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robert smith

Welcome to Tools Territory! And thanks a lot for showing your interest to know me! I’m Robert Smith, owner of a small construction company. I was first introduced with tools by my father, since then I love to know and work with the best power tools.

My father was a professional carpenter. I loved to work with him during my free time and I’ve noticed that he had a great interest to own the best equipment for his job.

I started my professional life as a handyman and did a lot of external and internal repair of home and office with a little bit of electric and plumbing support.

Later in 2007, I started a small construction company with the help of my father and elder brother.

At the beginning of my professional life, I’ve always tried to buy cheap tools. And there I made a great mistake. Because it was too frustrating to work with these cheap tools!

robert smith

Moreover, it wasted my time and money! It means it was cheap when I bought it but cost more when I’ve to replace them. Then I realize why my father was obsessed with the passion of owning the best tools.

Because spending an extra money on your tools will save your money in the long run as well as your valuable time. And most importantly, with the best tools, you can complete your task better than the cheap tools.

But when I looked for the best quality tools online I get tons of information and number of options for all these. It was difficult to find out the right product I needed from this huge information.

But I don’t mind to know new things about power drills or driver or any other equipment. But at that time I was looking for exact information and direct comparison for the specific tool.

robert smith

After spending many hours on research and analysis I was able to find out few brands which were manufacturing their best products.

I know many of you have to go through this situation. So I’ve tried to provide you with a proper guideline covering almost all information regarding any tools I use for my company.

Hope my attempt to will help you in your professional or DIY life to pick the suitable tool for you. If there are any tools or information that I didn’t cover in my buying guide, please contact me. Or you can connect with me in ToolsinAction forum as well, here is my profile. You can checkout my Quora Profile as well, I help people over there as well.