Best Air Ratchet under $100 (Tried & Tested)

Air tools, also known as pneumatic tools, are a boon when it comes to performing a variety of tasks. You will be amazed to know the numerous benefits of these tools. However, the most popular of these is an air ratchet, a necessity for anyone with a toolbox. 

These are the best air ratchets under $100:

  1. Ingersoll Rand 107XPA Air Ratchet 
  2. AIRCAT 802 Composite Ratchet
  3. Ingersoll Rand 1105MAX-D3 Air Ratchet
  4. DEWALT DWMT70776L Air Ratchet
  5. AIRCAT 805-HT Torque Ratchet Wrench

An air ratchet can make life easier in ways you can’t imagine. If you are someone who prefers looking over minor automotive issues on your own, an air ratchet is a must-have in your toolbox. 

Since this air tool is small and lightweight, it can quickly help you get through the nooks and corners. It also uses less power than any other tool while giving better results. 

Best Air Ratchet under $100

Moreover, an air ratchet can also be used for agricultural, industrial, and engineering-related work. Provided these benefits, it is apparent that one would like to know of the best air ratchets under a budget. Well, we have got you. 

Keep reading to find some of the best air ratchets under $100.

Best Air Ratchets Under $100

Upgrade from traditional ratchets to air ratchet wrenches to simplify repairing work and have a seamless experience. However, you must have one of the best air ratchets available in the market for various reasons. 

To begin with, the best air ratchets will save your energy and time and make the entire process so much more enjoyable. As a matter of fact, these are even better than electrical wrenches. 

Be assured we will bring only the best of the best air ratchets for you under a reasonable budget. We have made a list of the five best ones out there under $100 to ensure you get the complete worth of your money. So, let’s get started? 

Image Product Feature Price
Ingersoll Rand 107XPA Air Ratchet
* Torque: 54 ft. lbs. Or 73.2 Nm * Weight: 1.25 kg or 2.75 lbs. * Size: ‎3/8″ * Width 2.2” * Warranty: 1 year Check On Amazon
AIRCAT 802 Composite Ratchet
* Torque: 70 ft. lbs. or 94 Nm * Weight: 1.24 kg or 2.7 lbs * Size: ‎3/8″ * Width 1.7” * Sound: 82 dBa * Warranty: 2 years Check On Amazon
Ingersoll Rand 1105MAX-D3 Air Ratchet
* Torque: 30 ft. lbs. or 41 Nm * Weight: 0.81 kg or 1.76 lbs. * Size: ‎3/8″ * RPM: 300 * Sound: 88.9 dBa * Width 1.6” * Warranty: 1 year Check On Amazon
DEWALT DWMT70776L Air Ratchet
* Torque: 65 ft. lbs. or 88 Nm * Weight: 1.2 kg or 2.6 lbs. * Size: ‎3/8″ * CFM: 3.6 * RPM: 160 * Warranty: 3 year Check On Amazon
AIRCAT 805-HT Torque Ratchet Wrench
* Torque: 130 ft. lbs. or 176 Nm * Weight: 1.49 kg or 3.3 lbs. * Size: ‎3/8″ * CFM: 6 * RPM: 180 * Warranty: 1 year Check On Amazon

1. Ingersoll Rand 107XPA Air Ratchet

If you are someone who values the brand reputation quite a lot, this might be the one for you. Ingersoll Rand, in particular, has been loved and appreciated by customers over the years. 

Hence we bring to you the Ingersoll Rand 107XPA Air Ratchet Wrench, one of the best from the house of Ingersoll Rand. 

The USP of this product is that it brings the best of both worlds- speed and power. The ultimate combination of these two attributes makes it one of the best air ratchets under $100. 

Ingersoll Rand 107XPA Air Ratchet

Now, if you are looking for some numbers, note that this air ratchet can give up 54 ft-lbs of torque, making it suitable for other engineering and industrial uses. 

To make it safer for the user, its exhaust is adjustable at 360 degrees so that the air doesn’t blow at you while working, and you can easily adjust the angle. 

Furthermore, the head is designed in a way that makes it quite durable, apart from the fact that it comes with a one-year warranty. Personally, what I like the most about this air ratchet is that it is not extremely loud but tolerably so. 

Before you go ahead and make a purchase, you must know that the Ingersoll Rand 107XPA Air Ratchet Wrench does not work on batteries but on electricity. 

Therefore, you will have to carry an extension cord to work with this in most places. However, the power regulator on this ratchet gives you better control depending on your preference and type of work. 

All in all, you will not be disappointed considering the quality and durability of this product. 

Key features: 

  • Advanced design with ⅜ inch pneumatic ratchet wrench
  • 360-degree exhaust
  • Better control power regulator
  • 54 Ft-lb Maximum Torque
  • Throttle with a variable speed lever
  • Two-year warranty 

2. AIRCAT 802 Composite Ratchet

The AIRCAT 802 Composite Ratchet is one of the cheaper options I have tried and tested to bring you the best air ratchets under $100.But you won’t believe the price as and when we discuss the features and my experience while using it. 

The brand claims for it to be the most robust ⅜” mini ratchet in its class, which is a great plus point if you mostly indulge in minor automotive work. 

Its ergonomically engineered handle ensures the user gets the work done without inconvenience or fatigue. 

AIRCAT 802 Composite Ratchet

The USP, in this case, is the fine-tuned exhaust muffler responsible for the discharged air passing without any back pressure, thus ensuring that no energy is wasted. 

Moreover, its 70 ft-lb torque and the 280 RPM are some of the top-notch features available in the expensive air ratchets available in the market. 

The air ratchet comes with a feather trigger giving you better control of the device to use it to its full potential. One of the best features about this ratchet is that it comes with a durable twin paul mechanism. 

This mechanism in the ratchet aims to make it suitable for users with muscular weakness. So, if you are someone who suffers from any gait disorder but loves doing the minor repair work on your congrats, you have found the perfect tool to aid you. 

I was able to fasten the small bolts with the device pretty quickly and that is something I wasn’t expecting. So, that is something you should be careful with. 

All in all, it is a great air ratchet to own in my opinion as it comes has a decent size that fits in my average-sized toolbox, it’s not heavyweight as well ensuring i don’t get fatigued easily and the low noise and smooth functioning helped my shape my final thoughts about this product. 

Indeed, a great deal you cannot afford to miss out on. 

Key features:

  • Ideal for automotive jobs
  • 70 Ft-lb maximum torque
  • A tuned exhaust system
  • Patented silencing technology
  • Durable twin paul mechanism
  • Feather trigger for better control

3. Ingersoll Rand 1105MAX-D3 Air Ratchet

I have had a great experience with Ingersoll Rand products and thus decided to go ahead and try yet another one of their wonders. And not to mention, the price point made it a no-brainer for me. It is one of the most efficient and time-saving air ratchets that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

The 30 ft-lb torque and 300 RPM are good enough to work with bolts efficiently. In addition, the mindful length and reasonable weight of the device ensure you can get through the smallest of places without causing any inconvenience.

It is also one of the best in power and speed, considering its small length. What sets it apart from the other air ratchets I have tried is that it comes with enhanced corrosion resistance and ultra-comfortable housing. 

Ingersoll Rand 1105MAX-D3 Air Ratchet

The feather touch hand lever and low profile forward and reverse control helped me with maximum control and grip making it so much more. Moreover, the ergonomic coupling nut takes care of the handle comfort, and the composite handle protects from excessive cold or heat. 

Its USP in my opinion is the device’s durability since it features nickel-plated housing protecting it from corrosion. When compared with other ones in the list it is surely one of the most powerful but lightweight and small in size air ratchets. 

However, remember that the wrench head does get hot within a short time of usage. If used and cared well for it will easily last you for 2-3 years. 

Here, I would like to highlight that you should not expect it to be a low-noise device compared to the AIRCAT 802 Composite Ratchet, but the durability and price point are a yay from my end!!

Key features:

  • Premium impact wrench
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Optimal torque/speed combination
  • Easily accessible power touch regulator
  • Feather-touch hand lever
  • Low profile forward and reverse control
  • One year warranty 

4. DEWALT DWMT70776L Air Ratchet

In case you are looking for an affordable alternative to the best air ratchets in the market with good enough features, I was lucky enough to get my hands on one such product. The Dewalt Air Ratchet is reasonably priced and performs the tasks equally well. 

Maximum torque of 65 ft-lb and 160 RPM works well to free fasteners without exhausting. The ratchet’s ergonomic design again ensures you reach the desired position to free fasteners quickly. 

DEWALT DWMT70776L Air Ratchet

The touch control trigger gives control over the device, and the aluminum body with a closed head ensures it doesn’t get overheated. 

I wonder what is not like about this air ratchet, except the high noise level of course. However, my favorite part was that it comes as a ready-to-use device, and even if you are a novice you can get started with your work as soon as you get it. 

In a nutshell, with the DEWALT DWMT70776L Air Ratchet, you get the worth of your money. 

Key Features:

  • 65 ft-lbs
  • CFM: 3.6Touch control trigger
  • Aluminum and rubber body 
  • Three-year warranty 

5. AIRCAT 805-HT Torque Ratchet Wrench

The AIRCAT 805-HT Torque Ratchet Wrench is the strongest and one of the best ⅜” ratchets in its class, and that is why I didn’t think trying it out decided for this list of best air ratchet under $100. 

Thus, it can be used efficiently for small and medium-sized fasteners. In addition, the ergonomic handle and single pawl make sure comfort is not compromised. Also, these features allow you to get into spaces ordinary wrenches cannot. 

The variable speed trigger and forward/ reverse switch provide ultimate control over the device. It features the 360-degree rotational mechanism with the device apart from the other best-in-class features. 

AIRCAT 805-HT Torque Ratchet Wrench

AIRCAT has used a patented silencing technology in this device, and thus they have been able to reduce the noise level to 84 dB, which is still less than other air ratchets available on the market. 

It also has an extra-large ratchet head for proficient control and efficiency. In terms of quality and durability, it is as good as any of the expensive options you can find. 

As for my two cents on this product, I was quite impressed. The torque at this price is almost unbeatable. I was able to get so much work done in such a short time. 

The only downside about this is that it can be a bit powerful for some people and is also capable of breaking bolts and fasteners. The noise level is also a bit too high per my convenience. 

Nevertheless, a great buy for professional use. 

Key features:

  • Maximum torque of 130 ft-lbs. 
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Reliable single pawn design
  • Tuned exhaust system
  • Latest design ratchet head eliminates “spreading”
  • Composite contoured comfort grip 
  • Patented tuned exhaust muffler technology
  • One-year warranty 


A good air ratchet is a must-have in your toolkit, especially for the ones who have to indulge in repair works quite often. 

However, it is not easy to find the best one according to your needs and requirements amongst the plethora of options available out there. But if you do, you can save a lot of time, and it proves to be quite productive. 

The above-mentioned were the five best air ratchet under $100, and we think the best one amongst all has to be the Ingersoll Rand 107XPA Air Ratchet Wrench, as it ticks almost all boxes of our checklist- quality, durability, affordability, brand value, noise level, and comfort. 

It gets the job done without you even putting much effort and makes sure the user is comfortable using it. Coming from a reputable brand, you can trust it blindly. The electricity-powered aspect can be an issue for some, but given the length and comfort level of the device itself, you are sorted with an extension cord. 

See what you want in your air ratchet, come down to a budget, and you will be able to find your best air ratchet for under $100.

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