Best Sheet Metal Snips and Shears, Reviews & Buying Guide

Shading your farm-house roof with steel asbestos, roofing the stable turns easy with durable quality hard metal sheets.

Well, cutting the metal sheet isn’t like cutting a piece of cake! It’s quite a hectic job indeed. Only the best sheet metal snips are ideal for your niche.

If the quality of your snip is not durable one then there’s no point in wasting your dollars for buying a shear.  As a smart buyer your priority is to choose a snip that’s:

  • Durable 
  • Multi-purpose sheet cutter
  • Rust and corrosion free 

All these features at a budget that barely costs you an arm and a leg!

That way we made sure that you don’t have to brainstorm much to choose the best sheet metal snips on the basis of their price tag, quality and durability.

We did that for you to turn your product selection process an easy-go in many ways. 

Our product list has been categorized on the basis of:

  • Best Pick 
  • Smart Pick
  • Budget Pick 

We researched more than 49 pairs of wire cutters before drafting this article for you. 

Disclosure: Some of the links below may be affiliate links.

1. Best Metal Sheet Snips from Malco- Max 2000 (Best Pick)

Best sheet metal snips
CC: Amazon

Malco tops the list of the best wire-cutters for 2020. We have considered it as our top choice after comparing its utility value with different pairs of wire-cutters and shears.  

The research process included multiple sources, and we have to snip multiple YouTube Videos to interpret the best DIY snipping tools available for sale.  

After browsing those videos we chose Malco Max 2000 as the best aviation snip. That’s because the tool can be clutched single handedly. It assures rigid grip while being operated. 

The wire-cutter is a perfect option for cutting multiple metal materials. The alloy steel of the aviation snip’s hard blades have a durable cutting life.  

The product has a powerful set of handles to avoid slipping. Guaranteed rigid grip after holding it. The durable alloy material has hard blades to cut through rock-solid metal sheets like a ‘knife through melting butter’!

The tool has added manoeuvrability that evades the spring jamming and other technical problems. That makes it easier to cut sharp wires, fences, aviation equipment, etc. The locks are easy to operate without changing the position of your hands. 

Multiple users have considered it quite competitive than its close competitor aviation snips from the Midwest series. It’s a reliable choice for mechanics, handymen and aviation engineers. 


  • Much improvised and curved beak than Malco M2005- that makes it a big lighter than it’s elder sibling 
  • Cutting capacity of this alloy metal cutter is 1-¼ inch. It penetrates through the solid metal sheet like a sharp knife, cutting it in two parts. That assures a premium snipping experience to a user
  • Perfect snip for aviation work. Can be used as garden pruner, fence cutter 
  • Maximum gripping facility enabled. 
  • A reliable minion for handyman, mechanics, aviation engineers,
  • Suitable for clutching the thin wrists
  • Flexibility assured


  • The short handle may not be suitable for cutting heavy wires, dense and heavy metal sheets 

Bottom Line – “ Need a wirecutter, plumbing tool, metal sheet cutter that’s portable, easy to handle, then this one is only meant for you”

2. Best Aviation Metal Sheet snips from Midwest (Smart Pick)

Best sheet metal snips
CC: Amazon

Looking for a snip or a wire cutter for cutting long metal sheets?

Aviation snip from Midwest is a smart addition to the best sheet metal snips category. Being a close competitor to Malco Max 2000, it’s one of the best snips for making long cuts ina sheet metal you’ve taken. 

Like its younger brother Malco, the tool-beak is curved. The only difference between them is, Malco’s right side edge is wide curved.  The Midwest aviation snip’s left slide is wide and curved. 

Unlike other brands like Stanley, Klein, Wiss they’re quite durable and powerful one. It’s a reliable mate for the workers in metal sheet workstations. 

Engineers prefer Midwest as the best snip for making long cuts in sheet due to its thick wide grip. The narrow tapered cutting edge gives the best cutting experience in a handyman’s job. The offset aviation snips are the ‘Sheetmetal Tradesman’s Choice’ to use in a wide array of metal sheet cutting application.  

The forged blades reduce the manual effort while cutting a metal sheet by making the job easy and effortless.


  • Cuts through a solid sheet straight and wide leftward and rightward.
  • Molybdenum alloy steel is perfect for durable long cuts
  • Treated in austemper heat turns it incredibly strong with high tensile steel checks the tool to bend over while cutting hard metal 
  • The Kush’N-Power grip assures prevention of the fingers slipping while it’s gripped.


  • May not be suitable for the users who’re not accustomed with larger handles

Bottom Line-“Looking for a cutter that has long handles and the price being fairly low than that of the Malco Max 2000? It’s a smart fir for meeting your needs”

3. Best Sheet Metal Snips from Craftsman (Budget Pick)

best sheet metal snips
CC: Amazon

Craftsman’s name also comes within the best metal snips for those who’re looking for aviation shears at a reasonable budget. 

The price of the tool is comparatively lower than other two products from Malco and Midwest. Unlike other aviation snips, the body of the blades are marked with numbers. The blades easily cut through cold rolled steel and stainless steels easily. 

It works perfectly on thicker materials easily. The aviation shear is much useful for the engineers and mechanics working in steel workshops. 

The grip of the cutters are extra sharp and pointed. It makes the tool perfect for cutting the edge. It’s quite easy for you to make it effective in the long run. 

This product fits for the buyers who are specific to their budget in every way. The product price is quite affordable in comparison to Midwest and Malco Max 2000. 

On the top, the Malco Max2000 and Midwest aviation snips might not be suitable for every wrist. Whereas, the Craftsman is suitable to grip. That turns the tool much more comfortable to use than the other two models discussed above. 


  • Suitable for customized cutting purposes. Cuts 18 ga cold rolled steel or 22 ga stainless steel
  • Tool comes with spring action latch system for using it one handedly 
  • The induction-hardened sharp edges of the jaws are perfect to taking out and pinning nails easily on metal sheets. That way, it turns a loyal mate for the plumbers and handymen
  • Specially curved ¼ inches blade for cutting thick objects precisely 
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty feature 
  • Though there are multiple series and variety of Craftsman aviation snip models available in the market for sale, but this one is an all-purpose use model 


  • The handle might not be suitable for the wide wrists/muscular hands accustomed using handle-lock shears

Bottom Line- “Searching a DIY tool for multiple purposes that exceeds only metal sheet cutting purpose? This one is a smart addition in your buying preference list!”

4. Best Aviation metal sheet snips- Stanley Fat Max

best sheet metal snips
CC: Amazon

Are you looking for a shear that not only cuts through metal rather penetrates through cardboard, vinyl siding, aluminium, leather and copper too?

Well then, Stanley’s name must be on the top of your priority list. Often users look for the best snips for making long cuts in metal sheet/ cardboards, hard raisin leathers, etc. 

For those users, the Fat Max from Stanley is a smart buy for the users in many ways. The jaws of the tool have a double overwind spring. The snip can be used single-handedly. It has an automatic latch release mechanism that can be used by squeezing the handles. 

One such operational option helps a user to operate it comfortably and easily. 

The tool is a smart buying option for cutting metal roll sheets. It’s another reason for which you must find the right option for finding the right option in the long run. The miniature jaws are a perfect tool to cut through solid substances easily. 

Unlike other aviation snips which are specialized in cutting metal sheets and other customized metal cutting purposes, this one has multiple uses. The sharp tooth serrations are used for cutting the cardboards, copper wires, aluminium wirings, fences, etc. 

The product is categorized as one of the best metal sheet cutting snips because its serrations are like miniature saws that cut through the rough uneven areas on a sheet easily. 


  • Serrated cutting edges – best snip for making perfect long cuts in sheet metal, cardboards, leathers, aluminium and other copper materials 
  • Sturdy bite assures rigid and strong grip 
  • Cuts 18 gauge cold rolled steel easily 
  • Made of forged molybdenum steel material 
  • Durability guaranteed- long cutting life
  • Serrations are perfect for clutching and precise cuts
  • Suitably matches ANSI standards 
  • Improvised latch design- for single hand use 


  • Not as effective as spring operated snipping jaws

5. IRWIN 21304 Best metal sheet snips for wire cutting 

best sheet metal snips

Till now, we have discussed the snipping pairs and shears meant for cutting thicker materials. 

Now, let’s take a look through some of the best metal sheet snips for cutting thinner materials. The forged steel sharp blades of IRWIN metal snip are perfect for cutting cold rolled thin steel as well as stainless steel. 

Often you look for a perfect cutter for splitting thin metal sheets for DIY purposes. Be it for shading the windows, covering the mouth of your chimney duct, etc. For all such purposes, a thin metal sheet is quite useful. 

You need a thin cutter for one such purpose. IRWIN 21304 is a perfect option for cutting thin sheets. 

You have already browsed through the best snip for making long cuts in a sheet by now. Whereas, with a sharp forged steel blade, that’s perfect for thin long cuts you need something that never turns dull too easily.

The 7.5 x 14.5 x 29.5 inches material is a perfect choice for straight cuts. Unlike other aviation snips it doesn’t have any curved beak-head. The ground edges of the cutter assures tight grip on the metal substance. 


  • Hot drop forged blades
  • Durable spring holds the jaws tightly whenever it’s in use
  • Easily slits 26 gauge stainless steel to 24-gauge cold roll steel 
  • Precisely manufactured for straight long cuts 
  • Durable steel for better quality 


  • May not be perfect for cutting wide variety of metal sheets 

By now, most of you have got a clear view of the best snip for making long/shortcuts in a sheet, but some of you are still in a dilemma to pick the best snips. 

Worry not! 

We will take a detailed tour of the products that you might find worth buying in this section. Before hitting the point straightaway- don’t you think it’s essential to know a bit about us?

That’s because, you can’t expect any random reviewer to influence your buying perspective. A short intro about our professional credential might help you to know-

Why must you trust us?

After spending 16+ years in the job domain of a carpenter, handyman, plumbing expert and also a part-time private aviation engineer we realized that choosing a metal sheet snip is no duck hunting!

It requires a practical skill set and certain experience in all these above mentioned job domains to gain expertise. Ordinary product based website owners might not take the job seriously and even hire writers for getting your attention. 

Unfortunately, the situation with us is different.We always want you to understand that- ‘don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched’!

That’s why we have compared our ‘smart buy’ product to that of the product that adds value to your investment and the budget pick. The initiative will help you make buying decisions without getting influenced. 

It’s the least we can do for you anyhow!  

Important thing to keep in mind before buying Sheet Metal Snip

Our first pick is Malco Max 2000, the second one is Midwest aviation snip and our bestbudget pick aviation snip includes Craftsman aviation snips for long/short cuts. 

Based on a few key buying factors let’s diagnose these products:


Malco Max 2000 aviation snip comes on the top because of its price factor. By overlooking the budget factor it’s a premium buy for those who’re looking for a hardy material with maximum manoeuvrability enabled. 

But, if price is a constraint factor, choosing the Craftsman is better. Its price is comparatively lower than Malco series. At the same time, clutching the product is comparatively easier than Malco series.

It has a sturdy grip adding comfort while clutching the catcher/jaw handle. The non-induction handles are an added benefit. 

When you’re coming to the Midwest aviation snip series, your budget is slightly higher than the Craftsman series.  Unlike the Malco and Midwest series, which are manufactured only for customized uses, this one is more of a general cutter. Apart from cutting metal sheets, it’s a perfect tool for some other alternative purposes like:

  • Plucking the nails
  • Clutching sponge iron sheets while melting the iron-ore 
  • Non-slippery handles for avoiding the metal slipping from your hands while in use
  • The duck-bill beak shape makes it easier for you to cut or hammer a roc-solid metal in a definite shape 

Wait, price is not the only factor that you must see before buying an aviation metal sheet snip.  There are a few other factors to take in count.

Utility value 

It’s important for you to realize the utility value of a product you choose as the best aviation snip. Now it depends whether you’re into a handyman’s profession, ore-melting engineering profession or a blacksmith in a steel workshop. 

If you’re looking for shear for DIY purposes, then you must prefer the Malco Max 2000. That’s because it’s an all-rounder model, portable to carry and easy to handle.

If you’re looking for the best snip for making long cuts in a metal sheet as a rookie this one is a perfect choice. It’s easy to carry, comfortable to operate and effective to cut any material.

Gripping options

Before choosing a metal sheet cutter, buyers may overlook the clutching options. Many of you might think, it’s easy. Only after buying the product, you may start facing the problems associated with it. 

Avoid such buying practice. It’s not necessary to choose only the products that we’ve mentioned above. You may scroll down as well and look into the gripping options available with individual products and shortlist your best buy. Aviation tool with following gripping options might be suitable for you, they’re:

  • Hardened sturdy body 
  • Spring assisted latch system for easy grip   
  • Handles for cutting soft/hard metal easily 
  • Sharpened edges for cutting hard metal objects 
  • Handle that requires less effort for cutting thin/thick handles 
  • Molybdenum cast alloy metal to avoid slipping after clutching an object with the jaws

As a first timer, these are a few things that you must not overlook for choosing an aviation snip that cuts thin/thick metals effortlessly. 

If you have further doubt about any of these products or looking ahead for further information you may reach us in the contact information given below. 

How to Use – Guide

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ’s)

How to identify my cutting requirements? Spend some time in knowing your needs before placing an order for the best snips for making long /shortcuts in metal. To understand your cutting requirements, analyse the materials you will be cutting with an aviation shear.

Browse multiple product websites, as well as YouTube to identify your needs precisely. The buying guide will help you to seek the best snip for your DIY cutting options as well.

Do aviation snips cut metal?

Of course they do. Aviation snips are the best choice for cutting metal sheets. Be it a curved cut, straight cut, cutting through a thin/thick object turns easy with this aviation tool.  

Some aviation snips are perfect for slitting a wide array of metal sheets, cardboards, wooden materials, etc. As a buyer you must have the eyes to pick the right one for meeting your diverse cutting requirements. 

What’s the purpose of using off-set metal snips?

The off-set metal snips are used for straight cutting and cutting towards the right side. The straight cut snips are used for shallow cuts either to right or towards left. Offset snips allow your hands to be in a safe position while cutting large pieces of metal sheets through the centre. 

How many types of aviation sheet snips are generally available in the market?

There are three different types of aviation snips available in the market. They’re straight, left, right cut snips. However, there are other variations in the design as well. Usually, they vary between 230 mm and 300 mm.
It depends upon the users and the material they’re going to cut. Based on that a buyer might choose a product they’re planning to buy.

Final Takeaway Words

There are huge varieties of aviation snips available in a market for sale.  

Often buyers fail to shortlist their requirements due to lack of proper technical ideas on the product. Unlike other product review websites our buyer’s guide never forces a reader to choose any of the products shared. 

We want them to go through the individual products, make their mind and come up with their own buying preference list. 

We always expect to take the pride of a mentor for a would-be buyer to help them find only the A-listed products available in the market for sale and leave the buying decision on the reader. 

That’s because we are different from the rest and we believe in building trust and loyalty rather than being a sheer market influencer!

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