Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD796, Ownership Comparison

If you’re in the market for a new cordless drill, you may be wondering if the Dewalt DCD791 or the DCD796 is the better choice. Both drills are excellent options, but there are some key differences between them that may make one drill a better fit for your needs than the other. 

In this DCD791 vs DCD796 comparison article, we’ll take a look at both drills and compare them head to head so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Dewalt DCD791 and DCD769 both of them are almost same, but there is one difference, DCD791 is a normal drill, whereas the DCD769 is a hammer drill, otherwise, both share the same motor, power, torque, chuck size, and torque.

Dewalt DCD791Dewalt DCD796
Weight3.4 pounds3.6 pounds
RPM0-550 / 0-2000 RPM0-550 / 0-2000 RPM
Clutch Settings1515
Torque70 Nm70 Nm
Chuck size13mm13mm
BPM0–9350 / 0–34000 BPM
Power Output460 UWO460 UWO
Maximum Chuck Size1/2-in1/2-in
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

A few days back, while I was done painting a beautiful canvas, I was willing to hang it up on the wall. I did not want to bother doing that manually, and I thought of buying a drilling tool that would ease my trouble and make my work painless.

I spent a considerable amount of time researching the same and going through the reviews of multiple tools. In the end, I was confused between two of DeWalt’s products; those are DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796. 

When I could not decide to have one, I bought both of them, and I’m glad that I did!

After bringing DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 into use, I find it suitable to review the two products as per my experience. 

Therefore, following you will acknowledge a brief comparison between DeWalt DCD791 and DCD796 and a handy description of both.

Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD796

Drawing up a comparison between DCD791 Vs. DCD796 would help you to know more about the two tools and understand the uses and purposes of the two devices well. 

I have tried to keep it honest and transparent. DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 have their goods and bads that you will read further.

DeWalt DCD791 is lightweight, and it has loose rattles around its chuck. But that does not mean any compromise with the performance of the device. 

Apart from that, DeWalt DCD796 is a heavyweight tool that was expected to have loose fittings too, but that did not happen at all! Instead, DeWalt DCD796 turned out to be a robust tool.

If I talk of the weight of the two drills, there hardly seemed to be any difference between the two. 

Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD796 comparison

Though DeWalt DCD796 has more weight than DeWalt DCD791, operating the two drilling machines feels the same, other than the fact that DeWalt DCD791 worked better for lighter tasks such as woodworking and DeWalt DCD796 mainly was suited for heavy masonry works.

Specifically, DeWalt DCD791 has dimensions of 16.22×4.5×10.1 inches, whereas DeWalt DCD796 comes with dimensions of 8.39×8.31×3.62 inches. Evidently, DCD796 is more compact and easier to hold and operate than DCD791. 

One good thing that I like about DeWalt DCD796 is that when I got the tool kit, it was accompanied by a high-powered 5Ah battery and a charger that charged the battery in a minimal period.

DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 are efficient in their respective performances. Both the tools offer you a torque of 70 Nm, which is satisfactory for a user in the longer run. In terms of chuck size, both DCD791 and DCD796 provide a 13mm chuck size.

Overall, I found DCD796 better, more durable, and a robust choice as a drilling tool. But, your preference could vary from mine. 

Hence I have further laid out other distinctions and similarities between DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796. Keep reading to get a clearer picture of the products.


In their outlook and appearance, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 are more or less the same, but when a thorough comparison is laid out, specific differences could be brought out in the two drilling tools. 

After my research and actual usage, I figured out the factors below that are different between DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796. 

  • Price:  The cost of the device is an essential factor to consider before you make the final purchase. Many users go for prices other than features. 

In terms of price, DeWalt DCD791 is more affordable than DeWalt DCD796. The former is available to you for $108 approximately, whereas the latter comes at nearly $135.

  • Weight- The two devices do not have a higher difference based on weight. DeWalt DCD796 is a heavier tool when compared to DCD791. For instance, DeWalt DCD791 weighs 3.4 pounds, and DeWalt DCD796 weighs 3.6 pounds.
  • Purpose Fulfilled- Different users would have different tasks to be performed with the help of an impact drill. Considering that, I found that DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 serve distinct and separate purposes. 

DCD791 is majorly used for woodworking and similar tasks. On the other hand, DCD796 is operated mainly for masonry works.

  • Charge time- DeWalt DCD796 takes an hour to get ultimately charged. Contrary to this, DCD791 takes only 35 minutes. Clearly, DCD791 charges faster, but it has fewer features than DeWalt DCD796.


Like differences, there are certain similarities between DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796. The similarities make it a tough choice for the users to pick one of the two tools. 

Before making my purchase, it became difficult for me to choose between the two devices because they have so many similarities. 

But you are saved from that trouble, for the reason that you have already made aware of the differences between DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796, and further are the similarities told!

  • 20V Lithium-ion Battery- Like many other impact drills manufactured by DeWalt, both DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 have a 20V super-powered lithium-ion battery both durable and efficient for the users even in the longer run.
  • Torque- Apart from the battery, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 have 70 Nm of torque to offer to the users. This means that the devices will operate seamlessly and provide a clean output.
  • Brushless motors- The most enhancing factor regarding DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 is that both the devices are equipped with brushless motors. 

Brushless motors promise a 57% higher efficiency in both tools. Brushless motors are undoubtedly better than brushed ones.

  • LED lights- This one factor is found in almost all DeWalt’s devices. To help its users work in dimly lit spaces, DeWalt provides super illuminating LED lights. Both DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 are equipped with these LED lights. 

A unique spotlight feature of the LED lights ensures that you get a battery remaining even after working for hours, as it offers a 20 minute shutoff time to the users. 

  • Ergonomic Design- Primarily, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 have a modest and enhanced build. It is done to ensure that the tools become as user-friendly as possible. With a firm grip to hold onto and the compactness of the drilling tools, they become a prime choice of the users.
  • Chuck Size- Chuck size determines the clarity with which the holes are dug into any objects. The chuck size provided by DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD796 is alike. 

With both the tools, you get to experience a chuck size of 13mm, which also is the most commonly found chuck size for drills.

DeWalt DCD791B Review

All your household tasks will be quickly done with DeWalt DCD791. DCD791 is a lightweight tool that is easy to carry, hold and operate. 

Even after being lightweight, the device offers you a torque as high as 70 Nm, meaning that no compromise is made regarding the drill’s performance, even if it is lightweight. 

Moreover, the most captivating feature of the DeWalt DCD791 is that it has a quick charge time of 35 minutes. This ensures that none of your tasks are delayed due to a drained battery. The battery has a considerable run time, so the tool becomes user-friendly. 

Dewalt DCD791B Cordless Drill Review

Also, as a user, you get to have the privilege of running the drill machine at two different speeds. For lighter tasks, you can operate the tool at 550 rotations per minute. If not so, you can also use the device up to a speed of 2000 RPM. 

If you are working at night and at a place that does not have a prominent light source, you can rely on DeWalt DCD791. This is because the drill is equipped with three glowing LED lights. 

Also, the LED light has a unique feature of spotlight mode in which you are provided with a 20 minute shutoff time wherein you get the battery remaining for further and more prolonged use. 

Lastly, DCD791 is an affordable and not so costly drilling machine that you can reliably use for light-duty tasks. 


  • Lightweight

DCD791 is a lightweight drilling machine in comparison to its substitutes. Weighing nearly around 3.4 pounds, it becomes effortless for you to work with the tool. It is even easier to carry the device to different places as per your requirements and convenience. 

Dewalt DCD791B Review
  • Ergonomically Built

DeWalt DCD791 is dedicatedly built to provide efficiency to the users. It is sturdy and firmly built. Other than the fact that sometimes it might get loose, it operates finely otherwise. 

  • Spotlight Mode

The three LED lights of DeWalt DCD791 are equipped with a spotlight mode that is beneficial to save the battery for further use. 

Dewalt DCD791B Cordless Drill

Because of the spotlight mode, you do not have to be bothered about your device running out of battery while working in dark and dimly lit spaces.

  • Varying Speed Modes

As a user, you get to experience the drill in two different speed modes depending upon the kind of tasks you have to perform. 

Dewalt DCD791 Review

If you have to complete a heavy task, you can work at a speed of 2000 RPM. For your lightweight tasks, you can switch the speed to 550 RPM quickly and conveniently. 



  • Best to be used for homely tasks and drilling into woods or plastics.
  • Three Bright LED lights
  • 2 Variable Speed Modes
  • Long Battery Life


  • Not Suitable for heavy work loads

DeWalt DCD796D2 Review

DeWalt DCD796 is a dual-purpose impact drill. You can use it as a brushless drill or as a hammer drill, and you will experience the commendable functioning of the tool. 

DeWalt DCD796 is a device primarily meant for heavy-duty tasks such as masonry works or industrial drilling. But, if not so, the drill supports two-speed modes, the lowest being 550 RPM and the highest being 2000 RPM, thereby accounting for the fact that you can also use the tool for lighter tasks. 

With a well-performing torque of 70 Nm, clean and smooth holes are dug anywhere. Being ergonomically built, DeWalt DCD796 offers efficiency and accuracy to the users. 

DeWalt DCD796D2 Review

The tool’s weight is not much, meaning that DeWalt DCD796 is easy to carry to places. With a 70Nm torque, the speed of the device gets tremendously increased.DeWalt DCD796 supports brushless motors that promise higher durability and more run time.

Also, the three unique LED lights become your assistant as you work in dark spaces. The LED lights have a special “spotlight mode,” wherein you get to have a 20 minutes shutoff, ensuring that the battery does not run out of power quickly. 


  • Firm and durable

DCD796 has a firm grip and a muscular build. It was easy to hold the device and then work efficiently with it. The tool does not get off-balanced quickly. 

The holes created by DeWalt DCD796 are uniform and precise. Even the battery has a commendable run time, and you do not need to charge it frequently.

  • Different speed modes

As a user, you get to experience two different speed modes with DeWalt DCD796. This feature makes the tool a multipurpose one. 

For instance, you can use the drilling machine for woodworking tasks at 550 rotations per minute, or you can also operate the device on heavy objects such as metals at the speed of 2000 rotations per minute.

  • Three LED lights

The most interactive feature of the tool for me was the three illuminating LED lights that I got with DeWalt DCD796. 

Dewalt DCD796 Drill Review

While working in my garage or the godown, I was greatly assisted by the lights in confined spaces. The LED gives a modern touch to the tool and the special spotlight mode.

  • Perfect Performance

The 20V Lithium-ion battery of DeWalt DCD796 gives a fantastic performance to the users. I found the drill worthy in terms of its powerful battery and performance. 

Also, the 20V Lithium-ion battery makes the tool a durable and reliable one for you.

  • Brushless Motor

Most notably, DeWalt DCD796 has a brushless motor. A Brushless motor increases the efficiency of the drilling tool by 57%. You do not have to experience blockage or disturbance in the working of the drill, and the tool you have becomes seamless and robust. 



  • It is a durable and multipurpose tool.
  • DCD796 has super illuminating LEDs that can significantly help you.
  • The drill is firm and robust.
  • Promises a satisfactory performance.
  • Lightweight drill


  • DeWalt DCD796 does not have a side handle attached which can be a problem for changes.

Which is BETTER DCD791 or DCD796, & Why?

After having used the drilling tools, I came to a clear conclusion that DeWalt DCD796 is a better and well-functioning device in comparison to DeWalt DCD791. 

First and foremost, DeWalt DCD796 serves twin objectives as a drilling tool. It can be used as a brushless drill, and second, the user can operate it as a hammer drill.

Not only this, DCD796 is suitable to work both on heavy tools and light tools because of the fact that it works seamlessly at two different speed modes. 

DeWalt DCD791 is ahead of DeWalt DCD796 because it is a slightly budget-friendly option, and it is available to users at an affordable price. But that could not be the only reason to have DCD791.

DeWalt DCD796 offers a higher run-time, making the user’s experience worthy and satisfactory. With a high-powered and robust battery of DeWalt DCD796, I did not face the trouble of having to charge the tool over and over again. 

Again, both DeWalt DCD796 and DeWalt DCD791 have a 20V Lithium-ion battery, which places both the devices at the same bar. There is no difference in terms of that. 

DeWalt DCD796 is ergonomically designed to stand up to the expectations of the users. It is a one-time investment for you because it is a reliable device that would work for a considerable time. 

All in all, I felt DeWalt DCD796 is better than DeWalt DCD791. Fundamental aspects and factors are somehow the same in both the drilling machines and after keeping them aside, DeWalt DCD796 proves to be efficient and better equipped with features. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is the difference between DeWalt Max and Atomic?

    Though the Atomic DeWalt tools use the same Max batteries, the significant difference lies in the fact that Atomic models are more compact and seamless in the user’s experience than DeWalt Max.

  • Is XR better than Atomic?

    DeWalt XR range is more durable than Atomic. The XR range is strong and firmly built, whereas the Atomic ones are compact and lightweight, thereby meaning that they are not efficient to be used in the longer run. 

  • Are DeWalt Atomic and XR batteries interchangeable?

    Yes, the Atomic range of DeWalt tools and the XR ones are composed of the same 20V Max battery in most cases. Hence, the batteries can be interchanged. But, because the Atomic models are more compact, using the same batteries might affect the tool’s efficiency.

Difference Between Normal Drill and Hammer Drill

There are a lot of different types of drills on the market these days, and it can be hard to know which one is best for your needs. So in this section, we’re going to take a look at the difference between a normal drill and a hammer drill.

A normal drill is perfect for boring or cutting holes in materials like wood, metal, or stone. And can be used easily y anyone, these drill has less power compared to the hammer drills and can be used for light tasks.

But if you need to make a hole that goes all the way through the material’s surface – like if you’re drilling through a wall – then you’ll need something more powerful. That’s where the hammer drill comes in.

The hammer drill features rotating chisel bits that can break through tough surfaces, unlike a normal drill that relies just on its drilling rotation.

So if you’re dealing with a lot of obstructions on your project surface, the hammer drill is the tool for you.

Hopefully, this will help you decide which one is best for your needs.


DeWalt has been one of the significant manufacturers of drilling tools and products alike. The design and build of most of its products are more or less the same, but still, there are technical distinctions between the products.

In my opinion, DeWalt DCD796 is more and better equipped with features than DeWalt DCD791. You get to experience a high-powered battery, promising chuck size, longer run time, and extreme efficiency.

DeWalt DCD791 is more prominent to be used for woodworking or lightweight tasks. If you have to perform drilling works at your house quite frequently, you should opt for DeWalt DCF791, and you will get a compact and handy tool.

Concluding, being a user, I would suggest and recommend you to purchase DeWalt DCD796 even if it costs you some amount more than DeWalt DCD791.

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