processing my work with utmost ease and complete perfection.

  • LED Light

The drill has an intense LED light that you can adjust when you work in confined spaces. In the darkness, the brightness of the LED increases to up to 20 times than usual, providing you a clear picture of the task at hand. This makes the drill super efficient and tremendously effective.

The LED light assisted me in operating the drill in dark areas wherein there was the unavailability of a good source of light. 



  • The efficiency of the battery provided by DCD996 is unmatchable
  • With the help of the LED light, you can work in confined spaces as well
  • The speed modes offer a perfect touch to the drill


  • The drill is bulky and difficult to carry

Which is BETTER and WHY?

After enough study, if the question of which of the two better strikes you, then don’t worry, I have concluded that as well. In my opinion, and after using the drills for some time, I have concluded that Dewalt DCD996 is better than Dewalt DCD791. 

Not that DCD791 is not good in its working, but it does not offer as many features as DCD996 resulting in it lagging behind the other.

For instance, DCD791 supports only two-speed switching modes, whereas DCD996 provides you with three ways to change speeds, thereby making the drill more efficient and better. 

Adding onto this, DCD996 is robust and sturdy. You can rely on the drill for multiple purposes, and the drill will prove to be best in its functioning. 

DCD996 is available to you at a lower price than DCD791, and there can be nothing better than getting a machine at a nominal price also equipped with a variety of features. DCD996 saves a part of your cost that you can bring into specific other good use. 

The highest speed provided to you by DCD996 is 2250 rotations per minute which is undoubtedly more than what DCD791 offers. 

With DCD791, you only get to have a maximum speed of 2000 rotations per minute. As a result, DCD996 automatically becomes a better and more recommendable choice. 

Furthermore, in DCD996, the chuck expands easily and instantly in the hammer drilling mode. This enlargement ensures that the hole made is clean and clear. 

DCD791 is not equipped with any such features; hence DCD996 proves to be more promising. 

Concluding, in my opinion, DCD996 is a better and more durable product if compared to DCD791. I would recommend you to go for DCD996. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is the difference between Dewalt DCD996 and DCD996B?

    Dewalt DCD996 is a range of products offered by Dewalt under the series DCD996. One difference that can be brought into consideration regarding the two drills is that of the battery supply. One drill supports an 18V battery, while the other does a 20V battery.

    Such a difference is hardly noticed, and overall, both the drills give an efficient performance. You can count on them if you are looking for a drilling machine.

  • Are DeWalt 20V Max and Dewalt 20V Max different?

    On the ground level, both DeWalt 20V Max and Dewalt 20V Max are the same in their functioning. Both are smooth and seamless and offer an excellent output to the users. 

    The significant difference that can be drawn between DeWalt 20V Max and Dewalt 20V Max is that DeWalt 20V is equipped with a brushed motor, whereas DeWalt 20V Max is packed with a brushless motor. Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed ones. 

  • Is DeWalt XR better than brushless?

    Yes, DeWalt XR undoubtedly has a well-working motor that is more efficient than brushless. This ensures a longer and more durable battery life for the same product. When making a choice, you should always go for XR motors.


With enough information in hand, you might have got a clear understanding of which product is better for you, and you might have decided what drill suits your purpose well. 

For lightweight objects, you should choose DCD791, and for heavier drillings, you must go for DCD996. If I talk of the overall performance, you should consider buying DCD996 for reasons already mentioned above. 

Other than that, both the drills are exemplary in their functioning and pose no serious problems for the users.

Important things before buying a Drill

There are many things to think about before buying a drill, such as power, price, and more. Make sure that you have checked these points off your list before making a purchase!

When considering purchasing a drill, it is important to first consider what projects or tasks you will be using it for.

If you only need a drill for light-duty projects around the house, then a lower-powered and less expensive model will suffice.

However, if you plan on using the drill for more heavy-duty projects or professional use, then you will need to invest in higher quality and more powerful model.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a drill is the price. There are many different models available on the market ranging in price from very affordable to quite expensive. It is important to find a model that fits both your needs and your budget.

Finally, it is also important to consider the warranty and return policy of the drill before making your purchase. This will ensure that you are covered in case anything goes wrong with the drill after you have purchased it.

By taking the time to consider all of these factors before making your purchase, you can be sure that you are getting the best possible deal on a drill that will suit your needs perfectly.

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