Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD708, Which is Better & Why?

In this blog post, we will be comparing two of Dewalt’s most popular drills, the DCD791, and the DCD708. We will be discussing the pros and cons of both drills to help you decide which one is better for your needs. 

So, which is better? The answer may surprise you! Let’s start our Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD708 article.

Dewalt DCD791 is a heavier tool compared to the SCD708, both have different speed settings, torque, and motor output. DCD791 is more powerful with 460 watts of motor and 70Nm of torque. While DCD708 is a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use drill.

DCD791 vs DCD708
Dewalt DCD791Dewalt DCD708
Weight3.4 pounds2.4 pounds
Speed0-550 / 0-2000 RPM0-450 / 0-1650 RPM
Torque70 Nm65 Nm
Chuck size½ inches½ inches
Clutch Settings1515
Motor460 UWO340 UWO
Battery Amp Hours2 Ah1.3 Ah
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Cordless drills and impact drivers have been essential tools if you perform various kinds of mechanical tasks. Impact drills are prominently used to ease your physical labor and complete the job in a better and more efficient manner.

The mess of entangled wires is reduced if you purchase a cordless drill. DeWalt has had a significant impact on revolutionizing the world of drills and drivers. 

Recently, I found the need to have a drilling tool at my place, and DeWalt’s products came to mind. I studied and researched the drilling machines manufactured by DeWalt. 

Having gained the relevant information, I could not choose between DeWalt DCD791 and DCD708. In the end, I decided to have both impact drills. 

After bringing them into various multiple uses over time, I thought of reviewing them after drawing a brief and just comparison between DeWalt DCD791 and DCD708, which is mentioned further in the article.

Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD708

When I was not sure about purchasing Dewalt DCD791 or DCD708, I had both tools at my place. I’m contented with both the drills because each of the two exercises has its specific purpose of fulfilling.

For instance, DeWalt DCD708 is an extraordinarily lightweight and compact drill that I was conveniently able to use and hold even with other tools. DeWalt DCD791 is undoubtedly close too, but it is slightly heavier in weight.

For woodworking tasks, I relied majorly on DeWalt DCD791. And to carry out more light-duty tasks, such as drilling into plastics or similar products, I used DeWalt DCD708.

Most importantly, both DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 have a brushless motor. A Brushless motor means higher efficiency of the tools. Overall performance of the impact drills gets highly increased with the brushless motors.

Again, I figured out that DeWalt DCD791 offers slightly higher torque than DeWalt DCD708. Though, while functioning the tools, I do not feel any considerable difference. 

As per the dimensions, DeWalt DCD791 has a length, width, and height of 8.31 inches, 3 inches, and 7.56 inches. On the other hand, DeWalt DCD708 comes with dimensions of 8×7×2.5 inches.

Apart from that, DCD791 has stronger batteries of 2 Ah than DeWalt DCD708, which has batteries of 1.5 Ah. Both DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 are perfectly built to satisfy the needs of a drilling tool.

If cost is your concern, height lets you know that DeWalt DCD791 is slightly higher in price than DeWalt DCD708. If you are budget conscious, go for DeWalt DCD708.

Further, there are specific differences mentioned regarding DeWalt DCD791 vs DeWalt DCD708 will let you understand both of the drills quickly and effortlessly. 


On specific grounds, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 are different from each other. Below are the points of the distinction mentioned regarding the two impact drills. These factors will assist you in making a wise and clear decision.

  • Weight: There lies a big difference between the weight of DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708. While the former weighs 3.4 pounds, the latter weighs only 2.4 pounds. If you go for weight, there is a vast difference in that.
  • Cost: If you are conscious of the price of the products, then cost is an essential factor for you. Hence, I found it better to compare the two products based on their merit. Subsequently, DeWalt DCD791 costs $108, and DeWalt DCD708 is available to users at approximately $100. 
  • Torque- The torque of a tool decides the performance and functionality of the impact drill accordingly. Although there is not much difference in the torque offered by the two machines, DeWalt DCD791 provides a higher torque of 70 Nm, whereas DeWalt DCD708 delivers a torque of 65 Nm to the users.
  • Speed Modes- Speed mode is a prime factor that you as a user might consider before buying the product. While DeWalt DCD791 provides you a speed as high as 2000 rotations per minute, DeWalt DCD708 can only offer a maximum speed of 1650 rotations per minute. 
  • Motor Powe:- Motor Power is an essential factor on which the performance of a tool depends. Luckily, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 come with 20V motors but the power is different. DCD791 has a higher performance compared to DCD 708.
  • Number of LED lights- Although both DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 have LED lights but there lies a difference between their numbers. For instance, DeWalt DCD791 offers three super illuminating LED lights. On the other hand, DeWalt DCD708 comes with only a single LED light.


DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 are similar because DeWalt manufactures both drilling tools. Apart from the conventional yellow and black color of the devices, the following are the similarities I found between DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708.

  • Chuck Size: DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 have the same chuck size, which is ½ inches. The chuck of the drills ensures that a seamless and clean hole is dug by the tool.
  • Design and built- Both DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 are ergonomically designed to serve the whole purpose of a good and efficient cordless drill. The tools are long-lasting and do not pose any significant issues for the user.
  • Brushless Motor- Up next, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 work on a brushless motor. A Brushless motor increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the drills by a considerable percentage. The difference between being equipped with a brushless engine is visible in the functionality of the exercises.
  • Compactness- The most user-friendly feature of DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 is that both the drills are lightweight and compact. Being compact makes it easier for the user to move the impact drivers to any place possible. 

Dewalt DCD791B Review

Dewalt DCD791B Review

DeWalt DCD791 is suitably built as an impact drill. Firstly, it is a compact and lightweight tool.

You can conveniently use it for woodworking and other drilling tasks. Its ergonomic design adds more worth to the product. 

Not only this, the user can operate DeWalt DCD791 at two different speed modes, one being the lowest and the other the highest. 

For simple drilling purposes, you can run the machine at 550 RPM, and if you have to perform heavy-duty work, you can operate it at 2000 RPM. 

To assist you, even more, DCD791 has three excessively illuminating LED lights that you can use in dark rooms or dimly lit areas. 

To enhance the quality of the drilling tool, even more, the LEDs have a modified spotlight mode wherein you get to experience a 20 minutes shutoff time that ensures you do not face the issue of a drained battery soon.

Along with this, DeWalt DCD791 is efficient because it is equipped with 20 V Lithium-ion batteries that give a powerful performance to the tool. The highly powered batteries also provide durability to the impact drill. 

With a 70 Nm torque, the perfection you get to experience with DeWalt DCD791 is unmatchable. 

Dewalt DCD791B Cordless Drill Review

Overall, DCD791 is a tool that should majorly be used for lightweight tasks, but it can sometimes be operated for slightly higher studies as well. Weighing 3.4 pounds, the device is easy to carry.

We have made a detailed Dewalt DCD791 Review, if you want to know more about this tool, you can check it out as well.


  • Highly Durable Battery

The 20V Lithium-ion batteries with which DeWalt DCD791 is equipped promise higher durability and absolute reliability to the users. Neither does the battery run out of power quickly nor is the battery subjected to immediate damage or destruction. 

  • Ergonomic Design

DCD791 is a finely built tool to help you with your drilling projects. Be it hanging a wall piece or digging a plastic case; you can use DeWalt DCD791 for any of it.

  • Three LED Lights

Apart from the fact that DeWalt DCD791 supports three LED lights that would help you to work in confined spaces such as car engines or godowns, the device becomes even better with the feature of a spotlight mode. 

Dewalt DCD791B Cordless Drill

The spotlight mode of the impact drill provides a 20 minute shutoff time wherein you can make the drill rest and have longer battery life.

  • Different Speed Modes

DeWalt DCD791 stands ahead in the feature that supports two varying speed modes. Majorly, the device is suitable to be used for woodworking, but at times you can also use it to dig holes into slightly heavier objects.

  • Compact

Most importantly, DeWalt DCD791 is a compact tool. Being lightweight and compact makes it easier for you to operate the drill at any place over any point in time. Even your housemaid can hold and use it painlessly. 

Dewalt DCD791 Review
  • Brushless Motor

DeWalt DCD791 is equipped with high-powered brushless motors that increase its efficiency by nearly 57%. The brushless motor ends up making the impact drill a robust one. You get to have a smooth drilling experience because of this feature.



  • DeWalt DCD791 serves the purpose of being a homely tool
  • It has a speed triggering option.
  • The impact drill provides you with three illuminating LED lights.
  • DCD791 becomes efficient with the support of brushless motors.


  • DeWalt DCD791 is not functional as a metallic drill or to be used for masonry works.
  • DCD791 can sometimes have loose rattles, posing a significant user problem.

Dewalt DCD708B Review

Dewalt DCD708 Review

DeWalt DCD708 is a well-working impact drill equipped with two 20V Lithium-ion batteries. The batteries add onto increasing the efficiency and performance of the tool. 

Also, DeWalt DCD708 has a glowing LED light that illuminates the dimly lit spaces in no time. The LED light helps you to work in garages or other confined spaces. 

Moreover, one good feature of the DeWalt DCD708 is its two powerful performing batteries that make the drill durable and reliable. 

Another user-friendly aspect of the DeWalt DCD708 is that it comes with a removable belt clip that not only helps you to hang the impact drill but you can also store it easily. 

Other than that, DeWalt DCD708 is a budget-friendly choice for the user. It is available to users at an affordable price. The brushless motor of the DeWalt DCD7

08 makes it a worthy choice for the user. The ½ inches chuck size provided by DeWalt DCD708 is satisfactory for the users.

Dewalt DCD708 Drill Review

With 65 Nm of torque, DeWalt DCD708 delivers an efficient and effective speed while operating the impact drill. Also, DeWalt DCD708 can be run on two different speed modes. 

One is the lowest of 450 rotations per minute, while the highest is 1650 rotations per minute. 

All in all, DeWalt DCD708 is a lightweight and compact impact drill. Also, DCD708 comes with a charger and a carrying case.


  • Removable Belt Clip

The most extraordinary feature of the DeWalt DCD708 is that its kit includes a removable belt clip. The belt clip can be attached to hang the drill; else, it can be removed to store the impact drill safely. 

  • LED light

Like many other DeWalt products, DeWalt DCD708 comes with an LED light. The LED light is primarily used for helping you to operate the drill in confined spaces. I was assisted by the impact drill while working in my garage.

Dewalt DCD708 Review
  • Varying Speed Modes

You can use DeWalt DCD708 in two different speed modes. A speed trigger is a practical option that makes the drill a multipurpose tool. The lowest speed the impact drill can run is 450 rotations per minute. The highest rate provided to the users is 1650 rotations per minute. 

  • Brushless Motor

The most impressive feature that I appreciate about DeWalt DCD708 is that despite being lightweight, the tool supports a brushless motor. It offers twin benefits to the user, one being easy to carry and the other being the device’s efficiency.

Dewalt DCD708 Review
  • Budget-Friendly

With full features, DeWalt DCD708 is a more recommendable choice because it is affordable and budget-friendly. You get to have a long-lasting drill in a nominal price range. This makes DeWalt DCD708 user-friendly.

  • Lightweight and Compact

DeWalt DCD708 is an extraordinarily lightweight and compact drill that makes it convenient and painless for the user to carry it anywhere.



  • With DeWalt DCD708, you get a removable belt clip that makes the tool better than its alternatives.
  • It has an LED light that helps you work in dark and confined spaces.
  • It is a lightweight tool.
  • Affordable and Portable


  • The chuck sometimes might become dysfunctional.

Which is better DeWalt DCD791 & DCD708, & Why?

In my opinion, I came to differentiate between DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 primarily based on price. If you are budget conscious and aware of the cost of the drills, then I would recommend you purchase DeWalt DCD708. 

The only significant distinction, in my opinion, was in the torque and power of the two drills. DeWalt DCD791 offers you higher torque and comes with a more powerful battery, and with this power, the weight is also a little bit high, so if you need a drill for tough tasks then DCD791 will be perfect for you. 

But if you are looking for a drill just for DIY or some minor works, then DCD708 can be a perfect one for you.

Moreover, DeWalt DCD791 stays ahead of DeWalt DCD708 in the aspect that the former is equipped with three LED lights that offer much clarity and glow to the user in dimly lit spaces. In comparison to this, DeWalt DCD708 has only a single LED light. For some users, this could be a problem. 

The chuck size and motor power are identical in both the drills. As a user, you experience a chuck size of ½ inches. 

Then, DeWalt DCD708 comes with a belt clip that becomes of great assistance if you wish to hang the impact drill at a particular place while working with it. DeWalt DCD791 does not provide such a thing.

Also, DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 come with two powerful batteries that are both efficient and durable. The batteries provide more excellent and better reliability to the users. Because of this feature, both the drills are worthy enough to be used.

DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 are ergonomically designed and built with utmost perfection to suit the users’ needs accordingly. Both the impact drills are satisfactory and efficient.

Lastly, DeWalt DCD791 runs at a higher speed of 2000 rotations per minute. On the other hand, DeWalt DCD708 has a maximum speed of 1650 rotations per minute. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is the difference between DeWalt Max and Atomic?

    There is no significant difference between DeWalt Max and DeWalt Atomic. The Atomic DeWalt tools and the Max DeWalt products are equipped with the same batteries. The difference is that the Atomic models are more compact and smoother in their functioning. 

  • Is XR better than Atomic?

    Yes, DeWalt XR is better than Atomic. The XR range of DeWalt is durable and better efficient than Atomic. The build strength of the XR is better than the Atomic ones. The Atomic tools of DeWalt are lightweight, so they can not be trusted for more prolonged use.

  • Are DeWalt Atomic and XR batteries interchangeable?

    The DeWalt Atomic and DeWalt XR products operate on the same 20V battery, which is durable and efficient. As a result, it is possible to interchange the Atomic and XR batteries. Though the Atomic models of DeWalt are lightweight and compact, it is advised not to interchange the batteries.


Concluding, both DeWalt DCD791 and DeWalt DCD708 are more or like the same products in most of their features. I experienced little to no difference while working with the two tools.

The important distinction lies in the price and weight of the two impact drills. While DCD708 is highly compact and lightweight on the one hand, on the other, DeWalt DCD791 is slightly heavier in weight and costly.

Overall, depending upon your needs and preferences, you can painlessly and quickly choose the impact drill that would be best for you. If you have any questions regarding our DCD791 vs DCD708 comparison, you can comment down below, we are happy to help you.

Electric Drill Buying Guide

It can be tough to know what you need when looking for an electric drill. If you don’t like the above-mentioned products, you can use this buying guide to find the perfect one for your need.

In this electric drill buying guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of what to look for when choosing a drill. We’ll also recommend a few of our favorite models that are perfect for particular applications.

First, let’s start with the basics. There are two main types of drills: cordless and corded. Cordless drills are powered by batteries and are more portable, while corded drills require an AC outlet to function.

Next, you’ll need to decide what type of drill you need. There are three main types: standard, hammer, and impact.

A standard drill is perfect for everyday tasks like drilling holes in wood or metal. A hammer drill is designed for use with masonry materials like bricks and concrete and has a hammering action that helps break them up.

An impact drill is similar to a standard drill, but also includes an impact mechanism that delivers more power for drilling into tougher materials like metal.

Once you’ve decided on the type of drill you need, you’ll need to consider the power requirements. Drills come in different power ratings, measured in volts (V). The higher the voltage, the more powerful the drill will be.

Finally, you’ll need to think about the features you want your drill to have. Some drills come with adjustable speeds, while others include a clutch that helps protect the bit from damage if it becomes stuck. Some models also include light for better visibility in dark spaces.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a closer look at some of our favorite electric drills.

If you’re looking for a powerful drill that can handle heavy-duty tasks, we recommend the DeWalt DCD771C2 20V Max Drill/Driver Kit. This cordless drill has a voltage rating of 20V and comes with two batteries, giving you plenty of power to get the job done.

It also includes a built-in LED light for better visibility in dark spaces, and a two-speed gearbox for more flexibility.

If you’re looking for a drill that’s perfect for everyday tasks, we recommend the Black & Decker LDX120C 20V Max Drill/Driver. This cordless drill has a voltage rating of 20V and comes with one battery, making it perfect for smaller projects.

It also includes a built-in LED light for better visibility in dark spaces, and variable speed control that lets you adjust the speed to match the task at hand.

We hope this electric drill buying guide has helped you figure out which drill is perfect for your needs!

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