Dewalt DCD771 vs DCD708, Which is BETTER?

Picking one tool is not an easy task, and it becomes more difficult when both the tools are from the same manufacturer. Dewalt has a wide variety of tools to choose from, this is a great thing for buyers, but sometimes it creates a lot of confusion as well. 

Dewalt DCD771 and DCD708 both tools have a lot of similarities, and picking one is difficult. So, after testing both of them for more than one year, we have made a detailed Dewalt DCD771 vs DCD708 comparison, that can solve the confusion. 

The Dewalt DCD708 is a high-power drill driver kit that is slightly heavier than Dewalt DCD771. DCD708 is a more updated version of the DCD771 with a brushless motor engine which makes its power, durability, and endurance significantly superior to DCD771.

Whether you are an experienced professional or a DIY-er who needs some for their home economics project, anyone involved in any form of home improvement job in and around the house knows that a screwdriver and power drills are two essential items of your toolkit you absolutely cannot do without.

When it comes to drilling driver kits Dewalt is one of the oldest and most reputed manufacturers in the business.

In this article, we will compare and contrast the feature sets of the Dewalt DCD771 and Dewalt DCD708 drill driver kits to see which one will be a better purchase for your next construction gig and we also have some of your most frequently asked questions related to the subject matter to provide better clarity on the subject.

Dewalt DCD771 vs DCD708 

Belonging from the same chain of devices in the ’20V Max Compact Drill’ family of Dewalt. Both Dewalt DCD771 and Dewalt DCD708 have very similar external designs 

And also have feature sets that in many ways mirror each other but there are some minute but very significant differences in their engineering and architecture that can influence your decision on Dewalt DCD771 vs DCD708 greatly.

The table below shows some of its more integral structural similarities and differences.

Dewalt DCD771Dewalt DCD708
Speed0-450 and 0-1500 RPM0-450 rpm and 0-1650 RPM
Torque530 575
Chuck size½”½”
Motor Power300 UWO340 UWO
Charge Time (Minutes)6090
Battery Amp Hours1.51.5 

Despite the ones mentioned above, there are also some structural differences that the two drill kits have which eventually affects their functioning too.


The differences in the two models of the drill driver kit which could almost be called twins when just looking at their external designs are mostly structural and greatly affect their working.

  • When looking at Dewalt DCD771 and DCD708 one of the most striking differences would be the difference in the size of the two driver kits. DDC708 at 2.4 pounds is significantly less bulky as compared to DCD771 which weighs 4.2 pounds. 

The difference in weights is not dramatic but it certainly makes DCD708 a better option for anyone looking for handy and portable drills with which they can easily move around the Jobsite with maximum convenience. The small and compact shape also makes the latter more easily maneuverable.

  • DCD708 has a brush-free engine while DCD771 has a brush engine. The brush-free engine has a higher torque to weight ratio which in turn significantly increases its efficiency and boosts its run time. 

Whereas DCD771 using the brush motors are more susceptible to mechanical wear and tear and may even not last as long as the other model. DCD708 also has a smoother motor speed transmission between two speeds.

  • DCD771 has a total of 16 clutch settings while DCD708 has only 15 clutch settings. The greater the number of clutch settings the greater is the control of the user over the torque of the drill, which is especially useful when working with sensitive surfaces.
  • DCD708 also has a free belt clip which allows you to carry the kit around without inconvenience. Again makes DCD708 a better option for those who prefer portability over all else. It can also be used for masonry and roofing jobs when used along with the right tools.

With its compact build and a more powerful engine, DCD708 is the one that can be used for long-term commercial heavy-duty work whereas DCD771 which is more susceptible to mechanical wear tear will be more prone to decrease in efficiency with use and is thus better used for non-commercial lightweight purposes.


In the chart given above, we can spot some major similarities between the two models when it comes to functionality and mostly pertain to certain technical aspects of the drill driver kits.

With an almost mirroring external design with a yellow and black high-grade plastic casing enclosing a compactly engineered device with a durable and rugged design which is with its length of 6.3″ for DCD708 and 13.3″ for DCD771 is small enough to fit in tight and cramped spaces.

  • Both the models have a cordless design and work on 20V rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries which use renewable energy technology to ensure longer battery life.

So now you can move around the job site and work at different locations without having to worry about having a power source nearby.

  • Dewalt DCD771 and DCD708 are both designed keeping in mind the utmost convenience of the user and have ergonomic designs that ensure comfortable handling of the devices. 
  • They have curved handles and ½” ratcheting chucks with 16 and 15 clutch settings in DCD771 and DCD708 respectively, giving greater control over the torque of the device, which in turn is especially useful when working with fragile surfaces.
  • Both the devices also have a built-in LED which makes them very convenient for working in dark or in low light settings, the LED stays on for 20 seconds after the on button has been pushed.

The devices come with a kit that has a charger and a spare Lithium-ion battery which in the case of Dewalt DCD708 also includes a belt clip which is missing in the DCD771 kit. 

  • On purchase of both the devices also come with a 3-year limited period warranty which acts as a great incentive when buying the machines.

Dewalt DCD771 Review

DCD771 is a cordless, high-power, and high transmission drill driver kit from one of the oldest feature sets to work with even the most sensitive surfaces. 

A compact and durable device that is manufactured by one of the most established manufacturers of power tools in the market, Dewalt. 

Dewalt DCD771 Cordless Drill Review

It is rechargeable and has the required ideal feature set for anyone looking for a handy and portable multipurpose power tool for all kinds of DIY home remodeling tasks in and around their house.


  • Power and Speed

It works on 20V rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries with a surprisingly long battery life which mainly depends on how you are using the device and a recharging time of mere 60 mins approx. 

Dewalt DCD771 Drill Speed Control

The device uses a brush motor which though not as powerful as a brushless motor is powerful enough for light-duty renovation work at your home. 

The device allows two-variable motor speeds ranging from 0-450 RPM and 0-1500 RPM and has an engine that allows a smooth speed transmission, all you need to do to switch speeds is click a button on the side. 

  • Design and Torque control

Engineered with a compact and ergonomic design that boosts user convenience. 

It has a curved handle which along with the 1 ⁄ 2 ” drilling clutch with the keyless sleeve tightening system provides a superior grip strength by reducing vibrations, which allows the user to work with the device for prolonged hours without much fatigue. 

Dewalt DCD771 Cordless Drill

The smooth transmission speed along with the 16 variable clutch setting provides greater control over the torque of the device which in turn allows the user to not only work better on sensitive surfaces but also avoid irregular drilling. 

  • Additional Support 

The device also has a built-in LED light that allows you to illuminate your work area. All you need to do is press the button provided just above the trigger and the light is activated for 20 seconds.

Dewalt Cordless Drill DCD771 Review

Dewalt DCD771 can’t be used for heavy-duty commercial work as the engine may not be powerful enough and the device has a tendency to act up in the lower speed settings. 

It is a device manufactured mostly for homeowners who want a multipurpose power tool in their toolboxes that is compact and lightweight and ensures productivity and comfort. And is perfect for some lightweight home renovation work around the house. 



  • Can be used in tight cramped spaces
  • Smooth transmission across the speed settings
  • Long battery life and 60 min recharging time
  • An extra battery is provided in its kit
  • Ergonomic design with superior grip strength and built-in LED


  • May act up at the lower speed settings
  • Cannot be used for heavy-duty commercial purposes
  • The chuck at times loosens up on its own on prolonged use

Dewalt DCD708 Review

Dewalt DCD708 is a high-power drill driver kit that is much smaller in dimensions as compared to its competitors in the market but doesn’t let that factor compromise its functionality. 

This small but compact power tool is a better choice when it comes to being used for commercial purposes when compared to the DCD771 drill driver kit. 

Dewalt DCD708 Cordless Drill Review

And is perfect for anyone who needs an extremely portable and handy but powerful device that can do some heavy-duty work with ease.


  • Power

Dewalt DCD708 too like DCD771 uses a 20V rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.

But unlike its contemporary, it uses a brushless motor which allows the device to have a superior torque to weight ratio which in turn immensely boosts its power and efficiency. 

Dewalt DCD708 Review

The brushless motor engine also provided a decreased susceptibility to mechanical wear and tear and thus can be used for a greater longer period of time. 

The motor can be boosted in two-speed ranges, the lower one being 0-450 RPM and the higher one being 0-1650 RPM.

  • Torque Control

The brushless motor engine also allows a smoother transmission across the speed range. 

This along with the 15 clutch settings with the variable speed trigger allows superior control over the torque of the device which in turn allows the user to work with sensitive surfaces across a range of materials such as wood, cement, etc.

  • Design and User Convenience 

It is a device that prioritizes user convenience above all. The soft-grip handle and the ½” chuck allow the user to hold the device comfortably and work for prolonged hours without significant arm fatigue. 

Dewalt DCD708 Cordless Drill

At 2.4 pounds it is significantly lighter when compared to its other contemporaries available in the market, which makes it more portable, handy, and easily maneuverable.

  • Additional Support 

The kit comes with a removable belt clip so that you can carry it around with you. And also has a built-in LED footlight providing you with better visibility to work even in lowly lit areas. 

It is a rounder power tool for anyone looking for a pint-sized drill with plenty of power. And a flexible and versatile feature set that only seems to have improved on the qualities of its previous models.



  • Ergonomic design with soft grip handles, built-in LED, and detachable belt clip
  • Ratcheting chunks allow faster bit changes
  • Works great at higher motor speeds (0-1650 RPM)
  • Greater torque is the weight ratio
  • A brushless motor for superior engine power and greater battery runtime


  • Has a lesser number of clutch settings when compared to DCD771
  • Has average durability

Which one is Better and Why?

A few years back I wanted a new driver kit for my workshop as my old one had already been worn down and across the years had taken a lot of damage so I realized that I needed to upgrade to a more upgraded version which has all the functionalities available in modern power tools. 

On doing a great amount of research online I realized that Dewalt DCD771 and Dewalt DCD708 could be very good options for me but which one to choose to get over this dilemma? 

I purchased both and noticed some very significant differences. So if you are out there going through a similar Dewalt DCD771 vs DCD708 debate here are some of the things I noticed in my experience with both devices. 

Please note that the power drill that works for you among the two is entirely subjective and will vary depending upon the type of work you need the drill for. 

For me, DCD708 was the better choice among the two because. As I mostly needed the device for house renovation work that I had taken up recently so it mostly included having to work with the devices for prolonged periods of time, though both the devices fared very well in this aspect when using DCD771 I experienced some arm fatigue after a few days which I believe is mostly due to its loftier structure. 

While I was working on fragile surfaces like lighter metals and marble sheets the holes drilled with DCD708 were more even as compared to DCD771. 

While working with the 5½” inch diameter lag screw the DCD771 worked effortlessly but the DCD708 struggled with it for a while before ultimately stopping when there was about an inch more to drive in.

When it comes to battery life the DCD708 model did a better job as even after working with multiple wood screws and 1″ paddle bits the device was still running efficiently with all the features executing properly. 

But for DCD771 the battery died after the first batch of wood screws. After using both motors for about a period of 3 months I also noticed that the speed of the DCD771 motor had decreased significantly and was lagging while taking power transmissions, especially in the lower speed range of 0-455 RPM. 

Whereas for DCD708 the overall performance remained consistent throughout the course of working with it and is now a permanent part of my toolkit.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Is Dewalt DCD771 brushless?

    Dewalt DCD771 does not have a brushless motor engine. This in turn also results in being less powerful when compared to its contemporaries with brushless engines, which provide greater power, greater torque control, and clear drilling. 

    It is due to this reason that the DCD771 is considered to be a jigsaw that can mainly be used for lightweight DIY home renovation and remodeling purposes and not commercial heavy-duty use.

  • What do Dewalt drill model numbers mean?

    Any power tool from the reputed and established manufacturers, Dewalt comes with a model number same goes for Dewalt Drills. In the Dewalt model number the first three letters signify the family of similar models, it belongs from. 

    For example, in the case of DCD771, the DCD stands for Dewalt Cordless Drills, and the three-digit number that follows it in this case 771 is the model number. Sometimes this is also followed by the letter ‘N’ which stands for ‘tool body’ only offering.

  • What is the difference between Dewalt XR and Atomic?

    Both Dewalt XR and Atomic signify a range of cordless power tools by Dewalt with different sets of varying features. 

    Dewalt XR signifies the cordless 20V Lithium-ion battery using a range of devices that have engines that work with brushless motors. 

    This includes devices that are superior in speed and power as compared to their contemporaries. 

    Atomic signifies the range of power tools by Dewalt which mainly focuses on creating tools with a compact and sturdy design with a reduced size and weight that can be used for longer periods of time for more strenuous work. They are even capable of dealing with working for longer hours efficiently.

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