Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791, Comparison by OWNER

Picking the best product among two similar products is a difficult task, and this issue is the same with the Dewalt DCD777 and DCD791, and that is why after using these two products we have made this detailed Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791 comparison article so that no one needs to face the problem that I face two years back.

Dewalt DCD791 is equipped with a more updated version of the brushless motor used in DCD777. The DCD791 has superior power, runtime, and speed as compared to the DCD777. And both can work on 20V rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries.

But both of them had such mirroring feature sets that I couldn’t decide which one should I choose, so to get rid of my dilemma I purchased both the models and only then did I notice that both had some very minute but significant differences in their working and engineering.

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Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791

For any maintenance, it’s a very well-known fact that a drill driver is one of the most essential members of a toolkit. 

Two years back when I had to do some urgent maintenance work around the house this fact became very clear, so I decided to purchase a drill that would be both powerful and easy to use. 

After doing research and choosing which one will be perfect for my work, I stumbled upon Dewalt DCD777 and after some time I found that Dewalt DCD791also has similar features and specifications this creates confusion in my mind, so I bought both of them, and here are the things that I discovered after using both of them for two years now.

And if you are in a similar situation right now about which is better Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791 then this article may be of some help to you. Here we will compare and contrast the different features of the two power tools and help you in deciding which one will be a better choice for you.

Dewalt DCD777 and DCD791 are both drill driver models from one of the most trusted and established manufacturers in the market when it comes to construction and renovation tools, Dewalt. 

Dewalt DCD777 vs DCD791

Among the sheer number of choices available in the market that can very easily overwhelm any average user, these two models stand out to die for their impressive functionality and their user-friendliness. 

They both have an ergonomic design, enhanced by various physical adjustments to the tool (which we will discuss later) that make the tool suitable for use across different age groups, irrespective of the fact whether they are a complete beginner or an experienced professional.

Dewalt DCD771Dewalt DCD791
Weight2.4 pounds3.4 pounds
Speed0-500 and 0-1750 RPM0-500 and 0-2000 RPM
Torque300 UWO460 UWO
Chuck size½”½”
Battery4.5 Ah3.0 Ah
Warranty3 years3 years
Check Latest PriceCheck Latest Price

Here is a table highlighting some of the more well-known features of the two drill driver models.


Though almost appearing to be mirrored in their design and feature sets there are some very minute but significant differences that set the two models apart greatly for anyone looking for a fair comparison.

Dewalt DCD791 and Dewalt DCD777 both have brushless motor engines but Dewalt DCD791 being equipped with a newer version of the engine easily overwhelms DCD777 when it comes to power. 

It is said to have a battery runtime that is 57% more than average drills whereas for DCD777 it is a mere 33%. As a result of having a more powerful engine, Dewalt DCD791 has a motor power of 460 UWO which is significantly higher than DCD777’s motor power of 300 UWO. 

This not only guarantees a faster performance by the model but also allows a smoother speed transmission across the different speed ranges and a faster motor speed. 

In fact, the speed of the motor in DCD791 can be boosted up to 2000 RPM, whereas for DCD777 it can only be boosted up to 1750 RPM. A wider range of motor speed means greater control over the torque of the machine which in turn ensures finer drilling and better work with fragile surfaces.

But when it comes to the size DCD777 weighing 2.6 which is lighter to DCD791 which weighs 3.5 pounds. A lighter device means greater portability, it allows the user to work holding the device for prolonged periods without any form of significant hand fatigue.

Both the models are equipped with built-in LED lights but are different in the mechanism in which those lights work. 

The LED light in DCD791 comes with an instant shut down option and three light modes, the LED is brighter when compared to the other models and on disuse is shut down after 20 mins and DCD777 has a 20-second trigger release decay where the light stays on 20 seconds after the button above the trigger is pressed.

These enhanced features also lead to DCD791 having a much higher cost compared to DCD777. 

Thus the latter becomes the best possible feasible option for anyone working on a tight budget or someone not willing to invest much in a drill driver because they need it for occasional use only.


If the similarities between Dewalt DCD777 and DCD791 interest you then in this section we will take a more detailed look into the features that make Dewalt DCD791 and DCD777 similar to each other.

Strikingly similar in their external appearance both the devices consist of a yellow and black high-grade plastic case enclosing the mechanism inside.

They also have a soft grip curved handle which allows a greater grip on the device and allows the user to comfortably hold and work with the device for prolonged periods.

The devices both work with brushless motor engines which, though being different models and varying greatly in their feature set, still share some similar features like greater durability due to lower susceptibility to mechanical wear and tear and greater torque control.

Both the devices also work with 20V rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries which come with a battery gauge, so now your work will never get interrupted due to insufficient charge in the battery. 

The battery gauge allows the user to work with one of the batteries while the other one is charging. Both models also use an integrated renewable energy technology that allows a greater battery life.

The drill driver kits for both models come with two extra Lithium-ion batteries, a charger, and a durable kit bag. 

For DCD791 this kit bag also includes a detachable belt hook which you can use to conveniently carry your device around without blocking your hands or having to carry an extra bag.

Dewalt DCD777C2 Review 

Dewalt DCD777C2 is a rechargeable compact drill driver that works with a brushless motor engine. The drill driver works on a 20V Lithium-ion battery and has been engineered to be both powerful and efficient. 

Dewalt DCD777C2 Review

If you need a drill driver kit for some lightweight DIY-ing or home maintenance and renovation work in and around your house then the portable and handy DCD777C2 can be a perfect choice for you. 

In this section, we will look at some of its features with some more details.


  • Power and Speed: Powered by 20V Lithium-ion batteries which have a superior runtime compared to other rechargeable ones found in the market.

The device runs on a brushless motor engine which is low maintenance and powerful, and the lower torque to weight ratio enhances the speed transmission across the variable speed limits.

dewalt dcd777c2 20v max cordless drill

It is said to have 30% more battery life than average cordless Dewalt tools. DCD777 is equipped with a maximum speed boost in two ranges 0-500 RPM and 0-1750 RPM and has an easy to control trigger speed increase mechanism, where the speed can be adjusted just by squeezing or releasing the trigger.

  • User Convenience: At 2.4 pounds the drill had a lightweight design and a soft grip handle for better grip which ensures a better hold over the device, which in turn allows the user to have excellent tool control and balance when and also prevents them from having any form of arm fatigue when working with the device for prolonged hours at a stretch.
dewalt dcd777c2 cordless drill
  • Power: It also comes with 15 variable clutch settings which when combined with the smooth speed transmission provided by the device allows a superior torque control, you can very easily adjust the torque to your convenience by turning the torque adjustment collar found in the front part of the drill driver body. 

You can also very easily switch gears with the adjuster found at the top of the body, which further increases your control over the torque. 

A greater torque control means a finer drill quality and the ability to work with a variety of fasteners across types and sizes.

Dewalt DCD777 is the most efficient when used for intermediate-sized tasks and when employed for commercial use it is better to keep it as a backup rather than the main drill driver kit at the job. 

Though not the most powerful drill in the market it packs enough punch to help you in your remodeling and maintenance work in and around your house. It comes with a 3-year limited period warranty.



  • Powerful brushless motor engine
  • Superior torque control through a series of varied features
  • Gears can be switched easily
  • Lightweight ergonomic design to work pronged hours without fatigue
  • Comes with a built-in LED light with a 20-second trigger technology


  • There is no magnetic bit holder
  • Can work mostly with wood, drywall, and marble but cannot drill through concrete or harder materials
  • No removable belt clip was provided with the kit

Dewalt DCD791B Review

If you are a professional looking for an upgrade to your traditional drill and screwdriver then the Dewalt DCD791B would be a better choice for you. 

This cordless compact power tool holds enough power to drill even through the hardest surfaces like concrete and granite and not just that it can even handle working with fragile surfaces thanks to its superior torque control. 

Dewalt DCD791B Review

It is lightweight, powerful, easy to use, and has a feature set that makes it one of the best cordless power drills in the market.


  • Power and Speed: Dewalt DCD791B works with a newer and more enhanced version of the brushless motor engine used in DCD777 and is said to have 57% more runtime than its other contemporaries. 

The drill can work at two different speeds 0-500 RPM and 0-2000 RPM and the transmission across these varied speed ranges is very smooth, thanks to its efficient engine. 

  • Torque Control: The device also provides superior control over its torque and the torque can be very easily adjusted according to the user’s need using its intelligent trigger technology which allows you to control the power and speed of the device separately. The higher speeds are usually more suitable for heavy-duty drilling jobs as they need greater power.
Dewalt DCD791B Cordless Drill Review
  • User Convenience: Built to provide the user with utmost convenience, the device has an ergonomic design with a soft grip 360-degree rotating handle, which not only allows you to use the device in tight spaces but also lets you avoid fatigue when working with the device for prolonged hours. 

To provide greater control and precision there is also a side handle included in its design. While most drill driver kits come with a built-in LED light DCD791 takes it up a notch, the LED here comes with three modes and an instant shut down option when not being used for over 20 mins. 

To further add to the list there is also a low battery indicator light, so now you no longer have to stop your work due to insufficient battery. 

Dewalt DCD791B Cordless Drill

The 3 year warranty period also comes as a good incentive when purchasing the product. We have also made a detailed Dewalt DCD791B review, you can read that as well if you want to know about this tool in detail.



  • Intelligent trigger system which ensures better control over speed and power
  • Long battery life with a short recharging time
  • LED with three modes and an instant shut down the system
  • Low battery indicator


  • There is no integrated magnetic bit holder
  • Difficulty in functioning as a hammer drill on rough surfaces
  • Chuck is made out of plastic

Which one is Better and Why?

As I have been working with both DCD777 and DCD791, I have noticed some significant contrasts and the working of the two models. Buth was equally durable and reliable but DCD791 worked better for me. 

This is because I needed a drill driver device for the house maintenance work I had found my hands full with and needed a device that would be both portable and easy to use for a complete novice like me, the DCD791 with its soft grip 360 degree handles, side handles and intelligent trigger gave me a much less of a hard time when trying to figure out how to make the different features work. 

I also noticed that when working with hard surfaces like concrete or granite the DCD777 faltered and at times even stopped but the DCD791 was seamlessly efficient and drilled through those surfaces with ultimate ease. 

Both the drills have a very easy-to-understand torque control system consisting mainly of squeezing and relaxing the hold over the trigger. 

Among both devices, the DCD791 was faster in transitioning between speeds, especially in the higher speed range when compared to DCD777. 

The low battery life indicator also turned out to be a lifesaver. I often forget to recharge my rechargeable devices. The three modes LED in Dewalt DCD791 was also a welcome addition as I did not have to bother about the LED turning off after every 20 secs

I would also like to clarify that my experience with both the devices is wholly subjective and is dependent majorly on the type of work I used it for. 

The same goes for any other user: the driver-drill that suits you the best in terms of convenience, features, and affordability is entirely subjective, both the devices are on the higher side of the price range and the decision on purchasing any one of them should be thoroughly thought out. 

As it is not often we need to purchase an item for our toolkit and would rather prefer that the tool which we purchase along with all other factors is also durable over a prolonged period of time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is Dewalt drill DCD771 brushless?

    The Dewalt DCD771 drill does not have a brushless motor engine. Though powerful on its own, this missing feature which is mostly available with all contemporary drill driver kits greatly affects the power, battery runtime, and maximum speed of the motor. 

    A brushless motor also allows a smoother transmission between the varied speed ranges. Which in turn provides a greater torque control and allows you to exercise superior control over your drill quality.

  • Is Dewalt DCD777 an XR?

    Dewalt DCD77 is a part of the XR series of cordless power tools manufactured by Dewalt. Dewalt XR stands for ‘Xtreme Runtime’ and refers to the range of devices that work on 20V Lithium-ion batteries; there are all devices that have engines that work with brushless motor engines. 

    This gives the devices of this range superior power, battery runtime, and higher engine speed as well as the smoother transition between those speeds and efficient energy transmission as compared to its other contemporaries.

    Atomic refers to the range of power tools by Dewalt which mainly focus on creating home and commercial maintenance tools with a compact and sturdy design with a reduced size and weight. 

    These tools can be used for longer periods of time and more strenuous work. They prevent causing painful muscle cramps and fatigue for its users, thanks to their portable and handy designs. 

    Another such range is the Dewalt MAX range of power tools which use 18 V Lithium-ion batteries but have brushed motors and standard size.

If you have any questions regarding these two products or for our Dewalt DCD791 vs DCD777 comparison, you can drop it in the comment section down below, I am happy to answer all of your doubts.

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