Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD708, Comparison by Owner

There are so many drills on the market these days that it is almost impossible to make an informed decision about your next purchase. I’ve owned several Dewalt models over the years. 

However, I decided it was time to upgrade my outdated 18V drill to something with more juice. 

My old drill lasted for nearly 8 years before starting to show signs of all ages. Since then, drilling technology has evolved by leaps and bounds, requiring me to understand the modern features offered by the latest models.

Being a happy Dewalt customer. I was leaning towards the Dewalt DCD777 initially. However, further digging brought about another option from the same company: the Dewalt DCD708. This is when the confusion started about which drill was the better option for me and why?

Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD708

That is when I decided to order both these models and find out for myself. In this detailed DCD777 vs DCD708 comparison, I am going to highlight all the differences and similarities between these two products from Dewalt. 

This will be followed by an individual review of both these drills, to help you have an individual insight into these products. 

I hope that by the end, you will be able to identify the best drill suited to your requirements.

Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD708

Dewalt is one of the most renowned brands internationally when it comes to power tools. Known for its innovation and quality, the brand revolutionized its power tools lineup in 2013 with the introduction of the 20V MAX battery system.

The Dewalt DCD777 was amongst the earliest 20V brushless drills released by the company around the time when they introduced the 20V power tools range. 

It has established itself as a great value-for-money purchase for customers on a tight budget.

Dewalt DCD777Dewalt DCD708
Weight2.6 lbs2.4 lbs
Maximum Speed1750 RPM1650 RPM
Torque500 in-lb575 in-lb
Chuck size½”½”
Motor Power340 UWO340 UWO
Battery Amp Hours1.5 Ah2.0 Ah
Warranty3 years3 years

Known for its constant innovations, in recent years, Dewalt announced the updated Dewalt DCD708 model. 

It had a few improvements to overall performance and usability based on customer feedback. So what exactly were these improvements?

The DCD708 is an updated version of the DCD777. It is a lighter model that has more compact dimensions. It also has a higher speed and offers more torque compared to its predecessor.

In the coming sections, I am going to discuss in detail the various differences between these two products from Dewalt. It will help you understand how these affect performance on a regular basis.

Differences between Dewalt DCD777 and Dewalt DCD708

  • Dimensions and weight

The Dewalt DCD777 has a total weight of 2.6 lbs while having a total height of 9.71”. On the other hand, the Dewalt DCD708 has a weight of 2.4 lbs and a total height of 7.9”.

While the reduction in weight may not seem much, the DCD708 has a considerable reduction in the size of the drill. 

This plays a critical role in allowing the drill to fit in hard-to-reach spots where the job must be completed.

On inspecting the internal mechanism of the DCD708, I noticed that the Dewalt engineering team had separate stages for the clutch, motor, and drill that were then put together. 

This allowed them to shrink the dimensions of each component individually. 

On the other hand, the DCD777 has a single internal mechanism in which the motor, clutch, and drill were attached together. 

This can lead to lengthy services in the future as the entire internal mechanism will have to be inspected if the tool develops any issues.

  • Speed and battery

The Dewalt DCD777 has a maximum no-load speed of 1750 RPM and a maximum torque of 500 in-lb. 

On the other hand, the Dewalt DCD708 has a maximum no-load speed of 1650 RPM and a maximum torque of 575 in-lb.

This goes to show just how much more efficient the motor has become in the recently released DCD708. Despite having a lower no-load speed, this drill churns out a higher torque figure than its predecessor.

On the other hand, the DCD777 comes with two 1.5Ah 20V MAX batteries from Dewalt, while the DCD708 comes with two 2.0Ah batteries from the same range. 

This ensures longer runtimes in the default battery of the DCD708. However, the 1.5Ah batteries can be charged quickly, which makes them convenient for jobs that do not take very long.  

  • LED placement

The LED in the DCD777 is placed right under the chuck. While it illuminates the work surface sufficiently in low light conditions, it creates a unique problem of its own. 

With the chuck coming in the line of sight of the LED, it leads to a prominent shadow that covers a large portion of the work surface in the region above the chuck.

As a result, the Dewalt team shifted the LED to the bottom of the drill in the DCD708. 

This ensures a direct path for the light to illuminate the work surface alone, reducing a large portion of the shadow in the process. This ensures better visibility in the dark as well as improved accuracy while using the drill.

Similarities between Dewalt DCD777 and Dewalt DCD708

  • Compatibility with the 20V MAX system

The DCD777 and DCD708 from Dewalt are designed to work with any batteries from the 20V MAX battery range. This gives customers great flexibility when it comes to battery range and charging times.

This can be especially advantageous for former Dewalt customers who already own power tools from the 20V MAX range. 

Dewalt 20v MAX Batteries

It allows customers to interchange batteries between various Dewalt power tools compatible with the 20V MAX battery system. 

Thus, it eliminates the need to purchase additional batteries for jobs in remote locations.

It also allows customers to extend the range by purchasing batteries with higher capacities, giving them the options they need in such situations. 

The inclusion of rapid charging technology in the battery chargers with multiple charging capacities allows for batteries to be charged up in as quickly as an hour. 

This makes them a convenient choice for those with just a couple of batteries looking to maximize the runtime of their tools

  • Motor

Both these drills from Dewalt are equipped with a brushless motor. This allows for a more compact design, efficient usage of battery life, and optimum power delivery while reducing unwanted side effects like noise and vibrations.

Battery life can be extended by as much as 30% due to the elimination of friction within the motor. 

This also results in the reduction of vibrations, which combine with the rubber grips to ensure maximum stability and user comfort over long hours. 

The brushless motor also helps minimize the size of the motor, allowing these models to have a smaller footprint that allows them to be used in tight spaces. 

It also has lower noise levels, which makes it more friendly to use in neighborhood settings.

  • Chuck and clutch settings

The Dewalt DCD777 and Dewalt DCD708 come with a ½” keyless chuck that allows users to swap bits without needing specialized tools. 

This ensures a chuck and more efficient change of bits, allowing users to maximize efficiency and making the user experience a hassle-free one.

Both these drills get 15 clutch settings. While it is lesser compared to a few other models of a similar price point, it still gives users the opportunity to dial in the correct settings depending on the screw head and the material being drilled into. 

This ensures the job is completed accurately without any damage to the material or screw in the process of drilling.

Dewalt DCD777 Review

The Dewalt DCD777 is a cordless 20V drill manufactured by Dewalt. This compact drill is designed to allow users to complete drilling tasks in remote locations that may not have a regular power supply. 

Dewalt DCD777 Cordless Drill

Its compact design is a popular choice for many customers looking for a model that is easy to carry and transport. 

The addition of useful features like an LED work light and a kit bag ensures users have a complete drilling kit that is portable and convenient.

The drill is a popular choice for budget-oriented customers in the market looking for a quality product from a renowned brand. Here are some of the standout features that make it a favorite amongst affordable drills 


  • Powerful performance

The Dewalt DCD777 has a brushless motor that ensures better performance and battery efficiency while minimizing vibrations and noise. 

As a result, this drill produces large amounts of output torque despite its compact design.

Dewalt DCD777C2 Cordless Drill

The addition of a variable speed trigger and multiple clutch settings allows customers to choose settings according to their requirements. 

This helps improve the precision and accuracy of the job, helping one add a professional touch to their drilling.

  • Great battery runtime

The Dewalt DCD777 is compatible with the 20V MAX battery system. This model also comes with two 1.5Ah batteries as well as a Dewalt rapid charger. 

Dewalt DCD777 Cordless Drill review

This gives customers enough juice to complete a plethora of tasks without having to worry about running out of battery. The brushless motors ensure better battery performance, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of the drill.

The rapid charger gives customers the chance to effectively rotate their batteries. Taking just an hour to fully charge the battery, customers can ensure they never run out of power with their 20V MAX batteries.

For customers working in remote locations with irregular power supply, the higher capacity batteries provide longer run times, making them very convenient and portable as a result.

Dewalt DCD708 Review

The Dewalt DCD708 is an updated version of the 20V drills manufactured by Dewalt. Its ultra-compact design makes it the preferred choice for customers looking to work in tight spaces. 

This drill comes with a brushless motor that aims to maximize performance and efficiency while eliminating unwanted side effects like noise, vibrations, and heat. 

Dewalt DCD708 Review

It is designed to be compatible with the 20V MAX battery system, making it compatible with a large number of batteries and tools sold by Dewalt.

This drill is the most popular choice for customers looking for the most compact design and maximum portability without having to spend a fortune. Here are some of the top features that make the Dewalt DCD708 an excellent choice to consider.


  • User-friendly design

The compact design of the Dewalt DCD708 allows it to fit in the tightest of spaces. This makes it an ideal choice for customers in the automobile industry, who do not always have the luxury of space.

This drill is lightweight at just 2.4lbs, making it easy to operate using a single hand. It also has large oversized rubber grips that help you hold the tool better while reducing vibrations. 

Dewalt DCD708 Cordless Drill review

This also makes it a great choice for elderly customers who may have difficulty operating heavier models.

The DCD708 also has features like a large dial to adjust clutch settings and an LED light to illuminate the work surface in low light conditions. 

It also has a toolless chuck that allows bits to be changed very quickly without complicated tools. This ensures that users have the most convenient experience while using the tool.

  • Multiple accessories and kit bag

The Dewalt DCD708 comes with a kit bag that includes a belt clip, two batteries, and a rapid charger. This makes it convenient for customers to keep their tool and its required accessories together, allowing for a more efficient working experience.

This tool is also compatible with a number of Dewalt accessories, allowing customers to modify their tool according to their requirements.

We have made a detailed Dewalt DCD708 Review, you can read that article as well, if you want to know more.

Which one is better and why?

After carefully assessing the Dewalt DCD777 and the Dewalt DCD708, I personally felt that the DCD708 was the better model thanks to its updates

The main factor that made a huge difference was the shrinking of the size of the DCD708 drill, which allowed me to use it in much tighter spaces. 

This made it a much more convenient choice for jobs that did not give me a lot of space to work with.

I was also impressed by the small design tweaks that the Dewalt engineering team introduced in the DCD708. 

This included a better battery pack while purchasing the drill as well as rethinking the position of the LED light for better viewing.

However, both these models have very similar performance and design characteristics, with similar motors and chuck designs. 

The Dewalt DCD708 edges out the DCD777 thanks to it being a later model with upgrades to the design. It is the best option for you to consider if you are looking for an up-to-date cordless drill from a renowned brand.

Important things to keep in mind before buying a Drill

As the number of service professionals looking to buy tools has risen dramatically, many unscrupulous companies have appeared in the market. 

It is important that people don’t get too caught up in the hype surrounding this stuff. Here are some things you should look out for when buying a drill.

The first thing is to avoid buying low-quality products. You should be careful about companies that are new to the market, especially if they are providing “special deals” on their products.

It is common for people to want to take advantage of the fact that we are generally impulsive. When buying something new, it is often hard to remember the details of what you were offered in exchange for lower prices.

The best way to avoid this is to look for companies that have been around for a long time and have a good reputation.

The next thing to consider is how well the product is built. A lot of companies will try to pass off inferior or faulty products with cheap price tags.

When you see the product in person, you should be able to examine it for yourself and ask questions.

The last thing to look for is a company that provides good customer service. There are times when you will run into problems with your purchase and having a company that is willing to work with you can make a huge difference.

The general concept of “get back to the earth” is something that has been very influential on people’s lives over the years. 

By returning to the earth and being more responsible for your life in general, you can learn to connect with nature and have a better way of life. Explore more.

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